A longtime coming

This good sex story excerpt from Kate Hawthorne's A Taste of Sin is published with permission.

Female friendly erotic story by Kate Hawthorne

Nic and Reed were friends as kids in foster care, but were split up as teenagers. After 20 years, they come back into each other’s lives. For Nic, the attraction is immediate. It’s the same for Reed but he’s been raised Catholic and is struggling with the guilt over his attraction to men. Nic is a priest, but also out and proud, and their ideologies have been clashing up until this point. After weeks of sexual tension and back and forth between them, Reed tells Nic he wants him. They kiss, but Nic tells him no more because he wants to make sure Reed doesn’t change his mind and regret it. This is the day after that exchange.    


“Am I gay?” he whispered, blinking up at Nic, who had leaned back against Reed’s dresser and folded his arms over his chest.

“You’re not straight,” Nic answered with a small lift of his shoulders. “Are you attracted to women?”

Reed pursed his lips and tried to remember the things he’d felt when he’d been involved with women. When he’d had relationships with women, he’d never even let things move toward anything sexual under the guise of him saving himself for marriage. But again, now, he didn’t know how true that reasoning had been.

“I don’t know.”

“That’s fair.” Nic pushed off the dresser and approached him slowly, stopping a foot away from him. Reed looked up, his eyes pulled toward the thick trail of hair that bloomed out of the elastic waistband of Nic’s underwear.

“I’m attracted to you,” Reed admitted.

“I’m glad for that.” Nic took another step closer, his crotch inches from Reed’s face. Reed inhaled, the salty smell of sweat and cum thick against his nostrils. Reed tentatively reached his hands out, fingers dragging through the coarse curls of Nic’s happy trail. Nic groaned, his cock thickening in front of Reed’s eyes. 

“I’ve never done this before.” He looked up at Nic. “Any of this.” 

Nic smoothed a hand through Reed’s hair and Reed leaned into the touch, a smile flitting across his face. He closed his eyes.

“That’s okay. We can go slow.” 

“What if I don’t want to go slow?” Reed blinked Nic into focus, his fingers delving deeper under the band of Nic’s briefs. 

“What if I do?” Nic countered.

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Reed’s hands stilled.

“You’re right.” Reed pulled his hands away and folded them in his lap, wishing that he had a blanket to cover himself with. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, hey.” Nic chuckled and pushed Reed onto his back, using his body to shoulder Reed up the bed until he was spread over top of him. “I didn’t say I wanted to. I just want to make sure you understand that whatever this thing is between us, it goes both ways. Consent is a two-way street.”

“Right,” Reed said, gasping when Nic’s teeth sank into the lobe of his ear. 

“Slow is good,” Nic whispered. 

“Alright,” Reed panted, back bowing off the bed. Nic’s tongue drew a circle over the thin skin behind Reed’s ear.

“School’s out until fall?” 

“What?” Reed was confused. “Yeah.”

“Good,” Nic growled, sucking a bruise into the side of Reed’s neck.

Reed gasped, fingers scrabbling over the broad muscles of Nic’s back. Nic sucked until Reed’s moans turned to whimpers, his cock leaking a wet spot against Nic’s belly. 

“I have so many ideas for you.” Nic tore his mouth away from Reed’s neck and leaned back. He situated himself so he was straddling Reed. Nic reached down and shoved his briefs down, tucking the elastic under his balls so it held his cock on display for Reed’s enjoyment. “But there’s something I need to tell you, too.” 

Reed nodded, hoping what Nic had to say wouldn’t stop whatever was happening between them right now. Reed didn’t know where this was going, or what would become of them, but he’d go down in flames to see it through.

“I’m leaving,” Nic whispered, his head tilted to the side. His face was scrunched up, his eyes dark with want… and with worry.


“I’m, uhm, I’m taking a sabbatical this summer.” 

Reed scrambled out from underneath Nic’s weight and crawled back toward his headboard, pulling his knees up to his chest protectively. “Where?” 

“Fuck.” Nic looked away.


“Around.” Nic shrugged. “I’m doing a two-week missionary trip to Honduras, then I was going to do a spiritual retreat in Arizona. The church has property out there.” 

“How long?”

“A month.”

Reed scrubbed his hands over his face. “Starting when?” 

“I leave in two weeks.”

