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This erotic story excerpt from Chasing Gabby by Rania Battany is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story excerpt from Chasing Gabby by Rania Battanyc

I knocked on her door. The alcohol had long left my body, and now, it was nothing but a raw, primal urge I didn’t fully understand driving me forward. It took less than a few seconds, and her front door swung open.

I didn’t wait for her to speak. Ignoring all good sense, I walked past her and strode inside, pacing the tiny space between her kitchen and sofa like a lunatic.

‘What’s wrong?’ Her voice came out urgent, panicked, and I knew I must look insane. ‘Charlie?’

She stepped closer. I glanced at her flannelette pajamas. They were pastel green this time, covered in small, aqua-blue roses, and I had no doubt that she’d made them herself. She should look ridiculous. Combined with her fluffy purple slippers, she should make me want to laugh.

Instead, every part of me raged with an urge to touch her.


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I sucked in a breath, still pacing like a madman. I couldn’t structure a cohesive thought, let alone open my mouth to respond with something that made sense.

‘Can you please say something?’ she begged.

I caught her concerned expression, and something in me switched. My heart pounded. I strode toward her, closing the distance until we stood chest to chest. ‘You want something real, Gabby?’ I whispered. ‘Want me to give you something real?’

Her eyes widened, a hint of fear in them, and she nodded.

Adrenaline sped through my veins. My chest heaved, and I blurted the words out without thinking. ‘I spent my entire life in a house so damn quiet because my parents couldn’t bring themselves to speak to each other. They fucking hated each other, Gabby. But they seemed to need each other just as much, so they never fucking split. They were so wrapped up in their game of tug of war, they never noticed their kid would lock himself in his room and not come out for days at a time. Now, I’m watching my two best friends—the only real family I have left—prove that love will always turn to shit. And I need them to last. Not only to give me hope that love can survive, but because I can’t lose any more family to resentment.’

I didn’t blink. I didn’t pause. My words spilled without a filter, but they couldn’t be stopped. Gabby stared, her wide eyes never shifting off mine.

‘At the same time, I could see Dylan touching you, and it was making me insane. And I don’t know why. Is my ego truly bruised? Because of all the times you told me no? Could I be so damn shallow?’ I raked my fingers through my hair, shaking my head as I considered every possibility, petrified of accepting the one real truth. ‘But that doesn’t explain why I can’t bring myself to sleep with other women.’

Her voice lowered to a surprised whisper. ‘You haven’t been with other women?’

‘Not since Lillian’s birthday, since you came to my apartment that night.’


The question hung in the space between us, Gabby seeming as scared of the answer as me.

‘I don’t know.’ Gliding my fingers around her neck, I tilted her head up, my heart drumming to a rhythm I’d never felt before. ‘I just know that I need to kiss you, Gabby. I need it more than I’ve ever needed anything.’

Her entire body radiated with a heat so fierce, I got swept into the inferno. My skin sizzled. I edged closer, my lips hovering millimeters from hers.

But Gabby didn’t move.

I pulled back. My stomach tightened, knotted with unfulfilled urges. But I was done with the chase. If I couldn’t have her, then this need had to stop.

For my fucking sanity.

My voice lowered. ‘Tell me you don’t want this. Tell me right now, Gabby, and I swear I’ll leave now and never chase you again.’

I felt her breath hitch and her shoulders stiffen. Her eyes darkened, excitement and uncertainty burning in her penetrating gaze. Apprehension whirled in my gut as I waited on her reply. Finally, with eyes fixed on mine, she spoke, a sobering clarity in her tone.

‘We both know what I want. I made it clear to you last weekend. But please, do not kiss me if it means nothing. Because once your lips touch mine, I will lose the fight against how I feel for you, and I know I will give you everything.’ She paused, inhaled, then continued, her voice as unwavering as her expression. ‘I will give you everything, Charlie, and that cannot be undone.’

The assurance of her statement made my cock harden. Her rapid breath burned my face, and a primal urge tore through me, so every fiber in my body ached to pull her into my arms. But I didn’t move. No one had ever asked me to be certain of how I felt before. And sex had always been just that … sex.

I considered what she’d said and all the possible reasons I had for needing her so desperately. I considered leaving, simply walking away, shutting the door, and forgetting that any of this happened between us. That would be the safest thing to do. It would protect us both—and the family of friends we both loved so much. But my body defied my logic, and my feet remained welded in place.

Because she was the first person I had ever wanted to be with, not because I needed someone to dip my dick in, but because I’d been conquered by the one emotion I’d spent my entire adult life denying. Because she had conquered me.

Pushing aside the fear of what that meant, I closed in on her. Her heart pounded as hard as mine—I felt it against my chest. Her mouth parted, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I smashed my lips against hers, claiming her with a ferocity that couldn’t be tamed.

Hunger raged through me. A primal growl roared at the back of my throat as she slid her hands under my shirt and dug her fingernails into my skin, pulling me into her as hard as I pulled her against me.

Her desperate moans made me wild, made it hard to remind myself to be gentle with her—not to ravage her the way I wanted.

With an ease that surprised me, she unclipped my belt and loosened my trousers. Slipping her hands into my boxers, she clasped my rock-hard cock in her hand and squeezed. I flung my head back and groaned as she yanked up and down, biting my lip as she did.

