Bathe in me

This good sex story excerpt from If I Don’t Have You by Sareeta Domingo is published with permission.

Erotic diverse sexy story excerpt from If I Don't Have You by Sareeta Domingo


I run my fingers along the veins in his hands, which are standing up because of the warmth of the bath water. “I dread to think what other people make of the real me sometimes.”

“They think you’re pretty incredible.”

Shit. I can feel my heart beating harder, and I close my eyes. When I open them again and turn my head to look at him, he’s watching me through a veil of lashes.

I can’t wait any longer.

“Ren?” I whisper.


“What do you want to happen right now?”

I sit up, turning around to face him again and crossing my legs so that my knees press against the sides of the tub, stopping me from slipping down. The very tips of my nipples rise above the line of the bubbles, peaked almost to the point of pain. Ren’s gaze drifts down.

“What do you mean?”

“Right now. What would you like to happen right now?” I think for a moment. “I want you to describe it to me. Like you’re directing a film.” My breathing punctuates each break in my words, and I feel the swell between my legs. “Well, not all technical.” I emit a breathy laugh. “I need to be able to understand it. What you would have us do, in the scene. Where the camera would go, what you’d let the audience see on the screen.”

His eyes burn into mine. For a second I think he won’t do it, but—

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“I’d open in close up, on your face. Your profile. The way the light is against your skin, like a silhouette picked out by fire. Hold on that for a few beats – just you. Still. Then I’d move myself into the frame, slowly. And… I’d press my lips against yours.” His eyes flick to my mouth for a moment, then back up.


“Cut to a wider angle, and show my hands skimming down your chest. Over your breasts, lightly. Brushing over your nipples. Then down, into the water.”

My heart is hammering. “We can’t see what they’re doing under there.”

His smile is almost cruel. “No.”

I swallow.

“You push me away and stand up. Camera changes angles, to capture the water cascading down your whole naked body.”

He pauses. “Then cut to wide, both of us in shot. Me still in the tub, gazing up at you.” He draws in a slow breath.


“Then I’d stand, too. Wrap you in a towel, wrap my arms around you. Close up again on our faces as I lean in to kiss you. For real this time. Deep, so we feel it coming off the screen.”

“Mmm…” I close my eyes.

“And then…” He pauses. “Kayla?”

“Yes?” My voice barely emerges. I open my eyes to his helpless stare.

“This is torture.”

I smile. “The good kind.”

I do stand up, but I don’t linger as he watches me. I splash out of the tub and onto the bathmat, facing away from him, letting water drip over my skin. I almost melt as I feel his fingertips reach over and smooth down the curve of my lower back. Exhaling loudly, I move away, picking the robe off hook on the back of the door again. I put it on but leave it hanging open and turn back to Ren, holding one of the enormous bath sheets in my hand. I walk over to pass it to him, but he pushes it away as he climbs out of the tub, still tantalisingly hard as he steps onto the bathmat in front of me. I take a step back and let the towel slip from my fingers to the floor unthinkingly.

He reaches both hands inside my robe, resting them on my waist and pulling me closer, running them up and down the sides of my body, slick with the damp of the bathwater.

There’s only a fraction of space between the jutting tip of him and the smooth span of my stomach. His gaze runs down the length of my body, slow. Mine follows, seeing what he sees. The dark gleam of my skin, the hard peaks of my nipples, the slight curve of my tummy, my curled fuzz of pubic hair.

My thighs, pressing together. My toes scrunching against the floor.

Ren’s eyes travel back up and lock with mine. But then his hands retreat, and he closes the robe around me and does up the belt in a bow. He reaches up to my hair and unwinds the elastic that’s now barely holding my locs up in a bun, letting them tumble down. And then he takes my face in his hands and moves closer to me – very, very close.

And kisses me…

And kisses me…

And kisses me.

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His tongue sweeps into my mouth, tasting me, flicking against my teeth. He pulls my lips between his, kisses each of them separately, then together, over and over until I can hardly stand up.

We break apart for air, and he rests his forehead against mine.

“I am very naked right now.”

I wrap my arms around his neck and look into his eyes, so he understands when I whisper,

“Me too.”



Why did I close her robe? That was supremely fucking stupid. But Jesus, it was because she’s almost too—

I’m senseless. All I can do right now is feel.

I watch as Kayla grabs a bottle of body oil or something from the over-stocked counter and strides out of the bathroom. I lean down and pick up the towel where she’d dropped it on the floor, brushing some of the water droplets of my body. I’m so hard it aches, and it doesn’t help when I wrap the towel around my waist and head into the bedroom to see her smoothing the lotion onto her legs slowly as she perches on the edge of the bed. She looks up at me, and I can’t take it. I remove the bottle from her hands and place it resolutely on the side table. I crouch down between her legs, push away the sides of the robe then reach up and loosen the belt, but not all the way.

I lick my lips and she watches me as she leans back on the bed, resting on her hands and tilting her head to one side like a wordless challenge.

