Three's company

This erotic sex story excerpt from Filthy Vows by Alessandra Torre, published with permission.

Erotic sexy story excerpt from Filthy Vows by Alessandra Torre

I was in our bedroom, flat on my back on the bed, when I heard the front door open. Sitting up, I reached for the glass of champagne and took a quick, nervous sip.

Floorboards creaked and shoes sounded against the wood as they came closer. I slid to the edge of the bed and held my breath, staring at the dark corner where the door was.

This was crazy. Stupid. Really really awkward. I took another sip and gripped the black sash tighter.

There was a knock at the door. Three quick raps. Our signal.

I sat up straighter and watched the door swing open, and the strong silhouette of my husband pass through. He closed the door behind him.


I smiled despite my nerves. “Hey.” He came to a stop before me and surveyed me. I fidgeted, smoothing down the lines of my dress.

“You look beautiful.” He stepped closer, cradled my face in his hands and looked down at me. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

I nodded, my skin humming in anticipation. My fears mixing with thoughts of what was about to actually happen. Aaron was standing just outside the door. Waiting to come in. “Yes. Are you sure he’s okay with it?”

He laughed.

“He’s very okay with it. Trust me. Do you want to use the blindfold?”

“Yeah.” I passed him the black satin piece and waited as he placed it over my eyes, tying it into a tight knot at the back of my head.


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I nodded.


I nodded.

“Move to your knees. Spread them open.”

It was odd, the loss of my bearings. I moved to the floor and found the king-sized pillow I’d put there, my knees widening as I sat back on my heels. My dress, a midnight blue cocktail number, pooled around my knees and I ran my hands over the deep cowl neck, making sure I was fully covered. The deep sound of his chuckle came from above me. “Suddenly shy?”

I stuck my tongue out and started when his hand closed on my chin, the rough pad of his thumb rubbing across my tongue. I bit gently down and his hand tightened on my jaw.

“Naughty thing,” he chided. “I’ll punish you for that.” He pulled away his hand and I felt a chill at the exit, my body craving more of a connection. “Ready?”

I nodded, my hands fisting in the thin fabric of my dress, my nerves sharpened to an almost painful point. This was it. I was suddenly grateful for the blindfold, for the protection it seemed to give me. No uncomfortable eye contact. No interaction. I’d please and be pleased by Easton, and he would watch. Technically, I’d have plausible deniability that Aaron was ever in our room.

The click of his shoes sounded across the floor and there was the squeak of the heavy brass handle, the subtle change in the air as the door opened and a second set of footsteps sounded.




I stayed frozen in place, tracking Aaron’s journey as he moved to stand to my left, closer than I had expected.

If I reached out, would I touch him?

It was hard to judge the distance. Easton brushed against me and I reached out, feeling my way up his jeans. He undid his belt and our hands touched as he dragged the zipper down. “Take it out.”

I obeyed, self-conscious as I worked his jeans and underwear down, then ran my hands softly up his muscular thighs and over his cock. It was already swollen and grew rigid quickly under my hands.

“Jesus,” Aaron muttered from beside us. “I forgot how fucking big you are.”

“She can take it all.” His hand closed on the back of my head and gently pulled. “Show him, Elle. Show him how well you suck my cock.”

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Heat bloomed in my belly and my hands tightened, my mouth opening as the stiff crown of his dick pushed inside. I took the head, then withdrew, rolling my tongue around the tip before I went back down, further this time, my throat opening up for his width.

Easton’s fingers bit into my scalp, his pelvis tilted up, and I felt his thighs flexed.

“Fuck, baby.”

I worked my mouth faster, hollowing my cheeks as I pulsed on and off his cock, growing bolder as he grew stiffer. Had he ever been so hard? He’d certainly never been so bossy, his hand now fisted in my hair, his voice rough as he encouraged me on.

“Her dress.” The request came from Aaron, his voice hoarse with need. “Can she take it off?”

Emboldened, I started to reach back, to undo the closure, but stopped when Easton’s hand closed on mine, pulling it away. “Let us do it.”

