This Man Is So Gorgeous One Taste Isn't Enough

This erotic story excerpt from Meat by Opal Carew is published with permission.

Sexy erotic story by Opal Carew

“Rebecca, you’re not thinking of braving that snowstorm?”

“I don’t have much choice. I don’t want to sleep here in the office.”

“We’re in a hotel,” Rex said.

“A hotel that’s full because flights have been canceled. And anyway, if I stayed in a room every time we had a snowstorm, even with the employee discount, I’d be broke.”

“You don’t have to pay for a room tonight.”

She crossed her arms. “Let me guess. You’re inviting me to share your room?”

He laughed, a deep low rumble that sent heat cascading through her.

“Well, I was going to say that I talked to Benjamin and he kept a few rooms available for staff to use. No charge.” He grinned. “Of course, if you’d like to join me, you’re more than welcome.” He cocked an eyebrow.

“That’s quite all right.”

“If you change your mind—”

“I won’t.”

She spiked her fork through a fat shrimp and a fettuccine noodle, trying to push aside any thoughts about the last time they were stranded together, and took a bite. The delicate flavors filled her with delight.

“This is incredibly delicious.”

He smiled. “Thank you.”

She ate a few more bites, then gazed across the table at him.

“So I take it you’re not used to snowy weather,” she said.

“Well, not like this.”

“Where are you from?”

“I’ve lived in a lot of different places. Mostly I grew up in California, but I spent a few years in Europe.”

“Anywhere in particular?”

“I spent time in different resorts in different countries across the continent.”

“As a chef?”

He nodded as he watched his fork spike through a scallop. “That’s right.”

But something about his demeanor seemed odd. As if he were telling her what she expected to hear. Maybe he wasn’t as successful back then. Maybe he was lower on the food chain, like a dishwasher, or busboy. Or maybe he was hiding something.

She sipped her wine, surprised at herself. Was she just looking for reasons to dislike him? If that was the case, she had a hard job in front of her, because despite everything, she was having trouble convincing herself he wasn’t a wonderful, caring man whom she’d truly like to have a shot with.

“What made you interested in being a chef?” she asked.

“My parents traveled a lot for their work, and one year we spent the summer at a resort they were involved in launching. I was left on my own to amuse myself a lot, so the waitress in the restaurant where I always ate alone felt sorry for me. Her husband was the chef, and she wound up inviting me into the kitchen one day to meet the kitchen staff. Some of them were taking a break in the afternoon to play some ball and they invited me to join them.”

He smiled, a wistful look in his eyes.

“The ball games became a regular thing,” he continued. “And the chef was this big friendly guy who loved kids, so I wound up hanging around the kitchen a lot, watching him prepare meals. Eventually, I asked to help.” He shrugged. “That’s how it all got started.”

She smiled. “That’s a nice story.” But her heart ached at the thought that he’d had a lonely childhood. “So tell me about an adventure you had in your travels.”

He smiled. “Well, my favorite is the time I was stuck in an airport because of a snowstorm, and I wound up sharing a room with a beautiful woman. But it wasn’t just a one-night stand. I knew the moment we were thrown together that we could build a lasting relationship.”

“What happened?” she asked, entranced by the glow in his eyes.

He took her hand and brought it to his lips. The soft brush of his mouth on her skin sent tremors through her.

“We hit a rough patch, but I’m still convinced that there’s a future for us.”

Then he stood up and drew her into his arms. His lips claimed hers and his tongue swept into her mouth. She suckled lightly, unable to resist, and he groaned.

Then he swept her into his arms. “It’s time for bed.”

* * *


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Five minutes later, Rebecca was in Rex’s suite, still in his arms as he ravaged her mouth.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” she murmured against his lips.

She had to put distance between them. Now.

“Rex…” she put her hand on his chest, and he lowered her to her feet.

“Is that what you really want? To sleep in a cold bedroom all alone?”

She hesitated, knowing she should say it was. She should deny her body what it so craved—what it insisted she needed—because giving in would make life so much more complicated.

But she couldn’t.

“No,” she murmured softly, then wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him to her. Their mouths connected and she melted against him, her tongue tangling with his.

He dipped down and swept her into his arms again, then carried her into the bedroom. When he set her on the bed, she couldn’t help staring at him. Taking in every delectable inch of him in his black dress pants and crisp white shirt stretched taut over his muscular frame.

This was the man she’d dreamed of ever since she’d spent that incredible night with him.

He had starred in her steamy dreams and crept into her daytime reveries.

He was sexy and handsome and all man.

And he made her feel all woman.

