Room for three

This erotic story excerpt from Stroke of Luck by Opal Carew is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story by Opal Carew

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Quinn held on tightly to April’s hand as if afraid that somehow she would slip away. Austin pressed the button for their floor, and the elevator started to move.

His body ached at the thought of finally being able to make love to her. To hold her close. To touch her. Feel her soft, naked skin. To caress her breasts and stroke her intimate places.

His groin tightened. He couldn’t wait to pull off her clothes and see her completely naked. Then to explore every part of her. His cock swelled at the thought of sliding inside her.

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His urgent need for her pulsed through his body.

She leaned her head against his shoulder, and his cock twitched with need. He slid his arm around her and drew her soft body close to his.

Fuck, he could take her right here in the elevator.

She gazed up at him and smiled. He couldn’t help himself. He cupped her cheek with one hand and captured her lips, thrusting his tongue inside.

He pulled her against him as he stroked her tongue, then suckled it into his mouth.

Her arms slid around his neck. He arched, pressing the bulge of his straining erection into her belly. It was heaven having her in his arms like this.

Austin chuckled. “I’d tell you two to get a room, but we already have one.”

A ding signalled that the elevator had arrived, then the doors slid open. Austin was out first, and Quinn grabbed April’s hand again and hastened her down the hall. He needed to get her behind closed doors.

Austin slid the key card into the slot, and as soon as the green light flashed, Quinn dragged her frantically into the suite. Once Austin was inside, Quinn surged forward, trapping April between his body and the heavy wooden door.

He felt like a wild man, desperate to be inside her. Now.

He kissed her deeply, then arched his hips, pressing his hard cock against her. She whimpered.

“This dress is in the fucking way.” He reached around and unzipped it, then slid it down until it fell to the floor.

His gaze fell to her naked pussy, and his cock lurched. Her panties were in Austin’s pocket right now. He reached around behind her and unhooked her bra, then stripped it away.

Oh, God, her breasts were full and round, with beautiful dusky rose nipples blossoming to tight buds as he watched. He cupped her soft mounds, heat jolting through him at the exquisite feel of them. His thumbs glided over her hard nubs, teasing them lightly.

Austin stood a few feet away, leaning against the wall, watching them.

He was clearly mesmerized by the sight of April’s glorious breasts, too.

Quinn found her mouth again, pulling her tightly to his body, loving the feel of her bead-hard nipples pressing into his chest. He loved how soft and surrendering she was in his arms. Against his mouth.

He eased back and stared at her breasts as he pulled off his tie, then stripped away his jacket and shirt and tossed them aside. He stroked her breasts again, then leaned down and licked one delicious tip. The feel of it against his tongue drove his need up several notches.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful, baby.”

He pulled her against him again, his mouth merging with hers, and almost died when he felt her nakedness against his skin. His cock pulsed with need, and he was desperate to be inside her. His cock ached so badly he could barely think straight.

He slid his hand down her belly, then between her legs. She murmured against his lips. He stroked her soft folds, delighting at the warm slickness he found there. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard, aching cock. When he glided his tip over her wetness, he groaned.

Fuck, he could barely hold back.

She clung to his shoulders and whimpered softly.

Without thinking, he drove into her. Oh . . . God . . .

His head started to spin at the incredible feeling of being inside her tight, hot body.

Then his chest constricted. What the hell had he been thinking?

But when he gazed down at her, he saw the same desperate longing in her eyes, not anxiety at his clumsy penetration.

His need overrode all else. He pulled back and drove in again. Her softness surrounding his aching cock drove him wild. He thrust into her again and again, spiraling toward heaven with each one. His body was ablaze, the heat in his groin coiling tighter and tighter until it burned through him.

Then it released, to his guttural groan. Her moans of pleasure echoed in his ears as fireworks exploded in his head, the lights glittering behind his eyelids as he crushed her against the door, her softness a sweet comfort he’d never realized he’d needed so badly. Not just the sweetness of her warm passage around his cock or her soft breasts snug against his body, but more. The sweetness of who she was. Of how she made him feel.

She slumped, and her breathing was labored. He eased back, realizing that with his weight on her she probably couldn’t catch her breath.

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Her cheeks were flushed and her hair disheveled. The long, cascading waves fell around her breasts in a golden shimmering mass.

Fuck, he’d waited all this time for her, desperately wanted to be with her, and had wanted this first time to be special, but he’d ruined it by taking her against the door in a twenty-second fuck session.

