One Touch And She's Burning Up With This Hot Fireman

This sexy story from Hot Mess by Amy Andrews is published with permission.

Erotic stories by Amy Andrews

In one smooth movement, his hands slid from her ass, up her back, taking the T-shirt with him, exposing her stomach first, then the high round peaks of her breasts.

“Oh, yes.” Her nipples pebbled before his gaze. “Lay back,” he murmured.

Her hands loosened from around his neck, gliding down his chest before she leaned back onto the desk on bent elbows. He didn’t take the shirt off, he liked that it was rucked up high on her chest, while the rest of her nudity was completely exposed to him.

Her nipples were tight pink points, her areolas shrunken dusky discs.

“Damn,” he whispered, his breath hot and heavy as it escaped his lungs, his hands smoothing up her middle then diverting to either side to each flatten a breast.


She moaned, her back arching involuntarily, thrusting their flattened contours deeper into his hands, the hardness of her nipples scraping erotically against his palms.

“I love your breasts,” he said, dragging his gaze off them to lock with hers. “I could look at them all day. I could play…” He drew his fingers up both breasts, steepling them, capturing the nipples and drawing them out as far as they’d go, loving the harsh, swift suck of her breath. “With them all day.”

He let them go, brushing the tips back and forth with his thumbs. “I could suck them all day.”

He dropped his head then, capturing her left nipple, drawing it deep into his mouth as he fondled the other. She cried out, bucking against him and he slipped a hand around to the middle of her back, holding her fast.

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“You like?” He lifted his head, smiling at her not giving her a chance to answer before switching sides, satisfied enough by the glazed sheen to her eyes, the rough pant of her breath, the pink flush to her neck and chest.

Jesus.” She moaned as his mouth claimed the opposite nipple, her head lolling back again as he used his tongue and his teeth and his whiskers to drive her wild.

His hand left her back, sliding down her stomach, two fingers slipping between her legs. Her thighs clenched and her back arched violently as she cried out.

Shhh, baby.” He relinquished a nipple as he kissed up her neck to her mouth. She whimpered into the kiss as he slid the fingers inside her. “It’s okay,” he soothed, his thumb finding her clit. “Just lay back. Enjoy.”

A string of guttural noises escaped from her throat as she broke the kiss. The fact he’d made her incoherent swelled his head and his heart.

It wasn’t physically possible for his cock to get any more swollen.

He returned his attention to her breasts, swiping his tongue over first one nipple, then the other as his thumb teased the hard, slick nub of her clit. She was wet – so wet – the aroma of her arousal filling his head and building to a roar in his chest.

She moaned, her head lolling back again, completely surrendering to him. He took full advantage of her nearly naked and fully wanton, bared before him, bared for him, his T-shirt branding her as his, grazing his teeth against her nipples as he rubbed at her clit mercilessly.

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“Oh, God.” She gasped, her body trembling, her thighs tensing. “Logan!”

“Yes, baby, yes,” he murmured, his chin on her sternum, watching her as he crooked his fingers inside.

She came long and hard, her face screwing into a mask of ecstasy as she clamped tight around his fingers, her pelvis bucking, her breasts jiggling as the orgasm arced through her body like an electric shock.

He kissed her all the way through it. Her chest, her neck, her shoulders, the hard, dusky tips of her breasts. Kissed her until her body had taken all it could and she begged him to stop, reaching down to wrench his hand away, grabbing his shoulders, levering herself upright, slumping against him spent and sated.


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