He Gets Off On Fear... And She Gets Off On Him

This sexy story excerpt from Rebecca Hunter's 'Pure Temptation' is published with permission.

Erotic sex story by Rebecca Hunter

Kendall got up on her knees and climbed onto Daxon’s lap, straddling him. She pulled off her dress and dropped it on the sofa, leaving her in panties, a bra and cowboy boots. Then she ran her fingers over his shoulders, feeling his muscles twitch. His big hands rested on her waist and moved lower, around her ass, pressing against her thighs.

“Hey there,” he said, pulling her closer. “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“Slumming it. Clearly.” She smiled up at him. “I have terrible taste in luxury resorts.”

His laugh rumbled in his chest. “And men.”

“The worst.”

“Thanks for coming.” He leaned in and kissed her on the base of her neck, right where her pulse was kicking and jumping. “If you had seen me ten years ago, you probably wouldn’t have given me the time of day.” His hands began to move up and down her sides, the calluses rough against her skin. “I was the kind of dude with a big truck and a fondness for old `80s music. Actually, those parts haven’t changed. I’m just no longer living in that truck.”

He said that all with a laugh, but she detected some seriousness in his voice. Like he was opening up a more private part of his life, just a little bit. His hands moved lower, over her panties, palming her ass. It felt so good to be touched by him, so easy to be with him, just like this, half-dressed and straddling his lap.

“You never can tell what a girl might like,” she said after a while. Her voice was starting to sound breathless.

He chuckled. “I can think of a few things that I’m pretty sure you’d like.”

“Of course.” Kendall smiled. “Even with a mullet, you’d probably still know how to please the ladies.”

Daxon pulled back and gave her a mock-offended look. “Hey, I didn’t say I had a mullet. A guy can like `80s music without the hair.”


He’d probably look great, either way. She slid her hands into his hair. It was soft and thick, and he let out a sigh each time she moved her fingers against his scalp. His hands were exploring, too, skimming over her skin, caressing. His eyes were heavy with desire, and the way he was touching her felt very…intimate.

“Besides, living out of my truck while I’m out looking for the next adrenaline rush doesn’t leave room for lots of styling.”

“Too late. I can’t unthink it now,” she said, messing up the top until his hair stuck up in all directions. “Business in the front, party in the back.”

He tickled her sides, and she squirmed on his lap, pressing herself hard on his erection.

The intensity in Daxon’s gaze grew stronger, so she did it again. She felt so lucky to be here right now, but she didn’t want him to misunderstand.

This wasn’t about getting naked with Daxon Miles, Pure Adrenaline star. The chemistry between them had been electric from the start, but it was all the touching and laughing, the comfortable intimacy together, that had her beyond turned on.

“Still thinking about my hair?”

Kendall laughed. “Not quite as much.”

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It was on the tip of her tongue to say how good this felt, just laughing with him, but luckily, her brain caught up with her. This was Daxon Miles, who would leave in a few days on his quest to climb up another mountain with no ropes. She had to keep this light.

So she distracted him the best way she knew how. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. And, surprise, surprise, it worked. Daxon’s gaze wandered down her body as she arched toward him, his eyes on the cups as she slid them down, slowly revealing the tops of her breasts.

“Fuck, Kendall. Your tits make me so hard,” he muttered. “And the cowboy boots are really doing it for me.”

Her nipples were sensitive, always had been, and when his thumbs brushed over them, a shiver ran through her body. He did it again, a little harder, rougher. She moved up and down on his lap, getting more of that delicious friction against his erection. God, yes.

Their height difference wasn’t nearly as pronounced when she sat on his lap, so they were almost eye to eye.

She closed her eyes and opened her lips. His mouth was so hungry, so eager, soft and warm as he opened for her.

He met each stroke of her tongue, but it felt like he was holding back, letting her lead. She threaded her hands behind his neck, tilting her head a little, exploring. She got the sense that he usually just took charge, but today, he didn’t. It was as if he was saying, learn more of me, look closer. His palms moved up her thighs, over her ass, , feeling her. He was learning more of her, too.

“You’re a good kisser,” she said when she broke away. “Really good.”

Daxon chuckled. “I’m just really into kissing you.”

“Smooth talker, too.”

“You hoping I can back it up?”

“Of course.” Her cheeks flushed.

“Are you asking me to pull it out?”

“Okay, yes,” she said with a little laugh. “I’ve been a bit curious since you flashed me.” She held up her thumb and finger a centimeter apart. “Just a little bit.”

