Charcoal Notes

This erotic story excerpt from Charcoal Notes by Grace Harper is publihed with permission.

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I took her overnight bag, and let us into my home. She took off her coat, humming to buy time.

“Headline news. Erin doesn’t share what happens between her and Alex, not the private stuff, and neither will I. Are you changing your mind about tonight?”

She circled her arms around my back, leaning backwards, using me as a counterweight. Her grin was contagious. I scooped her up and kissed her mouth.

“No doubts, Tara, just that I would like to keep my sex life private. I know that’s contradictory to when you first saw me, and what the papers report. With you, I want what we do to stay between us.”

“You don’t have to worry, Seb, I get it. Now, what are you going to feed me?”

“I thought we could have a bath. Wash off the day, and I can give you a foot rub.”

Her hands fisted in my shirt, her body stilling for a moment. This was the point our evening became real. Became significant. I was over the fucking moon that she felt it too. She kissed me again, finding my lips with her mouth, her eyes closed well before we met. It was a hell of a kiss, her tongue took long swipes against mine, slowly teasing me to the point of a frenzy. I moved us to the bottom of the stairs, depositing her on the second step. I took her hand, and we walked up the staircase side by side. She kept looking at me, smiling, and squeezing my hand. I was more nervous than she was, I couldn’t contain my erection. I wanted to give her the fantasy she asked for over, and over again, against every wall in the house.

I let her go into my bedroom first. I followed, walking to the adjoining bathroom. It was just as large as my bedroom. When I had the en-suite refurbished, I had Tara in mind. At one end, there was a walk-in shower, light blue walls, and floor, big enough to fit half a dozen people. In the centre of the room was a massive bath. I was a tall man and liked to stretch out. With a bath this big we could share with plenty of room. I had a double sink fitted with large gold framed mirrors. I hated that they looked like the ones I saw at Valentino’s place, and I might be a diva, and change them.

I set the bath running, and pilled towels on top of the table within reach.

“I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been nosey and checked out your walk-in wardrobe. I’m impressed with the dozen pairs of black jeans. I won’t ask why you need so many.”

“Come here,” I said, beckoning her with a nod of my head.

Tara had pulled out her blouse from her skirt and had discarded her shoes somewhere along the way. Her bare feet padded across the grey slate floor, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her painted black toes.

“What now?” Tara asked, unbuttoning my shirt, achingly slowly. I waited until enough buttons were undone and then pulled it over my head. She went for the buckle of my belt, but I pulled her hand away and held it behind her back.

“I get to undress you first, sweet pea.”

I made fast work of her shirt buttons, and let it fall from her shoulders, she shook her wrists to release the shirt altogether. Gazing at Tara, semi-naked was intoxicating, I couldn’t catch a breath for a few moments. Stroking the back of my hand down from her neck to her waist, I grabbed her hand and spun her around. She giggled when I hugged her to me. Skin against skin. I could have cried at the contact. I kissed her from one shoulder to the other, dropping to my knees, and kissing her spine. Her skirt had a side zip that took me a few moments to locate, but as soon as her skirt was loose, I let it drop to the floor. Tara wore a pair of black panties, see-through with lace trim. I kissed the dimple on her bottom cheek and reached to turn off the tap of the bath. She didn’t move. I could feel her thigh tremble under my fingers as I pulled her underwear down her long toned legs. Close up in the light of the bathroom, they looked fantastic. Once she was completely naked, I bowed down, my hands flat on the floor to kiss her ankle.

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“Widen your legs, Tara,” I whispered, and she did it.

Her soft skin goose pimpled as I licked and kissed her legs. One leg then the other until I reached the curve of her tight arse. I stuck my tongue out and licked her once, and that’s when I heard the moan from Tara’s mouth. She stood still, knees locked, waiting for me to kiss her again, but I didn’t.

I planned to work her into a frenzy, make her crazy with desire to match my own.

When I stood, I trailed my fingers over her skin, up her legs, and back, and then down her arms. Her head lolled from side to side as she quietly moaned.

I undressed completely and turned her around. My erection was the only thing keeping us apart. She stared down at me, her mouth open, with her tongue licking her lips.

“Don’t do that, I want to make it until after we’ve eaten to fuck you,” I said.

I couldn’t help biting out my words. I wanted Tara, right now on the cold tiles. I wanted her to straddle me, claw her nails into my chest as she slid up and down my length.

“You’re beautiful, Sebastian, perfect,” she said.

Her hand went around my penis, soft, gentle caresses as she got used to my reaction. Tara didn’t know she could squeeze a lot harder than she was but we would get to that lesson later, much later. Tonight was all about her.

“You’re the perfect goddess, Tara, let me help you get into the bath,” I said.

It had a high lip, and I didn’t want her to stumble at this stage. I kept the water clear with bath salts, and no bubbles. I wanted to see all of her.

She sank down, her legs almost touching the opposite end. I settled opposite her and took one of her ankles. I rubbed and massaged her foot until she rolled her eyes closed and relaxed.

“How was your day?” Tara asked when I switched to the other foot.

“Busy, too busy that I didn’t get to spend any time with you.”

“I guess it will be like that until Maverick is on the road or Alex and Erin come back.”

“True, we’ll just need to make sure we have time together in the evening instead.”

“I’m sure Casey will love that idea.”

I didn’t like the worried, sarcastic tone she used. I couldn’t give a fuck what Casey wanted, Tara was not a replacement for Erin, and Erin wasn’t a replacement for whoever he wanted her to be.

“Is he horrible to live with?”

