The reunion tour

This sexy story from Encore by Selena Laurence is published with permission.

Erotic sexy story excerpt from Encore By Selena Lawrenc

I’m naked in bed with Ross Macalester, and he’s nothing like I would have expected. He’s everything like he was at eighteen—authentic, kind, funny.

But while he was sweet and considerate then, he’s incredibly sexy now.

Blow my mind sexy. Just the way he slowly pumps into my hand as I have it wrapped around his cock is pure, adult heat.

His lips slide over mine and every thought in my head goes full tilt out the window. He groans and moves in my hand again, and I press closer to him as his fingers find my nipples. Our tongues tangle and I tilt my head to deepen the kiss.

He tastes like the whiskey he was drinking all night, and smells like heaven—salt and lemon and man.

Our breathing quickens, and soon his mouth has slid down to my breast. He sucks my nipple into his mouth and little sparks of arousal shoot through me. Once upon a time, I could nearly come from that alone, but nursing a giant baby boy deadened nerve endings in there for good.

I feel his fingers as they slide along my core, and I gasp at the sensation.

“So wet,” he whispers into the dark. “When was the last time someone licked you here?” he asks.

I feel my face heat. My ex-husband and I never really talked about things like that. We weren’t totally uptight, but we weren’t verbal. You just did it—or not.

“Too long,” I say, my voice thready with desire.

He chuckles, then, and slides off the bed onto his knees before pulling me to the edge.

He drapes my legs over his shoulders, spreads me open with his fingers, and touches his tongue to my clit.

I can’t help but cry out.

“God, Carly.” His voice is a growl, and my hips tip up to meet the next stroke of his tongue. “I want to make you come like this,” he tells me. “Do you think I can?”

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My back arches off the bed and my legs tremble. “Oh yeah,” I reassure him. “No worries…there.”

Then, there aren’t more words, just the sounds of a man doing his utmost to make a woman scream his name. And God, do I scream his name. I scream it as he thrusts two fingers inside me and pushes on my g-spot at the same time the flat of his tongue presses against my clit. I scream his name as my hips tilt right off the bed and waves of glorious release flow through me.

I scream his name as he moans and licks me like I’m a goddam ice cream cone.

Then, in a flash, he’s gone, and everything is cold and I’m still throbbing, about to sob in anguish, but I hear the crackle of a condom wrapper and relief washes over me.

“I might not last more than about ten seconds,” he warns as he climbs over me. I wrap my legs around his hips and take a moment to hold his face between my hands, relishing the feel of his big beard. It’s so much softer than I would have guessed. Smooth and thick.

We stare into each other’s eyes then, able to make out the basics in the nearly darkened room.

He looks like he’s about to say something, but then he leans in and kisses me softly, instead.

As he slides into me, I forget anything but the feel of him. I’m not a mother or an ex-wife, not a friend or a sister. There is no world outside of this room, no sensation outside of this man deeper inside me than anyone has ever been before.

“Carly.” His voice is a whisper in the air around us as he begins to slide in and out, his chest brushing mine, his breath coasting over my cheeks. I work my fingers through his hair, and just feel him. Feel us. A rhythm together, in tune, perfection.

I’m already so aroused from the first orgasm, that the second chases it like a runaway train.

Within moments, I’m clinging to him, gasping my release, digging my nails into his broad back.

He gives a sharp grunt, then pushes into me harder and deeper than I thought possible, before I feel him shake as he comes, his thrusting becoming short and quick, until he finally collapses on top of me, his head in the crook between my shoulder and neck.

I stroke his back as he catches his breath.

“I think I may have died and gone to heaven,” his muffled voice says.

I burst into laughter because it’s the cheesiest, dumbest thing anyone has ever said to me after sex.

He lifts his head, one brow raised, and he looks more like the rockstar online than he does the boy I once knew. It steals my breath.

“You don’t believe me?” he asks.

I grin. “I’m not sure, but you have to admit, it was pretty corny.”

He rolls his eyes before pulling out and sitting up. “Damn, you give a woman a compliment and she ridicules you for it.”

He disposes of the condom and comes right back to bed. “What the hell is a guy supposed to say after an experience like that?” he asks. But he’s grinning, so I know he’s not actually offended.

I pretend to think about it for a moment. “Maybe, ‘thanks, that was great’?”

He scoots under the covers next to me and arranges me how he wants, his arms around me as my head rests on his shoulder.

I wrap my arm around his waist, noticing that there isn’t a single ounce of spare flesh there. I guess all those personal trainers really do work. I also can’t help but notice how comfortable it feels, and how much I like when he manhandles me just a touch. He’s gentle, but confident. It’s sexy as hell.

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“Babe, ‘thanks, that was great’ doesn’t even begin to cover what we just did. That was…” He pauses, searching for the right words.

“It was fucking incredible,” I offer.

He gives me a deep belly laugh that vibrates to my very soul. It’s like the feeling you get when you hear a baby laughing. Pure joy.

“It was absolutely fucking incredible,” he agrees. “And if you give me a few minutes to recover, we can do it again. But you know, a few minutes might actually be an hour because I’m an old guy.”

I pinch him playfully. “If you’re old than I am, too, so I resent that remark.”

Then, he kisses the top of my head, his voice growing quieter, his embrace warm and safe. “You’re nowhere near old, baby. You’re perfect. This night is perfect. We’re perfect.”

And as his breathing becomes rhythmic, and I begin to slide into slumber myself, all I can think is, nothing perfect ever lasts.


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