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This good sex story from 'Degrees of Control' by Eve Dangerfield is published with permission.

Female friendly kinky erotica

The doorknob rattled and with a jolt of horror Charlie realized he was home, he was going to open the door, and she looked like a slutty secretary. Why in hell hadn’t she worn a bra? Blues music filtered into the air as the door swung back to reveal James, shirtless and barefoot, wearing a pair of black jeans

Oh God. Oh God.

“Handsome” was entirely the wrong word to describe him. There was nothing soft about his looks, nothing approachable. From his switchblade cheekbones to his dark hazel eyes, everything said “back off,” and if his face wasn’t intimidating enough, James had tattoos, a coat of arms on his right pectoral muscle and an angry-looking stallion rearing itself on his rib cage.

Charlie felt her lips part. You’re going to touch this man, you’re going to fuck him.
“Hey,” she croaked.

He stared at her, his gaze lingering on her silk-covered breasts, her surely flushed throat. Charlie felt like an object, a pretty thing being presented for his approval. Why that made her pussy clench, she couldn’t say. A slow smirk spread across his face. “Come on in,” he drawled.

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She followed him down a short hallway. His apartment was exactly where one would expect a financially upstanding straight man to live; stylish in a bland, careless kind of way. There were no posters of naked women or visible BDSM equipment, but that was unsurprising. Whatever James was, “obvious” didn’t factor into it.

He led her to a dimly-lit room she assumed was his lounge, judging by the cinema-sized flat screen. The music was playing from an expensive-looking stereo in the corner. James strode toward a mahogany cabinet in the corner. “Where’d you park?”

“I walked here.”

He frowned as though she’d confessed to riding the horse on his ribs. “Why?”

Charlie gave him a small thumbs-up. “Because of the environment.” James stared at her, stony-faced. Oh, Bell, what are you doing? “I don’t have a car. Plus, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Americans drive on the wrong side of the road.”

The corners of James’ mouth loosened somewhat and he resumed fiddling with the contents of the cabinet.

“I’d have given you a ride if I’d known.”

“It’s fine, I like walking.” It’s what I was walking toward that made me sweat like a criminal.

Scratching sounds came from somewhere past the kitchen. Charlie turned toward the noise. “What’s that?”


She almost asked if his previous sexual partner was being held captive in a laundry bag, but kept her mouth shut. Abduction jokes weren’t a great icebreaker. “So—um, you like dogs?” No, Charlie, he keeps one around to help with the rent.

James turned around with a tumbler of what Charlie assumed was whiskey. He didn’t dignify her blathering with an answer, just leaned against his cabinet like something out of an Armani campaign and fixed her with his X-ray stare. “You mean everything you said to me before you came here tonight, darlin’?”

Charlie nodded. It had been so easy to arrange this meeting by text and imagine herself behaving with dignity. Unlike reality where she kept ranting about dogs and giving James the thumbs-up. In her defense, he hadn’t asked if she wanted a drink or invited her to sit down. She had no idea what to do aside from stand awkwardly in his lounge room.

James took a deep swig from his glass and examined her clothes. “You know what you look like?”

A librarian from a porno? “W-what?”

“A girl from one of those Japanese cartoons.” He gave her body another once-over.

“Yeah, you do. All those girls have big eyes, big tits and innocence that’s just begging to be corrupted.”

Except I totally have pubic hair.

“Am I the first person to tell you that, Blue-Eyes?”

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Charlie shook her head. An ex once showed her a hentai porn comic with a character who looked so much like her it was creepy.

“Didn’t think so. You ever watched one of those cartoons? Thought about being the girl in tight clothes who gets tied up and played with?”

All the air seemed to whoosh out of Charlie’s lungs.

James smirked, placing his glass on the coffee table with a hard clink. He straightened up and eyed her so intently he might as well have brought up his hands and made a picture frame.

“I love that look on your face. All nervous but so fuckin’ eager, like you’re gonna cream your panties the minute I lay a hand on you.”

He strode toward her and she felt herself shrink under his much larger presence. He pushed a strand of hair from her eyes, letting his hand linger on her neck. At his touch she did indeed feel an answering clench in her cunt, sparks flickering from his skin to hers. She pressed her thighs together, taking pleasure in the ache.

It was worth coming for this, just to know this kind of doomsday lust exists.

James gave her a lazy smile. “Yeah, you’re real wet for me, aren’t you, sweetheart? You’ve been thinking about this for days.”

It wasn’t a question so Charlie didn’t answer, she let her gaze fall to the carpet, looking down at their toes.

Hers covered in black leather, his golden brown with broad pink nails. His hand cupped her chin, bringing her eyes to his.

“You’re gonna look at me. I know you’re a good little hentai girl and you wanna stare at your feet and go red and act like you don’t want my cock as much as you do, but you’re gonna look at me while I fuck you. While I do anything to you. Starting now, you understand?”

