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This erotic story excerpt from the Temper saga by Lila Mina is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story excerpt from Temper Dread by Lila Mina

Back into their hotel room, Lana drew the curtains without a word and let out a sigh of relief. She was about to climb on the bed, but Honda’s hand on the small of her back stopped her.

“Yuki san, Lana san… Allow me to serve you tonight.” The two women exchanged a surprised look, and Lana struggled to hide her bafflement.

Uh. What else now. The dead walk among us, the master submits…

“If this is what you wish, goshujin sama, but…”

“No, enough with what I wish for now. Express what you want. Show it to me. Dictate it. I could use a lesson in discipline and humility…. and be reminded of the extent of your efforts on my behalf.”

Yuki pressed a hand on his chest then grazed his jaw.

In the dark room, against the windows, barely illuminated by feeble moonlight piercing through the white curtains, husband and wife looked like faceless spirits themselves.

“I see… Like that night in Osaka, then. It was glorious. But… you wish to experience this with both of us?”

That was a legitimate question. With unreadable eyes, Honda stared at Lana over Yuki’s shoulder. Heavy silence hung between them.

Defiance and challenge reared their heads; a different kind of hunger twisted Lana’s lower regions. What she pushed down day after day rattled and roared deep inside her. Adrenaline was already pumping fast, anguish and fright replaced by other primitive urges, some darker than others.

Can we do this and go back to our usual dynamics afterward? Can he trust me to step down later? Can I do it? Will I do it?

“Yes, but it is up to both of you to decide how you would like to proceed. Make me feel in my body… how much you are willing and able to suppress out of sheer will, out of duty.” He sat down on the bed and closed his eyes, fists gripping his pajama pants.

Yuki quirked an eyebrow and turned to Lana, leaning to her ear. “Then, Lana san, give me a glimpse of what could have been. Of your unleashed potential. I will follow your lead and assist you.”

“Me? Oku sama… It’s your right…”

A finger to her lips shushed her.

Yuki’s eyes flickered to Honda who was now engaged in deep breathing exercises. “No, you do it. You’re the one who bears his… harshest demands on a continuous basis nowadays. It’s exceptional, but now and then, he needs this role reversal, more than an explosive expression of his temper. His nightmare must have been terrifying, unsettling… Let’s soothe him by bringing him to his limits, while taking matters into our hands. But remember. It means that you must remain in perfect control. Of us, of yourself. Of the situation. It might be an even bigger challenge than… enduring his demands.”



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Mouth dry, Lana nodded. What a perfect way to ignore the horrifying spectacle taking place outside. To celebrate life and the simple fact that their hearts beat, that they had skin to touch and caress. Arousal made her giddy, but she was keenly aware of the challenge that dominating such a man implied. A practical question popped up.

“May I… call him Honda san,” she whispered. No way I will use his first name.

“Yes, and call me Yuki, my lady,” Yuki smiled, before lowering her head.

Lana blinked in surprise before composing herself and going to stand in front of Honda, already wet.

Make him helpless, yet safe… Bring him to release under strict control… Well, not many options at hand. Pain and frustration will be key… but she is here, so let’s be… reasonable. No blade. Strip him of his power, his responsibility… Make him trust me even more with his body and needs. Bind him… Oh! Of course!

Everything clicked. She cleared her throat; time to channel that cold-ass personality that her colleagues hated, yet respected.

“Yuki, please bring me our toy collection.” They had made sure to pack it. Yuki smiled in approval at her clipped tone before fetching the small lacquer box from her suitcase.

Lana retrieved a blue silk rope. With her knee, she nudged Honda’s thighs open and planted her feet between them, her panties at face level. She caressed his neck with the piece of tissue before licking slowly his jaw line, earlobe, and finally his closed lips. A small groan passed her lips despite herself.

Ah… the taste of his skin… salty… spicy… so addictive.

“Open your eyes. Look at me,” she ordered. Her voice came out more composed than she felt. She dared not use any familiar language register though.

It was extremely difficult to control her shudder at the tempest raging in his gaze when he complied.

Be strong now. Tame him. Take him. He must see no doubt, no hesitation. Make him serve you.

“Take off my panties. Keep your eyes on me.”

With a speed that betrayed his eagerness, he easily pulled them down. Seeing him inhaling discreetly her scent made Lana smirk.

Look who thinks he’s still in control.

The next second, a shove at his chest had him flat on his back on the beige sheets, and her legs straddled his bare chest. Of course, her state of arousal against his skin couldn’t be hidden.

“Give me your wrists.” She tied them together, never breaking eye contact, then brought her ear to his mouth. “Stay here. You don’t belong out there with him, but here, with us, to us,” she whispered.