There was a whisper of communication, then Aaron moved into the tight area between me and the bed, his pants brushing against my back as he sat, the mattress sighing from the weight.

“Keep sucking,” Easton urged, the points of his fingers returning to my head.

I did, grateful for the distraction of the task, my skin heating in the anticipation and realization that Aaron was right behind me.

His fingers brushed against the nape of my neck, smoothing my hair out of way and I almost groaned.

He stilled. “Is it okay if I undo this?”

I nodded, my mouth too full to speak. He undid the link and slid the fabric off my shoulders, the dress slinking to my lap, leaving my breasts bare. I gripped Easton in my fist and licked up the underside of his cock, flicking my tongue against the lip of his head. “Have him touch me. My tits.”

Aaron didn’t wait for Easton’s response, his hands sliding down my sides and then around to the front. I felt his breath against my shoulder as he bent forward for further access, the bed squeaking as he moved off of it and onto the floor behind me. He must be kneeling behind me, the stiff fabric of his shirt brushing against my back as his big hands cupped my breasts. He was more gentle than Easton. More hesitant. His fingers ghosted over my nipples as if he was afraid to touch them. Under the faint contact, they hardened, desperate for more. I arched into his touch.

“You like that?” Easton rasped. “You like him touching you?”

I nodded and, against my tongue, his dick twitched in response. I pulled off his cock and gasped in a breath. “I love it.”

“Fuck…” Aaron muttered from behind me, his touch growing bolder, and I moaned as he pulled on one nipple, then the next.

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“That’s enough.” Easton’s voice was hard and possessive, his cock pulled away from my mouth and replaced by his kiss. I rose on my knees, gripping his hair as he claimed me with a rough and savage kiss. As he broke away, I felt Aaron move to his feet and heard his steps sound against the wood as he came to stand beside Easton.

Both of them, before me.

I hesitated, still up on my knees, my breasts goosebumping in the open air.

“Pull out your cock.”

The sound of the zipper was so loud in the room. I was never so grateful for the silence, for the erotic click of the undoing, the rustle of his jeans, the jingle of his belt. Was this… was this actually about to happen?

“Jack off as you watch her.”

I licked my lips, aware that Easton was giving me a chance to restrict Aaron to watching, or bring him deeper into the act. I hesitated, warring between what I desperately wanted and an ingrained resistance strengthened by a lifetime of society’s expectations and opinions. Could I?

I cleared my throat. “I want to taste him.”

Aaron inhaled sharply, and I felt Easton move closer. He leaned down and kissed my shoulder, then gently squeezed one breast.

“Good girl. Now open up that perfect little mouth. I want him to feel how well you can take a cock.”

My need unfurled, like a flag hitting the wind, eagerness surging through me as I reached out and found Aaron in the darkness. He stuck straight out, as stiff as Easton had been, and I explored him with my hands and then placed the tip of my tongue on his shaft.

“Jesus.” He moved back, then came forward. His hand touched my head, then he abruptly pulled his dick away.

“Should I stop?” I tilted my head up as if I could see him.

“Fuck no. I just…” He let out a breath. “God, you’re hot. I just—” The toe of his shoe bumped against my knee.

“Just go slowly. Please.”

I inched forward on my knees and took my time, letting my tongue play along his seams and girth. He was thinner than Easton, but almost as long. His dick was like his build, strong and tall. I circled the head of him with my tongue and then worked him into my mouth, slowing the process down further as he sharply inhaled.

“I don’t know how you do it, E. I’m about to fucking come just from watching her take my cock.”

“I know. Her mouth is insane.” I heard the pride in my husband’s voice as he pulled my left hand off Easton’s thigh and put it on his own dick. I curled my fingers around his stiff shaft, swelling under their praise.

This was it. My fantasy come to fruition.

I was between the two of them. Aaron’s cock was in my mouth. My husband was harder than steel and I had never been so wet or aroused in my life.

“My turn.” Easton’s hand closed on the back of my head and I turned to him, taking him as deeply as I could, and then pulled off.

Returned to Aaron. Took him to his base, and incited a string of curses from his mouth.

