The Pool House

This erotic story excerpt from Our Little Secret by Rachael Stewart is published with permission.

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In a life of hard angles and sharp edges, she was a harbor from a storm I hadn’t known I lived in.

Maybe she had ulterior motives. She probably did. But when she let me touch her like this . . .

If she were an inferno, I’d walk right into the blaze.

I’d just have to be stronger than her. There was no poison in my system now. I would maintain the upper hand as I had last night.

Heart racing, I nipped her lower lip, then dragged my mouth to her neck, tracing my teeth along the tendon there.

She shuddered, her hands slipping to my stomach, her fingertips running along the sensitive skin there.

I hissed in a breath, pleasure shooting straight to my cock. I was so hard that it hurt, but in the best way.


I needed to retain control.

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I moved my mouth back to hers, desperate to taste more of her. Taste all of her. I wanted her wet and wild beneath me, arching and crying out as I tasted every inch of her, finding places she’d never given anyone else.

I wanted to own her.

“Yes.” She parted her lips, giving me her sweetness.

I gripped her hips, holding her captive as I traced my tongue against hers, the slick softness driving me wild, making me wonder what she tasted like elsewhere. She’d be sweet and slick and hot.

The idea of it caught me in a vise, and I pulled back, desperate to go to my knees and taste her.

“No. Don’t. I want you close.”

“I can do that.” I picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist, pressing close.

I groaned low and carried her to the table that held the plant, setting her down on the edge. She tightened her legs around me, moving her body against mine and setting up a rhythm that stole all rational thought.

Pleasure shot through me in endless waves, hot and fierce, making my spine tingle. Instinct told me I was close to something I’d never wanted before. Yet now I wanted it so badly I’d die for it.

I gripped her hips and slowed her siren’s movements. “Bad girl.”

She gasped, her hands tightening on my shoulders.

Muscles tense, I reined the beast in, desperate to keep control until I’d made her come apart in my arms. “Hold still.”

Wide eyed, she nodded, her chest rising and falling.

Slipping a hand between us, I flicked open the buttons of her trousers, running my fingertips over the waistband of her undergarments. The silk was smooth, her heat tantalizing.

“Yes, yes, yes.” She moved forward, giving me more room. Anticipation surged through me. I gripped her arse with one hand and slid the other one down, beneath her undergarments, cupping the magic between her legs.

“Fates,” I choked out. “You’re so wet. So soft.”

She arched against me, crying out, her hair trailing down her back as her vines wrapped around me, pressing me close.

I’d never seen anything so beautiful in all my days.

But it was the feel of her that tore me apart.

The wet, silky feel of her that ripped a groan from my throat and made my cock jerk. I gritted my teeth and forced back the pleasure that threatened to swamp me, desperate to feel her orgasm. Hear it.

When I grazed her, her head dropped back, and she whimpered. Her skin seemed to glow with light, and I watched her carefully to see what she liked best.

Every flutter of her eyelashes and sweet sound from her lips was a map that I would follow.

“Please, Hades, more. I feel empty.”

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Yes. My chest tightened and my cock twitched, desperate to be nearer to her.

I wanted to be inside her, if only in the smallest way. I needed to be inside her like I needed air. My fingers found the hot, soft center of her. Possessiveness streaked through me, and I gripped her, holding her still for me. Wanting to hold her down and press inside her, to make her take all of me while she cried out in pleasure and clutched me close.

The idea shot heat straight to my cock.

She shifted, trying to press down onto me.

“Hold still,” I growled against her ear. “I’m in control here.”

She whimpered and complied, and I found the heart of her, pressing one finger deep, shuddering at the soft, wet heat of her.

“Hades, please.” Her hands gripped my shoulders hard. “More.”

“More?” I moved my thumb up to circle the hard bud of her pleasure, and she arched against me, gasping. “Is that what you mean?”

“Yes, but . . . more.”

The idea of it was almost too much for me, pleasure tearing through me like wildfire. I buried my face in her neck and breathed deeply of her scent as I slid another finger into her.

Her vines tightened around my back, holding me to her. They wrapped around us, forming a cage. She moved against me, crying out as she bit into my shoulder. The sharp nip nearly made me lose control, pleasure-pain I’d never felt before.

I sucked in a hard breath. I couldn’t. Because when it happened, I would lose control entirely. I’d fail to finish this for her, and I was desperate to feel her come apart.

It took all of my control to keep myself in check, but I found a rhythm that made her shudder and shake. She began to move against me, hesitatingly at first.

“That’s it,” I murmured against her ear. “Take what you want.”

She rode my hand, seeking her pleasure, and I worked her body, feeling the minute changes in her as her pleasure coiled higher and higher.

When she finally exploded, her heat gripped my fingers hard, making my cock twitch in desperate sympathy.

Fates, how I want her.

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