He chuckled. “Then feel free to explore. Just a little bit.”

“Purely as a professional, of course,” she said, her hands moving down his chest. “I mean, your body does some amazing things.”

Her heart was pounding hard. She was teasing him, but there was true admiration behind it, too. After years as a physical therapist, she knew intimately the kind of dedication it took to do the things he did.

Her fingers moved down the ridges of his abs, down his stomach. His breath was coming quicker as her fingers trailed lower, lower, to the waistband of his shorts.

A hiss escaped his lips. “That feels good.”

“Can I take off your shorts?” She smiled up at him. “Still just professional interest, of course.”

“Of course,” he echoed, but he made no effort to help.

Kendall drew the tie of his board shorts, and his cock popped out of the opening right away. She blinked a little in surprise but kept unlacing, her fingers brushing against his skin.

“You look skeptical.” Daxon’s voice was full of humor, but there was a rough undercurrent of need in this voice.

She wanted to tease him, but she couldn’t. Not while that intensity burned in his eyes.

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“Just admiring,” she said. “I never get a chance to look like this.”

He gave a hum of satisfaction, so she ventured closer. She ran her hands up his legs, his rough, coarse hair under her fingers. He stilled as she moved higher, higher. He was so hard, all the ridges and colors in stark relief. She had spent the last couple days working on the perfectly formed muscles of his legs, wondering what it would feel like to explore the rest of him. And now she was. She started at the bottom, brushing her fingers against his balls. How sensitive were they? She cupped them, and he sucked in a gasp.

“Are you sure you’re doing okay up there?”

“I’m sure,” he said, his voice strained. “I’ll tell you if it gets too much.”

He said the last words through gritted teeth, and something told her he saw this as a challenge of endurance and will, like everything else he did. Which would make this even more fun. How far could she push Daxon Miles, professional adrenaline junkie, his endurance well-known? What were his limits?

She moved her other hand to his cock, testing its feel, its thickness, tracing the veins.

His stomach muscles were tense and his thighs, tight, but he held still, all that intense energy coiled, waiting. Kendall took her time. She moved her hand higher, higher, along the smooth skin, up to the head. Drops of precum leaked out the tip, and she had the urge to lick…so she scooted off his lap and did it. Leaning forward, she swirled her tongue around the head, tasting, feeling him with her mouth. He let out a loud groan. Kendall backed up a little, inspecting his entire length.

Daxon was big. The kind of holy shit big that legitimized some of the more far-fetched rumors about him. It would take a hell of a lot of blood to keep that thing hard, which meant his other head probably wasn’t getting much. She looked up at him, his mouth parted and his eyes heavy-lidded. His arms were spread along the back of the couch, his incredible wingspan on display, muscles flexed, knuckles white as he gripped the pillows.

Her hand closed around his cock, squeezing a little. Then she bent forward and put her mouth on the tip again. She sucked experimentally and then took more, testing him.

His body shuddered, and he muttered a curse. “Yes, sweets. Just like that,” he rasped, his big hand coming down to stroke her head. “This is so fucking amazing, Kendall.”

She sucked again, hollowing out her cheeks as she pulled out, and another shudder ran through his body. His hands moved through her hair, and at first she thought he was going to guide her, to show her what he liked, but he didn’t.

“I want to see your mouth,” he whispered.

His last words were mixed with another groan as she took him in, deeper this time. His head hit the back of her throat. She did it a few times, relishing the way Daxon trembled under her fingers, and a surge of energy ran through her. There was so much power in giving him pleasure, so much freedom.

She did it a couple more times, in and out, before he pushed her shoulders gently back. “Enough.” His voice was tight in his throat, as if he were one breath away from snapping. Kendall leaned forward, wanting to be the one to make him snap, but he chuckled and held her in place.

“Not a chance, sweetheart,” he said. “Not this time. There’s no way in hell I am going to come in your mouth if there’s a possibility I can come inside you.”


Daxon had spent a week in Costa Rica with Kendall kneeling in front of him every day, working on his calf muscle, and he had tried like hell to think of anything but the fact that her mouth was so close to his dick. Each one of those images, memory and fantasy, layered on to the real thing right in front of him. Kendall was kneeling on the ground, staring at his cock, her lips still so close to his head. And that alone was going to make him come if he wasn’t careful.

“You finding what you’re looking for?”

She smiled. “And more.”