Charlie nodded, her heart in her throat.

James leaned forward and kissed her. She tasted malt on his tongue and vaguely wondered if she’d ever be able to smell whiskey without associating it with sex. He pressed his big palms against her breasts, and Charlie moaned. The feel of him through all that taut silk was worth the whole librarian ensemble.

“I’m gonna play with you a bit, darlin’, that okay with you?”

Charlie tried to respond but James’ tongue was in her mouth again, owning her. He brought a finger to her lips. “I’m gonna say and do a lot of things to you, sweetheart, hard and as often as I want. You’ve had enough, you say red. You want it to slow down, you say yellow. Otherwise you stay quiet, you got that?”

Charlie nodded, it was as though James had cast a net over her from head to toe, everything was tingling and taut.

“Good girl. The only other thing you’ve got permission to say tonight is my name. You understand that?” She nodded. “So say it, girl.”


He pulled away and settled himself on the brown leather couch, picking up his drink. Charlie moved to join him and he shook his head. “You stay right where you are, darlin’.”

The bite behind his words made her straighten. He brought the tumbler to his mouth, and Charlie watched his powerful throat work. He put the empty glass down and reclined on the sofa, resting his feet on the coffee table and tucking his hands behind his head. “Take your shirt off. Slowly.”

With shaking fingers, Charlie plucked at the buttons holding her blouse together. The material whispered over her skin to expose her bare breasts. She stared at James as he commanded, hoping for a reaction, but his expression was one of complete indifference.

“Now the skirt.”

Charlie didn’t think she’d ever felt this exposed. Her hands lurched up to her hair, stroking it nervously before she reached for the fastener on her pencil skirt. His hazel eyes bore into hers as he rubbed a palm across the front of his jeans, stroking the bulge that lay below. Charlie let Holly’s skirt pool around her ankles. Her panties were cheap but new. She hadn’t wanted to wear anything for him that she’d ever worn for Dale. James stared at the ornate love heart woven into her pale pink bikini briefs and she saw something flicker in his eyes.

“Turn around.”

She did what she was told, her feet swaying slightly in the pumps.

“Bend over.”

Her pulse throbbed in her neck as she arched her back and exposed herself to him. Her thighs were wet with arousal; her dampness surely saturating the thin material of her panties. She could hear him breathing, harsh and deep. There was a long pause, broken only by the rasp of a zipper being unfastened. The harsh sound was enough to startle her. Was he going to jerk off to her like she was an unpaid stripper?

“Slide your panties down.”

Charlie hooked her thumb into the waistband of pastel-colored briefs and hesitated.


Shame and excitement swirled in her stomach until she couldn’t tell one from another.

The pink cloth fell to her ankles. The music helped, it set the scene for something dark and sensuous, an eager girl stripping for a powerful man. Being owned and admired. On the map of her sexual history, certain landmarks stuck out like cities. Her first orgasm, kissing a boy and feeling a strange hard length against her thigh, seeing a movie about a woman forced into orgasm and soaking her underpants. Moments where her buzzers lit up with that bright, scary feeling that meant only one thing, I want that. Now another milestone was taking place.

“Look at me.”

Charlie twisted her head to stare at him over her shoulder. James’ erection jutted out from his jeans and he stroked himself lazily. “You’ve got a body like a fucking dream, Blue-Eyes. Turn back and give me another look at your tits.”

Arousal swelled between her thighs like a wave. James’ hair gleamed gold and his eyes were deep green pools. He looked like a god, some powerful being that she needed to obey. She turned, her breasts bouncing with the motion. James smirked

“Put your hands on yourself, darlin’. Show me what you like.”

For the first time in years Charlie felt drunk. Her brain was swollen, her thoughts three steps behind her mouth. She ran her hands across her collarbone, trailing her fingers across her breasts and shuddering as she brushed over her nipples.

“That’s good, honey, keep going.”

Charlie pressed her nipples harder, a small sob escaping her mouth. It was too much and she closed her eyes.

“Look at me.”

She forced her lids to part. James stared at her, eyes glittering. “You close your eyes one more time, I’m gonna get mean, sweetheart, you understand?”

Charlie nodded.

“Good. Now. When you’re thinking about me fucking you, how do I take you?”

She didn’t have to think. In every fantasy she had, he tore away her skirt and mounted her like an animal. “From behind.”

“From behind what?”

She almost choked on her own arousal. “From behind, James.”

He grimaced. “Changed my mind about that third word you’re allowed to say, sweetheart. Where I’m from, you don’t call a man by his first name. It’s disrespectful. You’re gonna call me Mr. Hunter.”

Leave, some cowardly part of her mind screamed. Don’t do this. “Yes, Mr. Hunter.”

