Honey Cakes

This good sex story from Secret Courtship by Jaycee Jarvis is published with permission.

Sexy story—Secret Courtship

Ophelia felt like her heartbeat might rupture her ears, it thundered so loud in the silence after their friends’ departure. 

Ulric waved at the stairs. “Come up to my room.”

“Now?” she squeaked. Anticipation had been flowing through her since she laid eyes on him. Now they were alone, doubts crowded her mind.

His eyes burned with desire. “Now.”

He held out his hand to her. She placed shaky fingers in his. His warmth stilled her trembling, soothing her with a single touch.

He tugged her hand and led her to his room. Nerves danced along her spine as they climbed the stairs. Humming under her anxiety and anticipation was a languid desire. She knew now how it felt to have his skin sliding against her own, and soon he would be touching her again. Her belly quivered, and wet heat pooled between her legs.

He pushed aside the curtain and ushered her into his room. He gestured at a table near the door. “I made honey cakes. Or do you want some wine?”

She stepped forward and traced a finger down the chilled wine bottle, leaving a mark in the condensation. “You didn’t have to, Ulric.”

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Their arrangement made such romantic gestures unnecessary. He didn’t need to charm her to have her. It was an unexpected delight that he’d done it anyway.

“I know.” He twisted the edge of his chiton, revealing tantalizing glimpses of his strong thighs. “Wanted to.”

Somehow knowing he was nervous calmed her own anxiety. She helped herself to a nutty ball and gave him a reassuring smile. “You know I love your honey cakes.”

He fidgeted, watching her with hungry eyes as she ate the sticky treat.

Her words had not been empty flattery. His honey cakes were her favorite, even better than the ones served at the earthen temple on Taricday.

Yet even as she savored the sweet morsels, she hungered for his touch more than the food.

“I should tell you how beautiful you are,” he muttered.

“I don’t need to be seduced,” she reminded him gently. He was going to poke her. That was the deal. She quickened inside at the thought. 

It was heartbreakingly sweet that he wanted to woo her, but also totally unnecessary.

His gaze darted away to the tapestry. “Making a babe, creating new life, takes something more.”

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Her heart quivered. She wasn’t sure if she could take this side of him. The softness, the kindness might just kill her. She cleared her throat. “What is pleasure sharing?”

He stepped over to her and stroked her arm.

She shivered, deeply affected by the heat of his hand.

“It’s about trust,” he said his voice a deep rumble. “Do you trust me?”

Another shiver wracked her frame. “Yes.”

I do trust him. Almost too much.

“Then take down your earth and let me in.”

She narrowed her eyes, the request more complex than he might realize. She was a woman of water, naturally gifted in the changeable element, a gift she honed and practiced daily. Her earth was so weak, she could do nothing with it, and hadn’t disturbed the protections of that element in years. 

His hand stroked her arm again, and this time she felt the touch deeper as his gift scraped along her elemental barrier.

“Please,” he whispered, his voice trembling with need.

And she found she wanted to do anything he asked when he begged like that.

She closed her eyes and focused on long ago lessons. Her protections scattered like dust.

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This time when he stroked her arm, she felt the tickle of smooth skin against her palm, and her heart thumped eagerly.

“Thank you.” Ulric sank to his knees before her.

She ran her hands over his smooth scalp, reveling in the touch. 

He pressed his face against her belly, and she felt a spike of desire, doubled by his own enjoyment thrumming under her skin.

No wonder everyone recommended earthen lovers. The pleasure of even such a simple touch was intense.

She pushed at his shoulders, urging him to give her space.

“Take off your chiton.”

He swallowed, his eyes huge. “What?”

“Take off your clothes. I want to see how much you want me.” She could feel his arousal pulsing through his skin. She wanted to see it too.

He tore off his chiton. He gripped his cock and ran his hand up its length. It swelled and hardened at his touch. “Is this enough?”

She licked her lips and nearly swooned. “Oh, yes.” 

