If this is what a mid-life crisis looks like, bring it on.

This erotic story excerpt from All The Dumb Things by Gergia Tingley is published with permission.

Female friendly erotic story

Flicking off my flip-flops, I slipped under the covers and pulled the sheet up to my neck, holding it tight under my arms, the thin summer blanket I left to pool in my lap. Finally, I allowed myself to look at him, throwing a defiant expression in his direction. “What?”

Trey sat on the end of my bed but twisted his body to me. His darkened eyes fastened onto mine and held them before sliding down to my chest to settle there. I stared in fascination as his throat moved in a slow swallow, his Adams-apple bobbing.

Lowering my head, I followed his gaze.

The thin, white sheet, which I’d pulled tight against my body as a soft shield, had flattened my breasts, drawing attention to my still hard nipples which jutted out against the clean linen.

Holy crap.

“That’s what you choose to wear?” he complained, but never shifted his focus.

My face flushed at his comment. I frowned, my lips pinching tight. If he was going to complain but keep ogling – I’d damn well give him something to grumble about. It’s not as though he hasn’t seen them before, I justified.

“Yep,” I said, reaching for the hand cream on the lamp table next to the couch. The sheet dropped away, and I squirted some lotion onto my palm, massaging it into my hands. His eyes burnt into me as I performed the mundane task.

“Are you trying to seduce me, Juliet?” I heard the laugh in his voice.

I scoffed. “No, of course not,” I said, outraged. “Why would you even think it?”

That word – seduce. It had me conjuring all sorts of indecent sexual yearnings and images, and triggered something low in my belly. Something like molten honey that did a slow slide, ending between my legs. I wiggled my toes beneath the covers to make it go away.

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Trey rolled over so he lay on his stomach, elbows bent with his head propped on his hands. With my legs extended under the covers it brought his face within inches from my very stimulated nipples.

Hoo Boy.

“Well, first you purposely flounce out in my T-shirt, almost naked underneath, sending Vanessa into conniptions…”

“I didn’t flounce,” I denied.

Trey grinned at my correction of the way I walked, probably noting I didn’t deny I’d done it on purpose. “Now you parade your body, an extremely delectable one at that,” he qualified. “What else am I supposed to think?”

I side-eyed him lying next to me. His gaze had moved up to my face, a smirk flirting with his lips.

“If you must know, I’ve only brought sexy clothes with me. I had packed for a romantic honeymoon,” I reminded him. “The other night I had a real dilemma; do I come out in my racy nightwear or in one of your T-shirts? Either way, I’m damned if I do, and damned if I don’t, in your girlfriend’s mind.”

“Ex-girlfriend,” Trey corrected. “And tonight?” Those wickedly sexy eyes moved back to study my barely covered breasts.

It was hard to breathe. I longed to suck in a gigantic gulp of air but knew it would lift my chest up further into his face. “Oh, this old thing,” I joked waving a hand over my nightwear. “I wore this last night and just grabbed it.”

“Hmm, I see. You didn’t pack a dressing gown I suppose?” he mocked.

I shook my head mutely. Trey moved his hands from his chin and pushed up on one elbow, leaning forward to rest a hot hand on the side of my body over the fallen sheet. It burned through the thin cotton below my right breast, his thumb laying on the side of my boob. “I didn’t realize how cold it is in here,” he joked.

I’d closed my eyes at his touch, trying to control my raging libido, but at his words my lids flew open. He’d deliberately drawn attention to my arousal.

Good God, I was getting more turned on by the second. Not only by the conversation, but by his touch and very nearness. The playful teasing and sexual desire in his eyes made me moist, and I forced myself not to squirm.

My fingers groped for the sheet to pull it up and cover the evidence of my lust. “As a matter-of-fact…” My speech came out with a light rasp. I cleared my throat. “I am feeling chilled.”

His fingers held tight to the bedding. “Is that what they’re calling it these days, Juliet?” He smirked at the glare I sent his way. With lazy carnal deliberation his hand lifted, and a single finger touched the tip of my satin covered nipple, rubbing it in tiny circles over the aching bud.

I gasped and held my breath, resisting the urge to arch my back.

“Trey.” I wanted to rebuke him, but my voice was soft and trembled.

His fingers pulled aside the triangle of my white nightie, exposing my breast. The nipple hardened further into a pink bullet atop the aching mound.

“Because back in my day I would have called it horny.” His gaze latched onto mine. “It means you want me to do this…” Trey leaned forward and fastened his lips around my nipple, sucking it into his hot mouth.

This time, I didn’t hold back from arching my back and pushing my breast into him. “Oh God,” I groaned, just before my breathing turned shallow and my fingers clutched at his head. I swear, I mini-orgasmed right there and then.

Trey’s hand moved to my other breast, he pushed the silky material aside before cupping it and playing with the erect bud with his thumb. His moan vibrated against my flesh. Soon his mouth moved to the other side and he repeated the same magic until I was yanking on his head and pulling his mouth to mine.