As he stepped back, he reached for her hand.

“Oh, no,” Austin said with a smile and took hold of it himself. “Now it’s my turn.”

* * *

April drew in a deep breath as she followed Austin into the bedroom.

Her body was still quivering from the intense orgasm Quinn had given her.

Now it was Austin’s turn to make love to her. As he led her across the bedroom, she became self-conscious that she was naked and he was fully clothed.

Austin pulled her into his arms, and their lips met. His kiss was sweet and gentle. She slid her arms around his neck as his tongue glided inside her mouth and curled over hers, coaxing it into a seductive dance.

When their lips parted, he smiled, his eyes crinkling at the sides. He stepped back, unbuttoning his shirt, then tugged it off and dropped it to the floor. Her gaze followed his hands to his belt, and she watched in anticipation as he unbuckled, then pulled the belt from the loops and tossed it aside. His chest was broad, and his abs were tight ridges.

He pulled down the zipper on his pants, watching her the whole time. She licked her lips as he dropped the pants to the floor. Then he pushed down his black boxers and stood up. His erection also stood up, tall and proud. She wanted to wrap her hand around it and feel it pulsing.

He walked backward to the bed and sat down. Quinn sat on the love seat on the other side of the bed to watch. She stepped closer to Austin, then into his arms. His lips brushed along her collarbone, sending goose bumps flashing across her skin.

He drew back and smiled at her, then turned his head to look over his shoulder.

“Do you want to take charge, Quinn?” Austin asked.

“No. You’ve got this.”

Austin laughed. “Any requests, at least?”

“Yes. Make her happy.”

April’s heart compressed at his words.

Austin’s teal eyes darkened. “Oh, I promise I’ll do my best.”

He tightened his arms around her waist and pulled her with him as he turned and leaned against the cushions, stretching his legs out on the bed. She knelt over his thighs, facing him. Excitement quivered through her as she leaned forward and brushed her lips against his, then across his cheek. The stubble on his face was coarse against her skin, and she loved it. She dragged her teeth over the short whiskers.

He laughed and rolled her over, then dove in for a deeper kiss, thrusting his tongue inside briefly, then leaning back and staring down at her.

“Now, let me have a good look at these gorgeous breasts of yours.” He stroked the nipple until it thrust straight up.

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He dipped down and took the nipple into his mouth, then suckled. His other hand stroked her other breast, his thumb toying with the nub. At the exquisite pleasure, she arched against him and moaned.

He rolled onto his side facing Quinn and glided his fingertips down to her belly button and stroked around it in circles.

“Quinn, you going to come join us?” Austin asked.

“I’m good here for now,” Quinn answered.

“Yeah?” Austin’s fingers continued their journey down her stomach, then dipped into her folds and stroked her slickness.

Heat rippled through her.

“Mmm. You left her nice and wet,” Austin said.

His finger pushed inside her, and she arched against his hand.

Austin chuckled. “And eager for more.” He gazed down at her. “You do want more, don’t you, sweetheart?”

“Oh, yes. I want you inside me.”

“You mean another finger?” he asked, sliding in a second one.

She squeezed around the two thick fingers as he stroked, excitement swirling through her.

“Ah, yes, that’s good,” she said, “but I mean your cock.”

He laughed again. “You hear that, Quinn? Your woman wants me to fuck her.”

“Good,” Quinn said. “Because I want to see that.”

Austin wiggled his fingers inside her, sending heat rippling through her body.

“Well, you know, I think she deserves the very best experience . . .” Austin’s eyes glittered. “So I think I could use some help.”

April groaned in disappointment as Austin withdrew his fingers from her body, then stood up and scooped her into his arms. He carried her to the love seat and set her on Quinn’s lap. Quinn had shed his pants and now wore only his boxers, which barely contained his erection. The thick shaft now pressed against her back.

“Cup her breasts and keep those nipples nice and hard for me,” Austin instructed.

Quinn’s arms came around her, and his large hands covered her breasts. Gently, he stroked her nipples.

“Yeah, that’s good,” Austin said with a smile. “Now open her legs.”

Quinn widened his thighs, and his knees drew her legs open. Austin stroked a fingertip over her slick flesh.

“Man, look at that beautiful pink pussy,” he said to Quinn.

Quinn’s fingers were circling over her hard nubs, igniting a deep need inside her.