‘I need to taste you.’ Before I registered her meaning, Gabby was on her knees, my cock deep in her mouth.

Her lips around me felt like bliss. She took in my entire length, my tip hitting the tight, warm spot at the back of her throat. Gasping, I closed my eyes and clutched her hair. Her moans intensified into low, raspy growls that took me to the edge faster than any woman had done before.

But no way would I let this end so quickly.

As hard as it was, I pulled her off me. She peered up at me with ravenous hunger in her dark eyes, a question sitting on her lips. But I didn’t give her a chance to speak. Pulling her to her feet, I tore off her pajamas, exposing huge tits that spilled from a plain black bra and pink underwear hugging her curvaceous hips.

‘I need to taste you, too.’

Slamming my lips against hers, we stumbled backward to her bed, kissing each other with raging urgency, only pulling away to tear off the rest of our clothes. She tumbled onto the mattress and spread her legs. No pause, no hesitation, just a clear invitation. On seeing her ripe, waiting pussy, I sucked in a breath.

‘Jesus, Gabby, you make me crazy!’

I shoved my face between her legs and devoured her like a madman, stroking my tongue around her swollen clit and inside her folds. She clutched my head and pushed her pelvis up, each breath a short, sharp grab for air.

‘Don’t. Blaspheme. Charlie.’

She tasted like heaven. I slurped and stroked and sucked until she was gasping and mumbling words I couldn’t understand. Her clit grew and throbbed in my mouth, and I knew she was about to come.

Her breathing became frantic. Pulling my hair, she shoved her pussy in my face, her screams echoing across the room. Nothing made me harder than hearing her cry out, than tasting her juices as she exploded, her entire body shaking with a pleasure I felt rippling through her.

I reached for a condom from my wallet and tugged it on. Sliding on top of her, I laid between her open legs, but I didn’t slip inside. Instead, I stared into her wide eyes. My chest tightened. Something so much bigger than raw sexual desire surged through me, leaving my heart pounding as though I’d just run a marathon. I caught a breath and held on to it, needing a moment before I could speak.

‘Are you … ready? Are you sure?’

She didn’t miss a beat, responding in a whisper. ‘I have wanted you inside me for so much longer than you know.’

Gliding my hand over her face, I cupped her cheek, then lowered my voice to match hers. ‘I’ll make this so good for you, Gabby.’

I planted kisses all over her face, making my way down to her full tits, sucking a hard nipple into my mouth. No urgency, no manic hunger, just the gentle stroke of my tongue. I crawled my fingers down her stomach and lower, until they found her swollen clit, and gently pushed two fingers into where she was dripping.

She rolled her head back and exhaled a blissful moan. I relished the sounds she made, the way she melted at my touch. The way she gasped as though I left her breathless.


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Edging up, I pressed my lips against hers, and she kissed me with a tenderness that scared the shit out of me. Even the slightest brush of my skin had goosebumps exploding over her body, reminding me that no one had ever responded to my touch the way she did. With our lips still connected, I slipped my fingers out of her and edged into position, the tip of my cock resting at the entrance to her pussy. I felt the breath she hung on to, and I asked her one more time.



‘This is it, Gabby … you sure you want this?’

She nodded, and I pushed a little bit further.

I felt the slightest resistance. I raged to be inside her, but I wouldn’t rush. With deliberate movement, I pushed a little further, and she clamped her eyes shut and bit her bottom lip.

I kissed her temple. ‘Tell me if you want to stop.’

She shook her head. ‘No. I want this so much.’

Fueled by her words, I pushed a little harder. Her tightness wrapped around my aching cock, and I sucked in a breath. My body burned with fever-like heat even though I wasn’t all the way in. I hardly moved, rocking ever so slightly back and forth. But I needed to look at her. I needed her to look at me.

‘Gabby,’ I whispered.

Her eyes batted open. With her gaze locked on mine, I pushed all the way inside her.

Her body quivered beneath mine. Her mouth parted, and my name tumbled from her lips like a prayer. I groaned in the relief of finally feeling her warmth, her wetness … her. Reading her cues, I thrust with deliberate motions, her heaving chest rising and sinking in unison beneath mine. I quickened and slowed my pace on her demand, constantly asking if she was okay; if she enjoyed how it felt; if it hurt.

I focused solely on her, on each moan and shudder of her body. I kissed her everywhere—lips, breasts, neck—relishing her every cry in pleasure and giving her everything she needed.

Fucking her exactly how she wanted.

She wrapped her legs around my back, so I hit even deeper inside her, and her expression shifted. ‘Does it hurt?’

She nodded, and I eased back. But she clasped my waist and pushed me in until I filled all of her again. ‘Don’t stop, Charlie. Don’t ever stop.’

So I didn’t.

She sucked on my neck, whispering something I didn’t understand over and over, digging her fingernails into my back. I went for as long as I could—for as long as she could handle—until I couldn’t hold back anymore. She felt better than anything possibly could, and I was driven to the edge with the sounds of her raspy moans. With one last thrust, I exploded inside her, my entire body shuddering as tingles shot up my spine.

Still connected, we caught our breath. I laid between her open legs and stared into her eyes, feeling no urgency to be anywhere but exactly where I was now. Her lips quirked into a small smile, and I swallowed hard.

I’d just taken Gabby’s virginity.

She’d given it to me.

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