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This good sex story from His Loss by Selena Laurence is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story excerpt from His Loss by Selena Laurence

Nina was drying her hair as she came out of the shower, already in her pajamas—boy shorts and a camisole—when the knock came on her cabin door.

“Nina, it’s Cade,” his deep voice said through the thick wood door.

Her heart fluttered around like a bird in a cage, and she scowled, taking a deep breath and reminding herself that just a few hours ago, he’d told her he wasn’t going to give in to whatever it was he felt. He might want her, but that was all it was, and even that wasn’t enough for him to pursue her.

She swung the door open, realizing a moment too late that she was wearing virtually nothing. If she hadn’t remembered, Cade’s eyes roaming up and down her body would have reminded her pretty damn fast.

He cleared his throat. “Hey,” he said with a wry smile.


“Can I come in?”

Her traitorous heart did that fluttering thing again, and this time it was joined by her traitorous lower half that couldn’t help but notice how perfectly the black T-shirt he was wearing contrasted with the blond of his hair and the blue of his eyes.

He looked like a fallen angel, all smudged light and beautiful pain.

“Sure,” she said, pretending to be steady as she swept her arm to the side.

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He stepped in, closing the door behind him. His hands were stuffed into the front pocket of his jeans, and that stupid piece of hair that was always falling over his eyes was there, begging for her to push the silky strands back.

“Do you want something? I have a couple of beers in the fridge.” She walked toward the small refrigerator that was stowed underneath the TV cabinet.

“No, thanks, I’m good.”

She nodded, crossing her arms in front of her but realizing by the way his eyes raked over her that she’d just made the thinness of her camisole that much more obvious.

“I’m just going to…” She pointed to a sweatshirt lying on the bed and grabbed it, pulling it over her head in record time.

Suddenly, he was there behind her, hot and big. She knew that if she turned, she’d be close enough to touch him, fall into his arms, gaze up at his eyes.

His voice was low and rough when he finally spoke, and every cell in her responded by standing at attention, leaning into the space between them, begging to touch him again. An ache bloomed between her legs, and she shifted uncomfortably, trying to control her reactions. “I lied earlier,” he said. “I’m not fighting it so well.”

Then his hand was on her hip, and he was pulling her around to face him. Except when she turned, he left his hand there, burning into her skin through the thick sweatshirt that was beginning to feel far too warm.

“We’ve been dancing around this since you showed up that first day.”

“I know,” she said, her voice soft and sad.

“I’ve tried to push it away, but the reality is that I want you—badly. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m not in a place for a relationship, but I can’t keep pretending that I don’t feel what I do. I see you and I want you. Every single fucking time.”


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She felt her face heat as she gazed up at him, his eyes like blue fire. “So what are you proposing to do about that?” Somehow, her hands fell to his chest, and he squeezed her hip with his blunt fingertips, igniting a whole new shower of fireworks in her belly.

“I feel like a cad suggesting anything at all. I have one-night stands or I have girlfriends—at least I used to have the occasional girlfriend—but I’ve never asked a woman for anything in between. I don’t use people, Nina.” He paused. “Well, I didn’t think I did.”

She stood up straighter. “You didn’t. I’m an adult. I was sober and perfectly capable of making my own decisions. Trust me, I wanted that night, or I wouldn’t have done it.”

He nodded, searching her face for answers she knew she didn’t have.

“And now? What do you want now?” he asked carefully.

She thought about that—for about three seconds—before she inhaled sharply. “I still want you, but I’m in no place for a relationship either. And I can’t do anything that would jeopardize my work. I came to do a job, and that’s nonnegotiable.”

His head tipped down toward hers. “I respect your commitment to your work, and while I might not be the biggest advocate of the ranch going organic, I would never use our personal situation to interfere with it.”

She leaned against him a touch more. “I’m only here for two more weeks.”

“Hardly enough time to develop feelings,” he murmured, stroking a finger down her cheek.

“No,” she breathed. “Definitely not enough time to get hopes or expectations.”

His hand wound around the back of her neck. “But plenty of time to get naked and enjoy ourselves.”

Her eyes drifted shut as the heat and ache flowed through her deliciously.

“Just enough time to work it out of our systems.”

His lips brushed across hers. “Mmm. What do the kids call it? Friends with benefits?”

She licked at his lips as he made a second pass over her mouth. “Netflix and chill?”

“Whatever,” he growled before slamming his mouth down on hers.

The force of his assault pushed her back until she bumped against the bookcase. The shelves dug into her skin, and she couldn’t have cared less, because his tongue was in her mouth, his erection was pressing into her stomach, and his hands were everywhere—on her ass, pulling her up against him, on her breasts, squeezing and kneading with the perfect amount of pressure, in her hair, tilting her head so that his tongue could penetrate that much deeper.

She wound her arms around his neck and played with the soft hair at the base of his head, her fingers swirling and twirling the short strands.

“God, you turn me on,” he panted. “So incredibly hot.”

She moaned, and his hips jutted forward as he lifted her slightly off her feet, his cock pressing against that perfect spot between her legs.

Then his hands were pushing down her boy shorts and thong, and his talented fingers were sliding through her folds, zeroing in on that one spot that made her vision go hazy and her mind turn to static.

