A Wicked Toy

This sexy short story is a Temper saga set near the start of Deliverance. By Lila Mina. Published with permission.

Erotic sexy lesbian menage story by Lila Mina

“Hmm, good morning. What a nice surprise,” Yuki whispered, snuggling against her husband’s large chest. Gone for a three-day aikido seminar, Naruhito wasn’t supposed to be back before the next evening. It was good to see him home already.

She tried not to move too much. Morning had yet to break. On the other side of the bed, Lana was still sound asleep; with her pregnancy, it was important to let her rest as much as possible. Plagued by a series of nightmares she never wanted to talk about, her nights weren’t as good as they used to be.

Powerful arms wrapped her chest, and warm lips brushed her neck.

Nothing else. Only a simple cuddle. The most wonderful feeling in the world, and something they hadn’t indulged in before Lana had entered their lives. Not that Naruhito would ever be cold or distant with her. Rather, shy in his demonstrations of tender affection.

And now, for all his tough talk about discipline and self-control, something has been unlocked, and he’s more relaxed and at ease. Well, at least with me.

Yuki gently turned on her side to face her husband and brushed his square jaw where stubble tingled her palm. It would be gone before breakfast, so she took her time to nuzzle her nose against it. So male.

Why do I even like this so much? Maybe because it’s a tiny crack, an imperfection he can’t fix? 

His face was shrouded in the gray, pre-dawn darkness, so she felt more than saw his smile. He knew her particular fondness.

“I came home during the night,” Honda whispered back, “and stumbled upon a hungry Lana in the reading room who led me here after a discussion. I know it was your night, but she convinced me you wouldn’t mind, and I am grateful for the extra warmth.”

Yuki moved to kiss his chest; her favorite spot among all the delicious parts of his body.

But she stopped mid-air when her fingers brushed something odd. Sure enough, it was a fresh bandage, with some blood stains. No need to remove it to know there was long, thin wound cutting across his torso. Another scar in the making. Yuki threw her husband an exasperated glance, met by a sheepish look.

“Hmm, we did more than talk.”

“Obviously. But does she…” Anxious, Yuki began to turn to check on their partner, but Honda held her firmly in his embrace.

“She is fine. I made sure of it. Already healing.” Muscles tensed under her fingertips. Their eyes met; not for the first time, the grim determination he projected struck her. Determination, but also worry and… sadness.

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What am I missing? What are they keeping to themselves, what is going on when they push it like that? How can I make them talk about it? 

Still entangled in each other’s arms, they fell in awkward silence. Naruhito’s heartbeat was steady and strong under her ear, but his breath was too shallow. Eyes closed, Yuki focused on his scent and body heat, unwilling to let disruptive thoughts shatter once for all this quiet time they all deserved.

After several minutes of holding his wife against him, Honda finally relaxed. Shifting positions, he brought her under him with a slow and careful move, mindful of their sleeping companion, and covered her with his full body length.

“So, I heard you bought a new toy?” Even in the dim light, he didn’t miss how her face turned pink.

Even after all these years…

“Oh, she couldn’t wait to tell you then? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it thoroughly.” The mischievous grin tugging at his wife’s lips set fire to Honda’s belly. “I’ve got all these wonderful ideas, and I was thinking that we should take it slow, spend more time in bed today. No running around… We’ll be busy soon enough…”

Manicured nails grazed his collarbone, and pearl-white teeth bit a plump and crimson lip. With a growl, he caught it and chewed it softly, enjoying her sigh of pleasure, and how her muscular arms went around his neck to pull him down and deepen their kiss.

The night had been short and busy, and the constant stream of dark thoughts swirling in the back of his mind was exhausting. There was nothing better than indulging in his wife’s schemes to relax and regain energy. Especially when they included some special items that would bring them to new heights of shared delight. Besides, it was time for Lana to learn a few new things about his tastes, and she needed strong reassurance ahead of their tiring trip to his ancestral home.

And since when do I have to come up with excuses to stay in bed with them?

Panting already, the two spouses broke their embrace. Another glance at a sleeping Lana was all they needed to calm down.

“Let’s try to catch one or two more hours of sleep, Yuki san. With what I have in mind as well, we will need it.” She nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. Faster than expected, he fell into a dreamless slumber.

Morning sunshine drilling holes in her eyes woke Lana up. To her surprise, the sun was already much higher in the sky than what she had grown accustomed to since she had moved in with the Hondas.