“Good girl,” he drawled, spreading his arms along the top of the couch. “I can see from the way you’re rubbing those wet little thighs together that you’re horny. Do you want me to fuck you, Charlotte?”

It felt like all the blood in her body was pounding between her legs. “Yes, Mr. Hunter.”

“Then come over here and work for it.”

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Shaking, Charlie forced her legs to bring her closer. She sank her stockinged knees into the thick carpet before him. He rose above her like an idol she’d come to worship. Up close his cock was magnificent, long and thick and the same gleaming gold color as the rest of him. A bead of pre-come welled at the tip, and instinctively she leaned forward and licked it, the musky flavor of his arousal spilling across her tongue. James hissed, his hips jolting upward.

“Go on, sweetheart. Those lips of yours were made for sucking cock.”

The brash praise made her face heat. She wanted to fawn over him and earn more filthy admiration.
It was her first taste of true submission and she was drunk on it, high from it.

She licked down the length of his shaft, measuring him with her tongue.

“I said suck, darlin’, not tease.” James wound a hand through her hair. “Take it as far as you can, now.”

She obeyed, bringing her lips to the head of his cock and swallowing until his cock was resting at the back of her throat.

Charlie swallowed repeatedly, letting her palate adjust to his girth. Humming gently to keep her throat relaxed, she took him as deep as possible, wrapping a fist at the base and pumping what remained. She felt James recline on the couch, letting his hand rise and fall with her head.

“That’s it, sweetheart, get me ready for your pussy.”

From deep within his lap Charlie moaned, and he laughed. “You’re eager, aren’t you, darlin’? I bet your tight little body is just dying to get filled up, huh?”

Charlie squeezed her stockinged thighs together, trying to distract herself from her own arousal.

He laughed again, more than a little cruelty in his voice. “I’m gonna lie back now, sweetheart, focus on how good it feels to have a sweet little thing like you blowing me like it’s my fuckin’ birthday. I’d say don’t work too hard but something tells me you wouldn’t listen. You think if you suck me well enough you’ll get fucked sooner.”

Charlie lost track of how long she worked him. It became like a meditative practice, moving her head in one steady motion, her mind blank but intensely alert. She served him until her wetness trickled down her thighs and her jaw ached. Sucking and licking and forcing him deeper until his cock felt like an extension of herself. There was no reason for it to be arousing but it was, every nerve in her body was taut and she was clenching herself hard enough for ripples to swirl across her pelvic floor.

I could come like this. Just knowing I’m being used by him could make me come.

It was dark and a little humiliating but serving James was more arousing than the best head Charlie had ever received. It was more erotic than all the candles and roses and slow-building orgasms in the world. James was an alpha male with a cruel smile and a gorgeous cock, and Charlie wanted to be his whore. What masochist wouldn’t?

She sucked him until he seized a handful of her hair and pulled away. “Enough. Take off those shoes and get on my lap.

Charlie swiped a hand across her mouth, drying her swollen lips, and kicked off her shoes. She fingered the tops of her stockings uncertainly.

“Uh-uh, sweetheart, those stay on. Now come here.”

He leaned and watched her clamber onto his thighs. He didn’t assist her in any way. Just watched her breasts jiggle and her hair fall across her face and back. Once she was settled James spread his legs, parting hers in return. He reached between them and pressed the heel of his hand into the damp seat of her underwear. “Fucking hell. You like sucking cock that much, darlin’?” Embarrassed, Charlie looked away and James smirked. “Say it.”

Charlie closed her eyes, letting the warm rush of surrender flow through her. “I love sucking cock.”

He stared at her, his eyes alight with malice. “Look at me and say it.”

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Charlie’s blood was boiling, she forced her gaze to return to his cold hazel eyes. “I love sucking cock,” she whispered.

“Hmm, good girl.”

He reached back and handed her a small foil square. “Put that on me.”

Charlie brought the condom to her lips, tearing the wrapper with her teeth. The action wasn’t meant to arouse him but it was clear she had, his smile was vicious and his cock pulsed beneath her fingers as she rolled the condom down. When she was done James gripped himself in one fist and stroked slowly. “C’mere.”

Charlie felt the blunt head of his shaft toy with her entrance. She rocked on her knees, trying to urge him inside her but he pressed her back again. “Greedy.”

He sounded amused and unlike her, totally in control. He continued trailing his thick shaft along her cunt until Charlie whined in frustration.

“Sorry, honey, but I sink inside now and you’re gonna go off. You haven’t earned that yet.”

Without words Charlie tried to remind him of the hour-long blowjob he’d just received and James laughed. “That’s cute, Blue-Eyes, real cute.” A big hand gripped her hip. “You wanna get fucked, darlin’? Here’s what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna rock back and forth on my dick like this.”