“I think you’re right, I may be a tiny bit horny,” I whispered, before leaning forward and pressing my lips to his.

“Fuck, Juliet, I’ve gone way past ‘tiny bit horny…’” he spoke around his kisses. “…the moment I saw you in this sex-sheath.”

Trey’s mouth devoured mine with the recurring hunger that we’d tamped down over the years. “I’ve been wanting to strip you and bury myself in you for the past three days.”

His kiss was familiar and different at the same time; erotic, driven, urgent. It was the same mouth and the same kiss from years earlier, but it had never been like this. Never this demanding craving, like a smoker too long denied who wanted to inhale me and draw me down into his lungs with need.

And I gave back in equal measure. Was this what they called rebound sex? I’d never experienced it in the past, but the need and desperation clawing at my insides now had me so wound up, only a good hard fuck would release the tension from my body.

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“Oh, God, Trey.” I tore my mouth from his and pulled on his tank top, imperative that I feel his skin under my hands. He sat up and yanked it off, then reached for my nightie and together we lifted it over my head to sail onto the floor.

Blankly we stared at each other in a lust haze before falling to the couch cushions, our mouths fused, tongues tasting and twining greedily, our hands touching, exploring, and discovering each other’s bodies.

Lying on top, his weight was a heady crush, his hips pushing at mine, demanding with a persistent grind. His lips slid down my throat to settle in the hollow, his tongue licking at my racing pulse.

I arched my back and pressed my body into his, my legs wrapping around his, urging him on. In reply his head moved down my body to capture a hard nipple between his lips, sliding his tongue over the straining tip, he flicked at it before sucking it into his hot mouth.

My fingers twisted into his short hair, holding his head as I thrust up. Burning hunger built, as sparks of erotic energy coursed from my nipples straight to my womb, and further down to my sex.

“Holy hell, I am so fucking turned on, Trey,” I said, my tone husky and uneven. “It’s like ants are crawling inside me. I’ve never felt this need before.”

Trey lifted his head and looked at me, his eyes dark, his grin wolfish. “Tell me what you want, babe.”

I didn’t hesitate. “I need you naked. Every bit of your skin, touching every bit of mine,” I ordered shamelessly. “Now.” It would have been funny if I weren’t coiled so tight.

Trey pulled himself to standing and wrenched down his track pants and jockey shorts in one smooth move. Naked, he stood at the end of the couch, his eyes crawling hotly over my body and face. And mine mirrored his.

He was much more of a man than I remembered from our one and only sexual encounter so many years earlier. His muscles were harder and more defined, his chest had slightly more hair, the male breasts were small and flat with dark brown male nipples I made a mental note to lick later.

Trey’s tummy was firm and flat with ripped abs, his hips narrow and square. He had that whole sporty ‘Y’ shape physique that we women were so drawn to.


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Good sexy stories for women 


My eyes scanned downward and came to rest on his cock and stayed there, it was glorious. Not so huge that it made my eyes water, but bigger than memory served, and so very ready. His hand stroked it gently, his gaze zeroed in on mine.

“I don’t think I appreciated how gorgeous you are, Trey, not back then,” I breathed.

His mouth quirked up in self-effacing humor.

“You’re perfect,” I whispered in awe.

“Well, I’ve always known that you were beautiful, Juliet.” He knelt between my legs, spreading them further apart his hand cupped my mound, rubbing his palm on my wet pussy. “It’s why I was drawn to you, even as a kid. Why I still am. It’s why I can’t keep my hands off you now, even though you’re recovering from some emotional shit,” he rasped.

My heart raced at his words. “I feel the same way, Trey. My head is telling me that I should give it time. But my body… it needs something. You.”

With my words of consent his fingers curled around my panties and slid them down my legs before dropping them onto the floor.

His eyes ran over my nakedness, fully exposed to him. And I mean fully…I’d indulged in extreme grooming with a Brazilian Wax.

Trey swallowed hard. “Fuck.”

“Yes please,” I joked nervously.

He looked at my face, but his eyes darted back between my legs, like he couldn’t look away. With fingers cuffing my ankles he spread my legs further and moved up the makeshift bed. Trey dropped a light kiss on my knee, another on the opposite thigh. “I feel like the lowest life-form taking advantage of you, Juliet, but I can’t seem to fucking make myself stop.”

With a gentle tenderness I touched his shoulder. “I don’t want you to stop, Trey.”

Laying down between my spread legs his large hands scooped under my ass cheeks and he lifted me up to his mouth. His hot tongue glided over me, licking me, and that squirming sensation built up again.

My hips lifted to grind against his mouth in urgent need. He suckled on my clit, his tongue alternately lapping and flicking. My fingers grasped the sheets as my climax grew. Trey flicked his tongue faster and pushed a finger deep inside me, until I was panting and groaning and writhing in passion.

“I’m going to…to…” I gasped and shuddered with my orgasm.

Trey lifted his head and looked at me, his eyes passion hazed, his mouth wet with my juice, he wiped it on his arm throwing a delightful grin my way. “That’s just the first of many, darlin’.”

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