Even more surprising, next to her, her two companions were still sleeping, caught in a tight embrace.

It was endearing and lovely to watch, and she felt she could stay hours like this. To her annoyance, Nature called again, and she had to dart to the bathroom.

When she came back, Yuki and Honda were awake, busy exchanging sweet nothings in low voices. Yuki let out a gleeful yelp at something her husband did under the cover, to which he replied with a quirked eyebrow and a smirk. Lana tried not to stare; she hadn’t had many chances to see him so relaxed and playful.

“Good morning, Lana san,” Yuki called, with a large smile. “Feeling rested?”

“Oh yes, it’s been some time since I slept so deeply. Yourself?”

“Full of energy again,” Yuki winked. “And now that we’re all here, can you please bring here our famous new toy? Goshujin sama is getting quite impatient,” she teased.

Grinning, Lana picked up the discarded mask on the tatami and went to sit on her knees close to her companions, in search of some warmth for her now cold feet.

She handed the Tengu-shaped mask to Honda; it wasn’t any less impressive in broad daylight, and its deep red-lacquered surface caught the sunshine. Its long nose seemed to call for their attention and its long, yellow teeth glistened.

Ugly, yet utterly fascinating. And last night it had shown how useful it could be.

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“Ah yes, indeed, heavy and solid. This is no mass-produced item, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was used in ceremonies and rituals.” Honda looked inside the mask. “Can you see this branded mark here? The artisan’s seal and a date. Yuki san! How much did you pay for it? It is nearly 300 years old!”

Yuki blinked in surprise. “Really? I don’t know, maybe 5, or 6,000 yen? I bought it along with this print.”

She reached out for the ancient drawing she had shown Lana the previous night, featuring two women enjoying themselves with a similar mask one of them wore like a strap-on.

Honda smiled at the explicit picture. “I see where you got your inspiration… but I am surprised that you got this almost for free.”

“Well, maybe that ojiisan didn’t realize its value, or wanted to clear out some space in his stock. Anyway, are you interested or not?” Yuki asked, her tone bordering on terse.

Lana repressed a grin. Honda and pillow talk, episode 432.

The king of wrong priorities…

Honda stifled a chuckle. When she got in such a playful mood and had a particular idea in mind, Yuki’s patience ran thin.

“My wife, are you… stamping your foot at me?” he asked in a low purr, part warning, part amusement.

There was a hint of an eye roll, and Yuki let out a puff of air. “That would be extraordinarily rude, goshujin sama,” she replied with a velvet voice that gripped his shaft like a fist. From the corner of his eye, he saw Lana shiver. “I only wish to stay on track.”

With a grin, Honda sat up on his knees and put the mask on his face. Right away, its texture changed. From hard to smooth. From cold to warm. Skin-like. Molding itself on his features. Clinging to his face on its own. Goosebumps erupted on his arms and the scar tissue on his neck tightened. Not painfully, but something inside him reacted, tugged.

Lana was right. This is going to be extraordinary. But careful. It could be a trap.

“Is this what you had in mind?”

His voice came out distorted, deeper than usual.

The look of surprise followed by immediate arousal on the faces of his two bed partners sent blood rushing to his member.

Yuki opened and closed her mouth twice, before catching herself. Beads of sweat appeared on her hairline despite the cold temperature inside their room.

“Not exactly, but this will be perfect for starters. I thought Lana san could put it first, but I have to say, seeing you wearing it is delightfully… scary. Tengu sama in the flesh.”

“Oh, I do intend to watch her plunge into your delicious, flowing pussy with it,” Honda growled, and enjoyed how Lana’s breath caught, eyes glazed in anticipation. “I have a feeling that the sensory feedback is quite different from a normal strap-on, well beyond mere physical friction.”

Yuki nodded, biting her lip and not bothering to hide her rising hunger. Pupils dilated and cheeks flushed, she approached him on all fours, a study in exquisite sensuality. With tentative fingers, fascinated, she brushed the cheeks of the mask, tracing the odd, monstrous contours. He felt her hand on his own skin as if there was nothing in between.

“Yes, yesterday, I was overwhelmed when I took her, but I was too tired to think about it,” she whispered. “It’s incredible. Do you think…? No, impossible…”

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“Who knows who handled this in the past, Yuki san.”

He didn’t even recognize his voice now. It sounded like rocks grating against each other. “And I am no miscreant,” Honda said carefully, with a side glance at Lana who failed at hiding an anxious grimace. “So, I am ready to believe… anything.”