He unbuttoned his shirt and she watched as his hard, sculpted muscles were revealed.

She ran her fingers along the newly exposed skin. Oh, God, she’d forgotten how hard those muscled ridges were. She grasped his belt and released the buckle, then pulled the long leather strap from his belt loops and dropped it on the ground. He watched as she unfastened the button and glided the zipper down, his cerulean blue eyes glowing.

She reached inside and…

Oh, yes, it really was as big as she remembered. She pulled the elastic of his boxers and drew it down, revealing his amazing cock. She wrapped her hand around it as best she could and stroked.

Then she licked from base to tip. A long journey.

He sat down beside her and drew her suit jacket from her shoulders. Then he unfastened the buttons of her blouse. She clung to his cock, watching his eyes heat as he exposed her lacy pink bra. A moment later, he stripped away her blouse.

She grasped his cock again, knowing she never wanted to let it go.

He leaned forward and his lips brushed against the swell of her breast above her bra, then down over the lace.

When he nibbled her nipple through the thin fabric, it peaked in his mouth, sending pleasure spiking through her.

She squeezed his shaft, then began to stroke again, loving the feel of the hard column gliding through her fingers.

He unzipped her skirt, then stood up, pulling her with him. He pressed the skirt down her hips until it fell to the floor.

His gaze glided down her body, his eyes sparking with desire.

“I’ve dreamed of seeing you like this again.”

“Like this?” she asked.

Then she released his cock and reached behind her. She unfastened the bra and slowly peeled it away, loving the flash of heat in his eyes as he gazed at her naked breasts. Then she stripped away her panties.

“Or like this?”

She stood before him completely naked.

“Oh, definitely like this.” His low, velvety deep voice sent shivers through her.

He dropped his pants to the floor and stepped out of them, then shed his boxers. The shirt was the last to go, revealing his bulging, muscular, tattooed arms.

She stepped toward him and he wrapped those big arms around her, holding her close to him. The warmth and strength emanating from him almost made her weep with happiness. She felt soft and vulnerable in his arms. And so protected.

She rested her head against his shoulder. “I’ve missed you,” she murmured.

He tipped up her chin and gazed into her eyes.


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Good sexy stories for women


“I can’t tell you what it means to me to hear you say that.”

Then he kissed her. Starting off sweet and tender, then passion building to a blazing inferno. She drove her tongue into his mouth, and pulsed it inside, wanting to become a part of him. Needing to join with him.

His cock, swelling to an incredible girth, pulsed against her stomach, branding her as if it were on fire.

She wrapped her hand around him again.

“God, I want you,” she murmured against his ear.

He laughed, then pressed her back to the bed. The world tilted around her as she tumbled onto it. He landed by her side, and his hand cupped her breast.

A cold wind howled outside and she shivered, her exposed nipples swelling to a hard peak. He captured one in his mouth, the warmth soothing the aching flesh. Until he nudged it with his tongue, then suckled. She arched against him, moaning softly.

“Oh, yes. Please suck it harder.”

She wanted to feel her nipple pulled deep into his mouth.

He complied, and her nipple ached with the hard suction. She grasped his head and pulled it harder to her.

“Oh, yes. More.”

It almost hurt, but she wanted… needed to be deep inside him.

He shifted to her other breast and devoured that hard nub, too. Soon she was moaning. So close to orgasm she could hardly believe it.

He swirled his tongue around her as his fingers glided down her stomach, then he drew on her deep again, just as his fingers glided over her clit.

She gasped, then moaned as an explosive orgasm blasted through her.

She moaned again, her voice deep and guttural as the pleasure pulsed on and on.

When her moans subsided, he kissed her, his lips lingering. Then their tongues tangled in a frantic dance.

“Fuck, baby, I can’t believe you came so quickly.”

She bit her lip. “I’m sorry, I—”

He covered her mouth, driving his tongue deep, then drew back. He chuckled, a deep rumbling sound.

“Don’t ever apologize for coming, my sweet. I’m delighted.”

“Well, then, let’s see what this does for you.”

She turned to face the foot of the bed and grasped his cock in both hands. As she stroked him, he guided her over him, so her knees were on either side of his shoulders. She leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock, then swirled her tongue around and around the tip. She opened her mouth wide as she glided down on him, slowly taking the huge cockhead into her mouth. With slow perseverance, she was able to swallow the whole tip.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good.”

The desire roughening his deep voice delighted her.

Then his hands cupped her behind and he drew her body down toward him. She felt his lips on her belly, fluttering kisses over her skin. She slid a little deeper, taking a little of his shaft into her mouth.

