This Is What Happens When You Spend NYE In A Sex Shop

This story from Good Vibes by Cara Malone is published with permission.

Erotic lesbian sex story by Cara Malone

By midnight on New Year’s Eve, the foot traffic outside Libby’s sex shop dwindled as everyone got to where they were going and the rush of customers who’d come for Libby’s in-store party died down. Theo was three beers deep and feeling a warm, tingly buzz that intensified every time Libby walked past and brushed her hand over her vest, or her arm, or her ass.

She enjoyed teasing her. It was working.

Libby let her assistant go home, then said to the little group that remained, “Okay, everybody, I think Good Vibes is going to call it a night. Thanks so much for coming out.”

“I’ll stay and help you clean up,” Theo said.

Libby ushered everyone out of the shop and Theo stood close behind her, the alcohol mixing with the state of constant arousal that Libby had kept her in all night. That and the open, positive environment of Good Vibes gave Theo the courage to drop all pretext. The moment Libby drew the shades and locked the door, Theo pinned her against it.

Libby was already breathing heavy, her chest rising and falling hypnotically. Her lips sought Theo’s and she grabbed Theo’s hand, putting it between her thighs. Theo’s desire bubbled over and she hooked the slick fabric of Libby’s shorts aside, plunging her fingers into her folds.

“You’re so wet.”

“Have been ever since you walked in that door.”

“God, me too.”

Libby undid the buttons of Theo’s pants and slid her fingers beneath the waistband of Theo’s boxers.

Theo buried her face in the curve of Libby’s neck as she glided her fingers back and forth through her wetness. She closed her eyes, inhaling the grapefruit scent of her shampoo as it mingled with the intoxicating smell of her sex.

“I want you,” Libby whispered, her voice tickling Theo’s ear.

That was it – the final straw.

Theo could not wait a single second longer to take what she wanted.

What she needed.

She spun Libby around and set her on top of the nearest table, knocking all sorts of toys and lubes to the floor in the process. She yanked Libby’s pants down to her ankles in one fluid motion and knelt in front of her, burying her face between Libby’s thighs.

“Oh, Theo,” Libby moaned, her fingers tangled up in Theo’s hair as her head moved between Libby’s thighs. Her arms encircled Libby’s hips, pinning her in place as her tongue lapped hungrily at her. “Fuck me.”

Theo’s blue-gray eyes flitted up to her face, desire sparkling in them, and she ran her hand up and down the slickness between Libby’s thighs. When she felt Theo’s fingers pressing into her, she shook her head.

Feel Sexy with Who Invited Her



“Not like that.”


Libby sat up, reaching for one of the products still sitting on the table beside her – a box that she tore open in one swift motion.

She tossed its contents—a black leather harness—at Theo and gave her a challenging look. “You want to get a little adventurous with me?”

Theo caught the harness and smiled. “I guess I’ve got just enough liquid courage in me to try it.” She glanced at the Vibe Wall. “Do I pick, or…?”

Libby nodded. “Take your pick – I’ve tried them all.”

Theo got to her feet, leaning across the table and pressing her body against Libby’s to kiss her. Then she walked slowly along the Vibe Wall, making her selection while Libby watched and waited. She was slow and methodical about it, stopping here and there to read the reviews Libby and her customers had posted.

The wait was almost unbearable. Libby bit her lip, trying not to squirm under the power of her desire.

Finally, Theo picked a short but thick purple dildo off the wall—one with a powerful vibrator that Libby knew well. She held it up and Libby nodded eagerly. “That’s a good one.”

“I know,” Theo said, tapping a card on the wall. “You gave it five out of five Screaming Orgasms.”

She grabbed an unopened box from the shelf beneath the Vibe Wall and tore the dildo out of its packaging as she made her way back over. Libby slid off the table and undressed Theo, peeling her clothes slowly away as she kissed each new area of exposed skin.