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Went back to Easton, my hand working over Aaron, my weight shifting from knee to knee as I repeated the process, back and forth between the two men. My pussy grew heavy with need, and I shifted, bringing my heels underneath me, the strap of one stiletto abused as I ground against the clasp, dragging myself across the metal bit and still frustratingly unable to make contact with my clit.

My husband noticed my need, and his hand tightened on my shoulder, stopping my movement. “Now, it’s our turn.”

I stood, still bare on top, my nipples still fiercely hard and itching for stimulation. Between my legs, I was wet, my body throbbing, every pleasure sensor on high alert. The blindfold was still snug, everything dark and every sensation louder as a result.

Someone’s hand brushed down the middle of my back.

A slow finger trailed around one nipple and then the other. Two hands settled on the back of my thighs and slid up, underneath the hem of the dress, taking their liberties across the curve of my ass. Was it Easton or Aaron? Before this moment, I would have sworn that I’d recognize Easton’s touch anywhere. But now, in the dark, everything was beginning to twist and mix into an unknown cocktail of eroticism.

It should have terrified me.

A different woman would have held back. I wanted more.

A tongue flicked across my nipple and I reach out instinctively, capturing the head and pulling it onto my breast. Not Easton’s short tuffs. This was coarser hair, and a thrill shot through me at the knowledge that it was Aaron who was now taking my nipple into his mouth. Aaron whose hands were cupping my breasts. Aaron who was stepping closer, his clothes brushing against my skin, his groan vibrating out from his tongue. I pulled at his hair, bringing his mouth to my other breast, and pinched my eyes shut at the desperate need that flooded through me.

“Easton,” I choked out. “I need more.”

“Get on the bed.”

Aaron withdrew and Easton pulled at my waist, bringing me back. I stumbled, then felt the bed behind me and sat.

There was movement. Items rustled. Something splashed. A shoe fell. A light brush of air moved across my skin as the fan came on. Bare feet slapped the floor. I started, then relaxed as Easton’s mouth brushed mine, then kissed me deeper, a splash of champagne on his tongue.

He moved to my ear, kissing the lobe, then whispered into it. “Ready?”

“Wait.” I hesitated, turning an idea over in my head before I put it into action. Was I ready? Was I sure?

But I was. I wanted more, and part of that included sight. I reached up and picked at the knot of satin at the back of my head, working it loose, the fabric falling around my neck. I pulled it off, dropping it to the floor and opened my eyes.

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Easton stood directly before me, gazing down as if he wanted to both worship and devour me. I didn’t look for Aaron, didn’t do anything but reach for the glass in Easton’s hand, tilting back the delicate flute and filling my mouth with the bubbly contents. An incredulous smile crossed his face, and he really was too beautiful at times. My eyes dragged down the stiff white fabric of his shirt and found his cock, jutting through the open bottom, bobbing suggestively before me. It twitched and I grinned. He was beautiful…and so naughty.

I didn’t pull from Easton’s eyes but could feel Aaron in the room, silently watching us. Waiting.

“Are you sure about this?” Easton put his finger under my chin and lifted it until my eyes met his. I wet my lips, the taste of champagne still on them, and nodded.

“Open your knees.”

Gripping the edge of the bed, I parted my legs, the silky fabric of my dress clinging to my inner thighs.

He sank to his knees before me. Running his hand down to my calf, he gave the muscle a possessive squeeze before undoing the satin strap of my right stiletto. Carefully, he removed the shoe and set it aside, then moved to the left. In the dim bedroom light, I watched his features tighten in attentive concentration as his strong hands made quick work of the delicate heels. From somewhere to the left, Aaron let out a soft cough and every inch of my body tightened.

My bare feet settled on the wood floor as he ran his palms reverently up my bare legs, stopping at my open knees.

His gaze flicked to mine. “Wider,” he said hoarsely, and pushed them further apart.

I yielded, allowing him to stretch my legs open and lift my dress, draping it outside my knees so that I was fully exposed. He smiled when he saw my lack of panties, and ran a tender hand across my damp folds. His fingers spread me, then pushed so deeply inside that the platinum glint of his wedding ring disappeared. I gasped at the intrusion—finally—and his eyes darkened at how wet and needy I was. “Tell me what you want.”