Charlie wanted to resist, pretend that she was capable of resisting his crude orders, but the ache between her legs pulsed like a living thing. James spanked her ass hard enough that it stung. “Get going, girl.”

She began rubbing herself against him with abandon. Frantically working her pussy against the slippery head of his cock, a slave to the orgasm building inside her. James watched her carelessly, running his fingers through her hair and stroking her breasts.

“That’s it, baby. That feels good, doesn’t it? Just enough to get you almost all the way there.

Charlie couldn’t remember wanting to come so badly in her entire life. It felt as though every muscle in her body was straining, her entire system on the brink of collapse. “James, please,” she gasped.

A sharp blow to her right ass cheek. “What did I tell you?”

Fuck. A profound sense of shame at disobeying him blended into the melting pot of Charlie’s emotions, flavoring her desire with sticky, sweet humiliation. “Mr. Hunter, please, I need to come.”

James’ full lips twisted into a sneer. “Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

His lips moved down to suck her aching nipples. Charlie’s hips bucked and she attempted to sink down on him again. She was so, so close.

“Not yet.”

Her pleasure drew back as though her body obeyed his words rather than its own needs. She wanted to say something, what were the words she was allowed to say? Red, yellow and Mr. Hunter. Nothing for begging or pleading or telling him her brain was dissolving like spun sugar.

“You wanna come, Charlotte?” He ran his thumb over her swollen clit and Charlie almost choked on her tongue. “Yes.”

“Go on then, girl, come on me.”

That was all she needed, she rubbed her pussy on him, slick and insistent until warm, blessed orgasm surged over her like a tidal wave. She moaned, welcoming the oblivion, and James seized her hips and sank her down on his length.

“James, fuck!”

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She writhed against his shaft, sunk so deep his pubic hair brushed against her engorged clit. As her inner muscles strained to accommodate him her orgasm plateaued, igniting the tangled webs of nerves deep inside her. James smirked like a blond Satan. “Feel good, sweetheart? Good as you hoped?”

“Y-you tricked me, I wasn’t ready—”

He leaned closer, the position a million times more intense with his cock buried inside her. “Darlin’, you’ve been ready for me since you showed up in those fuck-me heels. Now be a good girl and get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you.”

Shuddering slightly, Charlie obeyed, tumbling onto the floor.

“Get that ass up.”

Charlie arranged herself on all fours, the position reminding her irresistibly of yoga, except she didn’t do yoga with what felt like Niagara Falls between her legs. There was a soft thump as he came to his knees on the carpet behind her, the hair on his thighs catching on her stockings. Blunt fingertips inspected her bare folds.

“Goddamn, girl you’re so fucking wet.” He sounded almost shocked. “It’s running down your thighs.”

Charlie closed her eyes. Having him inside her had elicited slickness she’d never felt before and her orgasm had done nothing to slake her lust. She was so exposed, so humiliated, but she was so, so aroused. He reached one big hand around her hips to fondle her clit, and Charlie bit her lip so hard she tasted blood.

“Nowhere to hide, sweetheart.”

Her cunt began to clench in on itself, unbearably empty. “Please,” she whispered. “Please fuck me, please, please, please.”

Another smack landed on her exposed ass, making her flinch. “Thought I told you not to talk?”

Charlie bit back an apology, dedicating every point of energy into willing him to fuck her. James came closer, she could feel the blunt head of his cock at her entrance.

Please, please.

He slid inside her with a groan of satisfaction. It was far, far deeper this way and her body worked to accommodate his thick length, her nerve endings crackling like fire.

“Fuck yeah, darlin’, you feel so good.” He began rocking slowly as though testing her. Charlie whimpered, she wanted her body to put up some resistance, but no matter how tightly she squeezed her inner muscles his cock slid in and out like she was warm butter.

“Strange how a little thing like you can take all of me.” James’ voice was thick with lust. “You’re tight as hell, baby, but you’re deep.”

She moaned, unable to feel anything that wasn’t James. He tilted his hips and his cock brushed against that burning spot inside her and she collapsed onto her forearms and squealed into the carpet.

“You gonna come again, sweetheart?”


James slid his dick from her body and Charlie felt her pussy spasm, silently begging for its return. He gave another humorless chuckle. “Baby, you want to come so bad you’re just about ready to cry.”

Without waiting for a response he surged back inside her, and she lit up like a firework display.

One large hand gripped her hair, wrapping it around his wrist and making her even more aware of the cock thrust deep inside her. She clenched him so hard white spots burst behind her eyes.

“Oh fuck yeah, you are close. Now tell me. Tell me I’m going to make you come again.”

Charlie shook her head, needing to be pushed. James pulled out of her with a snarl. “Tell me or I’ll leave you here, drippin’ all over my carpet.”

