Scorching Hot Energy

This sexy story excerpt from Your Echo by Katia Rose, is published with permission.

Good sex story excerpt by Katia Rose from Your Echo

This sex scene is an excerpt from Your Echo, a rock star romance about troubled lead singer, Ace, and Stéphanie, the meditation coach his label forces him to take lessons with in order to keep his band’s contract. This scene takes place after Ace and Stéphanie have acknowledged they have feelings for one another a few weeks after meeting and getting to know each other.


I feel him spreading my lips apart from behind me. 

“I could stare at this pussy all day. I could get off just from looking at you Stéphanie.” He slides two fingers inside me and I moan, dropping my face onto the blanket. “But I’m not just going to look at you tonight. I’m going to give you what you asked for.”

Without any warning, his fingers start thrusting in out of me, so fast and hard that this time I really do scream. He’s curling them just right, hitting the exact spot I need him to, and the pace and pressure are so overwhelming I see white-hot streaks at the edge of my vision.

 “Your cock!” I shout. “Please, Ace. Do it with your cock. Je t’en supplie.”

It’s not an exaggeration; I am begging him. Every last scrap of composure I have is gone. He lets out a sound that’s close to a growl, and I hear the drawer in his bedside table slide open. A moment later and he’s behind me again, his hands clamped around my hips as I bite down on the blanket.

“This is what you want?” He leans into me so that his cock presses against my folds.

“Oui oui oui. S’il te plait, oui.”

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The head of him finds its way inside me. When he gives the first thrust to get himself deeper, I feel my body tense. I haven’t had anyone inside me for so long, and he’s big, stretching me wider than I think I can go.

“God, you’re tight. Are you sure—”

“Fuck me,” I interrupt him. “Fuck me now.”

He pushes all the way inside and holds himself there for a moment, while I gasp and squirm in front of him. When the pain finally subsides enough that it turns into pleasure, I start to rock against him. He takes the hint and begins to thrust, building up speed until he’s going as fast as his fingers were a few minutes ago.

“Shit, you feel good.”

“Harder,” I keep demanding, over and over as he fucks me raw. “Go fucking harder, Ace.”

He does, slamming into me with so much force I know my knees would buckle if he weren’t holding my hips up, but it’s not enough. I need to feel this—really feel it. I need to be so swept up in this moment that nothing exists beyond the sensations in my body. I open my eyes just a slit and watch the candle flames dance, casting twisting shadows on the wall behind them. 

Suddenly I know what I want. 

“Ace, the candle.”

He keeps thrusting. “Hmm?”

“The candle, Ace. Get the candle.”

I feel him start to slow down. “Stéphanie…”

I slide away from him, and he groans as he’s forced to pull out. I flip around and find him standing there with his cock at attention, giving me a wary look.

“I told you I wanted this to hurt,” I insist.

“I know, and fuck me, is that ever a sexy thought, but that shit takes trust. A lot of trust. Me dripping molten candle wax on your skin isn’t exactly casual.”

“Are you saying this is casual?”

His reaction is instant. He grabs my thighs and pulls me to the edge of the mattress so he can wrap both his hands around my neck. He doesn’t apply any pressure, just holds them there, my veins pulsing under his palms.

“No,” he says sharply. “I don’t know what the fuck this is, but it’s not casual. Nothing about what I feel for you is casual. If this is what you want, I’ll give it to you, but I need you to be sure.”

 I place my hands over his, urging him to squeeze.

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“I’m sure. I want this. I trust you.”

We stay posed like that for another moment, a profane tableau of lust, and then he lets go of me and picks up the short and stubby candle. I settle down on my back, close to the end of the bed.

“You say red if it’s too much, okay? You say red, and everything stops.”

I nod my understanding. The flame is mesmerizing. It’s all I can focus on as he approaches. Trails of dark wax have already congealed on the candle’s sides. Ace holds one hand cupped underneath and pauses at the edge of the mattress, standing between my legs.

“I’m going to blow it out so it cools a little,” he explains, before snuffing the flame out with a huff of air. 

 “I want you to do it while you fuck me.” 

I swear I see his pupils get even wider when I say those words.

 “I trust you,” I repeat, and then I spread my legs even wider.

The bed is high enough that I’m level with his cock. I use my hands to guide him inside me, and we both moan when we’re joined again. He’s busy holding the candle up, so I do most of the thrusting, lifting myself onto my forearms so I have the leverage I need. I work myself back up to the frenzy he had me in before, until I’m pulsing around him and I can feel the tightening sensation gathering deep within me.

“Do it,” I order. “Do it on my chest. Now.”

The rivulet of wax is the only thing I see as Ace holds the candle over me and tips it to the side. Then there’s nothing but pain— cruel, immediate, and all consuming. I clench my teeth and dig my nails into my palms, the candle’s fire still dancing on the backs of my eyelids as I close my eyes and wait for the drops of wax that just fell between my breasts to cool.

When I’m finally able to concentrate on something other than the pain, I find Ace pumping in and out of me with something close to fury as he gasps for breath.

“Shit. Shit. You got so fucking tight. You liked that, didn’t you? Your little cunt clamped right down on my cock.”

He’s barely holding himself together. The candle shakes in his hand and another drop of wax lands on me. My body jerks as his cock plunges in me again.

“More,” I gasp. “I want more.”

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I’m so close now, teetering right on the edge. Ace tips the candle over again, and this time wax splashes on my stomach. I cry out and collapse onto my back, panting and squealing as the wax continues to burn. I don’t know who I am anymore. There’s just pain and desire and desperate, aching need, and all of it burns, so hot I wish I could crawl outside of my own body to escape it. It’s too much. It’s far too much. 

“God. Oh, god.”

Somewhere above me, I hear Ace calling out as he thrusts get slower but ruthlessly deeper. The small part of me that still has a grasp on reality realizes he’s as close as I am. He grunts, and then I hear the sound of the candle hitting the floor.

He leans over me, pinning my wrists above my head. The new angle is a hundred times more intense. Sweat drips from his chest onto my wax-covered skin. He shifts his hips so he’s pressing down on my clit, and I’m gone.

I’m a supernova. I’m a dying star. I’m a blinding flash of earth and dust and fire, and then I’m just silence. 


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