The Words to Bind

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He gave another sigh and ran a hand over his hair. “Luna, I know you’re still exploring and I’m trying to give you the space to do that…” Now he moved his hand to the back of his neck. “But, I have to admit that you haven’t made it easy.”

“I’m sorry,” she replied in a small voice, wilting.

“Luna”—he reached across and laid a hand on top of her head—“none of this is your fault. You have nothing to be sorry for.”

Confused, she blinked at him once, then twice.

“You’re just being you. But you being you is something I find very attractive, especially as a Dom.”

“Oh.” Luna’s cheeks grew hot. “I—” Her heartbeat sped faster until she was sure they could both hear it. Before she lost her nerves, she blurted out, “I want to try scening with you.”

Her eyes widened and she raised her free hand to cover her mouth.

Jacob’s eyes grew rounder in surprise. Luna was sure his expression mirrored her own bewilderment. Her words hung in the air between them.

“I mean…” Stammering now, she began to try to dig herself out. “That was presumptuous. I’m sorry. I meant…only if you would be interested. It would help with exploring, right? Help me figure out if… I mean, if you don’t mind. It can be casual, no commitment, right? But I mean, just, if you’re comfortable and okay with it.” Oh God, she was babbling. With a Herculean effort, she clamped her mouth shut.

“Luna”—he breathed out her name out as he reached to cup her cheek—“it would be my pleasure to provide you with that experience, but I want you to be clear that it is what you want. I want you to take a few days to think it over and let me know Saturday morning if you still want to go through with it. Okay?”

Unsure whether to be excited or disappointed by his answer, Luna could only incline her head in acknowledgment. His palm felt warm against her cheek, soothing her nerves. In an even smaller voice, just above a whisper, she asked, “May I have a kiss?”

His answer was not what she expected. With a new ferocity, he surged forward and crushed her lips with his. It was nothing like that brief, chaste kiss he’d given her the last time. The one he gave her now spoke of a barely leashed passion as he moved his hand to the back of her head, pulling her closer. When her lips parted for him, he slipped in his tongue to entangle with hers. And when he tilted his head to nibble on her lip, she moaned. Her panties dampened at the searing kiss alone.

As they pulled apart to catch their breaths, Luna stared at Jacob while he only smiled at her with smug satisfaction. He leaned forward once more, pressing a gentler kiss on her forehead. “Have a good day at work, sweetheart. Don’t forget to drink more water.”

“Okay. You too.” Still dizzy from the kiss, her body went on autopilot as she opened the door and let herself out. With a last wave to him, she slung her bag over her shoulder and walked to her office then turned to watch him pull out of the parking spot only after she was inside.


It was one thing to have it happen spontaneously, or even on a dare, but quite another when it was prearranged. Luna had agreed to Jacob’s suggestion that they return to her place right away rather than his. It made sense. If things didn’t work out, he could just take his car and leave.

Somehow, Luna doubted that it wouldn’t work out, judging by how wet she was—at least as long as she didn’t go into panic mode or her libido didn’t take a dive again for no reason. Doubts and nerves stiffened her posture and she picked at a loose thread from her T-shirt.

Jacob’s hand enveloped hers.

“Luna, relax.”

Easy for him to say. He must have done this a thousand times.

He gave her hand a squeeze then shifted to rub the pad of his thumb in slow soothing circles over the back of her hand, much like he had when Lani had dared her to give the lap dance.

“Talk to me.” Although he kept his eyes on the road, Luna was well aware that he could sense every line of tension in her body. She had long stopped trying to hide it.

“I…” Luna swallowed, struggling to find the right words. “I’m worried. Things are… I want it to work out but I haven’t had a great history with sex.”

“How so?” His thumb never ceased its movements but she thought maybe she heard a note of disbelief in his voice.

“I just… It…” She’d never had to admit it, not out loud, but Jacob deserved to know. “I don’t have a great sex drive. It takes a lot to make me…come.” There, she’d said it! Oh God, I said it. He was going to leave as soon as he dropped her off. They were nearing her place too. Maybe she should just walk the rest of the way home.

“Luna.” With little warning, Jacob pulled over to the side of the road then put the car in Park. Luna’s heart pounded, wondering if he was going to kick her out of the car now. Was he angry? Nothing about what she knew of him so far would have hinted he would be—or that he would be so cruel.

He cupped her cheek, forcing her to face him.

“Luna, sweetheart, do you trust me?”

Surprised by his question, she nodded.

“Good.” The smile that spread across his face was tender and sweet. “Then trust me. Trust me enough to make you feel good, to let go of your worries. Whatever happens happens and however your body reacts, it’s a part of a woman I’m very attracted to, so just let me take care of you tonight.”

