This sexy story from American Love Story by Adriana Herrera, published with permission.


Fuck it. I was doing this.“What is it?” I asked, committed to taking this shit wherever it needed to go, and Easton was loving it, if that smirk on his face was any indication.

He took his time to answer, looking at me with just a hint of doubt in his eyes, as if asking, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

I pushed the sheets off me and doubled down because as a matter of fact, I really fucking did want to do this.

“I want to see it. Right now.”

I wanted to push and prod until I had Easton panting. It felt like the only thing in the world that mattered in this moment. That dirty smile came back out and I pushed down the elastic band of my shorts so I could stroke my cock. Already desperate to get this thing we were doing, whatever it was, started.

I shuddered out a breath as I saw Easton reach over and grab the pouch with his thumb and index finger, delicately placing it on his chest, his eyes locked on mine the whole time.

He blinked twice, the corners of his mouth pulling up as he fingered whatever was inside.


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I chuckled at his teasing, gripping my dick, and praying I didn’t come before I got to see his.

He was going to stretch this out, make me wait. Force me to be patient and to ask for what I wanted each step of the way.

I’d always been one for furtive encounters. Quick and impersonal. Not with Easton, every night I’d spent with him had been intense and unhurried. He’d refused to let me run out after a quick fuck. Sure, I’d resisted, wanting to keep to my usual MO, but Easton wanted what he wanted, and in the end I’d stayed.

Hell, I’d come running back for more.

I would never admit it, but I was hooked on the way he made me tell him what I wanted.

He never let me hide behind my mask.
I had to tear it off for Easton.

Name each and every one of the things I wanted from him. I could drown in the things Easton made me feel. I could barely keep my head above water now.

Still holding the phone up to his face, he took the toy out of the bag. It was a black curved silicone vibrator, the head a lot thicker than the base. I could already picture the look of ecstasy when he worked it inside himself.

“I want to watch your face when you fuck yourself with it.” I stroked my cock again as a shiver ran up my spine.

He sucked his teeth in response, while a flush worked itself up his neck, his eyes fixed on what I was doing. “Let me see it.” I didn’t have to ask what he meant. “I’ve been dreaming about it for months.”

The way his breath caught on the last word told me that like me, he was touching himself, too turned on to stay still.

The wickedness that only showed up when Easton was in the picture bubbled up and suddenly I wanted to play.

“What? This?” I moved the phone up so he could only see my chest, and over the speaker I heard a frustrated groan.

“Two can play at this game, Professor Denis.” That last word was more a gasp, and just the sound of him getting revved up made my balls tighten. I tipped the phone up so I could see what he was doing. His face was totally out of the frame. I heard him though, and with the way he was humming, my own breathing started coming faster. By the time I raised the phone to my eyes all I saw was Easton’s ceiling.

“I thought you were waiting to see something?” I asked, feigning confusion, and after a moment he was back on the screen.

“Show me.” His voice was tight, like he wasn’t sure he’d get what he was asking for. What he didn’t know, what I wasn’t sure I could ever say, was that in that moment I would have given him anything.

I licked my lips as I lowered the phone to where my other hand was busy stroking my dick. For a second I felt foolish, my dick in my hand while I FaceTimed a guy I should probably stay away from. But the flames fanning this fire were more than I could contain.

The pained groan from my tortured audience of one made me grin as I lifted the phone back up to my face.

“I cannot tell you to the degree that my mouth waters whenever I see your cock.” He sounded just a little resentful. “It’s Pavlovian at this point.”

I laughed as he winked and started moving his hand down his chest until I couldn’t see it anymore. He jerked after a moment, a moan escaping his lips.

“Are you touching yourself?” I asked, just so that I could do something if I couldn’t be there to touch him. He nodded frantically and looked up at me.

“Yeah, I just brushed my finger over my hole. It feels so good.” He closed his eyes like the feeling was too intense, and I had to pull hard on my balls to get myself under control again, and practically barked the next words out. “Get some lube.”

He moved so fast he dropped the phone, but within seconds his face was back on the screen. Those green eyes barely visible around his blown-out pupils.

That flush of red kept creeping further up his neck, and I wanted to be there. Run my teeth over that blushing skin and make him fall apart.

I must’ve been showing a lot more than I thought I was because for a moment he closed his eyes again and took a deep breath. He shook his head once and a smile crept over his lips. When he spoke, it was so low I could barely hear him.