His wife was now panting hard, face and upper chest flushed red. Her pink tongue darted out to moisten dry lips. He could almost see the waves of arousal flowing around her, and the scent of her desire was overpowering. He could taste it on the back of his tongue.

His balls tightened to the point of pain and it was getting increasingly challenging to refrain from taking her in one stroke. But they were treading on new waters now. He had no idea what power he would unleash while wearing this. Yuki loved exploring and discovering things about herself and others, but she didn’t have Lana’s extra resilience, or that damned lust for darkness they shared, curse or no curse. His wife had to initiate this, not him.

Yuki caressed his masked face again, this time with more confidence; when she touched the tip of the long nose and gave it a slow stroke, he moaned aloud. It was as if she had touched his real tip.

Goshujin sama… will you… will you allow us to… use it on you?” she whispered against his new lips, words dripping with desire, before offering a sloppy and languorous kiss to the ugly, snarling, long-toothed mouth that he wore.

The very idea of being stretched and filled by such an extraordinary rod made his cock leak. His head buzzed and he embraced her tightly.

Yuki… thank Heavens you don’t know what’s out there… You’d offer yourself willingly to the worst out of pure sensual curiosity. 

His mounting lust and heightened arousal washed away those thoughts.

Takethemtakethemtakethem– Stop! I am… in control… Can’t let it… let him… override me! Not this one! If I can handle the darkest things in me now, I can do this. Both are counting on me to keep them safe.

With one swift move, he laid on his back, seized Yuki’s hips and made her straddle him.

“Certainly. Each of you will take me. In turn,” he growled. His erection jutted at the moans that escaped his companion. “But first, why don’t you both show me again the wonders of your delicious mouths… here and there,” he said, first pointing at the long-lacquered nose, and then pushing away the covers. “And then… I want you to ride me and come on me. At the same time.”

“Oh please, that’s too much!”

Lana moaned before reaching out with raw hunger for his erection. She engulfed him in one smooth move until her nose was buried in his hair, and he hit the back of her throat.

Grunting, he gripped her neck to keep her in place, her wet tongue, playing with him, simply exquisite. But when Yuki followed suit, the same sensation, similar in some ways, stronger in others, shot from his face; he let out a long, muffled scream.

Double penetration, he could imagine. But this extra… stimulation? There were no words, only pure, raw, craving. He didn’t even know where it came from. Literally, as if a new organ had grown on his face.

How am I supposed to… to survive when their pussies grab me? 

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But along with need, desire, and arousal coursing from head to toes, an energy he hadn’t felt in years — or maybe ever — also pumped in his body. Not the painful, dark turmoil that seized him and pulled him under to unspeakable places, and which only Lana could help tame these days. No. Real, shining, golden waves, rooted in Life. But maybe just as dangerous if taken to extremes.

With crystal-clear insight, he realized he shouldn’t fear being unable to keep up the pace. Quite the contrary. This wasn’t evil magic, but it wasn’t exactly benevolent either. It would keep him up and ready as long as he wore it.

This! This is the catch – being able to stop and put it away! 

Enraptured, hypnotized by the jutting lacquered nose that stood proudly on her husband’s face, Yuki didn’t hold back. She licked and kissed and sucked at it, again and again, as each groan, moan, and gasp that left his mouth spoke directly to her burning core. With each passing second, it grew hotter under her touch. Behind her, the voracious sounds that Lana made on his other shaft added fuel to her fire.

The tension was unbearable. “Please, goshujin sama, may I… may I straddle you? I can’t wait, I need it, I need you,” she pleaded. It took all her resolve not to dry-hump his chest, to look for any kind of friction.

He grunted and grabbed her hips to bring her in line.

“Lana san, on me, now!” His low bark left no place for protest, but the strangled noise their partner made spoke volumes about her own need. “Yuki san, face her. Look at each other when you go down on me.”

Heart galloping, body glistening with sweat, pussy throbbing, Yuki obeyed and locked gazes with her lover. She grinned wildly at the passion shining on Lana’s reddened face.

Neko chan… slowly now, inch by inch,” she commanded in a rasp. The feeling of the wooden but oddly throbbing toy sliding between her wet folds ripped a gasp form her throat. Lana’s distended belly quickly hid what happened between her legs, but her slack jaw and the roll of her eyes were enough.

As the wondrous appendage went deep inside her, stretching, widening, quivering, the whimpering noises her husband made drove her mad.