There was no other way to describe the effect his words had on her. Everything in her melted and her entire body relaxed as knots unwound themselves. Her lips parted as she exhaled.

“That’s better,” he whispered. He began to stroke her cheek. “Remember… No matter what happens, you will always be in control. At your word, we can stop everything—no harm, no foul. It doesn’t mean we don’t try again later if you want. It doesn’t mean I’ll be angry or upset with you. Do you understand?”

Jacob had given her enough reading on that topic to last a lifetime. It was one of the first things they had covered. She nodded again.

“Good, so tell me your safeword.”

“Um…the traffic light system?” It was a common one. “Red for stop, yellow for unsure and green for go?”

Jacob nodded. Even in the dark, their faces illuminated only by streetlights, Luna recognized the crooked grin that followed. “Except if things are going really well, I’d prefer my name instead.”

The comment was enough to break the tension and build up a whole new kind. Luna flushed and felt a shot of pure lust straight to her core. As if sensing the change in her, Jacob leaned forward. He didn’t wait for permission but pressed a soft, almost teasing kiss on her lips, flicking his tongue to lick her lower lip.

Luna moaned, and it was as if the sound was all he needed to proceed. He ran his hand down to her neck as he deepened his kiss, lightly scraping a nail at the likely fading bite mark. The sounds that spilled from her lips grew louder and she arched her back.

Her body’s encouragement must have worked. He took the invitation and moved farther down, cupping her breast. He shifted to pin her wrist down as he pulled away from the kiss, watching her as he, with infinite slowness, began rubbing her nipple through her clothes in those same maddening slow circles.

The effect was instantaneous. She bucked from the seat with a loud groan then whimpered as he withdrew.

More. She wanted, no, needed more.

“We need to get back to your place now or I’m going to take you right here.” There was a slight growl to his voice and Luna sucked in a breath.

Jacob didn’t exactly drive the rest of the way like a demon but it was pretty close. By the time they were at the apartment, the butterflies in her stomach had returned, but more with anticipation as she unlocked the door. And when they entered, Jacob reached to take her hand before she could flick the light switch on. “Take me to your bedroom,” he whispered in the dark, sending shivers down Luna’s spine.

Not trusting her voice, she gave a slight nod and began to make her way to the bedroom, tugging Jacob to follow. On purpose, she kept her pace even and measured, challenging herself to not look so damn eager.

The hall to her bedroom had never seemed longer, despite the smallness of her apartment.

As she opened the door, a soft, warm light from a bedside lamp she always kept on flooded into the hall and she paused, drawing a deep breath to ready herself. Jacob let go of her hand and stepped through first, surveying the room before giving a slight nod.

“Come here, sweetheart.” He extended a hand toward her.

Him standing there in the middle of her bedroom was almost surreal. She stepped to him, scanned the room. This morning she had made sure fresh sheets were on the bed, already half turned down. The scent of lavender, just a hint, permeated the air. Oh good, her closet door was closed to hide the mess in it, though that meant the mirrored doors would show everything happening on the bed. Her cheeks heated at the thought.

“Luna.” There was a slight note of impatience in Jacob’s voice that drew her attention back to him.

“Sorry,” she muttered, only to see his eyes flicker toward those mirrors.

“Sh-h-h.” Jacob drew her to him, wrapping his arms around her in a comforting hug even as a hand rubbed her back. As her body melted into his under his ministrations, he began pressing small kisses, first on her forehead, then on her cheek before placing another one, more heated, on her mouth. She parted her lips and tangled her tongue with his as her hands slid underneath his shirt to trace the muscles at last.

Instead of letting her continue, he withdrew from the kiss, reaching to grasp both of her wrists to pull them away from him. “No, sweetheart…not yet.” He undid the rest of the buttons of his shirt but left it on, giving tantalizing glimpses as he backed up to sit on the edge of her bed. “Take your clothes off for me,” he crooned.

What she really wanted was to run to him and pull the damn shirt off, to explore the contours of his body. But fully in the throes of the scene now, she remained rooted to her spot, beginning to tug her T-shirt over her head. Before they had left the beach, she had exchanged her swimsuit for one of the black lacy sets she had bought at the mall and only the unpadded bra remained on her upper body. When she saw his eyes darken and heard his sharp intake of breath, she sent a silent thank you to Cassie.

He rose once more, as if unwilling to only sit back and watch any longer. He caressed her shoulders, stroking while leaving fire in their wake before he trailed his fingers down to trace the edge of the lace. “Did you dress for me, little one?” His tone delved deeper, taking on a more commanding quality than his normal easygoingness.

