This Is What Happens When Work Meets Pleasure

This sexy story from 'The Best Laid Plans' by Rebecca Hunter is published with permission.

Sexy story by Rebecca Hunter

Jackson’s heart pounded in her chest, and she bit her lip to keep from smiling. Shit. How the hell had this moved so quickly into dangerous territory? Actually, she knew the answer. She had been aching for a chance to push Cameron’s buttons the way he’d pushed hers all evening. He wouldn’t back down from a challenge. So she’d gone straight for it.

And now he had taken the bait.

She could lie to him and end this stupid game right now. She could tell him that their night together wasn’t exceptional and she wasn’t interested in another. He wouldn’t push her. That would be her smartest move right now. Just shut this whole conversation down and leave his annoyingly luxurious apartment. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Still, Cameron didn’t need yet another ego boost. She couldn’t tell him that “satisfied” didn’t even begin to capture the glow of their night. He had probably heard gushing praise from the long list of women in his one-night-stand history, and Jackson wasn’t interested in getting in that line. Or even thinking about it.

So what the hell did she do now?

She stared at the way his hand fit around hers. Damn, he was big. And he waited her out with an arrogant, impossible-to-ignore stance. The wide muscled wall of his chest was directly in her line of sight. Close enough to touch. She balled her fist, resisting.

Then, slowly, he rubbed a callused thumb up and down the inside of her palm.

He leaned forward until his lips were next to her ear, but he didn’t touch her. “You weren’t satisfied when I got down on my knees and licked you until you couldn’t stand?”

Jackson let out a little moan. She was in so much trouble right now. Her fingers trembled. How much longer could she keep herself together?

“What’s your answer?” he whispered. “You can’t blame it on bad eyesight this time.”

He was going to keep taunting her until she called his bluff.

She couldn’t help herself.

She took off her glasses and dropped them in her bag. Then she wove her fingers into his hair.

She found his lips with hers and pressed a slow, hungry kiss on them. He groaned and opened his mouth to hers. When her tongue touched his, it was as if his whole body lit up. He let go of her other hand and one big arm came around her back while the other slipped under her rear and pulled her against him. His enormous erection grew against her thigh, and she smiled. Right now, he wanted her just as badly as she wanted him. And that was probably as close to a win as she was going to get tonight.

She sucked his bottom lip between hers and gently bit down. His big body tensed and thrust against her. He pulled away, panting, and met her eyes.

“Done refreshing your memory?” he breathed, the corners of his mouth turning up.

Damn. She should have known he wasn’t going to let go of this topic so easily. Still, she wasn’t going to tell him what he wanted to hear: that he was amazing in bed. Even if he was. Jackson searched for another diversion.

“This isn’t a good idea.”

He chuckled. “What the hell is the difference between doing this once or twice?”

Well, he had a point.

Cameron pressed his hips against hers, and her breath caught. One hand found her breast.

“It’s just a question of whether or not you think you’ll be…satisfied.”

As the last word came out of his mouth, he pinched her hard nipple through her shirt. She cried out. How could he get her body going so easily? All she wanted was for him to do it again and again.

He closed his eyes, seeming to savor her reaction, and his erection pressed harder against her. She squirmed against his big body, seeking more contact. For a moment, he looked like he was struggling to hold himself together just as much as she was. But when he spoke again, his voice betrayed no weakness.

“Did you wake up thinking about me this morning? Wanting me inside you?”

He was not going to push her into lying. But, damn, he was already so full of himself.

“Maybe,” she tried. It came out more as a whimper than a challenge.

Cameron’s face lit up into a wide smile, and he started to laugh, a deep, low laugh of amusement. “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

Jackson couldn’t hold back much longer. Her own laughter grew inside until she leaned her head forward on his chest and let it out. He let go of her breast and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer. Breathing him in, she relaxed a little. It felt way too good to be there.

She tilted her head, and when she met his deep blue eyes again, the cool distance in his expression was gone.

