You'll Never Believe What This Woman's Boss Wants Her To Do

This sexy story from Freeing Her by Anna Stone is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story excerpt from Freeing Her by Anna Stone

Can you go to the house? Eve’s message read. I need you to do something for me.

Faith pried herself up from her couch and stretched out her arms. Eve needed her, and she wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t important.

After replying to Eve’s message, Faith got into her car and drove to the house. It was late evening, and the roads were clear. She arrived in record time.

As soon as she walked through the front door, her phone rang. Eve.

Faith picked it up. “I’m at the house.”

“I know,” Eve said. “The camera in the doorbell.”

“Right.” Faith had forgotten about it. “What do you need me to do?”

“First, I need you to go to my bedroom. I’ll wait.”

The other end of the line fell silent. Faith headed to Eve’s bedroom.

Even with Eve’s permission, she felt an anxious thrill going into her boss’s room.

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“I’m in your bedroom,” Faith said.

“I should let you know, there’s a camera in the room,” Eve said. “Hidden in the alarm clock.”

Faith looked at the small clock on the nightstand. It looked like a regular alarm clock. She wouldn’t have known it was a camera if Eve hadn’t told her. Had it been in the room when Faith went into Eve’s closet that day? Had Eve watched Faith snoop through her clothes?

Eve read Faith’s mind. “I got it after an incident with a nosy babysitter, but I could never bring myself to use it. Spying on the help just seems wrong. But before I left for my trip I thought of a much more creative use for my nannycam.”

Before Faith could ask what she meant, Eve gave her another command.

“Go into the closet and look to your left.”

Faith entered Eve’s walk-in closet. Hanging from a velvet coat hanger by the door was a baby doll chemise. It was made of sheer white fabric that was so fine and light it was almost transparent.

“Do you see it?” Eve asked.

“Yes,” Faith said. “What do you want me to do?”

“Put it on.”

“Now? Why?”

“I’m all alone in the house, with nothing to do,” Eve said. “I need some entertainment. You’re going to put on a show for me.”

It all clicked in Faith’s mind. The camera. The lingerie. Warmth crept up her body. This was not the kind of task she expected to be doing for Eve this evening. Faith certainly wasn’t complaining. Since the other night, when she and Eve had resolved to keep everything between them a secret, they’d barely had a moment alone. An illicit kiss here and there was all they’d been able to manage. Those fleeting kisses had only made Faith want Eve so much more.

She peered out at the room, her eyes falling on the hidden camera on the nightstand. “You’re watching me?”

“Not yet,” Eve said. “I want you to get ready first. Then the fun will begin.”

Faith smiled. “What kind of fun?”

“So many questions.” Faith could almost hear Eve shaking her head through the phone. “I told you you’d have to show me that you can submit to me. That you can obey my instructions. That you can surrender control. That is, if you still want that.”

“Yes,” Faith said. “I do.”

“Then you’re going to do exactly as I say. Now, put on the lingerie. And nothing else.”

Faith put down the phone and slipped out of her jeans and t-shirt. When she was down to her panties, she took the chemise off the hanger. The delicate fabric was weightless in her hands. It was extremely short, and it didn’t come with a pair of panties.

Heat rose through her. She stripped off her panties and slipped into the chemise, then turned to look at herself in the full-length mirror. The chemise only fell a few inches past her hipbones, barely enough to cover her. Through the sheer fabric, she could see the outlines of her nipples and the triangle of neatly trimmed hair at the apex of her thighs. Eve would be able to see everything.

Here goes nothing.

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“I’m done,” Faith said.

“Go back into the bedroom and put the camera at the end of the bed,” Eve said. “Put your phone on speaker while you’re at it.”

Faith did as she was told. “Are you watching now?”

“Not yet. There are a few more things I need you to do first. Do you see the drawers under the bed?”

“Yes.” The king-sized bed had several drawers built into the frame underneath the mattress for storage. Up close, Faith could see that they had locks on them.

“You’ll need the key,” Eve said. “It’s in the bottom drawer of the dresser.”

Faith went over to the dresser and retrieved the key. “Got it.” She was starting to feel like she was on some kind of scavenger hunt.