“Yes. I… Do you like it?” Her voice felt small, hesitant.

“It pleases me.”

She caught his eyes flickering toward the mirror and her gaze followed. The image was seared into her brain, his body towering over hers, his warmer skin tones contrasting against her pale one. Her body was flushed, the red traveling all the way down as she swallowed hard. At this rate, those lace panties would be straight up destroyed.

With a dark chuckle, Jacob shifted to stand behind her, positioning them both so that the mirror captured the reflection in full. He brushed her hair back, exposing a bare shoulder for his lips to explore, and with his other hand, he cupped her breast, the pad of his thumb now inching closer, rubbing in wide circles like he had to calm her down. But there was nothing calming about the movement now. Instead, when he grazed her nipple with his thumb, her body stiffened and a small whine emerged from her throat.

“Mm-m, I love those sounds you make.” His words tickled her skin but it was the sight of them together that she couldn’t tear her eyes away from. The way he stared at her like he wanted to devour her, the possessive way he held her body, knowing where to touch to draw out her desire, coupled with the words that set her aflame, created the image of an aroused woman whom she barely recognized.

His gaze turned toward their reflection and, with a wicked smile, he began ever-so-slowly to unbutton her shorts. Her breath hitched as he tugged them down, brushing his hand along the edges of her lace thong. At his touch, her stomach clenched with a new shot of heat straight to her core, soaking the fabric. Yep, ruined for sure.

He didn’t remain idle. He slipped down the shoulder straps of her bra and loosened the clasp. Soon, the bra drifted down to join her pants and T-shirt on the floor. He returned to grasp one bare breast.

Then he dipped his fingers between her legs, pushing the small piece of cloth aside just to run along the length of her slit once. “So wet,” he groaned in her ear. “Oh, the things I want to do to you, sweetheart.”

Her body shivered with delight, her eyes half closing as she reveled in his touch. She felt on edge already, her body so keyed up that it would not take much to push her over. But he was being oh so slow. Never had she just wanted someone inside her so much. “Jacob.” She breathed out his name like a plea.

“Soon, little one. Good things come to those who wait.” With bated breath, she watched as he tugged her thong down, giving her a slight nudge to step out of them and the shorts.

Once done, he took her hand and led her to her bed. “Lie down for me.”

As she crawled up, she heard a soft growl from behind and only then did she realize how her rear was on full display for him, swaying as she crawled. At the center of the bed, she turned to lay on her back, bracing herself with her elbows, her legs bent and pressed together.

Half expecting Jacob to be naked by then with his weight upon her, she was surprised to find him still clothed as he was before, standing at the foot of her bed. Rather than jumping on her, he bent forward, watching with an intensity that made her rub her legs together.

“Lie back and open your legs. Let me see you.”

She gave a shy smile and relinquished sight of him, albeit with reluctance. With more slowness than she’d intended, she shifted, revealing her glistening sex, and she shivered at the cold air.

He reached across to take her hand, leading it to between her legs. He positioned it, cupping her mound with their combined warmth. With a soft moan, she arched her back and was unable to resist brushing one finger along her slit.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Show me.”

His words urged her on, and abandoning the last of her inhibition and caught in the web of his commands, she dipped her fingers low to spread the wetness upward. As his hand left hers, she began to rub along her slit, the length of her stroking lessening more and more until she was circling the flesh around her sensitive clit. With her other hand, she grabbed her breast and, without conscious thought, began rolling her hardened nipple back and forth between her fingers.

This was nothing like when she played with herself in the middle of the night, holding faceless lovers and ill-defined fantasies in her head—not even when those lovers and fantasies merged to become an imaginary him. The awareness of him watching spurred her on until liquid heat pooled to her center and her body began to tense. So close.

“Not yet, little one.”

His stilled her hand and she let out a whimper of frustration. She snapped her eyes open to search the familiar face and seeing his dark chocolate eyes regarding her with a softness she didn’t expect. When did he move to the side of the bed?

“Just a little longer, I promise.” As he spoke, he smoothed a hand back over her hair and pressed another light kiss on her forehead. “You did good sweetheart, so good. Still green?”

She struggled to find her voice but gave up and nodded instead. More than green. Was this how sex was supposed to be? How many times tonight had she almost come already, each time taking less and less effort?

“Good, because now you get your reward.”


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P. Stormcrow is the author of paranormal and contemporary romances with high heat and often with sprinklings of power dynamics. Fierce women and sensitive men fill her stories while she examines social norms and challenges conventional tropes of the genre. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, she enjoys writing about both cultures.

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