“That’s right,” he coaxed, “let me do the heavy lifting, doll. It’s all about you tonight. I just want to worship you like the goddamn goddess you are.”

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She gasped in response, more turned on than she’d ever been in her life, even with him. His fingers drove inside her, and she stopped breathing for a moment, stopped thinking, stopped moving, the invasion so overwhelming that all she could do was feel. He gentled then, stroking her G-spot with such finesse that she felt the first waves cresting, but then he pulled back and she cried out, stunned at the rapid change.

“Shh, shh. I want to do this with my mouth. Taste you when you come.” He slid down her body, pulling her shorts and underwear off first one foot and then the other before putting her knee over his shoulder as he dipped his head to her core and slowly licked up the center.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “That’s…”

“Fucking heaven,” he finished before he licked her again, then pressed his lips into her, his tongue swirling around her clit like it was a lollipop.

His fingers somehow found their way back inside her, and he set a rhythm with licking, pumping, and sucking until she was writhing in his grasp, her hips grinding against his mouth. Then he moved his free hand up to her breasts, palming one and pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Everything inside her clenched for a long moment before she plunged down the other side of the peak, crying out his name as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her and through her and into her.

When her tremors had stilled, Cade gently took her leg off of his shoulder and stood back up smoothly, a grin the size of California on his face.

He leaned in and rubbed his nose along her cheek. Her heart was still racing, and her breath came in little puffs. “How’s that for Netflix and chill?” he asked.

“I can’t form words right now. Sorry.”

“That’s my girl.” He took her hand and pulled her toward the bed, smirk fully in place as she blinked at him, her mind still a hazy cloud of lust. “Let’s get that shirt off you and see if we can’t manage a couple more O’s before you go to sleep for the night.”

“You’re the best friends with benefits I’ve ever had,” she said, yanking her camisole over her head and seeing his eyes heat again when he took in her breasts.

His brow furrowed. “How many of these arrangements have you had?”

“You’re the first,” she answered, climbing onto the bed.

He looked oddly cheerful about that as he stopped her before she lay down. “Hands and knees will do nicely,” he said, tapping her lightly on the ass.

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He stripped off his clothes in record time, and she looked at him over her shoulder, his carved muscles standing out in relief in the low light of the cabin. His chest was broad, cut, with abs that she wanted to test and taste with her tongue. The length of his legs was solid, honed muscle, built by days of laboring on the ranch and competing in the surf. But when her eyes reached his cock, she nearly forgot to breathe again. He was hard and long and silky smooth. And she already knew that he filled her so exquisitely, it was like a missing puzzle piece that completed her body.

He reached into his jeans on the floor and extracted a condom, then slowly rolled it on, seeming to enjoy the show he was putting on for her. Finally, he climbed onto the bed behind her and stroked his hands over her hips. She dropped her head between her shoulders, relishing his touch—the warmth, the roughness of his skin, but the gentleness of his intentions.

He slid a finger through her folds and murmured his approval when he found her wet and waiting.

His lips traveled up her spine until he reached her ear. Her heart beat so loudly, she almost couldn’t hear him when he whispered, “I’ve dreamed of this for days,” before he plunged inside her, all the way to the hilt, filling her so completely, she feared she might break apart if he moved.

“Jesus,” he groaned, and she could only swallow, her entire being focused on that point at her center where heat and joy and pain were intermingling to create a cocktail of epic proportions.

He wrapped one arm around her chest, holding on to her breasts, and the other he kept at her hip, guiding her as he began to pump in and out, excruciatingly slowly. In. Out. In. Out. And each time he pushed back in, she felt herself give in to him a fraction more, felt her body soften incrementally to take him even deeper.

“So good,” he whispered, beginning to pick up his pace. “So fucking good.”

Then the only noises became the rhythmic slapping of his skin against hers and the harsh breaths that rasped from them both. She arched her back as he sat up and grabbed both her hips, pumping like crazy now, grunts and pants coming from him in equal measure.

“Come with me, doll,” he growled, and she did, as she arched her back just that tiny bit more, putting his cock at the perfect angle as he thrust hard twice and then froze, cursing while he came. She came with him, and the sensation was unlike any other, the way his cock jerked inside her just as her walls contracted. She cried out into the small room, and the pulsing pleasure went on for what seemed like days.

Finally, Cade collapsed onto her back, quickly pulling her down with him as he fell to the bed, one arm wrapped tightly around her waist.

“Holy fuck,” he said as they lay panting.

“Yeah,” was all she could respond.

He stroked her hair, nuzzling it and playing gently with her breast with his other hand.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he murmured before getting up and disposing of the condom.

He was back in mere seconds, and he lay on his back, pulling her over so her head was on his shoulder. She automatically threw her leg over his, as if they lay this way together every night. She knew the familiarity was dangerous, but she was too blissed out to care.

After a few moments of silence, listening to each other’s breathing return to normal, she asked, “So do we have to watch a movie now to make it legit?”

He laughed, his deep voice vibrating through her. “Now, we sleep,” he commanded, settling in deeper and pulling her closer.

This erotic story extract from His Loss was written by Selena Laurence. Buy the book today!

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