“What do you think, Ms. Jackson McAllister?” he rumbled. “This has been one hell of a ride today. How do you want it to end?”

She blinked. After their long day of sparring, he was giving in. His guard was down, and behind it there was a hint of tenderness. This was the man she’d caught a glimpse of at the end of last night; the man who had covered her with a blanket and looked at her so seriously, so quietly before he left.

His defenses would come back up soon. Considering his reputation, there was a chance that this side of him wasn’t even real. But right now, it felt real.

Sex with someone like him wouldn’t—couldn’t—be tender, but that wasn’t what she wanted.

“I’ve wanted you all day long,” she admitted.

His body tightened against hers, and he drew in a sharp breath. Damn, he was tempting. She wanted to see him react to her again. All her dirty thoughts from the day came at once, and she started with the first.

“When I caught you looking down my shirt this morning, I had this fantasy. I wanted to kneel down between your legs,” she whispered, her voice husky. “I wanted to suck you off right there in your office. And make you desperate the way you made me desperate last night. I wanted to hear you beg to come in my mouth. And I’d let you.”

“Fuuuck.” He shuddered.

His hips flexed against hers. He was thick and hard and hit on all the right places. She had never talked like this before to a man, but if they were going for it tonight, she might as well let it all loose. They had already stepped over the line. And she had a thousand ideas about where to take it.

“You wanna make that fantasy come true right now?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

He let her go, and for a moment, she thought he was going to call it all off. That this had been just another game to jockey for power.

But he grabbed her hand and led her to the living room. A man this sexy didn’t deserve to have a sitting room this nice, too. Sparse but warm. Black leather couch, white shag rug, and art Cameron Blackmore couldn’t have picked for himself. Or maybe he did. She really knew almost nothing personal about this man. Aside from what it was like to have his mouth between her legs.

She toyed with the buttons on her blouse. “If you want something, you need to ask for it,” she whispered.

He reached down and stroked himself. “I want you to take me out and suck me. Deep.”

Jackson closed her eyes at the rush of heat radiating through her. If last night was sexy as hell, this was even more intense. He was giving a bit of control over to her. Where would that take them?

He pulled his shirt over his head to reveal the insanely carved muscles of his chest. A jagged scar cut across his ribs—she hadn’t noticed it the night before. She kneeled down in front of him and unbuttoned his pants. His erection pressed against them as she eased down his zipper. It opened up to his boxers, where a wet circle covered his tip.

“Take it out,” he rasped.

She eased his boxers over his hips, revealing his thick, hard length. Oh, God. She had seen him last night, but up close his size was still overwhelming.

Cameron leaned against the back of the sofa and spread his legs.

She stepped back and continued to unbutton her shirt, slowly, drawing out each movement. He brought his hand down to his erection for a few final hard tugs, his gaze fixed on her chest. “Just thinking about your breasts all day made me hard.”

She let her blouse fall to the floor.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered. He rested his hand on the sofa and smiled. “You can taste and play all you want. But I like it rough when I finish. Is that okay with you?”

His eyes were dark and half-closed…with lust?

“I want you to show me just how rough you like it,” she said.

He squeezed his eyes shut, as she moved closer, and his erection bobbed enthusiastically.

Jackson reached for his rock-hard length and her body tingled with all sorts of ideas for how this could go. Would he grab her hair? Would he show her how to take more? What did he like best? She tried a few experimental swipes of her tongue. God, he tasted like dirty sex, so she licked him again. She ran her tongue down his long length and up again. He took a sharp breath, so she ran her tongue down it again, stopping at his base.

“Suck on my balls,” he groaned.

She took one in her mouth and played with it, then the other. He muttered a low string of incomprehensible words. 

She replaced her mouth with her hand and caressed a little more.

Her gaze darted up to his. He was staring at her, watching everything she did with a dark intensity in his eyes. He was unbelievably gorgeous.

“What else do you want?” A tremor ran through his body as she spoke.