Charlie was frantic, the loss of friction was more than she could bear. “You’re going to make me come again,” she whispered.

“That’s right, darlin’, I am. But aren’t you forgetting something?”

He surged into her again and the words tore past her lips before her brain even kicked into gear. “Please make me come again, Mr. Hunter.”

He smacked her ass. “You’ve changed your tune, haven’t you, sweetheart?”

She moaned miserably, unable to deny the way she ached, the way his shaft battered at that secret place inside her, tearing away every shred of modesty she had.

“You were just aching to be fucked, weren’t you, baby?”

“Yes. Yes.”

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“And here I am, makin’ your dreams come true. So open that pretty mouth and thank me again.

“T-thank you for fucking, my pussy.” She was helpless, humiliated, but ripples of pleasure were urging their way across her body and she couldn’t care about anything else. “More,” she sobbed, pumping her cunt against him. “More, more, more.”

He thrust as deep and as hard as he could go. One hand left her hips and she felt a fingertip circle itself around her asshole. She shrieked like a sorceress being burned alive.

“This what you meant by more, darlin’?” He stroking the pad of his thumb across her overstimulated flesh. Charlie gasped and thrust her ass toward him. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He gently eased inside her and Charlie felt herself clamp down. Both of them groaned at the sensation.

“Please I need to come, please, please make me come.”

“Oh you’ll come sweetheart.” He worked against her with deep, quick strokes and within seconds Charlie’s pleasure burst around him. She cried out, only dimly aware of the gasping, mewling sounds she was making. Soft to his hard, yielding to his penetrating. She rubbed her forehead against the carpet, taking everything he gave her with pleasure. With joy. Coming here was the best idea I’ve ever had.

James withdrew from her heat and lay down on the carpet beside her, his forehead and shoulders shone with sweat. He gripped his shaft with one hand. “Get on me. Ride my cock.

Charlie slung a leg over his hips, eager to feel the friction between her legs and even more eager to see James come.

What would this bossy, domineering man look like overwhelmed by pleasure?

Gently, she guided him inside herself.

“Hurry up, Charlotte, or I’ll put you on your back.”

Spurred by the threat she lowered herself down his shaft, her movements slow and slick as honey. Tentatively, she flexed and he gasped. Charlie bit back a grin. Yoga wasn’t sexual but the enhanced muscle control could be. She pumped him harder, flexing as she worked herself up and down. His hands clasped her hips.

“That’s so good, honey, ride me.”

James’ head was thrown back and the line of his jaw was sharp as a blade. He was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen, she realized. Powerful and wild as the stallion on his ribs. James groaned, a strangled desperate sound. “Jesus, Charlotte, your pussy’s so goddamn tight, I’m gonna come.”

He seized a handful of her hair, driving himself against her. The brutality of his thrusts made her scrape her nails down his chest. James went rigid, his hands biting into her hips, and he cursed long and loud as his cock pulsed inside her.

Charlie leaned forward and kissed his golden chest, tasting the salt on his skin.

For a second they stayed like that, their bodies entwined, panting breaths rattling their torsos, and then James hoisted her off him like she was no more than a kitten and pulled away. Charlie felt a pang of disappointment. She wasn’t trying to cuddle but she wanted to lie against James and listen to his heartbeat slow. Let this beautiful satisfied feeling last as long as it could. She heard James stagger out of the room, presumably to dispose of the condom. Her eyes closed and she drifted for a moment, lost on the sea of physical satisfaction. There was a soft thump near her face and when Charlie peeled her eyelids apart James was towering over her.

“Get dressed.”

She stood on watery legs, picking up the clothes he’d tossed down in front of her. She put Holly’s clothes back on, but without the glow of anticipatory lust she’d had before. The skirt and top felt ill-fitting and strange, like a tacky costume. Her left stocking had a run down the side so she tore both off and crammed her aching feet back into the pumps.

James watched her dress. Leaning against the doorframe he glowered at her, bigger and darker than he seemed before. The instant she was done he gripped her arm and steered her toward the door. “Out. Now.”

Charlie’s breath hitched. “Wait, please, can I just have a moment?”

“No you can’t, darlin’. There’s no reason for you to still be here.” He marched her to his front door and half-pushed her through it. “That was a decent fuck, sweetheart. I’ll call you sometime. Now run along.”

Before she could respond the black and silver door slammed in her face. It was over. Charlie checked her phone. The last bus wasn’t for another twenty minutes. No time to hurry. She leaned back against James Hunter’s door and smiled so big and so wide she thought she’d burst.


James hadn’t felt this fucked-up in a long while. In the last hour all he’d done was pace around the house like a starving dog. He’d picked up a video game only to put it down, eaten half an apple and dumped it.

He must have scrolled through his phone contacts half a dozen times to call a friend or a girl or someone. Anyone.