“Not horrible, just unpredictable. Happy one minute, sad the next. It can be wearing on my nerves, and I have a decent knowledge of how to deal with those types of personality. You creative types are born divas.”

“Hey,” I said and splashed her. “I’m no diva, at least I don’t think I am.”

“I wouldn’t know if you are a diva when you’re on tour, but Casey certainly is.”

“I miss touring, that was the best part of my days in Fragile. I loved the road and the different cities. The stadiums and amphitheatres. They were all unique.”

“Do you want to sing again?”

“I don’t think so, I’m happy with my place at Red & Black. Happy to be helping new stars make their way in this industry.”

“Maybe when Alex is back, you could do a few dates, let the fans pick the songs. You could do small venues.”

“There’s no way Fragile are getting back together, Eddie and Jacob would never step back on stage. They wanted out for a while before we put the final album out, and did a year-long tour.”

“That’s a shame, you were an amazing band.”

“Thanks, sweet pea,” I said, dragging her towards me. We met in the middle of the bath, her legs wrapped around my waist. My cock was in a perfect position for me to slip inside her, and she felt it too.

Our foreheads knocked together. Tara shifted back an inch or two to sit on my thighs, she brought her hand to play with my cock again, this time with more confidence. She held me tight and then started to move up and down my shaft. I shook my head from side to side, squeezing my eyes shut at the sheer pleasure of Tara’s touch.

“Will you look at me?” She asked.

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I opened my eyes to find hers staring back at me, her concentration on giving me pleasure was nearly my undoing. I was getting impossibly hard, and not coming. I needed to hold out until she would let me slide inside her.

“I love you, Tara, with every part of me.”

“I love you too, Sebastian. I want you, I don’t want to wait until after dinner.”

“What about your fantasy?” I said and grazed her nipple with my teeth. I was greeted with a hiss followed by a groan, so I did it on her other nipple.

“You can give me my fantasy another time. This is perfect where we are.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s what I want.”

Shit. This was actually happening.

 “We don’t have a condom,” I said.

I’d bought a fresh box, and it was in the drawer of my bedside table.

“You’re my forever, right? You’re going to marry me, and we’re going to be together forever.”

“As long as you’ll have me, until my dying breath.”

“Then we don’t need the condom, I don’t want any barriers.”

Holy hell, that was the sexiest thing she could have said. I’ve wanted Tara to be my future for so long. To have to question that was heartbreaking, and heartening at the same time.

“You’ll need to come a little closer, wrap your legs tighter around me, and I’ll do the rest.”

She did as I asked, and draped her arms over my shoulders. I held her tight to me, an arm around her waist while my other hand positioned my aching cock at her entrance. I slipped in an inch, and I was in heaven. So warm, and so tight, I was afraid to go any further. Tara took a few deep breaths, and I pushed in further. I had no clue if this was going to hurt her or not.

“You won’t break me, I own three vibrators. Fuck me, Sebastian, I want to feel you fill me. I want to feel you stretch me, and bring me to a dizzying height of pleasure.”

I hugged her tight, kissed her shoulder, and lifted my hips to push all the way inside her body. Our sighs and moans filled the bathroom. The water slopping all around us added to the erotic moment of our first time together. Tara was perfect, I fitted her perfectly. I moved more quickly, hurrying to catch up with her orgasm, she started to shake as she clenched my cock hard. I came first, and Tara whimpered, whispering in my ear to keep going, and not stop. I pressed my thumb against her clit and circled a few times, and then she went off like a rocket. Her shouting my name as she came was the best moment of my life. Spasm after spasm, rippling over my cock that pulsed at the same time. I sank back down under the water, taking Tara with me, she rested her head on my shoulder, the rest of our bodies under the water still joined.

“That was wonderful,” she said.

Tara traced the head of the dragon tattoo, over my nipple, and then down to my stomach, she carried on going until she reached the tail on my thigh. Catching my hand under the water, she entwined our fingers and lifted both of our hands out to kiss my wrist. Just as her lips touched my skin, she pulled her head back.

I knew what she’d seen.

“Is that my name tattooed on your arm?” she asked.

Her head moving forward to carefully inspect the script writing. She shook her fingers free and traced the four letters.

“Yes,” I answered, I couldn’t lie, it was plain to see.

“When did you get it done, it looks new.”

“The night before the wedding, the same time Erin and Alex got their matching tattoos.”

“Is that why you were wearing long-sleeved shirts, sweating like a fool, so you didn’t show me?”


“But why?”

“I was embarrassed that you’d laugh at me. That I was a fool with unrequited love.”

“It’s the most romantic thing you could do. I’m sorry that I can’t reciprocate, I don’t think I’d ever have a tattoo. It looks far too painful.”

“You don’t have to get a tattoo for me. I got one because I wanted your name forever etched on my skin. Tattoos are personal, and you mean the world to me. Maybe one day you’ll get inked up. The inside of your ankle and I could kiss it every day. I love your feet. You have the sexiest feet I have ever seen.”

“You’re the sexiest man I have ever seen, and now you’re mine.”

“Damn straight, sweet pea. How are you feeling? Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she said, shaking her head, her shy smile was back. “You felt amazing.”

I moved to sit us up. Tara unwrapped her legs from mine and stood. The water dripping from her body had me semi hard again. I watched until all the rivulets of water finished their journey, and stood as well.

“You’re a goddess, and now you’re mine.”

“Damn straight,” she answered, and stepped out of the bath. She took a towel, and handed it to me, and then dried her body with another. I stood like a fool watching her. Every part of her body was smooth, sculpted lines, I could have watched her move forever.

“Come on, get out, and make me some food. I have an appetite.”


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