This sexy story from Mangoes and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera is published with permission.

Erotic lesbian story from Mangoes and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera

Kiskeya and Sully have teamed up in the Holiday Baking Challenge… and now they’re turning up the heat.


 “Besame, Kiskeya.”

I knew this moment would come. From the minute I’d seen Sully walking into that room, I knew that given the chance, I’d end up exactly where we were now. About to plunge headfirst into a sea of bad decisions, and yet I was loath to stop. I turned so I was upright against the headboard and pulled her to me.

“Ven,” I said. Come.

And she did. She spread her thighs over mine, making my hands itch to stroke her heat. To learn what she felt like, what she smelled like. I tipped my head up as Sully loomed over me, her eyes blazing. I placed both my hands on her hips, but before I slid them under her shirt, searching for all the treasure I’d been desperate to explore, I said what needed to be said.

“This is not the smartest thing we’ve done this week.”

Sully kept her eyes on me and responded with a thrust of her hips. “I beg to differ. We’re both stressed as hell. I was going to go to the bathroom and rub one out while I was pretending to brush my teeth. This is a much better solution.”

I threw my head back and laughed. “You’re too fucking much.” She grinned back, a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“I think you like it.”

I groaned in answer and slid the tips of my finger under her flannel shirt.

“Is this okay?”

She nodded, and I let my hands drift up her waist and belly until I was cupping her breasts.

Her nipples were hard, and my mouth watered from wanting. I could feel myself getting wet, the need pulsing at my core, as I made her gasp from my touch.

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“Mm, I can come like this.” She said between lusty sighs, as I teased her a little, taking each nipple between my fingers.

“Like this?” I asked, feeling her hips circling harder with every pinch from my fingers.

“Yeah.” She breathed out, with her hands braced on my shoulders. “Kiss me.”

Her hips kept rocking back and forth in way that was driving me crazy. I slid one hand out from under her shirt, so I could bring her head closer. I wasn’t shy or tentative about kissing, but I knew this one would be hard to come back from. I let myself feel the terrifying clarity that doing this with Sully could cost me everything.

I did it anyway.

I gripped a fistful of her hair as our mouths crashed together, my tongue stealing into her mouth, hot and hungry. I’d never really wanted before, I thought, not really, because this was incendiary.

“Mm,” she moaned as she put both hands on my face and licked into my mouth, the chili from the mango she’d been eating now on my tongue.

She kept moving against me until she found the right spot. With every thrust, I could feel she was closer to coming. I wanted to see her face when she did.

“Sully,” I whispered, pulling away to take a breath.

“Ungh, I’m so close. You got me so turned on. I want you to touch me.” She took my hands in hers and slid it under her underwear until I was cupping her mons—the curls there ticking my palm.

“You’re so hot,” I gasped as I slid two fingers in, and kissed her hard. As I sucked on her bottom lip, I stroked her wet pussy, like I’d wanted to do for days.

“Like that, do it hard.” I obliged and she let out a tortured moan and wrapped her arms around my neck and slid her tongue with mine. We were tangled together, locked in. And suddenly my entire purpose in life became making her fall apart under my hands.

She was wet from this, from our kisses, from my touch. I throbbed, needing relief too, but I couldn’t do anything else but keep touching her until she was coming for me.

“I want to suck on this,” I said as I circled the pad of my thumb on her clit. “I want to lick you. Spread your thighs with both hands and suck on that nub until you scream.”

“Ahhh, don’t stop.” she pleaded against my mouth between hot, mouth wide-open kisses. “Tell me how you’ll do it, how you’ll eat my pussy.” She was kissing my neck, teeth grazing the skin, and I was sure I was on fire.

“I’m going put you over the back of that couch and eat you out from behind until your legs give out.” With every dirty promise I made, she thrust harder into my hand. I dipped my fingers in again and felt her pussy clench on them. I was going to come just from the sounds she was making. I almost used my other hand and gave myself some relief, but I wanted to wait.

“What are you doing to do after you make me come?” She was so close, I could hear it.

“I’m going to lay you on the bed and play with your tits, finger you until you come on my hand, and when I’m done, I’ll sit on your face.”

