She's Asking Two Men To Make Her Fantasy Come True... You'll Never Guess What It Is

This erotic story excerpt from 'Jasmine' by Andra Ashe is published with permission.

Erotic sexy threesome story from Jasmine by Andra Ash

She had the option to put an end to this but she wasn’t going to back out.

This was erotic and bizarre and totally out of her comfort zone but giving up challenges wasn’t what Jasmine did. She and Luke were in this together.

The sound of masculine voices put paid to any further self-examination. Jasmine’s heart rate kicked up a notch, she adjusted her position slightly, and took a deep, steadying breath. Luke’s electronic key clicked in the door, and her adrenalin surged.

‘Well, hi guys,’ she said, knowing if she wanted to keep control, she had to start right now. Luke and Adam came towards the bed, their attempt at a casual swagger not very convincing. ‘Stop right there,’ she said, not totally feeling the confidence she managed to put into her voice.

They both obeyed, standing side by side at the foot of the bed. ‘You like?’ she tilted her head to one side and wondered if this coquettishness had always been lurking inside.

‘You’re totally hot, baby,’ Luke said. ‘You always are.’

‘Exquisite,’ Adam added.

Jasmine knew he’d been looking at the pearls and her breasts but now his gaze held hers, and that was hot.

‘Why thank you. I think you boys are slightly overdressed though.’

Luke instantly began to unbutton his shirt, while Adam undid his belt and pulled it from his jeans.

‘Wait.’ An idea, so foreign to her yet strangely enticing, formed. Dare she? If one, or both of them balked at the suggestion, the mood would be shot, the afternoon over. She was playing their game, but would they play hers?

They looked at her, expectant, and she couldn’t resist torturing them just a little longer.

Giving them a smile, Jasmine crawled to the foot of the bed where she knelt in front of them.

‘I want to be nice and close as you undress.’ She paused for a short moment before saying, ‘undress each other.’ She had no idea where this Brokeback Mountain idea came from, all she knew was the thought of these two hot, sexy guys touching each other had her blood racing.

Without asking if that would be the only up-close-and-personal contact she’d want from them Adam raised his hands to Luke’s buttons. The pulse in his neck suddenly throbbed visibly, and Jasmine held her breath, half-expecting him to pull back. Adam undid the first button, and Luke didn’t even flinch. He turned his head to smile at Jasmine, and she leaned forward to kiss him, their tongues meeting wetly, gently. The whole time Jasmine was conscious of Adams fingers continuing to unbutton.

She sat back again as Adam spread open Luke’s shirt and pushed it off his shoulders and down his arms, his fingers not shying away from contact with Luke’s skin.

She reached out and brushed Luke’s peaked nipple. He drew in a sharp breath which, when Adam gently tweaked the other nipple, became a low groan of pleasure.

Until today it had only been Jasmine who had elicited such a response from Luke, and she’d revelled in her ability to turn him on. Her own arousal in hearing his response to Adam was unexpected and intense as her pussy throbbed. She slid her hand between her legs, her fingers immediately wet.

Luke slipped his fingers around her wrist, drawing her hand away and guiding her fingers to Adam’s mouth. As warm, moist lips closed around her index finger, Luke made quick work of removing Adam’s shirt.

His tongue curled around Jasmine’s finger, gently sucking, and it was her turn to groan. It would be so easy to just give herself over to them, but not yet.

Reluctantly removing her finger, Jasmine sat back again. ‘Pants now, guys,’ she said, pleased that she was able to regain control. For how long though, she wasn’t sure, lowering her eyes to the hard bulge where Adam’s hands were undoing Luke’s zip. Hard for Adam? For her? It didn’t matter.

‘Touch him,’ her voice now coaxing rather than commanding, wanting to see Adam’s strong, masculine fingers around her man’s cock. She’d always loved watching Luke pleasure himself, that he knew exactly what he needed. Another man would know, and she had an incredible sense of intimacy in being able to witness that.

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Another of Luke’s groans broke the silence as Adam took him in hand, and Luke reciprocated. Jasmine was mesmerised by the rhythmic stroking of both men’s hands in perfect harmony.

Again, Luke found her wrist, this time bringing her hand to join his, wrapping her fingers around Adam’s hardness. Together they stroked him.

She brought her other hand to join Adam’s and stroked them both. Two cocks, hard yet soft to the touch. Cocks she wanted and which she would soon have. For a fleeting moment, she was tempted to burst into a rendition of ‘If They Could See Me Now’, not quite knowing who ‘they’ might be but feeling every inch the bad girl.

The guys were lost in their own personal pleasure and as much as she was a part of the experience, Jasmine was ready for it to now become about her.

‘That’s enough.’ She stilled their stroking. ‘These are for me now.’

Leaning forward, she touched her tongue first to the head of Luke’s cock, then Adam’s. One groaned, and immediately after, the other.

Jasmine closed her eyes and took Luke into her mouth. For the first time that afternoon, something felt familiar as she sucked firmly but slowly. The soft brush of his fingers through her hair, the prelude to what she knew she’d hear. ‘I love you, Jasmine.’ Then, his fingers still in her hair, he guided her mouth to the other hard cock which waited for her.

