She may be half wolf but this is animal lust... and she can't get enough of it

This erotic story excerpt from Come Here, Kitten by Emilia Rose is published with permission.

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Moon Goddess, I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but damn, I wanted Ares so fucking bad. The way he had torn me off that rogue earlier, that desperate look full of want and need in his eyes, the pure dominance dripping off of every inch of him.

I drew my fingers up the front of his pants and inhaled his hazelnut scent. He could do whatever he wanted with me, and I would let him.

“Does my Kitten want to play?” he asked, curling a finger around a lock of my hair.

I wanted him so bad that it scared me. He was already angry because I hadn’t shifted during a fight. How would he feel when I told him that I couldn’t shift as easily or as quickly as normal wolves do?

Would he feel any sort of pain for me, his mate and his pack’s luna? Or would he kill me without hesitation, tell me that I was useless to him, mate with another woman so much stronger than me?

Everything he had said about me was true. I was weak. Mom thought it. Tony thought it. I thought it.

My gaze dropped, and I immediately regretted everything I’d said to him. I shouldn’t have told him that I wanted him so soon. When he found out about me, he wouldn’t want me. He’d take what he needed and toss me out.

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Part of me wanted to tell him about the stone so bad, to just get the hurt over with sooner rather than later, but I couldn’t get the words out. My mouth was dry, my throat closed up.

“I want you,” I whispered, feeling him press himself harder into me. I wanted every single inch of him, could only imagine him just sliding into me until his hips bucked against mine. It was all that I had been able to think about these past few days, and I both loved it and hated it.

Catching him in a moment of weakness, I pushed my hands into his chest and shoved him away. “But not now. I’m too dirty.”

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer. “I like dirty.”

After glaring into his eyes the hardest that I could, I opened the bathroom door. “Well, I don’t.”

Walls made of white marble, a glass shower door, and a tub big enough for two perched in front of a grand window, the bathroom was bigger than my room back home. I fumbled with the shower and turned it on.

Ares leaned against the counter and smirked. “Clean yourself then, Kitten. I can wait.”

I arched a brow at him, letting the steam from the shower fog up the door. “Okay, well, can you”—I nodded toward the bedroom—“leave?”

He crossed his arms over his chest, eyes turning playful. “No.” He tilted his head. “I told you that you weren’t leaving my sight. Now, can you undress yourself, or do you need my help?”

I gnawed on the inside of my cheek, my heart racing. It was just a shower. It wasn’t like he’d get inside with me and thrust me against the wall, the water dripping down his bare chest, his canines…

“I can do it myself,” I said.

After turning toward the shower, I took a deep breath, fully aware that he was watching my every move, and lifted my shirt over my head. I tossed it in his direction, hoping it would smack him right in the face and hinder his eyesight while I stripped my pants and hopped into the shower.

The water seared my skin, and I stumbled back out. “Goddamn it!” I covered my chest with my hands, stood outside of the shower, and lowered the temperature of the water.

Goddess, what was wrong with me? I should be angry with him. I should hate him. I should not want him in any sort of way … yet I couldn’t stop.

As the water cooled off, he stared right at me, his eyes dancing with excitement. Hair tousled, arms crossed over his chest, shirt suddenly off. My wolf purred for him, wanting him to touch us the same way he was staring at us. Passionately.

I narrowed my eyes and stepped back into the shower, letting the water run down my body and slowly—very slowly—peeling my arms away from my chest. I grabbed the bar of soap and the loofah hanging from the shower caddy.

It smelled like him.

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Call me nasty, but I wanted to drag it all over my body. I wanted his scent on me, to soak into my skin, to become a part of me. I lathered the loofah in soap and rubbed it against my chest, scrubbing off the blood and letting the soap drip between my breasts. I brushed it over my shoulders and down my stomach and up my thighs.

Staring at me from the sink, Ares growled and rested a hand against the front of his pants, stroking his hard cock through them. I let the soap run down my abdomen and dip between my hips, roll down my legs.

Without any shame, he pushed his hand into his pants, touched himself, and groaned while he watched me. I clenched, my cheeks flushing and my pussy throbbing, and furrowed my brows together.

I wanted him in here with me.

I pushed a hand between my legs, touching my folds, and slowly rubbed my clit for him.

This was so wrong, but it felt so right.

Pleasure surged throughout my body. He pushed down his pants, his hard cock springing out of them, and walked toward the shower. Opening the door, he stepped under the water and shoved me against the wall.