Relax, asshole, it’s a fucking Wednesday night. You’ve got a girl coming over in twenty minutes.

His day had been hell, five meetings, one guy quit, someone keyed his truck and his brother called. James told Will that if their older sister Kelsey wasn’t invited to their mom’s birthday he wasn’t going either, but once William Hunter started bitching there was no stopping the guy. The only reason his brother gave a fuck was because his ten-year wedding anniversary was coming up and his wife would sulk if everyone wasn’t there. He’d been looking forward to seeing Charlotte all week but now there was a buzzing feeling in his gut saying he needed to be somewhere else, fucking, dancing, drinking, sunk so deep in a crowd or a woman’s cunt he didn’t have to think.

He knew a few beers would take the edge off but he didn’t need a psychology degree to know that was a bad fucking idea so he went to his workout room, poor fucking substitute that it was. He was thrashing a heavy bag when he heard the doorbell ring. He checked his watch. Exactly eight p.m., Blue-Eyes was punctual.

She has to be, she takes the fucking bus.

Shaking his head at the strange behavior of his latest lay, James grabbed a towel and headed for the door. Charlotte looked fucking edible in a thin purple dress paired with a gold belt and gold flats. With her big tits and her wide eyes she was the perfect blend of dirty and innocent. For the first time all day his blood felt like it was pumping for a purpose. Charlotte’s eyes locked on his sweat-drenched torso. “I can take a shower if you want.”

She sank her teeth into her lower lip and shook her head. James couldn’t help but smirk. There was something deliciously fucked-up about how hot Charlotte was for rough play. He thought about issuing some orders. Making her strip down and bend over so he could examine her pretty pink pussy, but the buzzing in his gut told him not to bother.

He hoisted her against his hips and pressed her into the nearest wall, his cock straining against the cotton of his exercise shorts. Completely unfazed by his aggression, Charlotte leaned forward and licked a stream of sweat running down his neck. Her tongue lingered on his pulse point and it felt so fucking dirty James moaned out loud. Seizing a fistful of her hair he forced her mouth to his. His frustration was mirrored in her deep, open-mouthed kisses, and when he stroked between her legs she hissed, sinking her sharp little teeth into his neck. The lick of pain had got him right on the edge and he yanked down her dress, practically tearing it away. With disappointment he noticed her gorgeous cunt was bunched up in cheap Walmart panties but she wasn’t wearing a bra, and there were her perfect tits to contend with. James drew a nipple into his mouth, alternating between the sensitive tips until she was flushed and soaking.

She gripped his shoulders. “Please, James. Please fuck me.”

“You’re fucking greedy, you know that?”

She nodded. Christ, the way she lapped up dirty talk got him hard.

He laid her down on the hallway floor. His cleaner hadn’t come for a couple of weeks and God knows how much dust was getting in her hair, but fuck it. He’d waited long enough. He braced himself above her and reached for her belt. “I wanna give it to you hard this time, you want it like that, Blue-Eyes?”

She blinked up at him. “Don’t ask.”

Fury whipped through him. She was the wide-eyed, inexperienced one, not him. He didn’t have to be told how to fuck rough or when to take control. She wanted no holds barred? She’d get it. “Hands over your head, slut.”

Her breath caught on the dirty word, but she complied, her face flushed with arousal. James drew the fake leather tight around her delicate wrists and pushed her arms to the floor. “Hold still.”

He collected as much of underwear as he could and pulled, tearing the material from her body. Charlotte writhed beneath him, thrusting out her breasts and spreading her thighs. Her body was lit up with a kind of squirming, pleasurable shame that made his dick hurt. His own hentai girl, bound and ready to serve. His mouth descended on her breasts, sucking and biting with more pressure than before. She gasped and brought her bound arms around his neck, trying to push him away.

James shoved them roughly to the floor. “Keep your hands to yourself, little girl.”

Resisting the urge to press his tongue into her hot little mouth, he lowered himself back down onto her gorgeous tits and resumed his sucking. He reached between her legs to find her pussy soaking. He swore, softly imagining the clench of her cunt against his bare cock.

As though sensing his temptation, she appealed to his lower urges.

“Please fuck me, James. I’m so ready.”

“Don’t remember saying you could talk, Blue-Eyes.”

Any man alive could tell she was ready, but he knew torture was what she loved. James slid himself down in her body and arranged himself on his elbows. The smell of her cunt was something a man could happily drown in, sweet and musky. The scent that had lingered in his lounge room long after she’d gone.

“No, no, no,” Charlotte chanted, tossing her head from side to side. Ignoring her, James slid his tongue into the damp space between her thighs. She screamed and a wave of wetness immediately gushed forward to greet his tongue. Steadying his hands on her hips, James circled her clit with slow deliberate drags, and within minutes Charlotte was a sobbing, pleading mess. He knew if her hands were free she’d have them buried in his hair, pushing his tongue deeper into her pussy.