“Open the first drawer on the right-hand side of the bed,” Eve said. “Inside, you’ll find a long box made of wood.”

Faith unlocked the drawer and pulled it open.

Sure enough, there was a long, thin box made of dark wood. And scattered in the velvet-lined drawer next to it were a dozen whips and canes, all of different lengths and sizes.

Faith stared. All of this had been in the house, right under her nose, the entire time she’d been working here?

How had she ever thought Eve was this boring, proper woman?

Faith glanced at the locked drawer next to it. There were even more drawers on the other side of the bed. Did they all contain kinky toys too?

“What’s taking you so long?” Eve asked. “I hope you’re not snooping.”

“I’m not,” Faith said. “I’ve found the box.”

“Open it.”

Faith placed the box on the bed. Inside was a long metal bar with a leather cuff attached to each end. “What’s this?”

“You can’t figure that out for yourself?”

It was obvious that it was some kind of restraint, but the cuffs were too big for Faith’s wrists. Not that she’d be able to cuff her wrists by herself. And the bar was so long.

Oh. “These are for my ankles,” Faith said.

“That’s right,” Eve said. “It’s a spreader bar. Get onto the bed and put it on.”

Faith climbed onto the bed and sat down in the center of it. The bed was so vast and soft that she felt like it was swallowing her up. She positioned her phone on the pillow and set about cuffing her ankles.

Once she had the first cuff on, she understood why it was called a ‘spreader bar’. The long bar between the two cuffs would hold her legs wide apart.

With nothing underneath the chemise Faith wore, Eve would have quite the view.

“Are you done?” Eve asked.

“Almost.” Faith fastened the second cuff around her ankle. It wasn’t easy. With her legs held apart, she had to stretch to her limits to reach her ankle.

When she was finished, she pulled the chemise down, covering as much of herself as she could. She wasn’t shy. She simply wanted to draw things out, to reveal herself slowly to Eve. Eve wanted a show?

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Faith would give her a show.

“I’m done,” she said.

Eve’s voice rang out from the phone next to her. “Then it’s time to begin.”

“Are you watching now?”

“I am. It’s amazing how advanced technology is these days. I can see you as clearly as if I was in the room with you.”

A thrill raced through Faith’s body. “Do you like what you see?”

“I do.” Eve’s voice fell to a whisper. “That lingerie looks lovely on you. You have no idea how hot this makes me, seeing you in something I gave you, all laid out for me on my bed.”

Faith bit her lip. Eve’s sultry voice set off a thirst within her. “What do you need me to do for you, Eve? I’ll do anything you want.”

Eve chuckled softly. “Careful. You have no idea what goes on in the depths of my imagination. There are so many wicked things I’d love to do to you. For now, we’re going to start with something simple.”

Faith glanced at the phone, eagerly awaiting Eve’s command.

“Do you ever touch yourself?” Eve asked. “Make yourself come?”

“You mean—” Faith’s face grew hot. “Yes. Sometimes.”

“Sometimes? When?”

“At night. Before I go to sleep.”

“I want you to show me how you play with yourself when you’re all alone. Show me what you do late at night, under the covers.”

“Right now?” Although Faith had long gotten over the puritanical beliefs that came with her upbringing, she still had this visceral reaction to being told to do something so taboo. Was this why she found Eve and these twisted games so exhilarating?

“Yes,” Eve said. “But start slow. I enjoy a bit of foreplay.”

There hadn’t been any foreplay between them that night in the library at the party. Just the memory of it was enough to spur Faith to begin.

Laying back against the pillows, Faith skimmed a hand up one thigh, trailing her fingers all the way up to her chest. The chemise was so thin it was like she was touching her skin. She drew her fingertips up her breast. The way the delicate fabric rubbed against her nipples made them threaten to harden. She slipped her hand into the top of the chemise.

“I want to see you,” Eve said. “Pull the chemise down.”

Faith took the straps of the chemise and slid them from her shoulders. The flimsy cups fell down, her breasts bared for Eve to see.

“That’s better,” Eve said. “Keep going.”

Faith brushed her hair back and let her hand continue down her neck. Her other hand wandered over her breasts. She made sure to look straight into the camera, emphasizing the sensuality of her movements. She was putting on a show, after all. This was for Eve’s benefit, not for hers.