His eyes widened in shock at her understanding, or maybe at the bare truth flung at his face. But she didn’t give time to react or protest and used his bewilderment to press her advantage.

“Yuki, please come here and tie the rope to the bed frame.”

Her companion hastened to obey. Now bound, a low rumble rose from his chest, half protestation, half gratitude. With no warning, Lana raked her nails on his torso, leaving ten red angry marks. He heaved and groaned, eyes rolling back.

“Look at me!”

When their eyes met again, she licked then bit his left nipple hard until blood filled her mouth.

With mounting lust, Honda groaned and bucked his hips. Her tongue traced languish patterns on his skin, hardening his nipples, while her fingers gripped his bulging biceps.

Gosh, his body… he is so strong… so much energy… harnessed, under my control…

A climax building with the power surging inside her, Lana grunted. Her alpha self rejoiced, but she inhaled deeply to push the orgasmic wave back. This was too quick, too soon, she was supposed to be in charge. I feel drunk already, how does he do it?



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Hand slipping inside his pants, she seized him at his root. He was getting hard fast. This wouldn’t do.

“Tsk, tsk, Honda san. Such appalling self-control,” she purred in his ear. “So needy… But we have only begun. You can do much better. I think you need time off to cool down.” She squeezed his shaft not too kindly before moving off his body in a sudden move, depriving him of any stimuli.

He couldn’t repress a muted groan.

Quick as lightning, Lana was by his head and lightly grabbed his throat. The lust and fury simmering in his eyes sent sparkles flying along her spine.

“Hmm, what was that?” Her low growl was a perfect mirror of his. “Are you… complaining?”

“Forgive my lapse, my lady.” Her heart skipped a beat at the title he gave her in a harsh whisper. “No, I would not dare criticize your undisputable skills.”

She couldn’t help it; her mouth crashed on his lips right when she increased her pressure on his aorta to reduce the blood flow and dug her nails in his flank, leaving more red trails. Their moans of passion mingled with their breaths before she abruptly let go of him.

To Lana’s acute pleasure, her ministrations left Honda panting. Licking her lips, she turned to Yuki, who watched them from her side of the bed, enraptured, face flushed with arousal. Her pitch-black gaze swept from the bound form of her husband to their mistress for one night.

Lana stood up in a fluid move and opened the small fridge to fetch the bottle of champagne they had forgotten the previous evening, along with a flute. She put them on the low table near the feet of the bed then joined again her partners.

Making sure to stay in the line of sight of Honda, she embraced her lover from behind, hands grasping supple breasts, teeth sinking in a slender neck.

Yuki arched her back and mewled in pleasure, trying to increase contact.

Lana’s fingers dipped inside her pussy and began to work her energetically.

“Come for me, Yuki, come now, you are so wet already, show me how much you like this, how much you want this, show him how you love my fingers digging deep, so deep…”

She twisted hard a taut nipple, licked a neck shining with sweat and let Yuki ride her first climax on her hand. Her companion came undone with a powerful scream.

Lana didn’t give her lover much time to recover. She pushed her face first on the mattress alongside Honda. Her favorite dildo in hand, she pulled Yuki’s hair hard and inserted the generous toy into her dripping core in a single sleek move.

“Oh yes, please… please, just like this… Oh my lady…” Again, Lana gasped and almost came on the spot at that title; there was no doubt in her mind that her companions genuinely meant it.

“Hm Yuki… it’s never hard enough, deep enough for you, right?” She began to plough her lover savagely with the purple toy before pushing it as deep as possible and pressing two fingers on her puckered hole.

Yuki turned vocal and out of control. “Oh… P… Please yes…”

This time, preventing her companion from reaching her tipping point was crucial.

Lana let her go with no warning, leaving her panting and frustrated, the dildo buried deep inside her. After popping open the bottle of champagne, she poured the golden liquid in the flute and turned her lover back on her back. She took place between her thighs.

Her heart somersaulted at the passion and adoration in Yuki’s eyes, and her pussy clenched at the vision of ivory teeth biting cherry-red lips. Slender legs glided on her shoulders. Honda shouldn’t miss one bit of what was about to happen.

“Yuki… you are so sweet, nothing tastes better than you,” Lana growled. “I’m sure you’ll improve this champagne however excellent it might be.” She removed the dildo and poured the chilled drink on Yuki’s clit and throbbing pussy. Her sub gasped and arched her back, letting out a keening moan, but Lana held her fast, making sure some liquid slipped inside her lover.