That was what did it. She stiffened and sucked hard on my tongue as her hips convulsed against me. I kept my hand on her mons, not wanting to leave her heat just yet, as we kissed lazily.

She spoke first, after she’d leaned back to look at me.
She looked like a cat that ate all the cream.

“I knew you’d be filthy.” You would’ve thought she’d won the lottery. “And I’m going to let you know right now, there’s no fucking way we’re not doing this again, like, a lot over the next three days.”

That hit me like a sucker punch. Fuck. Three days, just three days.

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Sully’s face changed too, probably realizing what she’d said, and immediately she went back in for another kiss. This time sliding us down the headboard until we were lying on the bed. She reached for the hem of my shirt, but stopped before taking it off. “May I?”

I nodded and went for the button on her shirt. She looked at me with an intensity I could feel on my skin and moved to lift my shirt over my breasts. “Kiske, I want you so bad.” She just said things. Just let me know she wanted me.

I wanted to say things too. That I already was feeling too much. That I knew this “stress-relief strategy” was going to ruin me. But I kept unbuttoning her shirt instead. I slid it off her shoulders, my eyes fixed on her dark brown areolas. She’d been running her thumbs over my nipples, and the frissons of pleasure from her light touch made me shiver. I wanted to ask that she move her hands farther south, but before I could, her palm was making its way down my belly as she kissed my neck. “I wanna come together.”

I nodded frantically, one hand already tugging at my sleep pants and underwear. “Take off your panties, Sully,” I demanded and she complied. In seconds, we were naked and pressed against each other, her full heavy breasts brushing my smaller ones. I felt like every nerve in my body was about to combust.

When she finally got to where I needed her, she made a sound like she’d just unwrapped her favorite treat.

My pussy clenched.

“Oh shit, you’re bare.”

I grinned at how reverently she ran her fingers over my Brazilian.

“I live in LA. It might be a city ordinance” I joked as she kept caressing me.

With a grunt of appreciation the looked up, her face serious.

“My regards to the city of angels.”

I just shook my head at her and I brought my knees up to give her better access. “Put your mouth on me, Sully.”

“What if I suck on your clit?” she asked hungrily, and again I was her prey. She sat up and I laid on my back, bare and open for her.

“Please,” I begged, my heart skittering with anticipation.

She got on all fours and leaned in to kiss me, and I grabbed her ass hard with both hands, fingers digging in as she moaned. I let my hands roam to her clit, her ass. Touching her with an urgency that built almost by the second. Her hands roamed too, one finger in my mouth, a hand at the base of my neck, possessive, frantic.

I’d never had sex like this; it was primal and reckless and I was already addicted.

I kept fingering her, feeling my own pussy throbbing until I was ready to beg again. But before I could, she gave me one last kiss and crawled her way to where I needed her.

She lowered herself until her face was inches from my core. She glanced up and found me propped on one elbow, looking down at her.

“Glistening, and all for me.” Her voice was reverent, making me melt into a puddle under her gaze. She used two fingers to spread my lips and blew on my clit. I sucked my teeth and threw my head back at the sensation. But still her mouth was not quite…there.

“Lick it,” I demanded, as she slid the two fingers inside and nosed at the juncture of my thighs. “Come on, chula,” I coaxed as I placed a hand behind her head.

“Do I have you dripping, Kiskeya?” she teased, as she ran the tip of her tongue on the edge of my labia, centimeters from my clit.

“You know you do. Come on, baby. I’m aching.” That finally got me what I wanted, and when she started sucking on my clit, I sank into the bed, lost in what her mouth was doing to me. Within seconds, she had every nerve in my body on high alert. My entire world shrank down to what her tongue and fingers were making me feel, and the pleasure built and built. Radiating from my groin to my back, until my legs started shaking. When she pressed the flat of her tongue to my cunt and licked hard, within seconds my back lifted off the mattress, as I hoarsely screamed her name.


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Adriana Herrera was born and raised in the Caribbean, but for the last 15 years has let her job (and her spouse) take her all over the world. She loves writing stories about people who look and sound like her people, getting unapologetic happy endings. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or leave her a review on Goodreads.


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