But as Faith swept her hands over her body, she recalled how Eve’s fingers had felt on her skin, how Eve’s touch had been tender yet demanding at the same time. An ache grew deep in her core. Completely unbidden, her hand crept down her stomach, past her belly button.

“Yes,” Eve said. “Make yourself come for me.”

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Faith took the hem of the chemise and drew it up to her waist. With the spreader bar holding her legs apart, Eve could surely see how obscenely wet Faith was.

Eve’s voice rose from the bed beside Faith. “From now on, every part of you belongs to me, including that pretty pussy of yours.”

Faith sucked in a breath. She never thought she’d hear the word ‘pussy’ come out of Eve’s mouth. Then again, she never thought she’d be lying on Eve’s bed with her legs strapped apart.

She slid her fingers down her slit. Her folds were so hot they seemed to burn.

“Show me what you like,” Eve said. “How you like to be touched.”

Faith drew a finger up to her clit and traced slow spirals around it. Her other hand stayed up at her chest, tweaking her nipples. Her eyes fell closed as she sank into Eve’s bed. It usually took her a long time to get warmed up, but knowing that Eve was watching her had her throbbing in no time at all.

“Do you wish that was me touching you right now?” Eve asked. “Me in the room with you?”

“Yes,” Faith said. “More than anything.”

“Pretend, for a moment, that I’m there. Imagine those are my hands on you. Show me what you want me to do with you.”

Faith slid her hand down and dipped a finger inside herself, then another, easing them back and forth.

“Are you imagining that’s me inside you?” Eve asked. “Just like at the party that night?”

“Yes,” Faith said. “It felt incredible.” She shifted in the bed, raising her hips, letting the heel of her palm grind against her clit while her fingers curled inside her. Her legs trembled, fighting the spreader bar holding them apart.

“If I was really there with you, it wouldn’t just be that spreader bar you’d be wearing,” Eve said. “I’d tie your hands up too, so you’d have no choice but to let me have my fun with you.”

An involuntary wave of heat rolled through her. Faith pumped her hand harder. Just minutes ago, she’d thought she was the one running the show, with her submissive words and sensual motions. There was no doubt now who commanded Faith’s body. She was completely in Eve’s thrall.

And it felt so good.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” Eve asked.

“Yes,” Faith whispered. Could Eve really tell from the other side of the camera?

“Go on. Come for me.”

Eve barely finished her sentence before Faith’s pleasure peaked. She convulsed on the bed, Eve’s name on her lips, her body overcome with an orgasm that stretched on and on until she came apart.

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She fell back down to the pillows, breathing hard. Faintly, she could hear Eve’s breaths through the phone.

After a moment, Eve cleared her throat. “Well, that certainly was entertaining. I asked for a show, and you delivered.”

Faith murmured something senseless, her head full of fog.

“Sounds like you need to recover. Take all the time you want. And that lingerie? You can keep it.”

“Really?” It had to be more expensive than any lingerie Faith owned. Or any other clothing she owned, for that matter.

“Consider it a gift. The matching panties too. They’re in a bag in the closet. But since I didn’t get to see them on you, I expect you to send me a photo of yourself wearing them later.”

Faith grinned. “Okay. Thank you.”

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“I should go,” Eve said. “Everyone will be back soon. And after the performance you just put on for me, I’m going to need a few more minutes of alone time.”

Faith flushed all over.

The thought of Eve pleasuring herself while thinking of her was almost enough to make Faith start touching herself again.

“I’ll see you next week,” Eve said. “Before you leave, make sure you put everything away and lock up the drawer.”

Faith resisted the urge to roll her eyes in case Eve was still watching. Despite everything that had passed between them, Eve was still her usual bossy self.

Faith hung up the phone and took off the spreader bar, then carefully returned it to its drawer under the bed. Her eyes fell to the collection of whips. Now, they didn’t look so intimidating. A picture of Eve wielding one sprung up in her mind. What would those whips feel like against her skin?

She shut the drawer, locked it up and got dressed. She was starting to see the appeal of giving up control. It was addictive.

She wanted more.


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