What you got? I move closer, pushing her legs wider apart, slowly kissing the soft skin inside of her knees. She lets a tiny hum slip out, and I smirk a little. Let me show you. I move inwards, still kissing. Eventually I reach my destination and run my nose against the soft hair between her legs. She smells like bubble bath and caramel and sex and heaven. I edge my fingertips up along her thighs, and she shuffles her ass toward the edge of the bed, closer to me – impatient. My fingers curve around her tight flesh and smooth up into the soft warm wet of her and she groans, her head thrown back. That sound… I feel myself spill a little when I finally move in to taste her: just the tip of my tongue against her small hard pearl, in tight, concentrated circles, then giving in and licking the whole length of her, bottom to top.

Kayla moans again, loud…

Yes. I close my eyes, making steady constant laps against her, not too fast, just until she starts to squirm enough, and then I suck hard—

“Oh fuck… Ren…”

Her body shifts as she fists one hand into my hair, and she’s starting to drip against my lips, unbearably delicious, but I concentrate now, lifting one of her legs to hook over my shoulder, my tongue flicking faster over her in the spot that makes her emit that gorgeous moan again, louder and louder, and her bare foot is moving up and down my back, her heel digging into my spine, hand in my hair, pushing my face into her, my nose pressed right against her, my tongue flicking, my fingers helping now, pushing into her, curling inside her, until she’s tight and so slick around them, until I feel her muscles seize… And then she comes, hot and wet, right there in my mouth, shouting my name so loud I really believe that one syllable is the very sound of her ecstasy — my name. And for that moment, kneeling between her legs, knowing I put that look on her face and that tremble in her body, I feel like a king. If I could do that every day? But…

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Panting hard, Kayla curves her body forward, both her warm hands pressed against my ears, and she’s kissing the top of my head then pulling my face up and kissing my mouth, the taste of her still on my lips.

“I want you inside me,” she breathes against them.

It takes everything I have not to stand and move her back and sink into her right then and there. “I want that too, but we should—”

“There’s probably some in the drawer.” Her voice is breathy with need. She moves, getting her balance by resting her hand on my shoulder, and I shuffle aside so she can stand.

Then I get up too, walking behind her and pulling her robe off one shoulder, bending down to kiss it.

She pauses, undoing the robe altogether and letting it fall to the floor, and I lift her hair so I can kiss her neck too. I can hear her breathing, loud and deep like mine.

She steps away and walks the rest of the way around the bed to the other side, opening the drawer and roaming its fancy for-purchase contents furtively until she sighs in relief and produces the pack. I exhale too, and she climbs onto the bed and crawls back over to me. I ditch the towel, and she looks down and trails her fingers lightly along the length of my cock. My breathing hitches as she reaches the tip, but then her hands leave me and she opens one of the condoms. Usually I hate them, but I think it’s just as well there’s something to stop the overwhelming sensation of her, even a little.

Kayla’s hands are shaking as she rolls the rubber over me, then she sits up and lets her hands move up my chest and around to the back of my neck, her eyes finding mine.

I grab her, clambering onto the bed too, and we fall onto the overstuffed pillows kissing, her legs wrapping around me.

We’re on our sides, face-to-face, her fingers running up into my hair, which is still damp. I open my eyes for a moment and see hers squeezed shut. My heart constricts, and I have to wait a moment before I roll her onto her back, hold myself tight and seek her hot, slick center. I move inside her, finally, and as I do Kayla opens her eyes again and looks straight into my soul. Her lips part silently, her gaze not leaving mine. I can’t help the low noises I make each time I move out and into her again, pulling her close, pressing away the space between us. Jesus, the amount of times I’ve fucked, I’ve never felt anything like this.

Like her.

After a while – or an eternity – like that, she moves back a little, letting me slide out. She turns over and drags one of the huge pillows low under her stomach, bending over it and looking back at me, her eyelids low, biting her lip. I can’t move fast enough. I bend my body over hers and push inside her again from behind.

“Oh God, yes. Mmm, please…”

The words she’s crying out, begging me, the sounds she’s making, the sound of me moving in and out of her, the scent of her sweat and mine… It’s almost too much. I move deeper and faster and harder as she urges me to go deep, fast, hard, more and more and more – until my name is on her lips again, muffled in the pillows as she buries her face and rides it out, and then hers is on mine, grunted tightly into her ear as our fingers twist and grip together.

Then whispered again softly.


I don’t want to leave her, but eventually I pull out and slip the condom into a Kleenex from the box beside the bed. I drop it to the floor and flop back next to her. She curls her body into mine and I run my fingertips over the damp, smooth, beautiful length of her back, up to the tangle of thin gold chains at her neck. I watch goose bumps break out over her skin, and it makes me think of her questions. Even back when she asked them of me it felt like this moment was inevitable. Us, naked and together.


“Was this a bad idea?” she whispers, and I tense.


“No. God. No, I’m just… That was…”

“Yeah. I know.” It felt too good. Too good for what has to happen soon.


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