His lips found her clit and she gasped around his big, meaty cock. When his tongue drove into her slick opening, she glided forward, amazed at how deep she’d taken him. She wished she could take him all the way down her throat, because she would love to please him that way. But there was just too much of him.

His tongue swirled over her clit and she squeezed him in her mouth. When his fingers glided inside her opening, she jerked forward, taking him deeper still. Then she had to pull back, knowing she’d reached her limit.

She bobbed up and down on him, her hands gliding over the rest of his shaft in rhythm with her mouth. His tongue teased her clit as his fingers thrust inside her.

Finally, she couldn’t help herself and fell down beside him, sucking in a deep breath, then moaning as his fingers kept moving inside her.

“I want you inside me,” she pleaded between pants. “I need to feel you filling me again.”

He shifted on the bed, then his massive body moved over hers. When she felt his hot cockhead brush her wet slit, she opened her legs wide. But as it pressed into her, she stiffened, worried that she might not be able to take it again.

“It’s all right, my sweet. I’ll go slowly. Just like last time.” He stroked her hair back from her face. “You trust me, don’t you?”

She nodded. “Yes,” she whispered. “Completely.”

She opened her legs wide, inviting him in. He pressed into her, his huge cockhead stretching her opening. But he moved slowly, easing his hard flesh into her softness. She felt herself stretched more… and more… until she didn’t think she could stand it any longer… then he was inside. Just the tip, but she’d accepted the widest part. He stayed still, letting her body adapt to him once again. He leaned forward and kissed her. She pulsed her tongue into his mouth, wanting him deeper. Wanting him to claim her fully with his long, hard cock.

He started to move again, pushing his thick shaft deeper inside her.

“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned, as her inner flesh tingled in delight. “It’s never felt this good with anyone before.”

His lips grazed her neck, then he nuzzled her pulse point.

“Do you like my big cock inside you?”

She clung to him, holding him tighter to her body.

“Yes. Oh, yes. So much.”

It kept filling her… and filling her.

Then he drew back.

“Was that… Was it all the way in?”

He chuckled. “That was only halfway, baby.”

“Oh, God.”

He glided a little forward, then back again.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she cried desperately as he pulsed inside her again. “I want to take all of you.”

He pushed a little deeper.

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“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now. Please.”

He surged forward, and her eyes popped open, the length of his cock filling her deeper than she’d thought possible. She knew he’d filled her all the way last time, too, but this felt deeper… and more intimate somehow.

“Are you okay, baby?” He remained all the way inside her, unmoving.

“Ohhh, yes,” she whimpered. “Now please. Fuck me. I need you to…”

He began to move, and she lost her ability to speak. She could only feel the pleasure. Only experience the intense delight of his thick, hard cock moving inside her.

“I love being inside you, baby,” he murmured against her ear. “Your soft warm body surrounding me.”

His cock glided in and out, sending vibrating pulses of exquisite sensation thrumming through her.

“I’ve longed for this.” His lips grazed her ear, then he breathed into it. Every cell in her body quivered with need.

His thick shaft glided deep, and she squeezed him as he drew back.

“Oh, fuck, baby.”

Then he drove in fast.

“Ohhh, yes.”

He drew back and drove deep again. She arched against him. Her body trembled with the building pleasure.

“I’m going to come.” Her words turned to a breathy whisper. “Oh, please, Rex. Make me come.”

He groaned, then drove in deep and hard. He drew back and thrust again. And again.

Faster and faster. Filling her with his massive cock. She squeezed around him, feeling dizzy with the building excitement.

Then he rammed deep, and she gasped. Everything splintered around her and then time seemed to stop and… the world shattered.

A loud moaning filled her ears, and she slowly realized it was her. Rex pumped into her in hard, deep strokes as her wails filled the room.

Then he jerked forward. Through her haze of ecstasy, she could feel him pulsing inside her, then his heat filling her up.

She trembled in his arms, then finally, she collapsed on the bed, gasping for air.

He slumped on top of her. They both panted. Slowly, she realized he was holding himself a little off her body so he wouldn’t crush her. She didn’t know why he didn’t roll away, but then realized that, like her, he didn’t want his cock to leave the warmth of her body yet.

She wrapped her arms around him and urged him to roll backward. She rolled with him, until she was lying on top of him, his big cock still fully immersed in her.

“I want to sleep like this,” she murmured against his ear. “I never want your cock to leave.”

He wrapped his arm tightly around her waist.

“I like the sound of that.”

She laughed as she squeezed him inside her, then relaxed on her warm man-cushion. Soon she found herself dozing off.

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