Too bad she won’t get the chance.

When she was close he raised himself up on his palms. Charlotte’s body was taut as a bow, her perfect tits jiggling as she moaned the loss of his tongue. James pulled down his shorts, stroking his cock until it was hard as steel. He ran the tip through Charlotte’s bare slit and she squealed, wrists straining against the belt. Far too tempted to just plunge inside, he snagged his wallet from the sideboard and rolled on a condom before he did something stupid. He hated condoms. He hated the way they looked, the way they dulled the sensation the way the antiseptic scent of lube drowned out the warm, musk of pussy. He’d lost his virginity bare and the experience had ruined him in more ways than one. He fell to his knees in front of her.

Charlotte moaned. “Don’t. Please untie me.”

James gave her his biggest, most shit-eating smile. “Fuck me good and maybe I will. Now spread your legs.” She refused and James wrenched her thighs apart. “You’ll do what I tell you to do, little girl. Understood?”

She closed her eyes and nodded.

“Look at me.”

Flushing deeply, Charlotte did what he asked.

“Good girl.” He pressed his cock into her soaking folds. “Keep your eyes on me.” From the way she could barely glance at him it was clear Charlotte had submission in her blood. Normally he wouldn’t give a girl so much shit about meeting his gaze, but forcing her to stare at him with that look of frightened arousal on her face made James feel a hundred feet tall. He sank into her until their hipbones touched, groaning at the way her pussy fluttered around him. She was even tighter than he remembered. He set a slow, shallow rhythm and gritted his teeth while the pleasure doubled, trebled.

“James.” She sighed. “James, you feel so good.”

Sweat broke out across his back. I should pull out and eat her pussy.

But he couldn’t leave her wet clinging cunt any more than he could stop breathing. Instead, James snaked a hand down between their bodies and searched for her clit. The little bud went rigid against his fingers and Charlotte screamed. That’s more like it.

“You gonna come, sweetheart?” She thrashed beneath him and James pressed his hips down, pinning her to the floor. “Squirm all you want, baby, it doesn’t end until I’m done.”

“No,” she gasped, shaking her head frantically. “I need it harder, more. I’m so close.”

James swore. She was on the knife edge of orgasm and he was taking it away from her. Adrenaline flooded his system. “Fine.” He pounded into her at full thrust and Charlotte screamed and jerked against him. “That enough for you? That hard enough?”

She nodded, her thick brown hair sweeping across the floor.

“Good, then shut the fuck up and take my dick.”

He fucked her like an animal, like his only goal in life was to fill Charlotte Bell with his come. The day’s frustration seemed to flood from him, urging him faster and deeper and harder. She was close, he could feel her ripple around his cock, her cunt tightening, as her body prepared to gush.

“Say something,” she whispered. “Please, say something.”

James lowered his mouth to her ear. “Scream my name, slut, scream it while you come on daddy’s dick.”

With a gush of slick warmth, her pussy convulsed around him. Her bound hands banged against the floor as she screamed his name so loudly his ears rang. He slowed his pace, giving her a chance to recover.

“Oh my God.”

Satisfied, James set about relieving his own needs, driving into her pussy with sloppy, mindless thrusts until the sound of his flesh striking hers was all he could hear. But whatever had pushed him to the edge so quickly before was gone. He pumped Charlotte for what felt like hours, drenching them both in sweat and getting nowhere. Everything was perfect, her cunt, her tits, the way her bound hands rattled on the floor. He was hard, so hard his cock ached but he couldn’t fucking come.

“Come on,” he muttered to himself. “Come on.”

He was hovering in some aching, lonely place. His back strained and his hips grew numb. Now he was the one who couldn’t look at her, didn’t want to see the confusion in her eyes. What the fuck was wrong with him today?

Charlotte pressed her forehead to her shoulder, calling for his attention. “James, please take off the belt.”

With clumsy fingers he did what she asked. Charlotte’s nails trailed down his back, light as a whisper. She stroked down his neck and across his biceps, she kissed the underside of his jaw. James stiffened, his first instinct to tell her to take her hands off him.

“I want you,” she whispered. Her voice was gentle. “Please keep going, James, it feels so good.”

He did what she asked, driving deep inside her, and this time Charlotte’s arms circled his neck, pulling him closer to her body.

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“That’s nice,” he said before he knew he was saying.

Charlotte kissed his neck, his collarbone, any part of him she could get her mouth on.

Gentle presses that somehow got his motor running again. His balls tightened, the pressure building in his cock, but still he couldn’t get over the edge. James swore softly, plunging deeper into her cunt. Charlotte’s eyes found his. She had a freckle inside her right iris, James realized, like an island floating in a sea of blue.