She fell back against the wall, her fingernails digging into the wood as waves of hedonistic joy washed over her. He wasn’t even touching her, yet the slow stroke of his own hand burned through her.

“Take off your clothes,” he growled.

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Her lips curled in a knowing smile. While passion pooled between her legs, it would not be obvious to his sight. “You want to see how much I want you?”

He ran his hand slowly up and down his cock. “Just want to see you.”

Her insides quivered at his words. Suddenly she wanted to be the one to seduce him, though she hardly knew where to start. She pushed away from the wall and slowly unwound her sari. She watched his hand and listened to his breathing, trying to draw out his pleasure and anticipation, languidly revealing her body.

At last she pulled her choli over her head, standing completely naked before him. Normally such a brazen display would leave her nervous and vulnerable, but something about the passion echoing between them emboldened her. Perhaps because, with Ulric, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He would never try to scare her or force her. She trusted him. It made all the difference.

Drunk and dizzy with lust, she enjoyed how her movements heightened his pleasure, which in turn made her body swell and clench. She ran a hand down her heated body, daring him to imagine touching her.

His fingers tightened painfully on his cock, his jaw clenched. She shook with the force of his ardor, half expecting him to spend right there.

“Stop.” She met his gaze, her voice stern. “You come only for me.”

His cock twitched as his hands sprang away. “Will you ride me then?”

“When I’m ready.” She felt a surge of feminine power, heady and intoxicating. She stepped close to him, her feet on either side of his thighs. His hot breath stirred the curls at the junction of her thighs. She rolled her hips and spread her legs, opening her most vulnerable places to his gaze. “Will I taste it when you lick me?”

His hands gripped her buttocks, while he tilted his head up to look at her. “I’ve never done this before,” he confessed.

Her heart softened, taking the edge off her eagerness. She didn’t want to push if he was uncomfortable. She stroked his ebony scalp. “Do you want to try it?”

“If you like it.”

Her heart fluttered with dangerous emotions. He wanted to please her, something he never tried with his pleasure women, no matter how much he might want them. She couldn’t resist the allure of experiencing something with him no other woman had. “You’ll be amazed at how much I like it.”

He muttered something that may have been a prayer of thanksgiving and pressed his mouth against her flesh. He lapped at her, hesitantly at first, then with greater skill as their shared senses told him what delighted her most. He nipped and plunged, driving her toward the edge of release.

She gripped his head, awash in pleasure and unsteady on her feet. She could indeed taste her juices from his tongue, and nothing had ever been sweeter.

Her knees began to buckle, weakened by overwhelming passion.

Perfectly sensing her collapse, he arched backward, pulling her with him, until he sprawled on his back, her slick folds pressed against his face. She braced her hands on the floor and thrust her hips forward, grinding against his mouth. She was so close. She writhed and twitched, moaning louder and louder, heedless in the empty house.

His hand slid over her thigh to bury a finger deep inside her. He stroked her strong and deep, while his lips clamped over her most sensitive nub.

It was suddenly all too much, and she flew apart, shaking and crying out with a pleasure unlike any she had felt before.

As she collapsed limply against him, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down the length of his body. His cock nestled against her slick curls.

“Want to be inside you now,” he said in her ear, his voice deep with desire.

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“Yes, yes.” Unquenched passion pulsed under her skin, the sensation more his than hers, powerful and compelling. She roused enough to position his cock at her entrance and settled him deep inside.

He rolled them onto his sleeping mat and moved over her slowly, building her back up to the peak again.

He looked down at her, his gaze heavy lidded and satisfied. “Good?”

“You know it is.” She gasped as he changed the angle slightly, increasing the delicious friction. Her body began to tighten in a second climax.

He thrust faster, his groans mingling with her higher cries.

She gripped his powerful shoulders and leaned up enough to close her teeth around his ear. She nipped him gently and then swirled her tongue in his ear. “Come for me now,” she urged.

He made an inarticulate noise and surged forward. As his climax washed over him, she let herself go a second time, her gift pulling his precious essence deep into her womb.



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