Eyebrow in her hairline, she smacked her lips, and smirked at a panting Honda whose barely composed face and heaving chest glistened with sweat. Without further ado, locking eyes again with Yuki, she dove inside her pussy to lap the decadent cocktail of her juices and champagne, setting aside a small pang of guilt at this breach of basic pregnancy rules.


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Quickly, Yuki’s soft cries and her own groans of unabashed pleasure filled the room. It didn’t take long for her sub to come, and this time Lana was more than happy to let her ride her climax. She cleaned her up thoroughly and gently laid a still spasming Yuki on the bed.

“Stay here now, don’t move.”

The champagne and her own arousal left her lightheaded, but she was still in control of herself when she straddled Honda’s chest once again.

Cupping his cheek, she took her time to observe him in detail. The tension lines around his mouth, eyes, neck. His shallow breath. The energy humming below his skin. His gaze darting between her and Yuki, filled with burning desire and something akin to despair. She licked his chin clean of the drops of blood made by his sharp teeth.

“It’s so delicious, she is priceless, she deserves to be… bathed in the most expensive champagne there is. Liters of it. Licked. Kissed. Devoured. Head to toes.” She left a trail of kisses along his jaw. “I’m not that selfish, you know. You can also get a sip if you want to. If you behave.”

Honda hissed but didn’t pull on his binds as he searched for words.

“Please, my lady, allow me to… taste it for myself…”

“Hm, yes… but what will happen if I untie you? Will you be able to honor her and yet… keep yourself in check until I give you the word? Because I can see how all of this is… so hard on you.”

Another growl, but to her surprise, he gradually relaxed under her, eyes fluttering shut. Stumped, she realized he was lowering his defenses, finally submitting.

“Yes… I will do my best to earn this privilege…”

Emotions warred inside her, dangerous, misplaced feelings yearning to be expressed. Don’t go there now. Care and soothing. This is what it is. Nothing else.

Lana decided to indulge in what was usually impossible to do when he led the dance: full-body worshipping. In slow motion, her lips went from chin to chest, from belly to rock-hard shaft that she carefully avoided, from powerful thighs and calves, to strong ankles.

When she was finished, he was quivering under her, eyes still shut, making strangled noises that made her pussy gush with pleasure.

His member glistened with precum, but he had managed not to come.

With a low chuckle, she poured another glass of champagne over and inside Yuki, before giving her a searing kiss.

“I’ll let him please you now,” she smiled.

Her companion’s eyes shone with tears of pure delight.

“Thank you, my lady.”

Lana untied Honda. “Go ahead now, enjoy this special treat. I’ll tell you when you may come.”

Like a wayward pilgrim lost in a desert and stumbling on a god-sent oasis, he literally jumped on his wife. He buried his face in her pussy, dug his fingers hard in her hips and lost himself in her. The vision of her two partners climbing new climatic heights, the delirious sounds passing Yuki’s lips, Honda’s stifled groans of delight; the combination was too much for Lana. Head thrown back, it took her only a few seconds of quick rubbing to reach her peak.

Still panting, she fetched the small anal plug in their toy box and moved behind Honda’s crouched form. She grabbed his sack and massaged him, but when he pushed against her hand, and raised his head from his sumptuous cocktail, she tutted while pressing his neck.

“No no no no, that won’t do. Focus on your job now.”

He inhaled deeply before being able to gasp, “Yes, my lady.”

When Lana was again satisfied with his level of dedication to his wife, she gave his puckered hole a quick lick, then made sure the beads were also lubricated. Then, holding his shaft at his base with a solid grip, she pushed them inside. Honda roared, and almost fell on his wife’s sprawled body.

With a tsk and a slap on his ass, Lana came to a brusque halt. “Shall I stop now? You seem… distracted. Mind your self-control!”

“No! Please! Don’t stop… I can…” Honda uttered from behind clenched teeth. Haggard, shaking, he resumed savoring Yuki’s pussy.

“Hm, good, yes, very good. I’ve never seen her come so hard, so many times in a row… but it’s true you have a truly gifted tongue.”

Delighted by the quivering tension of his shaft in her hand, Lana allowed herself to play a little more with his nerves and self-discipline before bringing this chapter to a close. She pushed herself up, sliding easily along his drenched back, until her teeth caught his earlobe. With a swift move, she removed the anal beads.

“You did well. Come for me now, Honda san, come for the two of us!”

His strangled roar sounded terribly like a sob.

Face distorted by relieved pleasure, he spent himself on Lana’s hand and Yuki’s belly and breasts in endless, powerful streams and crashed next to his wife.

With a purr, Yuki cradled him in her arms. Leaving the couple alone, Lana sat back on her knees. She had to collect herself while they all transitioned back to their usual dynamics.


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