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This erotic story excerpt from Rules are Meant to Be Broken by K.L. Wilde is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story from Rules are meant to be Broken by KL WIlde

At the hotel, they hastily checked in, and she dragged her feet, following him into the elevator. He punched the button for their floor and stood stone still beside her as the doors slid closed.

They were barely shut when he turned to face her. His hands covered her cheeks as he pulled her towards him, tilting her head to thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. Her own mouth dropped open as his tongue tangled with hers, his lips attempting to consume her in a kiss she felt to the soles of her feet. Too surprised to move, she froze when he withdrew to look her in the eyes.

As the elevator continued to climb and her stomach lurched with it, he stared at her with an intensity she’d never seen before.

“Hope, I should warn you that I am about to fuck you so hard they will write about it in Science Weekly. I’ve never been so fucking horny in all my goddamn life. I was afraid if I touched you in the car, I’d break something. Possibly both your hips.”

She opened her mouth, whether to agree or cry hallelujah, she wasn’t quite sure. He took the opportunity to cover it with his own, making a mess of both her lipstick and her thoughts.

The elevator doors pinged open, and he yanked her wrist, hurrying her on wobbly legs to his room, cursing as it took three attempts to get his key card to work.

“It goes in the other—” she tried.

“Shhhh,” he hissed.

Once inside, she put her bags down and removed her glasses. Xavier threw his bags to the floor and pinned her to the wall. Trapping her hands by her sides, he ravished her mouth once more. She made tiny noises of protest, unable to run her hands over him as she wished.

“Dammit, Hope, you make me so horny I can’t remember my own name. I’ve never wanted to screw anyone half as badly as I want to screw you. I don’t even know where to start. My cock wants to bury itself in you any way it can, every way it can. Woman, you’re driving me fucking insane. I’ve never—” His gaze raked over her before he broke off to plunder her mouth again.

That was a mood she understood. That was a mood she could heartily approve. She tightened her grip in his hair and moaned loudly.

“Fuck yes, let me hear you,” he broke off to say, “I won’t stop until everyone in this hotel knows my name.”

Her leg hitched itself over his hip, and he pushed her skirt up.

Taking full advantage of the angle, he slid two fingers into her wet, naked core. She tipped her head back and closed her eyes.


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He grabbed her chin with his spare hand. “No. Open your eyes. I want you to look at me while I make you come, again, and again, and again.” With each word, he drove his fingers deeper inside her until she was squirming against his palm, begging for release. He forced a third finger into her tight hole, pushing her up the wall until she was impaled on his hand.

She made a noise that was half-blissful moan and half-disappointed sigh when he suddenly stopped moving.

“Not yet,” he grinned, throwing her words from the library back in her face.

Touché. She was so close, so fucking close.

“The glasses,” he said.

Confused by the non-sequitur, she gave a slight shake of her head.

“The glasses, you have to wear the glasses.”

“Really? Okaaaay, any other sartorial wishes?”

“No, just them,” Xavier said. “I want you to wear just them. Fantasies, remember?”

“You do have a librarian fetish.”

“Possibly. I’ve always liked glasses on a stunning woman, and, well, when an opportunity presents itself…”

She stepped towards him and slid her hands down his torso. “You take it with both hands.”

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Hope reinforced the point by encircling his eager penis with her warm fingers. Her hand remained still, just a promise of things to come, so to speak.

Relinquishing her tender grip, Hope went back to her purse by the door. As promised, she put the fine black-rimmed glasses back on her face, a little surprised by the warmth that lit his eyes.

“Xavier?” she whispered.


“I need you inside me. Please.”


“Now. Remember who’s in charge.” No more nice girl.

Determined to have him completely, she reached between them and took his cock in her hand. Sliding the head over her pussy juices, she rested it against her slick opening.

He groaned, the muscles in his arms tensing with the effort of holding back. He pressed a hand to her stomach to hold her against the wall while he retrieved a condom from his jean pocket, unzipped his fly, and rolled it over his engorged member.

Hope sighed blissfully as she grasped the newly sheathed member and guided it to her desired location. She screamed in triumph and bliss as he squeezed his thick cock into her pussy in one long, slow plunge.

Coherent thought was impossible, only the driving need to join their bodies. They both exhaled slowly in sweet relief.

One moan merged with the next creating a long wail of pleasure as he drove into her again and again, all the way to his hilt. When he stretched her nipple with his fingertips, she lost it. The wave of pleasure was all encompassing. The muscles of her pussy clenched around his cock, squeezing it further inside her.

It only took a few more hard thrusts before he cried out in a volume echoing those from her moments before.

His shuddering release triggered another orgasm of her own, his hips still rotating against hers in a mind-numbing grind.

He stroked her hands down her sides as he slumped against her with his full weight, their panting breaths blowing across her damp skin. He mumbled something unintelligible into her shoulder.

“What was that?” she panted.

He raised his head an inch and sighed. “I think I said damn. I’m not really sure.”

Unable to process a complete sentence, she chose to heartily agree. “Ditto.”

He continued to stroke her skin, his hot breath caressing her collarbone. After a moment he peeled himself from her and headed for the bathroom. The sudden absence of his heat sent a chill over her skin.

“God, I’m starving. Stay here,” he said. “I’m going to go for a quick run. I’ll be right back with some food. An hour, tops.”

“That wasn’t enough exercise for you? I must try harder.”

“If you try any harder, I’ll never be able to walk again.”

That smile. A girl could get used to that smile.

“Just wait here. Don’t move.”

She gave a half-hearted salute. “Roger that.”

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