I met his eyes. “Him.”

He swore and his fingers withdrew, then pushed back in, pumping across my neediest point. “Where?”

“Right here. On our bed.” My eyes dropped and I could see the instant and stiffening response of his cock.


I looked past him and at Aaron, my stomach tightening as I saw him hunched against our dresser, his face turned to me, his hands gripping the edge of the mahogany. Our eyes met and he stood, reaching back and pulling his shirt over his head, his face tight with hunger and want.

Hunger. Want. And expectation.

It was a fierce and heart-stopping combination, the look one I’d never seen on him, the heat in his eyes all but searing through my skin. Naked, he stepped forward and my knees opened wider, welcoming him in.

I dug my nails into the fabric of Easton’s shirt. “Now.”

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Aaron came forward until he was beside E. His hand closed on my left foot, Easton’s closed on my right, and they brought my legs up, my back hitting the bed, my body open. Between my legs, Easton’s other hand continued its movement, working faster as he pumped his fingers in and out of me. I met his eyes and they burned into me, his face tight with arousal, watching me as my body tightened, my orgasm close.

I clutched at his shoulder, my legs trembling.

Aaron moved closer, his eyes on Easton’s hand, and I felt almost dizzy at what he must be seeing. He reached out and cupped my breast, his fingers rolling over the nipple. I closed my hand over his, trapping it on the breast. “Squeeze it,” I panted. “Harder.”

“She likes it rough,” Easton bit out. “Pinch them.”

“I’m gonna—” I pinched my eyes tightly shut, feeling the orgasm approaching. Pushing out with my legs, I arched into E’s hand, my breasts lighting on fire as Aaron pinched my nipple tightly. His bare dick poked into my leg and I broke, stiffening as the orgasm crashed, then swelled, then broke. I let it happen, knowing that Easton would soften his touch, that he’d slide another finger in when I needed it, that he’d hold me in place if I slipped off the bed and onto the floor.

When I opened my eyes, Aaron was pulling away from me and ripping open a condom wrapper. I watched through hooded eyes as he brought the latex ring to his cock and saw the tremble of his hand as he tried to work it over the swollen head. “Hey,” I reached out and gripped his arm. “No rush.”

Glancing up, he gave me a sheepish smile.

“Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve put a condom on in four years. I’m rusty. And nervous.”

I laid back and waited, caressing my bare breasts, my confidence emboldened by his nerves. Turning my head, I saw Easton standing at the side, his gaze on me, eyes burning with heat.

“Put your fingers in yourself,” he ordered. “Show him how wet you are.”

I flicked my gaze to Aaron and slowly ran one hand down my stomach and across the thin strip of hair between my legs. I pushed a finger in, then a second, opening my legs and showing him the tight fit around my knuckles. His eyes followed the motion, and his breath shortened as he stroked his cock in rhythm with my fingers. “Fuck me,” I begged. “Please.”

Easton hissed, moving forward, and I turned my head, watching as he stalked up to the side of the bed, his hands flexing at his side.

“E…” Aaron gritted, his hand gripping my thigh, the head of his cock bumping against my soaked opening. I moaned, opening my legs wider, urging him inside me, as my eyes locked with Easton’s. He looked lethal. Deadly. I thought of his words, that he’d kill anyone who touched me. I reached out and wrapped my hands around his cock, and found it as hard as glass.

“Do it,” my husband grunted. “Put it in her. I want to see her face when you do.” He leaned forward, his hands braced on the bed beside my head, and stared at me, his hips thrusting as he worked his cock in and out of my fist. “You’re so fucking hot,” he whispered.

“You have no fucking idea how you have ruined me.”


Aaron thrust inside of me. I gasped, Easton swore, and everything spun into one delicious and erotic blend. With one simple thrust, there was a break, a moment where Easton’s fury faded, where my confidence soared, where every awkward nerve fled in the presence of mutual pleasure.

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My hand tightened on Easton’s cock, his mouth closed on mine, and Aaron grabbed my legs.