“Fuck, buddy, I want to watch you shove your cock deep inside it,” Quinn practically groaned. “What the hell are you waiting for?”

“Ha ha. What about you, April?” Austin asked.

Her insides ached.

“Yes, please. I want you inside me now.”

His gaze locked with hers, and the depth of desire shocked her.

He glided his fingers along her cheek and through her hair, then curled them around the back of her head and leaned closer.

“Whatever you want, sweetheart.”

He captured her lips and drove his tongue deep, then pulsed several times, leaving her breathless. He eased back, a wicked smile on his lips, and she felt his hard, hot flesh brush over her soft petals. Then he pressed forward, sliding into her. At the feel of his hard member stretching her wide, she leaned back against Quinn and moaned, delightful sensations dancing through her.

“Do you like that, baby?” Quinn murmured against her ear. “Feeling Austin’s big cock sliding into you?”

She opened her eyes and found herself staring into Quinn’s midnight-blue ones.

“Oh, God, yes,” she whispered hoarsely.

Austin’s pelvis bumped against her, his cock all the way inside.

“Is it deep inside you?” Quinn asked. “Is it hard and thick?”

“Yes. Oh, yes,” she moaned, squeezing Austin’s cock with intimate muscles.

She was still so aroused from Quinn’s lovemaking that the combination of Quinn’s fingers circling her aching nipples and Austin’s rigid shaft inside her had pleasure quivering through her entire body.

Austin stroked her hair, his face inches from hers. His eyes were full of need.

“Damn, it feels so good being inside you.” Austin’s cock twitched, sending thrilling ripples of heat through her.

She grasped his shoulders and pulled him tighter. “Please, Austin. I need you to fuck me now. I’m so close.”

Austin’s eyes widened, and he smiled. “Are you going to come for me?”

He drew back and glided deep again, igniting rippling waves of pleasure inside her.

“Yes,” she breathed.

He glided back and forward again, his cockhead dragging along her sensitive passage. His thumb stroked her cheek, and he pulled her into another kiss, not missing a stroke with his cock.

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In and out. She squeezed tighter around him. She gripped his shoulders as the pleasure skyrocketed.

“Ohhh, it feels so good,” she moaned. He sped up, driving deeper and faster.

“Oh. God.” Her heart pounded, and then pleasure exploded through her, blazing into a thousand sparks inside her head as she rode the wave of pure bliss.

“Are you coming, baby?” Quinn asked, his lips brushing her ear.

“Yes. Oh, God, yes. Austin’s making me come,” she said through labored breaths.

“Ah, fuck, baby,” Austin groaned, then drove deep and held her to him. His cock exploded inside her, driving her orgasm higher still.

She clung to him as he continued to pump inside her, keeping her on the edge of ecstasy.

Then he laughed and rolled backward onto the floor, his arm firmly around her waist. She was on top of him now, her ass in the air. She squeezed his cock, the fading embers of the orgasm still smoldering through her.

“This is really where I need your help, buddy,” Austin said. “You see, I’m done, and she’s still raring to go.”

He cupped her ass and spread her for Quinn to see. Then his cock slipped away.

April was still quivering in his arms.

“Fuck,” Quinn uttered, then stood up.

She saw his boxers fall to the floor beside her, then felt him prowl over her. His hard cock stroked her wet opening, sending tingles through her again. When he drove deep into her, pleasure jolted through her again. She rested her head on Austin’s chest with a sigh. He stroked her hair to the side and cupped her head, gazing at her with a smile.

Quinn drew back and thrust deep. At the same time, he found her clit with his fingers and stroked.She gasped at the joyful sensations surging through her. He pumped into her steadily now, still teasing her sensitive bud. Austin kept stroking her hair while Quinn fucked her from behind. The whole thing was so wildly outrageous and exhilarating, her body vibrated with the intensity of her arousal.

Quinn’s cock drove deep again, and she moaned.

“Oh, yes, Quinn. I’m going to come again.”

“Fuck, yeah, baby. Come for me.”

At his command, her body exploded into bliss. She was swept into staggering ecstasy, and the world shattered around her.

As she moaned, Quinn surged deep again, then groaned his own release.

Although he stopped thrusting, he kept stroking her clit, keeping her orgasm going on and on.

Finally, she slowed, the pleasure fading to a warm glow. Quinn rested his head on her back, and they all drew in slow, deep breaths.

It was so warm and cozy between these two men. And she felt so well loved.

She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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