The magic package

This sexy story from Deliverance (a Temper saga) by Lila Mina is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story excerpt from Temper Deliverance by Lila Mina

“Now, this… I’ve got to say… It comes out of nowhere,” Yuki began while coming back to her futon. “I was in Asakura this afternoon and walked through one the old shotengai they have there – one of the oldest streets packed with traditional craft shops. There are also a few people selling fruits and flowers.”

She unwrapped the package, and Lana’s eyes shot wide open. A red, non-human face with an extra long nose, and a smile full of sharp and black teeth appeared.

“Is this a Tengu mask?”

“Oh, you know your folklore!” Yuki exclaimed.

“Ah, yes… Tengu are among the few known Japanese lore figures overseas… a sort of yokai, but revered like a god, right?” Lana stared at the mask, not daring to glance up at her companion; she would pick up something was off. Now wasn’t the right time to confess why her knowledge about the dwellers of the Japanese otherworld had expanded so much over the past months.

Lana’s fingers traced the contours of the mask. A mix of unease, fright, but also dark attraction for the oddly shaped face filled her.

Made of wood, not plastic, and covered with dry red lacquer, it was authentic. Not another made-in-China cheap toy. The face was ugly but fascinating.


A mouth pulled into a grimace that was part threat, part knowing smirk; in the low light of the room, its golden eyes, topped by thick, frowning eyebrows, stared right at her, expectant. And of course, its signature feature: an incredibly long and thick nose, jutting straight ahead, with the tip pointing upward.

No wonder you’ve got fertility festivals showcasing public sex rituals that feature this guy…

“Exactly. Well, there was this ojiisan selling copies of old woodblock printings. The racy kind. Fitting, given the neighborhood. A few were beautiful, and he was surprised but happy to see me stop and browse them. Usually, ladies avoid doing this, of course. But you know me,” Yuki shrugged with a grin. Her unease evaporated, Lana laughed.

“You’re not one to play the prude.”

“So there I was, admiring those featuring women caught up in the most sensual pleasures. By then, I was constantly thinking about you and our plans for tonight, and was ready to come home,” Yuki winked before kissing Lana. “But he was a cunning old man, and he took this out of a bag. ‘A special item for a special client who’ll know what to do with it,’ those were his exact words. I blushed but couldn’t say no and bought it! Along with this print. Check it out… This is what I have in mind… If you’re willing to give it a go,” Yuki said.

She unfolded a piece of thick, yellowed paper. Lana bit her lip at the erotic image and a shot of arousal made her pussy pulse. Two women in a tight embrace, one wearing a Tengu mask around her waist, using it like a strap-on on her dripping companion. The exact copy of the one she held. On the picture, the demon face seemed to smirk, as if it were a happy and living party to the game. So scandalous. Utterly arousing.

Lana gulped. Not for the first time, she wished she didn’t know things like tengus actually existed, to be as innocent in those matters as Yuki. But this was only a mask. Not even of a fox. A toy. A very interesting sex toy.

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Nothing else.

After taking a deep breath, she kissed Yuki with a large smile. “Yes! Let’s have fun with it. By the way… Doesn’t this nose, seen from this angle remind you of… ‘Yuki san, have you seen my hakama? Lana san, such sloppy footwork!’” Lana said with a stern, bearish voice and moved the mask like a bodiless puppet, before dissolving into giggles.

If he ever catches me doing this, I’m toast!

Yuki burst out laughing, and both women fell into each other’s arms, unable to catch their breath. “My goodness! Lana san, you are incorrigible! Oh, it’s been years since I laughed so hard, it’s wonderful! Yes! Yes, you’re right… that’s… definitely him, all right.”

“Well, with such… an uncanny resemblance, we know for sure it will be a perfect fit,” Lana grinned cheekily. “Would you like to start…?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Yuki replied with a husky voice. “How about we make it all ready and happy first?”

The two lovers exchanged a wicked smile; their tongues and mouths met around the wooden crimson rod, slurping and lapping it as they often did with Honda’s shaft, in a way that always drove him wild, pushing him to his limits.

Eyes half shut, aiming at giving a nice, salacious show to her mistress, Lana focused on the long nose and almost forgot it wasn’t a real dick.

An odd warm and velvety sensation under her tongue heightened her confusion. A softer texture than she’d expect from a wooden object. Her pussy twitched; this would feel much better than expected.

Those craftsmen are talented all right, but this one… this one was so devoted to his wife to make her something like this!

Once satisfied it was wet enough, Yuki strapped it around her waist and gently pushed Lana down to make her rest again on her left side. Then she grabbed her thigh, opened her legs and entered her from behind in a slow but continuous move, fingers coming to the front to rub Lana’s clit at high speed.

