Working Hard

This good sex story from Working Title by Holley Trent is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story excerpt from Working Title By Holley Trent

Joey woke the next morning with a sore neck, a stiff cock, and utter confusion about what he’d done to acquire either.

His eyes sprang open as he tried to move his neck. His focus cleared on the office ceiling just before his brain relayed that the hard protuberance against his spine was the sofa arm.

The cause of the other hard protuberance was the welcome weight of the woman he loved atop him, and apparently, she’d fallen asleep warming her hands in his pants.

He chuckled but quickly stopped because the movement made his neck ache. “Lis.”

“Mmmph,” she murmured against his chest.

“I’m in a lot of pain right now, sweetheart.”

“What time is it?”

“I don’t know. My phone’s still over there. If you take your hand out of my pants, you could look at your watch.”

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She sighed.

“I’m not exactly inviting you to remove your hands, just so you know. Feel around all you want. I’m a solutions-oriented guy and just wanted to let you know that you have options.”

“I don’t need to know precisely. Is it dark or light out?”

“Light enough for me to see that your hair is brown and not black.”

“Ugh. Probably need to go see to breakfast.”

“I think you can hold off for a while. Breakfast is scheduled for nine. Looks like you have a little time to wake up.”

“Did my phone alarm go off?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Oh.” She settled more snugly against him and smacked her lips a few times. “Okay. So not six yet, maybe.”

She seemed perfectly amenable to returning to her pre-wakeful state.

If not for the ache of his erection, Joey wouldn’t have minded so much. It wasn’t going to deflate simply because she was ignoring it.

He groaned. “You know me. Generally, I wouldn’t be dumb enough to ask this, but could you maybe award my cock clemency for good behavior?”


“Yes, you seem to be, precious—and I hate to be selfish about this—but I need a little mercy.”

Short of that, he was going to take off like a rocket the second her hands skimmed too close to his inner thighs.

No one else had ever had that sort of effect on him. He’d been embarrassed by his new hair trigger at first, but he eventually decided that if she didn’t care, neither would he.

“Fine,” she grumbled.

Slowly, she extracted her hands from his pants and sat back so she was straddling his thighs.

In the dim light, she looked like a phantom in a dream he never wanted to wake up from. There’d been too many nights already where he’d woken up thinking that she was there beside him, but she wasn’t, because he was in the city and she was out in the middle of nowhere and that was really no one’s fault, and yet somehow mostly his.

As she trailed her fingertips up his throat, his groan came out, hoarse and strained. “Are we…okay?” he asked.

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She kept skating a finger up until she found his lips. The soft pad of her thumb slid along the slit and crept into his parted mouth.

“No,” she whispered.

He gave the fingertip a suck since that seemed to be what she wanted, and she withdrew it.

She delved beneath the waistband of his sweatpants, unerringly finding the end of his erection.

His hips bucked before she’d even tightened her hand around him.

“No, we’re not okay,” she said. That wet fingertip teased across the aroused skin at his cock head. “I don’t know how to make it okay. I want you. That won’t change. But can I do what Everley did? She went a week at a time without seeing one of her partners.”

Joey ground his teeth because there couldn’t possibly be a good enough answer for that. He’d always thought Everley’s relationship setup was ridiculous, but of course, he wasn’t in it with her and really couldn’t care so much. Now that the tables had turned, he’d wished he’d paid closer attention to how she’d made it work.

“She always paints me as being the one who has my shit together,” Lisa said, “but I’m the one who needs to be seen and noticed all the time. I get anxious without attention. I don’t want to be forgotten about.”

“You think that I could forget anything about you?”

Joey slung his arm around her back to draw her down to him because he was done with being deprived of her mouth and her kisses.

Air escaped her lips in a sound resembling relief as he pulled her against him.

He forced his tongue into her mouth as her grip around his shaft tightened, her wet thumb probing against the opening at the tip.

Before her, he hadn’t had the patience for kissing. It was just a messy thing some people needed to get turned on, but too often, it was awkward and lacking in finesse, and he just didn’t want it.

He’d always wanted to kiss Lisa, though, from the very first time he saw her.

Perhaps he’d wanted to shut her up and that was the best way to go about it at the time.