He can feel it. He feels me clenching around him, as much as he feels Lana. This is…

A violent orgasm cut off her train of thoughts, and her screams of rapture filled the room while she grinded herself, taking the hard shaft as deep as she could. A large hand slapped her ass before digging into her flesh.

“Ride me!”

It was hard to keep contact with reality. By far, it wasn’t the first time Lana rode Honda like this, but this time, it was different. His whole body quivered under her. It felt like electricity coursed through him and shot inside her. The sight of her mistress, lost in impossible pleasure while she rocked her hips on that glistening and pulsating inhuman nose, added to Lana’s inner tempest. Yuki had gone wild, unhinged, encouraged by the generous slapping of their master.

Honda was lost in a world of his own, too.

His hips trusted upward and his fingers drew deep red circles in Yuki’s snow-white flesh. Lana’s mouth watered as she admired her mistress’ pretty breasts dance up and down at a high pace. Not stopping her rocking, she leaned forward and latched down a taut nipple, biting it a bit too hard for comfort.

This triggered another, even harsher climax, and this time Yuki squirted all over their master’s lacquered face. Before anyone could react, his balls tightened under Lana and she grinded herself hard against his root. The next instant, they came as one and she welcomed the delicious cream filling her.

But more wondrous yet: the exact same thing happened on the other end. With a strangled gasp, Yuki stared down at the apparent bulge pushing from within her and pushed herself up. Lana couldn’t help her own exclamation of surprise: cum gushed out from her mistress’ overflowing pussy. There was no doubt anymore: they were playing with magic, and it didn’t require any special touch to enjoy it.

It should have frightened her, but it made her only hungry for more. Without missing a beat, Lana leaned forward as much as her condition allowed, and began to clean first the throbbing red rod, then Yuki’s sweet folds. A shiver ran down her spine. The extra cum was saltier than Honda’s; it wasn’t his. At least, not completely.

Her two companions groaned, and Honda pushed himself up on his elbow to give her better access and make it easier for her. When she was done cleaning it up, his next move surprised her: he unfastened the mask and took it off. Under it, rivulets of sweat drenched his red cheeks, and his gaze was unfocused, his jaw tense.

“I… dare not keep this too long. This is too good. Too tempting. I will try it again later, but for now…”

“For now, Lana san is going to put it on and the two of you will take me together,” Yuki interrupted, still out of breath, a wild glint in the eye. “You choose where and how, I don’t care. I am… at your disposal,” she said, going on all fours and placing her head on her folded arms. Her delicious ass beckoned them.

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Mask in hand, Lana stared at Yuki’s quivering body, sprawled in front of her. She closed her eyes and tried to collect her thoughts, her self-control. A warm hand resting lightly between her shoulders startled her.

“Don’t rush, Lana san,” Honda rasped, mouth in her hair. “Do what you must, but you have to you remain on top of it, understood? This thing is alluring and does… tap into many drives. Time to remember our lessons.”

“I know. I… will let you know if things start to slip,” she whispered. “If you need to forcefully remove me from her, do it!”

With a grunt and a nod, he moved in front of their partner, and cupped Yuki’s cheek to make her look up. She didn’t need any instruction and brought his half-erect member to her mouth.

“Let’s start like this.” His burning eyes caught Lana’s. “Whenever you are ready, little mudansha.”

Inhaling deeply, Lana attached the mask around her waist.

Her eyes widened when it molded itself against her crotch, like a suction cup. Right away, a familiar pain made her sternum burn, but she pushed it aside. No time for that now, whatever it meant. A shaky finger brushed the long nose, and she let out a loud gasp at the sparkles that shot through her. Then she grabbed it — herself! — and squeezed. She moaned in surprise and arousal. Bewildered, she gaped at Honda.

“Is this… is this what you feel…?” Another nod. “Oh, Dio mio... Yuki sama…” It was too hard to do it slowly, and her mistress was already well prepared, ready, and aflame with desire. Lana seized her narrow hips and thrusted inside Yuki in one powerful move, like she had done many times in the past with their other dildos.

But this time, nothing could prepare her for the flow of new sensations that assaulted her. Her cries mixed with Yuki’s, muffled by her husband’s erection. Honda quickly lost his focus and they began to pound Yuki with mounting speed and strength.

Their partner was continuously moaning now, eyes rolled back, jaw slack, gripping her husband’s thighs like an anchor, spasming again and again around Lana’s shaft as waves of climaxes seized her.

