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“Sometimes the best tools are the simplest ones. The Good Bits awakens the erotic imagination using words, that’s it! And it works. Great to find something that can reliably do this without leaving me feeling grubby. Instead, I feel playful, amused, creative, alive… and ready. ” – Honor

“The variety of stories means there really is something for everyone. Definitely inspires my desire!” – Sally
“I’m really enjoying my weekly stories as a sexy top up. I never imagined I’d get into erotica, but these stories are more than super hot, they’re beautifully written. Satisfying on many levels.” – Abigail

“Who knew?! The Good Bits brings literary loveliness to my inbox. I love it!”
– Trudi

“Whether you like to be teased through tasteful titillation, or seduced by steamy sex stories, there is a good bit for everybody!” – Gida

“The Good bits is a literary delight to my inbox every week. The good bits are the saucy, steamy, tantalising bits without the pervy or sleazy bits. Always a joy to read!” – Anna

“Love it! Definitely makes it easy to get to the “good bits” 🙂 and I have found its a great resource to find new authors and stories if you want to read the other bits as well!” – Alison