Lana groaned and rested the back of her head against Yuki’s breast. “Oh, yes! Oh it’s… it’s so good, so much like a real one! I feel so full!” In fact, the long rod felt even bigger now that it was inside.

Fuck! I could swear it’s… throbbing!

Grunting, she pressed against her lover’s chest to increase penetration. Yuki moaned in her ear, lapping at her neck and shoulder.

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“Sweetling, darling, move against me, rock yourself like this, yes… It’s… it’s wonderful… the mask is brushing against my clit, the friction is perfect, oh yes! Lana san… this thing is big… bigger than our other dildo, is it all right if I…”

Lana’s arm shot up and grabbed Yuki’s neck, pressing her face against her cheek.

“Never ask for my permission to fuck me into the ground,” she panted, eyes shut, drowning in the sensations shooting from her core. “I’ll tell you to stop if it gets too much, but do it! My goodness, Yuki sama, show me… show me how much I belong to you!”

With a strangled gasp, Yuki grasped her lover’s hip, digging her nails hard enough to leave a trace, and started thrusting hard. It didn’t take them long to whimper and gasp in unison while their slick cunts dripped with their pleasure juices. Lana had to fight not to lose her mind.

That rod is hot, hard yet spongy, it’s twitching and throbbing… is it… is it the real thing? Is it… is it going to come inside me?

The outrageous thought should have scared her and made her stop everything. Instead, she rocked her hips even harder; she was no longer being taken.

Suffused with arousal, her body aflame, she was the one taking, with deep, unabashed relish.

Something moved inside her; the same dark thing that usually stirred and paced when she got lost with Honda in their dangerous games. That brought her where nobody should go. When the horrors cursing them mingled, and when it took their combined energy and resolve to shut them down.

Yuki’s hands went over her enlarged breasts and twisted her hard, painful nipples. Beyond reason and coherent thoughts, Lana screamed and let the climatic waves surge and bring her always higher.

“Lana! I can’t stop! It’s so powerful! I need to go on, I need to!” Yuki exclaimed. Lana realized her mistress was as gone and lost as her. “Ah! It’s too much! I’m cumming!” Yuki squirted on her ass cheeks, but there was another delicious, warm and wet feeling filling Lana. There was no doubt about what had just happened.

The impossible sensation of hot cum filling her womb triggered another, harder climax, and Lana buried her face in the cushion to hide the tempest of emotions flashing on her face.

Did I… did I just get… get fucked by one… of them, and loved every second of it? No… no… it was Yuki! Yuki making love to me… with some special assistance…

With a heavy sigh made of resignation and pleasure, Lana turned to face her companion who was on her back, covered with sweat and panting hard.

“Yuki sama, are you all right?”

A large smile blossomed on Yuki’s blushing face. “Oh yes. Yes, I am. Never better.”

Lana let a finger follow a drop of sweat along Yuki’s breast, and her hand moved down to the mask. Now as hard and cool as normal lacquered wood. A shiver ran down her spine.

“Would you like me to return the pleasure?”

“I’d love to, but I’m exhausted! I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I could. But you know what?” Yuki caught Lana’s lower lip between her teeth and pulled at it. “Tomorrow, when goshujin sama comes back home… I’ll be delighted to hand it over to you. I can’t wait to see what happens when the two of you take me together… With this, you’ll last longer than him, though,” she finished with a playful grin.

Goosebumps erupted all over Lana’s body, and she pretended to focus on Yuki’s wet thighs to hide her trouble.

Is this the worst or best idea ever?

“Oh. We’ve… we’ve never done this before, come to think of it.”

“Indeed not,” Yuki whispered in her ear. “But doesn’t it excite you?”

Lana had to close her eyes when a powerful and dark wave rose from within her, from that place. An energy she loathed and enjoyed so much now. A darkness that made her weep in despair in the dead of the night and scream in ecstasy in the arms of her two masters.

When will this end? How can it ever? Do I really want it to?

“More than it should, I confess,” she uttered, hugging Yuki tightly against her. Her lover hummed with pleasure and kissed the top of her hair.

“And when you’re done with me, let’s see how he enjoys it.”

“What?” Lana blurted out.

Yuki smiled a mischievous grin and kissed Lana’s temple. “Tomorrow. Sweet dreams, darling. Filled with long noses, red masks and whatnot.”

Lana shut her eyes and pinched her lips, fingers rubbing absentmindedly her sternum where a familiar pain burned low.

Above all for the idea of ‘whatnot’. Not all long-nosed tricksters are here to make us come, Yuki sama. Not at all. And may you never find out about it.


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