As madly delicious as this was, as determined as she could be to reach unchartered territories of pleasure, Lana couldn’t dismiss the fact that, like the night before, the cage of her own demons was rattled.

Violently. Dangerously so. The urge to claw at Yuki’s back and bite her shoulder hard was now as strong as her need to climax and fill her up to the brim.

Goshujin sama! Ahh… Please… I…”

Before she could finish, Honda was behind her, one arm around her chest, the other grasping the root of the Tengu nose that plunged again and again in delicious, moist, spasming velvet. Lana cried out in painful pleasure and slowed down. A little bit.

That… that’s better… but not quite… enough…

“Bite me!” she hissed between two pants, still thrusting but with less frenzy. With grim certainty, she realized she could go on all day long. Whatever the cost. Whatever the consequences. “Distract me from her, just a little bit. Make me lose my focus,” she pleaded.

Honda’s fingers went behind her, plunged into her dripping cunt, collected some of his cum and brought it to her puckered hole.

“Like this?”

Two fingers breached her entrance. Lana bucked and her pace faltered.

“Y… Yes, yes! Please continue…” she whined. A third finger joined the first and she let out a long, keen wail when Honda began playing with her backdoor.

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A few more thrusts inside Yuki, combined with the sharp, delicious burning pain shooting from her distended hole, and finally, teeth piercing her shoulder: with a roar coming from somewhere deep, somewhere new, Lana came so hard her vision blackened. Her cry of passion turned into sobs of overwhelming joy as her whole nervous system buckled under two different climatic surges: the one she knew and loved, from her core, and another, strange, new, from the fake dick grafted to her.

She collapsed in Honda’s arms with a whimper. “Help me, take… take it off please…” With careful moves, he detached the magical item from her hips. “I’m sorry,” Lana panted, eyes shut, holding on to Honda for dear life. “I can’t do anything else with it today.” She opened heavy lids and locked gazes with him. “I can’t imagine where it would bring us if we… shared it you and me together,” she whispered. Just to think about it, her whole body began to shiver and burn at the same time.

The energy loop we’d create… the pleasure, oh my goodness, the pleasure… or maybe total destruction.

Honda gave her a terse nod. “Let’s not tempt fate. If we want to do this, it is safer to wait until we are only the two of us… and after your delivery.”

Slowly, Yuki regained a sense of her surroundings. She couldn’t put words to what she had experienced. Obviously, this wasn’t a regular dildo at all, even less a mask. Sore in all the places that mattered, humming with satisfaction, she rolled onto her back and stretched her arms. Her smile froze at the sight of her two companions, busy whispering into each other’s ears, wearing somber looks.

“What’s wrong? Lana san, are you in pain?” She scrambled to hold her companion in her arms. Lana shook her head and gave her a deep kiss.

“No, no pain, I’m fine Yuki sama. Only… overwhelmed. This was intense, even for me.”

“Shall we stop then? Take a shower, eat breakfast, rest…”

“No, please. Don’t stop this wonderful experience on my account.” Lana continued with an exaggerated whisper, pretending to talk in confidence. “It would be a real shame to deprive goshujin sama of all the marvels this mask has to offer. Please, oku sama, go ahead. I’m simply not at the… top of my capacity.”

Tugged between hesitation and excitement, Yuki grabbed the deceptively cold and solid red mask, before glancing at her husband.

“Are you still fine with the original plan, goshujin sama?” Her heart missed a beat at the lust dancing in his eyes.

“Yes. You will teach Lana san by example. Please show me why you turned so ecstatic earlier. With any chance, I will learn a few things I can repeat diligently later on.” He laid again on his back, his bicep bulging when his head came to rest on his folded arm. Legs opened wide, he exposed himself to their appreciative eyes. The red ambers of Yuki’s hunger for her husband started to burn high again.

She strapped the mask on and gasped aloud. “Oh! That’s something else! The suction is so much stronger than yesterday. The… the friction, oh Heavens!” She bit down her lip hard, head already swirling and heart going into overdrive one more time.

“Maybe because we’ve fed it with so much sexual energy already?” Lana mused aloud. “Some sort of mutual feedback? Anyway, I can’t stay idle like this. I should make myself useful,” she purred, cheeks aflame, fingers tracing upward spirals on their master’s inner thighs.

After taking a series of deep breaths to get herself back in check, Yuki knelt next to Honda’s hip.