“When you look at me like that, I can’t breathe.”

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I heard myself say it before I had a chance to think about my words. “Look at you how?”

“Like that.” He lifted his finger and pointed in the direction of his phone, his eyes still closed.

“Open your eyes, Easton, I want you to look at me when I tell you what I want.”

He snapped them open and the hunger there matched mine exactly.


“Get the lube on the vibrator.”

“But I’ll need both hands for that.” His chest was moving up and down like he’d been running.

“Do it.” I growled again, just to keep from laughing at how conflicted he looked.

“God, why do I find your toppy bullshit so hot?” he asked, flustered, as I lay there grinning.

That was the thing about Easton, I was different with him. Careless and careful at the same time. More focused on all the things that were going right, and not so worried about what could go wrong. I could be like that for hours, lost in Easton. He put the phone on speaker and set it down somewhere.

He came back, his face still flushed. “What do I do?”

“Let me see it.” Apparently I no longer spoke, I just growled.

He raised the hand with the toy up to the screen and the head was glistening with lube. My hands shook, wanting so badly to be the one putting it inside him.

“Let me see how hard you are? But don’t touch yourself yet.” I stroked my cock again, running my thumb over the head of my dick. I was so turned on I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

Easton shuddered out another breath and shook his head. “I’m so hard right now, baby, let me touch myself, please.”

His words were like lightning crackling through me. I was never one for endearments, and neither was Easton, but when we were like this, delirious from wanting each other, all the rules went out the window.

“No cheri mwen, don’t touch.”

He turned the phone and I could be the vee of his legs, his knees drawn up, thighs spread and his cock sticking straight up. The force of how much I wanted him was almost overwhelming.

“Tell me what to do, baby.” His voice shook when he spoke, and I could barely keep it together between hearing the need in his voice.

“Fuck yourself with the vibrator. Turn it on and put it in slowly.”

He moved the phone back so I could see his face and nodded frantically. He squirmed as he held the phone with one hand and himself with the other. The cords of his neck were tight and his mouth went slack as he worked it in.

At this point I was just gripping the base of my dick, just so I wouldn’t blow before he even got the vibrator in all the way.

“Tell me how it feels.”

His face was pure ecstasy. “So good.”

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“Does it feel like when I’m inside you?”

He shook his head hard, the phone shaking as he did. “Nothing feels like you. No one feels like you.”

His words hit me hard. I was writhing from how turned on I was and how much I wanted to respond in kind, tell him that nothing felt like this for me either.

Easton could just say things like that. Tell me exactly what I was to him. No reservations, and it was fucking terrifying. I was so close to saying reckless shit to Easton, but the way he was moaning as he played with himself got me back in the game.

“Those sounds you make. Are you hitting your spot? I know how hard you can come when I hit you just right.”

“Uh huh,” he said, completely lost in what he was doing. “Ungh, the tip is tapping right against it. I’m so close.” He gasped and tightened his jaw.

I was stroking myself just enough, but I knew one hard and fast stroke would set me off.

“Turn it up, I want to see your face when that thing really starts drilling you hard. Are you leaking baby?”

After a second he let out a long, husky moan and started muttering a long string of “Oh fuck, oh fuuuuuck.”

“Oh shit.” I was rambling right along with him, barely hanging on until he came. “Jesus, you look hot,” I said, already feeling my orgasm build, that tight heat in my groin making my ass clench.

“Shit.” I shuddered. “I’m coming.”

Just as I sped my hand up, I saw Easton push his head hard into the pillow and his mouth open in a silent moan, eyes tightly shut. He looked so beautiful like that. Lost in chasing his orgasm at all costs.

I dropped my phone and ran my hand over my chest until I found a nipple, twisting it just enough to take me over the edge. My vision whited out and in the distance I heard Easton swearing through his own orgasm. Long ropes of come spurted out, hitting my stomach and neck. As I came out of from the fog of my orgasm, for a second the sated bliss was edged out by a hint of regret.


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Adriana Herrera was born and raised in the Caribbean, but for the last 15 years has let her job (and her spouse) take her all over the world. She loves writing stories about people who look and sound like her people, getting unapologetic happy endings. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or give her five stars on Goodreads. If you’re interested in her other works, check out the review of American Sweethearts on AAR.

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