Yes! to good sex, with the Good Sex Awards

Clementine Ford, Emily Nagoski and Tim Duggan judge the Good Sex Awards

The Good Bits and Rachel Kramer Bussel, together with sex positive activists and influencers from around the world, have united celebrate good sex writing in the Inaugural 2021 Good Sex Awards.

The inaugural Good Sex Awards have launched to promote progressive, feminist and diverse representations of sexuality in fiction and nonfiction.  

Erotica author and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel together with The Good Bits are proud to announce that submissions are now open for the Awards.

The awards are being judged by an international panel of authors, educators, media personalities and other sex-positive professionals, including Clementine Ford, broadcaster and bestselling author of Fight Like a Girl; Cindy Gallop, founder and CEO of; Karen Hawkins, co-host, Feminist Erotica podcast; romance authors Fiona Zedde, Sierra Simone and Adriana Herrera; Emily Nagoski, author of New York Times bestseller Come As You Are; Stoya, founder of Stoya’s Book Club and Slate’s ‘How To Do It’ columnist; and Zane, NYT bestselling author of Addicted and publisher of Strebor Books.  

The judges will be assessing winners of forward-thinking portrayals of consent and body positivity.

“Too often, writing about sex is treated with disdain or mockery—or both. I’m so glad that this award will help shine a light on writers who are giving sex the quality treatment it deserves,” said Bussel, editor of over 70 anthologies, including the Best Women’s Erotica of the Year series.

The Good Bits co-founder Carol Battle says, “There has never been a better time to recognise and applaud positive representations of sex.  Writings about sex help define our sexual narrative, and the evolution of power dynamics and expressions of consent in sex writing are important signs of social change. Together with an esteemed panel of judges, we’ll be seek to reward writing that not only fascinates and titilates, but is consensual, feminist, and diverse.”

Awards will be given out in the following categories: Sexiest Consent, Best Feminist Sex, Best Sexy Talk, Best LGBTQI Scene, Best Kink, Best Use of Sex Toys, Best Thought Leadership (nonfiction), Fanfiction and Readers’ Choice. 

Authors or publishers are welcome to submit previously published work via now through May 16. Award winners will be announced at the end of June and celebrated with an event by media partner Frolic Media. Winners will receive a cash prize of $150(US).

Sponsors include Normal, Fly Media Productions, All About Romance and Bellesa with media partner Frolic Media.

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