An Alien Kind Of Love

This erotic story excerpt from Succumb to the Storm by Riley Onyx is published with permission.

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I hand him the soap. “Can you?”

He takes the soap and washes my hair, working into my scalp in a way that feels like magic.

“Dip back.”

I do and he rinses my hair. I dislike being helpless, but I hate being in debt more and I don’t want to owe him a favor.
While I’m sure I will regret it later, I put my hand out for the soap. “Would you like me to wash yours?”

Indiz’s hair is like silk. It’s soft and fine and I’m sure it doesn’t need washing; he’s just humoring me. I massage his scalp and let my fingers drift over his skin. Would it be rude to ask what he is?

Not that it really matters, so I say nothing as I finish washing his hair. I don’t think I’ve ever washed anyone’s hair before. It’s strangely intimate as I run my fingers through his hair and touch his head.

He seems to be almost vibrating with pleasure even though he’s crouched so I can reach his head.

“Lean back.” I splash water over his hair to rinse the remaining soap out. “All done.”

“Thank you.” He stands, water rolling off his chest and his wet hair plastered to his shoulders as he rises from the water. My insides tighten, and static lifts the hair on my arms. Even with wet hair he looks amazing, like the gods in old Earth myths.

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We’re standing too close together. I should step back, but I don’t. Can’t. It’s like I’ve been drawn into his orbit and can’t escape. The weight of his gaze is unbearable.

Then he speaks. “If you don’t step back, I might try something.”

I swallow and nod.

Beneath the water he strokes his dick, and he doesn’t even try to hide it.

“What might you try?” I should look away, but it’s mesmerizing watching a man pleasure himself.

“I might bite you.” He flashes his little fangs. I can’t imagine him being able to do too much biting with them. “Or lick you.”

“You’re making me sound like dinner.”

“I am very hungry.” He says it so seriously.

Under the water, I extend my hand until my fingertips brush the head of his dick. “And when you have finished licking and biting?”

He wraps his hand over mine, so I am stroking his length. I can’t reach my fingers all the way around the smooth, hot shaft.

Indiz leans down and whispers in my ear. “You’ll have to find out.”

I turn my head so we’re cheek to cheek. “You’re too big.”

I don’t want him getting too many ideas.

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“That wasn’t what I had in mind.” His lips brush my cheek in the most delicate of kisses, then his teeth pinch my earlobe. “I think you should get on your back.”

“Float?” I’m not sure I can without help, and I don’t trust the water to hold me up.

He trails kisses along my neck, his fangs grazing my skin in a way that leaves only heat and longing. I shiver, and the static between us builds. I’m sure I can taste a storm on the air. I should pull away, be smart and sensible. But I’m already stranded. What else could go wrong? And if rescue never comes?

Then I guess I have an alien boyfriend to keep me warm at night.

I lean back and he lets me go, hurt flickers over his face. My toes drift up so I’m floating. His hands wrap around my calves and he pulls me deeper into the lake again. I try not to freak, but all I can hear is the lapping of the water in my ears. But his hands never leave my legs. His grip slides higher, and he nudges them apart and I realize where he plans on licking and biting. Then my legs are on his shoulders, and his breath is on my inner thighs.

I can’t get out of this gracefully. I’m spread and at his mercy. His claws cup my ass, spreading me for his pleasure. His tongue traces the lips of my pussy. He pauses for a moment then presses in, licking my folds, and sucking on my clit. He wasn’t joking about being starving.

Each touch winds me tighter. I close my eyes and concentrate on not drowning as he tongue fucks me with an enthusiasm I have only ever heard about. His claws flex and press into me and pain-pleasure pulse is too much. I come fast and hard. The water betrays me and I go under.

He scoops me up before I have a chance to panic and brushes the hair off my face. “You’re okay?”

“Yes.” My body needs more. And I’m very aware that my legs are spread over his arms from when he reached out to grab me. My pussy pulses wanting to feel his tongue driving into me and I’m reminded that it’s been over a year since I swore off men and relationships. People use love to get what they want.

This is just sex.

“Are you still hungry?” I pretend that I’m gorgeous, not the only woman within several light-years.


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