With his hand around his cock, he stroked it back and forth, making me tighten. It was so fucking big, so thick. I placed both of my hands on his abdomen, unable to wait for him to be inside of me.

It was more than want or desire. It was need. Pure, innate need.

“I didn’t tell you to stop touching yourself,” he said, placing my hand back on my clit. “Rub your pussy until you come for me.”

My pussy clenched. “Ares,” I breathed out, closing my eyes.

He snatched my chin in his rough hand and growled. “Your eyes should be on me, Kitten. You will come, staring at me. Thinking about me. Feeling me.”

Heat rushed to my core. The tension was building so quickly. I rubbed my fingers against my swollen clit and whimpered, “Ares, please.”


My fingers moved faster, the pressure rising still. He rested his forehead on mine, beads of water dripping from his dark hair, and stroked himself. It was so close to my entrance, so close to just slipping inside of me and filling me completely.

I reached for his dick with my other hand, needing to feel it, but he pinned my wrist to the wall.

“Please, let me touch it,” I begged.

“Not until you come.” He sucked my bottom lip between his teeth, trailed his hand down my arm to my chest, and cupped one of my breasts. “After you come, I want you on your knees for me, taking my cock down your throat.” He groped my breast harder, rolling my nipple against his palm. “Do you understand?”

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“No,” I panted.

I was so close. So fucking close.

“No?” he asked, eyes glowing gold. He slipped a hand under my thigh, lifted one of my knees into the air, and pulled it against his hip. After he stepped closer, his cock grazed against my entrance.

“I want you inside of me,” I begged.

He tensed, jerking his cock faster. “Fuck, Kitten,” he groaned.

I rubbed my pussy harder for him, the tension too intense. He tugged on one of my nipples with his fingers, and I screamed out his name.

My leg trembling in his hand, my whole body tingling from him. Wave after wave of pleasure pumped out of me.

“Look at that pussy quiver.” He tugged my hips closer and pressed his cock against my entrance. “I can’t wait to feel it pulse around me like that.”

I hazily nodded my head and relaxed against the wall.

Moon Goddess, I wanted more. More of him. More of this.

“Is this what you want?” he asked me, pushing his cock against me, almost inside, just one more inch. The head of it glistened with my juices, and my pussy clenched harder, needing to wrap around him. “I won’t ask again, Kitten.” He snatched my chin in his hand and forced me to look into his darkening eyes. “I’m about one second away from thrusting myself into your pussy and ruining you.”

I took a deep breath, my mind foggy. “Then, ruin me, Ares.”

“Don’t take your eyes off of me.” Ares curled one arm under my leg, hiked it further up his hip, and pressed the head of his cock against my entrance. With his other hand, he gripped my chin and held me in place, staring so deep into my eyes that I couldn’t look away even if I tried.

My pussy tightened, and I sucked in a breath. This was happening. This was really happening.

When he slid himself inside of me, I clenched harder around his cock until every single inch filled me. Water beat down on his back, wetting his hair and making drops roll down his chest. I curled my fingers into the taut muscle and moved my hips back and forth, meeting him halfway.

Steam clouded the glass door, and I laid my hand against it, trying to keep myself steady.

He grabbed a handful of my ass and squeezed, growling lowly in my ear. “Wrap your legs around me.”

Without hesitation, I curled my legs around his waist and pulled him closer to me. With one arm around my waist and the other around my throat, he pumped in and out of my pussy, his fingers gently stroking my jaw.

He started slow and passionately, taking his time with my body as I reacted so naturally to him. Every time he pressed himself all the way inside me, my hips bucked, my nails dug into his back, and I couldn’t stop moaning his name.

And then faster and faster and faster until he pinned me to the shower wall with one hand and pounded so savagely into me. He glided his lips against my neck and sucked on my sensitive skin until he left a mark.

Eyes flashing gold, he let his canines lengthen until they peeked out from behind his lips, taunting me. All I could imagine was him burying them deep inside of me, claiming me, taking me as his and nobody else’s.

“My Kitten likes that, doesn’t she?”

I clenched even harder on him. “Harder, Ares.”

He dipped his head and sucked my nipple into his mouth, biting down. “Alpha,” he corrected.

I moaned and grasped on to him for dear life, pleasure ripping through my entire body.

Goddess, this was exactly what I wanted.

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Him to be inside of me. Him to fill me. Him to claim me.

“Are you going to come for me already?” He smirked down at me with golden lust in his eyes. “I haven’t even started with you yet.”