“Suck me hard, Jackson,” he said through clenched teeth. “I want to give you a mouthful.”

She smiled. This was what she wanted. To make him unravel before her, from the power of her touch. God, this was hot. Her own body was on fire as she leaned forward and put her lips around him. He moaned, and she took him deeper. Playing with different techniques, she drew out and in.

His hands wove into her hair, tugging at her fastener, and her waves tumbled down her back. He grabbed on and guided her in and out, setting the pace. His breaths were short and harsh. His hips lifted off the edge of the sofa as he began to thrust into the back her mouth. Deeper. She gagged, and he froze.

“Shit,” he snarled. “Sorry, sweetheart.”

She pulled back and looked at him. “I don’t want you to be gentle,” she whispered. “I want exactly what you’re giving me. I want you to lose control.”

Her own voice was breathy and full of need. His grip on her hair tightened, and she took him back into her mouth. She reached between her own legs and teased herself. Whoa. She was getting close, too. She sucked hard, and with a groan he took over. Having him in her mouth was perversely erotic. She angled his erection down her throat until he lost his rhythm. He flexed hard and came with a loud growl. Jackson’s body was alive with raw, crude pleasure as he panted and shuddered above her.

He unclenched her hair and bent over her, muttering curses. She released him, and he smoothed her hair down her back in soft, almost reverent strokes. He kissed the top of her head, then tucked himself in and held out a hand to help her up.

Jackson’s knees ached, and she was a little dizzy from the whole experience.

“I think I should sit down,” she said.

He rubbed his eyes and nodded. He still hadn’t said anything, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to say, either.

Jackson picked up her blouse and walked to the other side of the dark sofa. She sank into the soft pillows and took a couple long breaths. What now? Did she just grab her bag and leave?

Cameron rustled behind her. His arms wrapped around her from the back of the sofa, and he bent down so his breath was in her ear.

“That was so good,” he said, his voice rough.

She nodded.

“Unbelievably good.”

Jackson smiled. “For me, too.” She turned to look at him, and the corners of his mouth kicked up.

He let go of her, and cool air brushed over her skin. He came around the sofa and knelt down in front of her, resting his hands on her thighs.

“We’re not done here,” he said.

Why wasn’t this a good idea? She could barely remember at this point. Besides, this might be her last chance with Cameron. She swallowed and whispered, “Okay.”

“Okay?” Cameron laughed. “You’re going to have to do better than that, sweetheart.”

He angled a pillow on the arm of the sofa and nodded for her to turn and lean back on it. He guided one of her legs up to rest on the back of the couch and scooted her skirt up over her hips.

“Now, let’s try that again,” he said, climbing onto the couch between her open legs. He rested back on his heels and smiled. “Do you want me to get you off?” There was dark heat in his eyes, and he put a hand down his boxers and adjusted himself. 

She could ask for anything she wanted right now, and he would do it. Should she ask for something that guaranteed pleasure, or was this the once-in-a-lifetime chance to try something that she never thought she would. His question from the night before came back to her. Have you ever played here? If anyone could do that right, it was certainly Cameron Blackmore. Her pulse thumped in her throat.

No. Some things were probably better left to the imagination.

Jackson licked her lips as she made her decision. “I want you to get me off with your mouth,” she said.

Cameron smiled with a look of smug satisfaction. “You can watch me.”

He lowered himself between her legs and started slowly, teasing her thighs and kissing her through her panties. When she moved to slip off the piece of silk, Cameron laughed, tickling her.

“Be patient. I want to take my time with this.”

And he did. He explored the inside of her legs, around each sensitive spot. He was leisurely and thorough, and the deep groans mingling with her breathy sighs told her that he was enjoying it as much as she was. As she lifted her hips and arched with pleasure toward his mouth, he held her tighter, attending to each different place, testing her responsiveness. He was relentless, building her up and then easing her down, over and over until she grabbed his hair.

“Please, Cameron,” she panted. “Now.”