It was the same, yet different. He wasn’t as smooth as Easton. Not as confident. Jerky at times. Pausing at others. He was greedy with his eye contact, staring at my body as if he had never seen a woman naked before. I loved it. I devoured it. I performed for Easton and was instantly addicted to the possessive glower on his face, the pace of his motion. He furiously fisted his cock, jerking his hand over the erection as he stood beside us, his gaze stuck to our movements, his eyes dark with need.

When I came, Easton almost came off the floor.

He dropped his cock and hissed through his teeth, crossing his arms over his chest as he urged Aaron on. I thrashed, I clawed at Aaron’s arms, and when I saw the pre-come drip from Easton’s cock, my pleasure hit a new peak of ecstasy. I was coming down, the room spinning, when Aaron stiffened.

“Shit, I’m going to come.” Aaron bit out the words and yanked his dick out of me, stripping off the condom. Easton didn’t hesitate, taking his place in between my legs. “Where should I—”

“On my face,” I reached toward him from my place on my back. “Here. Please.”

“Are you sure?” He moved forward as he spoke, his handsome face pinched in concentration, his hand gripping his cock.

“Yes. Please.” My head dropped back as Easton pushed inside of me. Bigger. Barer. The difference between the two was noticeable and I met his eyes and bit back a smile at the cocky look on his face. He knew. My husband always knew, and it’d be annoying if that beautiful cock wasn’t fully mine.

“Did you like when he fucked you?” Easton asked, his dick dragging in and out of me, slower than I liked it. I pumped my hips, trying to fuck him back, and he shook his head at me. I scowled at him and he grinned. “Did you like when he fucked you?” he repeated slowly.

“Yes,” I gasped. “I loved it.”

“Tell him.” He nodded to Aaron, who stood by my head, his hand jerking over his cock.

I lifted my gaze to Aaron. “I loved it when you fucked me.” Between my legs, Easton increased his speed, rewarding me. “Your cock felt so good inside of me.”

“Jesus,” Aaron swore, his eyes pinned to my face, his strokes growing shorter and faster, working over his glistening head.

“I loved having your cock in my mouth.” I grabbed my breasts, pushing them together, my skin warming at the searing force of his stare, his full attention on every move, every word. “I loved having your mouth on my tits. I loved—”

“Fuck, I’m going to come.” Aaron panted out the words, moving closer, his dick pointed at me as if it was a sword. I opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue, my body and breasts bouncing from Easton’s thrusts.

“Please,” I begged. “I want it so badly.”

He groaned, his face pinching, and I jumped when the first shot landed on my cheek. The second, my mouth. The third hit somewhere over my head. I grabbed him and sat up, burying him down my throat, my eyes tearing at the depth. His hand palmed my head, a guttural sound ripping from him as he thrust into my mouth.

I gagged and Easton gripped my hips tightly. “Fuck, Elle. Do that again.”

I came off his cock, took a deep breath and then went down again, the taste of his come slightly bitter, my throat slick with spit and juice, and gagged again, harder this time.

“I’m coming.” Easton rammed into me with short rapid strokes, jack-hammer fast. Aaron’s hands closing on my breasts, squeezing them, and my own orgasm chased Easton’s down.

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“Don’t stop!” I cried wildly, feeling his release and desperate for my own. “Don’t stop!”

He didn’t, and my hand and mouth fell away from his shaft as I flopped back against the bed, my body binding and tightening into one exquisite ball of pleasure.

“Elle….” Easton warned, but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because I was rolling, my body flexing underneath his cock, the spasms of pleasure so pure, so intense, that it felt like a drug. A painful, beautiful, piercingly exquisite drug.

When it finally stopped, I went limp and Aaron’s hands softened, then released. Easton stayed inside of me, but rolled forward, bringing me onto his body, and laying me across his chest. His leg wrapped protectively around me, and I heard the soft sound of the door opening, then closing as Aaron left.

“Wow,” Easton said quietly, his heart thudding beneath me.

“Yeah.” I closed my eyes and sagged against his chest, my body cooling as our heartbeats gradually slowed to normal.



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