What do women really want?

By Catherine Tubb, founder, Ms Kensington

Sexy lingerie for women

Model Kara wearing the Ms. Kensington Charcoal Playsuit

Sigmund Freud once said: “The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is, ‘What does a woman want’?”

For me the problem lies in the question. After 15 years working in the advertising industry as an Art Director, I knew at least one thing women wanted—not to be packaged up and dictated to, especially by brands (or 19th century male psychoanalysts).

When I set out to start up Ms. Kensington, I knew I had to flip that question back round to the woman and ask her ‘what do you want, right now?’

The first thing to consider when designing lingerie is the physicality of wearing it. Most lingerie isn’t designed for the person wearing it, it’s designed for the person looking at them. For women to feel good and be comfortable with their bodies, they need lingerie that is flattering, luxurious, non-restrictive and above all makes them feel fabulous.

When I first dreamt of starting a lingerie label, the side tie knickers were the piece that best defined what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to make lingerie that made the woman wearing it feel liberated, confident and sexy on her terms. Side ties are adjustable, comfortable, will always fit, and on the naughtier side—meaning you can be undressed in seconds.

Ms Kensington Side Tie Knickers in Charcoal

Ms Kensington Side Tie Knickers in Charcoal

However, most of us aren’t thinking about sex a lot of the time. We all have busy lives, and unless you’re in the exciting first few months of a relationship, it’s hard to make time for sex. Whether building intimacy in a relationship or focussing on making time for yourself, it can be hard to let go and ‘be in the moment’. To encourage women to rediscover their sexuality through lingerie, I had to spark their imagination.

Each of my collections tells a story inspired by a different city, and each piece of lingerie is accompanied by a love letter that reveals the inspiration behind the latest collection, hand finished with a wax seal.

Sealed with a x

Sealed with a x

As a Londoner born and bred, I wanted to create a collection evocative of the city. One that would capture its beauty but also expose its deeper, darker and edgier side. I was inspired by the London girls making front page news—Alexa, Cara, Naomi and Kate—and their relationship with the tabloid newspapers.

The print I designed for the London Collection has its own story; a reimagining of an English Rose. A classic beauty who is both celebrated and torn apart by the newspapers. Embodying the grittiness, edginess and smoky greys of the city and beautiful, decadent and rebellious personality of a London it-girl. With scraps of newsprint to suggest she is always front-page news and the ink bleeding to create an abstract floral rose pattern to create something intriguing, beautiful and quintessentially ‘London’.

The London Print

The London Print

It’s been two years since I launched Ms. Kensington and one of the most rewarding things about creating something for other women is seeing how it really does spark their imaginations—from the lady who wrote me a love letter in return detailing her own life journey, to endless change room and Instagram chats about body confidence, love, sex and lingerie.

Ms. Kensington and her narrative has evolved and continues to evolve. This season we’ve launched the Sydney Collection – inspired by the ocean and the stunning blues that envelop this harbour city.

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