A lesson worth learning

This erotic story excerpt from Hot for Teacher by Whitley Cox is published with permission.

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“So you’ve come down here to my dungeon to …”

“To see you. I’m here for her … but I came down here for you.”

Well, if that didn’t make his dick jump.

She set the glass down on the table next to his hip and moved toward him, resting her hands on his chest. “I need to find a better way to balance my life. I’ve spent the last fifteen years focusing solely on someone else’s needs and wants while sacrificing my own. But I don’t have to do that anymore. It’s just taking a bit of time for me to realize it. Sabrina doesn’t need me the way she used to. She has freedom. And in turn that allows me some freedom too.”

“Freedom to …”

“Explore. Give in to my wants, my desires, my needs.”

Fuck, the way she said needs had him sporting a full stiffy in his jeans in record time.

She glanced up at him.

The green in her eyes and the way it almost seemed to swirl around her dilating pupils made his cock throb and his hands itch to grab her just like he’d been wanting to since the last time she’d come into his classroom, wanting to toss her across his desk and teach her.

“Can you help me find the balance?” she asked, her mouth now less than an inch from his. Her breath, whiskey combined with minty freshness, fell across his lips in cool puffs. “Help me fulfill my needs?” One eyebrow lifted.

His nostrils flared, and he reached behind and fisted her ponytail, causing her eyes to widen in surprise. “You’re playing with matches here, Celeste,” he said, struggling to keep his libido in check.

Her throat undulated heavily before her mouth split into a wide grin. “Am I?”

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Tilting her head back, he dipped his mouth to her neck and raked his teeth over the soft, thin, creamy skin of her throat. He wasn’t quite sure what had come over him, but he could tell she liked his assertion. Her pulse picked up tempo along her neck, and her breathing had begun to escape her mouth in quick pants.

She licked her lips, her eyes bright and challenging. “Are you going to take the matches away from me, Mr. Travis? Or are you going to teach me how to start a fire? Stoke it so it gets good and hot.

She squawked as he flipped her around and pressed her back against his chest. One of his hands pressed against her neck, keeping her head on his shoulder, while the other one splayed across her flat abdomen.

“Oh, I can teach,” he whispered next to her ear. “I think the greater question here is: Are you willing to learn?”

Her sharp inhale was encouraging.

“Do I need to muzzle you?” he asked, nipping at her earlobe and trailing his tongue down her neck.

“All depends.”

“Hmmm.” His fingers against her belly pushed beneath the waistband of her pants until he met with lacy panties.

“I can be quiet if I have to be,” she whispered, her chest lifting and dropping with each heavy breath.

“Are you normally?” He inched his fingers lower still over her panties until he found a damp patch. He tapped her clit with his middle finger, and she jerked in his arms.

“No. At least I didn’t used to be.”

Lifting his hand up, he pushed his fingers beneath the elastic of the lace where short, soft hair met his fingertips. He’d never been one who liked a bare pussy, and he could just imagine that the hair between her legs was the same as the hair on her head. The thought of pressing his nose there, inhaling her scent before he devoured her pussy, made his dick throb. He knew she could feel his erection against her ass. He wasn’t hiding it, and the way she wiggled her bottom across his lap said she felt it and she didn’t mind it at all.

His middle finger dipped down between her folds and gathered drops of her silky arousal before dragging it back up toward her clit, where he began to make small circles. Her hips gyrated, and she bucked up into his palm.

Chuckling, he released his grip on her neck. “Give me your mouth,” he demanded, relishing in the way she shivered in his arms from his words.

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With fire in her eyes and a moan that made him worry he was going to blow his load in his jeans, she turned her head and parted her lips. He swallowed her groans as he added another finger, both of them now circling her clit while his tongue claimed her mouth. The way she was thrusting against his fingers, causing them to slip between her cleft, told him she wanted his fingers inside her. He obliged, of course. Down through her heat, he trailed his fingers, tickling her plump folds, loving how fucking wet she was, how wet he made her. He found her core and pushed inside.

The moan that bubbled up from the back of her throat into his mouth was enough to make him almost lose it completely.

But he reined it back in and told his balls to calm down.

She was tight. Really fucking tight. The way her pussy gripped his fingers, her ridges contracting around him, made his dick grow furiously jealous. His thumb pressed against her clit, and she spasmed in his arms again.

He could tell she was getting close. Her hip movements were growing more erratic, and her clit had doubled in size against his thumb. And then everything tensed on her, inside and out. Her mouth opened and she broke the kiss, a silent cry squeaking out of her throat. He kissed her harder as her climax exploded around him and she cried out inside his mouth, her short, shallow breaths escaping through her nose.

A gush of warm liquid flowed out over his fingers as she came, coating his hand and filling her panties. He couldn’t wait until she did that over his face, until he got to drink every drop of her honey, lick his fingers clean and then go back for seconds.

Just as she’d grown tense in his arms, her entire body relaxed and she slumped against him. For a moment, he was actually holding her upright. Had she passed out?

Little whimpers filled his mouth before she broke the kiss. Her head lolled backward, and she rested it on his shoulder. “Mr. Travis, you are a dirty bugger.”

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