A chuckle rumbled from his chest. “Glad to hear it. And I hope you don’t mind a little dirty talk.”

“I love it.” Her smile was wide and genuine, and his heart thudded harder.

He motioned for her to climb up on him, and she did, losing her panties on the way to his lap.

“Because I have a feeling the words are just going to come out,” he said, tugging her closer.

He traced a line down her body with his hand, slipping it between them, finding her pussy.

“You’re wet,” he murmured. “So fucking wet. And I am so goddamn lucky.”

“I was just thinking the same thing.”

He reached beside him and grabbed a condom that was on the couch. “Put it on me. Please.”

She leaned back a little and tore off the wrapper, then placed the condom on his glistening tip, rolling it down carefully. He stared at her hands, his mouth hanging open. Holy hell, he wanted her.

Slowly, her gaze wandered up and met his, and a hard jolt of lust hit him. Daxon let out a groan. “I want you to ride it, sweets. Make us both feel so good.”

“I did wear my cowboy boots tonight,” she said in an exaggerated Texas accent.

He tipped his head back and laughed. She was the most fun woman he had met in…well, pretty much ever. He brought his lips to her neck, breathing in a little of that sweet scent he had resisted all day long. “Did I mention I really, really like you?”

She shook her head slowly.

He kissed the spot right below her ear. “Just want you to remember that.”

Then she raised herself up on her knees, positioned his cock at her entrance, and began to sink down. Holy hell, he wasn’t going to survive this. The loveliest woman in the world also happened to have the tightest pussy, which was currently milking his tip, threatening to overpower even his self-control. Or maybe it wasn’t the tightness of her pussy or the soft jiggle of her tits that was driving him crazy. Maybe it was just her. But he couldn’t process what that meant, and he needed to devote most of his brainpower to not coming right now.

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Kendall had her hands on his shoulders, and she was lowering herself, inch by inch, onto him. Her head was tipped back, and her hair fell down her back, tangled and free. She looked like a goddess of sex, sacrificing on the throne of his cock. Yeah, he liked that idea a whole hell of a lot. But even that thought dimmed, along with every other one, as her tight, warm channel squeezed his cock.

“I’ll make sure it’s good for you,” he said, his heart bursting in his chest. “I promise. But take it slow right now.”

Lower, lower, she sank onto his aching cock, filling the night air with groans and sighs.

His breaths were coming so quickly that Daxon no longer knew which gasps were his. She moved up and down in little movements, stretching to fit him.

He held on to her hips, trying hard not to grasp her too tightly, letting her take her time until his entire cock was inside her, all the way to the base. Her breath was shaky, and she wove her hands into his hair and kissed him hungrily. It was as if they were reinventing sex, finding a whole new kind of pleasure.

“This feels so good,” she whispered, pulling back, wonder in her eyes.

Daxon chuckled. “It does, and we haven’t even started.”

She pressed her lips to his for another kiss, slower, luxurious this time.

“Are you ready, sweets?” he whispered when she pulled away.

Kendall nodded. She lifted herself slowly and then sank all the way back down. His fingers flexed against her soft hips as he tried to hold on to this moment, make it last. Thank fuck she had shown up at his door tonight, so lovely and a little nervous. And right now, with his arms around her, buried inside her, it was magical. She slid up his cock again, and he brought her down on him, tilting his hips. She let out a loud cry, hoarse and so hot. He didn’t give a shit if the neighboring cabins could hear them. All he could think about was this incredible woman, pleasuring herself with him.

They found a rhythm, up and down, his hips bucking to meet hers. Her eyes met his, half-lidded, and a fresh wave of desire ran through him. He was getting way too close, so he reached a hand between them and found her clit, pressing against it each time he thrust. She was so slippery and wet, his fingers gliding.

“Kendall,” he muttered. “Do you feel how much I want you?”

As the last words left his mouth, her orgasm started, clenching his cock, setting him off. His hips bucked, and his cock erupted in hard jolts. Her cries sent more waves of ecstasy through him, warmer, lulling him into bliss. The rush of pleasure turned into languid satisfaction as her body draped over his, her cheek on his shoulder. He buried his face in her hair and took long, steady drags of her scent, letting it fill him.

“Wow,” she said against his skin.

The waves crashed on the beach, and the wind blew her hair over her forehead. He brushed it out of her face, tucking it behind her ear. Then he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her against him.

“Yeah. Wow,” he said, kissing her on the top of her head.

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