Libby helped her into the harness and Theo turned around to slide the cock into the O-ring. When she turned back, her stare was piercing and it made Libby’s whole body thrum with desire. She’d been wanting this from Theo – she knew there was a more adventurous side to her and the fact that she stood tall and wore the strap-on for the first time without giggling or looking mortified confirmed it.

Theo wanted to fuck her just as badly as Libby wanted to be fucked. She’d just needed a little push.

“You are so fucking hot,” Libby said, gliding her hands down Theo’s small breasts.

She ran them around Theo’s hips next and squeezed her ass. Theo backed her up until her thighs were pressing against the table and the strap-on pressed into the crease of her legs. Libby let out a whimper, wanting more, and Theo bent to lift her by her thighs.

She set Libby back on the table and buried her face in the crook of her neck while she moved the silicon cock up and down Libby’s folds, wetting it with her juices.

“Tell me you want me,” she murmured against Libby’s skin.

“I do,” she said. Each stroke intensified the heat in Libby’s core and she could barely think for wanting her. “Theo, you’re amazing and you make me so hot.”

Her hands went to Libby’s breasts, squeezing, kneading and pinching at her nipples. Every touch sent lightning bolts of arousal through her body and Libby clung to Theo. Her thighs wrapped around her hips and their bodies met.

She felt so good, warmth and softness contrasting with the hardness that pressed between Libby’s thighs.

“Fuck me, baby,” she repeated. “I need you.”

Theo teased her. She closed her fist around the base of the dildo, the sight sending a shiver through Libby. Then she glided it slowly up and down the length of Libby’s folds. She made sure it was completely slick with her juices and Libby’s body was throbbing for it by the time Theo slid into her.

Libby cried out, her fingernails digging into Theo’s shoulders as she clung to her.

Theo moved in and out of her, small strokes that turned into long ones, and their hips moved in perfect rhythm.

Theo hooked one arm under Libby’s leg, widening her hips so she could penetrate her a little deeper. Their hips connected and bliss bloomed in Libby’s body like a ripple on the surface of calm water.

But there was nothing calm about this.

“Hang on a second,” Libby said. She reached between her legs, finding a small button at the base of the dildo. She looked into Theo’s eyes as she pressed it, the sudden vibration making them both moan. “Is that good?”


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Theo started fucking her harder, faster, the sensation of the vibrating base of the dildo against her clit multiplying and intensifying as her face screwed up in a symphony of ecstasy.



Libby reached down to roll a finger over her own clit. She couldn’t remember the last time she was this wet, this turned on. Certainly not when she’d been riding the purple appendage alone.

“How does it feel?” she asked.

Theo’s eyes had partly rolled back in her head.

Her mouth was open and she struggled to find words—they were practically redundant by the time she finally managed to say, “Good. Really good.”

“Can you come like this?”

“Yes,” Theo said, her voice shaky. “I’m close.”

“Me, too. Come with me.”

She kept rolling her finger over her clit in fast circles as Theo pumped in and out of her, groaning louder and louder with each thrust of her hips against the vibrating base of the dildo.

“Harder,” Libby said. Her whole body was shaking and Theo bucked her hips frantically against her, chasing her own orgasm.

“Oh, fuck,” she groaned, her body tightening against Libby’s grasp. They clung to each other, their hips moving and grinding against the vibrations, as they came together in one shuddering, mind-blowing orgasm.

Then Theo pulled out and Libby reached down, turning off the vibration and yanking the straps of the harness loose.

The whole thing fell to the floor in a heap and Libby slid off the table, wrapping her arms around Theo.

Her body felt so perfect against Libby’s nakedness, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she worked to regain her breath.

“Was it good for you?” Theo asked, a little self-consciousness creeping back into her voice.

“Amazing,” Libby said. “It’ll be even better if I can persuade you to come upstairs for a little post-coital snuggling, though. What do you think?”

“Sure,” Theo said. She gathered up their clothes and Libby grabbed the harness, giving her a wink.

“Just in case we want it for round two.”


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