Or perhaps because he’d guessed that she wouldn’t let him do all the steering. He wouldn’t have to be the one trying to hold the other’s attention captive the whole time.

She gave as much as she took, and sometimes he needed to be on the receiving end.

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She tugged his pants down as much as she could, which wasn’t far.

Breathless, he broke the lock on their lips and tilted his hips up to give her what she wanted.

“Sorry. Sorry,” she panted, urging his hands up the inside of her shirt as she fumbled with the button of her jeans. “With so much up in the air, I shouldn’t expect it, but—”

“Take it. Fuck, just take it.”

She should have known better than anyone that at times, fucking was the only way people could communicate. Perhaps it wasn’t articulate, but it was still expressive, and he had a lot of things he could say to her with his body.

As he tugged down the cups of her bra, murmuring pretty endearments about the way her nipples had saluted him when he last saw them and about how he wanted to suck all the fire out of her, she wriggled out of her pants.

Usually, there was some teasing, or at least a call to action, but without wasting time, she climbed onto him and renewed her grip, standing him up proud. As she angled herself, her breath was ragged as a torn hem.

“Go. Go,” he urged.

He could send her chasing condoms or whatever else, but they’d both made their peace with risk ages ago.

If something happened—if he couldn’t pull out—so be it.

The potentials didn’t frighten them. Never had.

They actually had never had a discussion as to why that might be.

She eased onto him and just like always, he grabbed her hips and closed his eyes.

After so long away from her, she felt like the sweetest torture.

His entire body had gone rigid from fear and arousal all mixed together. He needed her so fucking bad, and yet he was afraid that soon, he’d be all done, and then what?

Would he have to chase her for weeks again, or months, just to reenter her orbit?

He refused. He had to figure out a way to sort out their mess, even if it meant he’d cast his lot to the Fates and let his work situation unfold however it would.

An odd peace suddenly unfurled in him upon thinking that.

Maybe that’s it, then?

Maybe that was all anyone could hope for, but the decision had seemed so much more critical because she was involved—their future together was involved.

It appeared to be an answer, but he’d have to give the surrendering some thought when his blood wasn’t so hot and when his brain hadn’t temporarily headquartered in his groin.

“Lean down so I can taste you.” He was already rolling up her shirt and tilting his mouth toward her chest when she clenched hard around him, making him wonder yet again if more sensation was truly what he needed when he was already so close to spilling. “Christ.”

“I think that’s supposed to be my line,” she whimpered.

Drawing one sweet nipple into his mouth, he moaned at the familiar taste of her. He loved that feeling of desperate staggering, of coming home gracelessly to her whenever their bodies rejoined.

He thrust harder and she dug her nails into his shoulders, hissing, although he was the one who’d be wearing scars.

“More of that.” Lisa pressed her breast harder against his mouth and rolled her hips, letting him fall a bit out of her warmth before drawing him back in again and again.

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Already, that heat stirred in his core, tightening and demanding and stiffening him.

He was going to explode in her and probably wouldn’t stop fucking even after because she’d turned him into an addict and made the mistake of offering him another taste.

“I’m…I’m going to come.”

He informed her more out of politeness than anything else. She always knew. She recognized his gasps and twitches, and how his thrusts became shallower when he was near.

She lowered herself flat against him, probing her tongue into his mouth and twisting her hands through his hair.

Each sharp tug ignited an answering jolt from his loins. It was like marionette strings: tug, thrust.

Yank, fuck deeper and revel at the sound of moist skin slapping.

“Put your fingers in me,” he groaned.

Without hesitation she reached beneath him, seeking that hotspot that made him so wild.

He let his knees fall open and yanked her body up higher atop his, slowing her grinding torture as she probed his rim.

When she tentatively notched a fingertip into him, he was ready for relief and could apologize for it later on his knees or with her on his face or wherever she wanted to be, but the sound of the door creaking open seemed to put his body in a sort of agitated stasis.

The light clicked on.

Finch? Fuck.

The wave that had been about to crash over him—and perhaps out of him—began to recede. He had little doubt, though, that he could easily call it back. Interruption or not, Lisa was still pulling his cock into her.

Maybe she didn’t care if Finch saw.

To be honest, neither did Joey. The look of mortification on her face would probably make him even harder. She deserved to see it after what she’d pulled.