‘Take him, baby,’ Luke encouraged, cupping the back of her head. And she did. Exploring with her tongue, Jasmine marvelled at how different he felt from Luke. Slightly thicker, the skin a different texture. God, she loved giving head. Loved the smoothness of the head as it slid past her lips, filling her mouth with hard cock. Jasmine held out her hand, knowing Luke would understand and within a moment she held him again, her mouth and hand now working in unison.

Giving this intimacy to an almost-stranger with Luke’s reassurance and participation was surreal, as if she was an Alice gone through the looking glass into a courtesan’s boudoir.

Then her mouth and hand were empty, and she was being laid back on the bed. Somehow Adam and Luke were now naked. So much for keeping control.

 ‘Enjoy, darling,’ Luke whispered, and then moved his mouth to one nipple. Adam’s wet mouth closed over the other.

Jasmine arched her back as someone’s teeth grazed a nipple as the other was being sucked. She grasped two handfuls of hair, not knowing if she wanted to hold them there to continue the excruciating pleasure, or to pull them away because she couldn’t bear the intensity.

She needn’t have worried. One mouth now moved down over her belly, the other up along her throat. With her arms on the pillow above her head, Jasmine gave herself up to the onslaught of sensations.

Which mouth was whose? She didn’t know or care and didn’t open her eyes to find out. The wet trailing of tongues and lips drove all thought from her mind and all she wanted was one mouth to find her pussy. And when it did, she parted her thighs as arms slid under them, holding her open. In the haze of pleasure which almost sucked the breath from her body, Jasmine vaguely thought the soft lapping alternating with concentrated licking felt like Luke. But then so did the fingers tweaking her nipple with just the right intensity.

Two men were pleasuring her, and she didn’t know if it was that fact, or what they were doing which was the most arousing.

She gasped as a finger slid inside and honed in on the right spot. ‘Ohhhhh yesss,’ she gasped as that exquisite tension built to the point where she knew it would soon explode. Arching her hips off the bed, she pushed against the mouth and fingers and all but screamed as the gush of fluid brought her to the release she craved.

‘Far out,’ Adam exclaimed.

Jasmine, slowly coming back from the haze of her orgasm, laughed. Before she could apologise for surprising him, Adam moved up to cover her mouth with his, the taste of her still wet on his lips. Before she could deepen the kiss, he moved away and Luke was kissing her.

‘He made you come, baby,’ Luke murmured. ‘You taste so good.’ He kissed her again.

‘I want you to make me come too,’ Jasmine said. As glorious as that orgasm had been, with Luke it would have the emotional dimension to take it from glorious to sublime.

‘Your wish is my command.’ He smiled his cheeky smile, the one she only saw when they were in bed, and moved to kneel between her legs, lifting her hips so he could slide into her.

Looking into Jasmine’s eyes, he pushed in hard and fast, and Jasmine groaned

‘Adam made you so wet.’ Luke withdrew, then thrust again. ‘I think you should thank him.’.

A primal growl rose from her throat, and she was incapable of speaking. Adam still knelt beside her, still hard, and she reached for him, taking him into her mouth. She vaguely registered that she had a cock in her pussy and her mouth. And that was how she came for the second time.

‘Sorry,’ she said, caressing Luke’s cheek when she regained her breath. ‘You got me there so quickly.’

‘You can make up for it later, babe.’ Luke winked. ‘But we can’t short-change Adam.’

With a gentle push, she had Adam lying on his back so she could straddle him. Luke, kissing her briefly, lay down as well.

‘Your lady is insatiable.’ Adam ran his hands over Jasmine’s hips and up to cup her breasts.

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‘My lady,’ Luke said, lying on his side to caress her thigh, ‘is incredible.’

Jasmine’s heart swelled with joy. Luke also was incredible, but she’d wait until they were alone to tell him. And she would be telling him more often.

She leaned forward to kiss him—a soft, lingering kiss. A kiss of love, not lust. Then, feeling Adam’s cock nudging her pussy, she raised herself up and guided him into her.

Keeping her gaze locked with Luke’s, Jasmine rode Adam slow and steady as he kneaded her breasts, nipples between his fingers.

Then he slid his hands to her hips, stilling her, holding her there as he thrust up into her again and again. Jasmine grasped one of his wrists to steady herself and reached out for Luke with her other hand, bracing as yet another orgasm started to build.

Luke’s fingers entwining with hers sent Jasmine over the edge. She cried out and was vaguely aware of Adam tensing beneath her and his long, shuddering groan. When her breathing calmed, Luke, still holding her hand, guided her to lie between them. Jasmine spooned into him as he slid his arm around her waist and kissed her shoulder. She smiled, slipping her own arm onto Adam’s chest. He covered her hand with his.

Pressed between two naked men, satiated from multiple orgasms, Jasmine drifted to sleep.

‘Jasmine,’ someone whispered into her ear.

‘Mmm?’ she responded. Warm and relaxed, unwilling to open her eyes.

‘I’m going.’

Jasmine rolled onto her back and opened her eyes. Adam, leaning on his elbow, kissed her cheek. ‘You’re an exceptional woman, but it’s time I left you two alone.’ He pushed the sheet aside and swung his legs to the floor.

Jasmine reached out and ran her finger down his spine. ‘Thank you,’ she said, knowing the words were inadequate but unsure what etiquette in this situation was.

‘You’re an awesome couple, guys. You’ve got something really special,’ Adam said, pulling on his clothes.

Luke moved to get up.

‘Stay where you are, mate, I’ll see myself out.’


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