I curled my toes, my body unable to hold back the rippling orgasm I was having just from him being inside of me, and hugged him to my chest. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through my body. My legs tingled. My mind became foggy.

All I could feel was him. All I wanted to feel was him.

After turning off the water, he walked out of the shower and placed me on my trembling legs so we were both facing the mirror. “You’ve had your fun, Aurora. Now, you’re going to watch me fuck you for real this time.” He swiped his palm across the steamy bathroom mirror, giving me a clear view of our naked bodies. “Watch how easily my cock slides into your tight, wet pussy.”

He wrapped his arms under my legs from behind, picked me up, and pressed the head of his glistening cock against my entrance. I furrowed my brows together, relaxing against his chest as he held me with ease, and clenched.

Goddess, this was more than I’d asked for, yet I didn’t want it to stop. My wolf wanted more. I knew it was wrong.

I knew I shouldn’t be getting close. But I … I couldn’t help it. My mate bond drew my wolf to him, but something else made me want to stay.

When he pushed the head of his cock into me and stilled, I whimpered and stared at him through the mirror. My fingernails dug into his forearms, my pussy pulsing around his cock. “More.”

“Is my little Kitten begging for it?” he mumbled against my ear, never taking his eyes off of me.

He pushed another inch inside and then pulled out, teasing me. I cried out again, my pussy desperate to hold on to him.

“I want to hear you beg for me, Aurora.”

“Please,” I said breathlessly.

He pushed his head back into me.


Another inch.

“Goddess, please, Ares.”

“Alpha,” he corrected me for a second time.

“Alpha,” I whispered, and he granted me another inch. “Oh, fuck me already,” I begged. “I can’t handle—”

He thrust himself all the way inside of me and pushed himself as deep as he could. I clenched hard on him, watching his lips part and eyes close in the mirror. He was big, bigger than Tony, bigger than any toy I had used, stretching me out, filling me up.

“More. I want more.”

After opening his eyes, he slowly thrust up into me, watching my breasts bounce through the mirror. He brushed his fingers against my bare clit and then slapped it hard. My body jerked in his arms, my pussy tightening.

“You like that, Kitten?”

A wave of heat warmed my core. He slapped my pussy once more, and I cried out. My body trembled in his hands, the pressure rising in my core.

Heat from the bathroom started to fog up the edges of the mirror again, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Holding me in his arms. Thrusting himself up into me. Slapping my aching, bare red pussy. Ares refused to stop until he knew I was teetering on another body-shaking orgasm. One last time, he slapped my pussy hard, buried himself deep inside of me, and stilled.

I moaned out his name. My head felt light and full with ecstasy. Tingles shot through my body. I moved my hips back and forth on him, trying to ride out my orgasm for as long as I could.

When I finally came down from my second orgasm, I relaxed in his arms. He held me on his cock, and I tightened my pussy around him. I wanted him to come too, wanted it more than anything.

He took a deep, shaky breath. “Fuck, do that again, baby.”

I tightened myself around him, squeezing his cock as hard as I could.

“You’re going to make me come,” he murmured against my ear.

I moaned and tightened myself on him over and over, watching him furrow his brows in the mirror.

“Fuck, I’m … gonna … come.”

He shuddered against my body, his cock pulsing inside of me, his lips parted in delight, and that savage, stormy look on his face relaxed into one of pure ecstasy. Canines brushing against my neck, he breathed in my scent and pulled out of me.

Creamed with his cum, my pussy glistened in the mirror. He spread my legs a bit wider and let it drip out of me and onto the bathroom floor.

But instead of putting me down, he reached between my legs and rubbed my clit in quick, rough circles. “Come on, Kitten. Come for me one last time.”

Tingles ran up and down my body from my last orgasm, and I didn’t know if I’d be able to handle another one after—

My pussy tightened almost immediately. It was as if he didn’t even have to try or he was just so good at this or maybe my body just couldn’t resist him.

I parted my lips, grasping on to his hand and trying to ride out the high as pleasure pumped through my body.

I screamed out his name, on the verge of tears from the intensity of my third orgasm of the night.

Each time my pussy pulsed, more cum dripped out of me. Ares just stood there and watched it with a satisfied smirk on his face, golden eyes devouring the entire scene—my body in his hands, my eyes flickering gold, his cum inside of me.

“Mine,” he said, teeth brushing against the side of my throat. “You’re mine, Kitten. Let me mark what’s mine.”


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