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I’ve had my share of mindless pleasure. I’m the one in charge for this turn. Both of them expect my guidance.

“Prepare him for me, neko chan. Make him all supple and burning for my attention.”

“Yes, oku sama,” Lana replied diligently with a low bow of deference. Her eyes shone bright with happy expectation, and relief bloomed inside Yuki. It had been unsettling to see her so tense and anxious.

When Lana’s mouth began a slow, methodical trail of blazing hot kisses along his leg, Honda couldn’t suppress a groan. Her lips and wet tongue alternated with light biting of his inner thigh; he had to call on his thinly stretched self-control to avoid ordering her to bite harder. But he had relinquished authority to his wife. And there was no way they’d see him beg. At least, not so early.

Lana’s light hair tickled his rock-hard dick and balls; not for the first time, he marveled at its texture and color, how it felt under his fingers, in his fist when — His thought pattern exploded into oblivion when her inquisitive, burning and oh-so-skillful tongue pressed on his puckered hole.

“Lana san!” he growled, pushing himself up by reflex, fingers already reaching out to lock her in place.

“On your back, hands off her!” Yuki’s sharp order made him relent, frustration and pleasure warring. The steel in his wife’s voice was like sweet liquor, inebriating; it reminded him of how her kiai had always frozen him on his tracks, back in the days when they practiced kendo together.

Neko chan, continue.”

Their companion resumed her delicious and generous rimming; the softness of her tongue on his most intimate place came in artful complement to her nails carving angry marks on his thighs and ass. Panting harder and harder, he chuckled in deep appreciation at her intimate knowledge of his cravings.

“All right, that’s enough. Are you ready for me, Naruhito san?” Although she was quick to hide it, he didn’t miss Lana’s hiss of surprise at the use of his given name.

“More than ever, Yuki sama.” Yuki sat in front of him, sweat running again along her temples, a frown of concentration on her brow. Their eyes locked.

That thing is taxing her, giving her a hard time already.

He quirked a warning eyebrow at Lana, who replied with a knowing nod after a hard look at her mistress.

Safeguard. Good.

Yuki began to push inside, and he could only groan and whimper. Full. Stretched. Filled.

Ah… that’s… uh… it’s been… too long, way too long…

His mind went blank and his fingers grasped their futon.

“Ohhhhh Naruhito,” Yuki began to babble, forgetting everything, including herself. Long sobs wracked her. “Oh, this is… beyond words…” She fell forward and caught herself on his chest.

With shaking hands, he cupped her cheek to welcome her. Their mouths met just as she filled him with that throbbing, large, and pulsating wonder to the hilt. Her tears wet his fingers, but his temples weren’t dry either

“I’ll begin now,” Yuki rasped, eyes shut, struggling for control. “I don’t know how long…”

“Shh, it’s fine, everything’s fine, don’t worry,” he whispered against her lips, throwing form and etiquette out of the window.

Neko chan, stay there, don’t…” Yuki couldn’t finish but didn’t need to. Don’t add any extra stimulation rang loud and clear in the air.

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Slowly at first, and then faster and faster, she thrusted inside him, whimpering at the strange and new sensations shooting back at her. Knowing Lana was there, keeping a watchful eye on both of them, he embraced the wonderful feeling of being owned, and let himself go. With a strangled roar, body shaking out of control, he spilled himself on his stomach, overwhelmed by the awesome sight of Yuki, head thrown back, screaming again her release.

Not missing a beat, Lana caught her mistress in her arms as she fell like a stringless puppet, unconscious. With deft fingers, Lana untied the mask and put it away.

“That was… incredible. But if I may, we’d better have this thing checked out at some point.”

Still out of breath, Honda straightened up and closed his eyes, as the tremors of his climax ran through his body.

“When we come back from Nikko, I’ll bring it to a shrine dedicated to O-Tengu sama.”

“I hope we can keep it though… maybe I shouldn’t have passed this chance,” she said with a mischievous smirk. He smacked her ass playfully. “If it’s alright with you, I’m going to shower, then fix us some breakfast.”

“Go ahead, I will stay with her until she has recovered. Thank you for your service, as impeccable as usual.”

“As always, it has been my pleasure.” She gave him a perfect bow and was out of the room.

With a heavy sigh, Honda took Yuki in his arms and glanced at the red mask left on the tatami. He couldn’t help a shiver as the thing seemed to smirk at him; it knew with certainty that it wouldn’t go away anytime soon.


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