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This erotic story excerpt from Saved By the Single Dad by Whitley Cox is published with permission. If you enjoy it, be sure to take advantage of the Single Dads of Seattle Series sale for a crazy $0.99.

Erotic sex story from Saved by the Single Dad from Whitley Cox

“Going to have to put a warning on those photos,” he said, settling between her legs. “Or delete them.”

She shook her head and wiggled her hips beneath him. “Nuh-uh. No deletes. Those photos are a work of art. Some of the best photos I’ve ever taken, I’m sure. I bet we can get them blown up and framed in time for opening night tomorrow too. Put a few on the wall next to that wedding you shot in Italy.”

The twinkle in his eyes stirred tendrils of need inside her. “Sounds good to me.” With his own ninja skills, he divested her of her shirt and bra easily, leaving her topless beneath him, her nipples painfully hard. 

His eyes flicked down between them, and with another impish smile, he latched on to one of her tight peaks, sucking it hard into his mouth to relieve her ache but add a new one, a more pleasant but much more demanding ache that sprinted down her body and settled between her legs. 

Paige raked her fingers down his back and gripped his fine ass in her palms, digging her nails into the taut muscle, tossing her head back in a laugh when he clenched the muscle until it was hard as stone. 

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“I like this side of you,” he said, planting kisses over her bare chest and down her belly, forcing her to release the death grip she had on his ass. “I like to see you smile, hear your laugh. You have the best laugh.” He slipped off the couch onto his knees and pulled her around so that her legs, still clad in her denim shorts, were parted on either side of him. He made quick work of her bottoms, unfastening them with deft precision, but he left on her panties. 

Paige licked her lips and stared down the line of her body at his head as he leaned forward over the couch and shoved his nose between her legs, inhaling. 

He tugged at the spot on her panties right over her clit with his teeth, and she damn near had a heart attack when it bounced back against her tender nub. It was wet, and not just from his mouth. 

His long fingers hooked into the side of her underwear, and he drew them down over her legs as well. He brought the panties to his nose and inhaled again. 

She squirmed on the couch as she watched him. She should feel weirded out by that, right? She wasn’t particularly fond of her feminine scent, her essence as some romance novels called it. Not that it was bad or an unhealthy smell, but she certainly never put her underwear to her nose and took a whiff. She also couldn’t say she’d do that with Mitch’s boxers if given the chance. 

But watching Mitch do it, watching his eyes become hooded and filled with lust, his erection dripping a bead of precum onto the top of his thick thigh, it made everything inside her clench. It turned her on something fierce and made her want to watch him do it again. 

“Gonna put those photos into your spank bank?” he asked, bringing one of her legs over his shoulder and nipping at her inner thigh. 

“Shouldn’t need a spank bank with you on the ready,” she breathed. 

His other hand reached up her body and began to twist and twiddle her nipple. “Good answer.”

She wriggled beneath his touch, squeaking from the nibbles up her leg. “As long as I’ve got you on the ready, twenty-four seven, I’ll just use those photos for my side business. Sell them to all my girlfriends for their spank banks.”

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He sucked on one of her folds, forcing her to shut her eyes and sink her top teeth into her bottom lip. “I kind of like that idea. All your friends flicking their bean to images of me, meanwhile I’m the only one who gets to flick”—he flicked her clit with his finger—“and suck”—he sucked her clit into his hot, wet mouth—“and lick”—he swept the flat of his tongue all the way across her clit, making her shiver—“your bean.”

“Until you go away on a photo shoot. Then I’ll have to make a withdrawal from my spank bank.” Her hips leapt off the couch, and she pressed her pussy against his face. 

He buried his face between her thighs, and she ground up against him. She was already super-close, but she wanted more than this. She wanted what she’d taken pictures of. She wanted what was currently peeking out at her from the floor where he knelt and his cock lay heavy against his belly. 

He released her clit and kissed the inside of her other thigh. “The thought of you touching yourself to pictures of me will get me through our time apart, then when we’re finally together again, I’ll make up for lost time.”




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