He swirled his tongue, focusing on her clit, pushing her over the edge as she bucked her hips against him. Everything exploded in white-hot shards of pleasure through her. He didn’t stop. He drew out her orgasm until it subsided in gentle waves. She let go of his hair, and he sat back. He was a beautiful sight, all tense muscles and a look of triumph on his face. She was open and exposed, but she didn’t move. She just watched him. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled.

Then he met her eyes, and slowly he lowered his body over hers. His erection throbbed urgently against her, but the rest of him was under tight control. He kissed her on the lips and gave her a soft bite on the neck.

“I want to be inside you so bad, Jackson,” he whispered in her ear. “And I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to do it again.”

“So do it now,” she said.

He rolled his hips into hers with a deep groan. One of his hands cupped her face, and he kissed her.

“It’s going to be fast and hard,” he said, his lips brushing against hers.

“I like fast and hard,” she said.

“Good.” He eased back and pulled the wallet out of his back pocket to grab a condom. He lowered his boxers. Did his girlfriends ever get used to his size? But he’d said himself he wasn’t the type that had girlfriends.

Cameron tore off the wrapper and rolled the condom down his impressive length. He lifted one of her legs to rest on his shoulder, and he teased her, gliding over her firmly.

“You want this?” he growled.

“Yes,” she breathed.

He positioned himself and then slammed into her. Oh, God. She cried out at the overwhelming fullness, and Cameron’s face twisted in agonizing pleasure. He pulled out and started to move. He swore and thrust harder. All of his tight control dissolved. It was as if he had given in and let something deeper, something more basic, take over. His eyes were dark and alive, and her body sang under his. Her hips matched his rhythmic movements, seeking a second release that finally came. Explosive pleasure washed over her. He drove into her a few more times and threw his head back in an enormous roar. His big body jerked as he came

He fell down onto his arms, his head hanging over her. He closed his eyes, and his chest heaved. She wanted to pull him down and feel the weight of him on her. She wanted to draw out the deep satisfaction of this encounter.

But that wasn’t what this night was about. That wasn’t what Cameron Blackmore was about.

She shifted under him, and he blinked his eyes open. He looked down at her. His gaze was soft, full of wonder. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but he seemed to change his mind. Instead he pulled out and took off his condom.

“You are really fucking hot,” he said as he got off the couch and headed for the kitchen.

That was what he wanted to say to her? That she was hot? That look on his face had moved her. Damn him. He had to go and spoil this night by opening his stupid mouth. Because for a moment, she’d almost gotten carried away. For a moment, she’d thought they had hit on something more.

But all things considered, this was probably the best way to end the night. Call it a reality check.

Quickly she squirmed off the couch and shimmied her crushed skirt back over her hips. She shuffled the pillows and dug up her shirt, now crumpled into an ugly mess. She shoved her arms into the sleeves and buttoned it up.

Cameron wandered back into the room with two glasses of water in his hands, but he stopped when he caught sight of her.

“Jackson?” he said. “Are you leaving?”

She had to get out of his apartment before she did anything stupid. He hadn’t deceived her. She knew this encounter wasn’t about anything more than pleasure, and he had just taken her orgasm to a new level. So why the hell did she feel like snapping at him?

Jackson put on her best business face and smiled. “Early calls, meeting tomorrow with the board. As you know.”

She found her way to his ridiculously stylish dining room table and picked up her bag, but by the time she reached the elevator door, Cameron was standing in front of it.

“What’s going on, Jackson?” he asked.

“Absolutely nothing is going on, Cameron,” she said smoothly, forcing another smile. “Isn’t that the point of this?”

She stared at him, challenging him to disagree. He didn’t. His deep blue eyes were guarded, wary as he looked down at her. The elevator door opened.

“Excuse me,” she said, motioning to the door.

He stepped aside and she walked in. The doors closed, and she shoved her hand into her bag, searching for her glasses. It was only when she reached the street that Jackson realized she had no idea how to get back to her hotel room.


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