“Lisa, you in here?”

“Shit.” Lisa’s whisper almost disappeared beneath the roar of the heating system.

That wasn’t Finch.

“Lordie, where’d you go?” Keely’s clicking footsteps sounded on approach.

Lisa clasped a hand over Joey’s mouth, tugged her shirt down, and carefully pulled herself more upright. “Oh, hey!”

“Oh!” Keely squealed. “There you are! Figured you must have been in here. Nowhere else for you to sleep. Heh. Listen, I wanted to—”

“Don’t come closer,” Lisa croaked out.

Joey had rocked his hips and plunged deeper into her.

He doubted she’d ever make the mistake of trying to shut him up like that again.

Patting the side of Joey’s face, she let out a dry laugh, found the perfect angle to give him a light warning smack, and said to Keely, “I’m not fit to be seen right now. Not wearing a bra.”

“Oh. Yikes! Ha-ha.”

It sounded like Keely backed up a few steps.


So she couldn’t hear how wet Lisa was.

Joey could. He stirred his cock in her and notched his teeth into his lip at the arousing sheathing sound.


The added risk—the danger of being discovered—elevated his already-ascended stimulation to a dizzying new height.

“Well, I didn’t mean to wake you,” Keely trilled, “but I had to warn you that my daddy’s on the way here.”

“Your what?” Lisa balked.


Joey thrust.

Her hand tightened in his hair.

He might have come right then and there if not for the fingers of her other hand looping tightly around his nuts. That usually worked when she wanted to keep him on the edge, but not for long. There was no mind-over-matter where Lisa was concerned, either.

Just like how a pot didn’t stop boiling over immediately after the fire was turned down, what Lisa started couldn’t be stopped.

And she’d started him. Every clench of her around him made the ache in him surge.

While she looked on, he kept pushing into her, kept stirring his cock in her heat to make those rapid little spasms dance around him.

Yes. Yes!

“Mm-hmm. Daddy’s driving up with his foreman. I know it’s short notice, but he had some time between jobs. He wanted to take a look around and see what he can do when the weather warns up. I would have told you sooner, but he just texted me three hours ago to let me know they were near the state line. Of course, I was asleep then.”

“What…what exactly is the urgency?” Lisa’s voice was pinched, her thighs shaking.

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Joey had her exactly where he wanted her, and she couldn’t do a damned thing about it.

“Couldn’t he wait until after the holidays?” she whimpered.

Using what little space he had to move, Joey pulled himself out as far as he could and tapped back into her.

“Ahhhhfu—” Lisa’s voice came out in a croak and her grip on his nuts loosened. She was scrambling to grab anything else, and Joey was scrambling to find bliss in her body. “I mean, not to sound un…ungrateful.”

“Well, if you want it done right, especially if there’s a man involved in the thinking, you’d better get them to start early.”

Lisa dug her knees against his sides in a warning, but that made other parts of her tense, too.

Writhing beneath her, curling up into her, he closed his eyes and pressed his fingers into the fleshiest part of her ass.

Joey was so on-edge at that moment that if Lisa’s heart rate made the error of increasing, the extra thrum would probably send him over the edge.

So he did what any idiot would and thrust up hard, making her yelp.

Her awkward nervous laughter as she clamped a hand tight over his mouth and tried to be still despite his body’s quaking, erupting, was likely the cause of Keely’s query of: “You all right? Did I do something wrong?”

The spasms in Joey’s belly subsided, but being inside her, swathed in his own come, the feeling of urgency persisted.

It’d stop soon, though. It usually did.

“Um. Okay. Um…so, he’s coming? Yeah. Let’s…chat a bit during breakfast when I’m a little more awake, okay?”

“Oh! Sure, okay. Want me to go check on the dishes since I’m up? Didn’t have enough coffee mugs yesterday.”

“You know what? That would be amazing. Check on the napkins, too.”

“Sure thing, boss!”

Keely bounded away, closing the door behind her.

She’d left the light on, so Joey could see perfectly well the tart look on Lisa’s face.

Wrapping her hands around his neck, she purred, “You fucking asshole.”

“Keep talking like that, and I’ll be hard again in no time.”

“What am I going to do with you?”

“I offered at least one permanent solution. I suggest you take it.”


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