“It’s all right, James.” She sounded so quiet, so sure. “Come inside me.”

She pressed her lips to his mouth and everything inside him clenched. At long, long last his climax tore through him like a tornado and all the tension in his body drained out of his balls. Charlotte stroked his back, wound her fingers through his hair. Her softness was like heaven underneath him but heaven had never really held much appeal for James. He pulled out of her and tugged off the condom.

His body was wrung out, his mind as quiet as a church. Fuck, I needed that.

He looked over at Charlotte. “I hope you don’t want me to throw you out, darlin’, I’m having trouble using my legs right now.”

She smiled. “I think I’ll just lie here, if that’s okay?”

“More than okay.”

They stared up at the ceiling in silence. James didn’t think he’d ever paid so much attention to his light fixtures. Soon he’d have to think about what Charlotte had done for him, but not now.

“So, daddy, huh?”

Her voice was teasing but for the first time in forever James felt himself flush. “C’mon, Blue-Eyes, don’t be like that. You kept screaming ‘more’ and it was the dirtiest thing I could think of.”

She leant over and kissed his jaw. “I don’t mind at all. It got me there.”

She sat up and James hissed. Her back was studded with angry red marks, the grit from his hardwood floor had imprinted itself on her fine white skin. James reached up and brushed away the small stones still clinging to her. She turned and looked at him with alarm.

“Your back’s all marked up, honey. I should have put a towel down.

Charlotte’s eyes were wary. “It’s okay. I should get going.”

Don’t. Stay a while.

But she was already on her feet, hunting for her clothes. Anyone into rough sex knew about aftercare; hugs, kisses, a little reassurance, but Charlotte didn’t ask for any of that. Hell, the first time they fucked she wanted to be thrown out on her ass. It made his life easier, but for some reason her lack of concern bothered him. She’d just been tied down, cursed at, fucked rough and now she wanted to leave without saying anything. Pretty cold considering he was the first dominating fuck she’d ever had. Charlotte’s stomach rumbled loudly and James grinned. “Hungry?”

“I haven’t eaten all day.”

He hadn’t either. He’d been stuck in bullshit meetings all day and had been too worked up to bother with dinner. He usually let women follow their appetites right out his front door, but this was different. “You want something to eat?”

Charlotte tilted her head to one side. “What do you have?”

He screwed up his forehead and thought about it. He had beer, bacon, apples, milk, mustard, and a bunch of half rotten vegetables courtesy of the woman he was fucking a month ago. Nothing he wanted to offer Charlotte. “I’ll take you out for dinner, how’s that sound?”

Charlotte ran a hand through her hair, exhuming a cloud of dust.

“It’s fine, James, I don’t want to bother you.”

Goddamn, she was starting to make him paranoid. If Charlotte wanted dinner he’d probably be pissed. But she was prepared to leave hungry and for some reason he couldn’t stop pushing her. “It’s no problem. Unless you don’t want to go out with me?”

“Sorry if I seem rude. It’s just I’ve been warned about the dangers of falling into your web, James Hunter.”

What the hell did that mean? “I think it might be too late for that, Blue-Eyes, considering what I just did to you on my dirty-ass floor.”

She smiled. “I don’t mean sex. This is going to sound naïve, but I’m used to being friends with the guys I sleep with. I’m a little out of my depth with you and I don’t want to complicate things.

“What’s complicated about dinner?”

“I don’t want to make this something it’s not. Or more specifically, my friends have warned me not to.”

“Let me guess, Sophia?”

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Charlotte nodded apologetically. James closed his eyes. Of course this had happened. His cousin had enough dirt on him to make the editors of Penthouse uncomfortable. “So you’re gonna run away now you know I’m the big bad wolf?”

Charlotte grinned. “No I don’t care about that at all. Everyone’s entitled to their past. I mean, look at you.” She waved a hand in an “S” shape over his torso and James grinned. He’d been fed “I’m not the jealous type” line before, women seemed to think it made them better girlfriend material, but it didn’t feel like Charlotte was yanking his chain. Even if it was incredibly strange to have this conversation while she was so unashamedly naked.

“So what’s the problem, Blue-Eyes? Why can’t we be friends?”

She stared at him for a moment, then laughed. “Okay, but I expect all my friends to tie me down and call me a slut. Is that going to be a problem?”

I like this girl. I really fucking like her. “No problem at all.”

They smiled at each other and a strange feeling ballooned in James’ chest. Like when he was watching his niece and nephew ride horses, but different. Worse. He shook his head. “Where do you wanna eat? There’s a Chinese place nearby. If you’re into rice?”

“I’m a poor yoga teacher, I’m way into rice.”

“Good, because I want to fuck you again and my dick needs a grace period of at least an hour.” James laughed at her stunned expression. “I’m gonna shower. Won’t be long.”


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