Reed looked up at Nic, searching his face for an explanation, a reason, reassurance; he didn’t know what he was looking for, but he knew when he found it. Nic’s face twisted into an apologetic grimace and his eyes turned to glass. His mouth opened, but no words escaped him. 

“Come here,” Reed whispered, stretching a hand toward Nic. Nic laced their fingers together and let Reed tug him to the head of the bed, their bodies colliding again. Reed fell beneath Nic’s weight, chest heaving. He buried his face in the crook of Nic’s neck and kissed him there. 

“I’m sorry,” Nic rasped.

Reed stroked his hands down Nic’s back in a slow and soothing motion. “It’s alright. We have until then.”

Nic reared back. “Only until?” 

“You may not want me when you’re back,” Reed offered. “God could… inspire you to focus your dedication elsewhere.”

“Reed, I’ve wanted you longer than I’ve even known God. There is nothing he can ask of me that will take me away from you again.” Nic bumped their noses together.

“You don’t know that.”

“I do,” Nic protested. “God wouldn’t ever ask something of me that I couldn’t handle, and being apart from you… well.”

Nic didn’t finish the thought; instead, he dipped his face down, slanting his lips over Reed’s and kissing him tenderly. It was different from their earlier kisses. Slower, less frantic, more measured. 

Reed’s cock hardened again.


“There’s no rush,” Nic whispered against Reed’s swollen lips. He ground his hips into Reed, their cocks dragging together and the zipper of Nic’s loosened pants gouging into Reed’s thigh. 

“It feels…” Reed licked his lips, trying to find the word and settling on, “urgent.” 

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“There’s no denying that.” Nic pulled them both up until they were sitting, keeping their fingers twisted together between them. “But you’ve had a big weekend, Reed. You’ve changed position on some important things, and I want to make sure you’ve thought it through before we do much more than this.” 

“I’ve thought it through,” he protested.

Nic huffed out an amused laugh. “That’s your dick talking.” 

“I want you,” he emphasized again. 

“If that’s true, then you’ll want me tomorrow. You’ll want me two months from now.” Nic lifted Reed’s hand and kissed it. 

“That’s a lifetime,” Reed whispered.

“No.” Nic shook his head and pushed Reed onto his back. “Twenty years is a lifetime, but I’m here now, and you won’t need to wait as long as I have.” 

Nic slid down his body, tongue drawing scalding shapes and lines over the ridges of Reed’s abs and his ribs until it dipped lower, drawing a long stripe just above the waistband of his underwear. 

Nic’s fingers pulled at the waistband, tugging them down low enough to expose Reed’s red and leaking cock. Nic circled his hand around it and stroked. Reed gasped and arched into the touch, desperate for more.

Nic tongued Reed’s cock from the base to the tip, and Reed was surprised he didn’t shoot off across Nic’s face just like that. One of Nic’s hands dragged up Reed’s body and flattened against his chest, pushing Reed back onto the bed. 

“Hold the headboard,” Nic ordered from between his legs. Reed raised his arms and threaded his fingers through the decorative bronze bars of the bed.

Nic swallowed the head of Reed’s cock into his mouth. Reed stared down at Nic and watched his cheeks hollow, the pressure and suction on his cock growing painful. He thrashed beneath Nic, and Nic’s eyes flared, his efforts renewed. Reed’s balls tingled, churning in their sac and lifting toward his body.

Nic popped off, Reed’s cock slapping against his stomach. 

“You like it when I hurt you,” he observed, working his lips around the thick midsection of Reed’s shaft. “But you want more from me.”

Reed’s eyelashes fluttered. 

He wanted lots of things, most of which he didn’t know how to understand, let alone articulate. 

“If I ever do something you don’t like, say red and I’ll stop,” Nic promised him.

Reed nodded.

“Repeat it. Use your words,” Nic chided.

“I’ll say red if I need you to stop,” Reed panted, eyes coming open. “What if I don’t want you to stop?”

Nic bit his lower lip between his teeth and grinned deviantly up at Reed. “Then you say green.”

“Green,” Reed repeated. “Green.” 

Nic groaned and returned his attention to Reed’s cock, licking and sucking at the tender underside of Reed’s foreskin. He used his tongue to push it down, exposing the flared tip of Reed’s engorged cock, and then he bit down, his teeth pressing just so into the most delicate part of Reed’s body.

And not much to his own surprise, Reed came.



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