The Love Bet

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Midtown hotels weren’t what I’d call pricey, but they were a huge chunk of change when you planned for something so last minute. Before I could get my card out, Evan was already signing a receipt after booking the room we agreed to go half on before arriving.

“Here is your room key, Mr. Cattaneo.” The receptionist smiled back at him without acknowledging that I was even there. I got the last laugh, though, when Evan took my hand as we walked through the sleek, posh lobby. As the doors to the elevator closed, I turned to face him, letting him wrap his arms around me while his hands lingered around my butt.

“What happened at the front desk? I thought we agreed we would both pay half.”

“Luz, that’s what you wanted to do. I never agreed to anything. I know you’re independent and new age, but I’m not used to going half on things with women. Not because I don’t respect you, I’m just a traditionalist when it comes to dating. Is that something you can meet me halfway on?”

If I was being honest, that was the one traditional trait about a guy I could live with. When my dad died, I went from a stable household with two parents to a single-parent home, and I hate to say that I internalized women stressing themselves out trying to do everything on their own as normal. I’d never seen anyone court my mom, let alone buy her stuff or surprise her with things she liked after my dad died. Splitting checks felt like the way of the world now, so it was nice to be in the company of a partner who didn’t ration every nickel and dime they spent on you. Look at me over here calling Evan my “partner”. We hadn’t even gone out on a date yet. I needed to slow my roll.

“Of course. It’s just, you know, how some people are terrible with money.”

At that, he laughed. “I advise wealthy people how to spend their money for a living. Trust me, I do okay,” he said without elaborating further. At least he wasn’t cocky enough to throw out numbers. If there was someone I hated more than a person who wasn’t in a financial position to support a social life, it was a braggart who flashed their money around like a newly signed rap artist. As we approached our floor, he backed me out of the elevator, his lips pressed to mine, only looking away long enough to capture the room numbers. When we realized we passed our room, we backtracked, our laughter filling the hallway as Evan struggled with the keycard to open the door.

As we entered the room, I wanted to appreciate how spacious it was, a huge step up from the last hotel hookup I had with a person whose name I could not remember. But I couldn’t bask in my surroundings, not when I had six feet four inches of delectable Mediterranean male here for my enjoyment. As I wrestled to take his shirt off, I was in awe of his masculine physique. Washboard abs that led up to a well-defined chest, only made sexier by the layer of matching dark hair spattered across. His arms, strong and powerful, lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist, our mouths conversing in a language only our lips knew. As our bodies fought each other for dominance on the bed, I had to preface our little session with some quick guidelines before we started.

“Mmm…before we go any further, I want to make sure some things are clear.”

He stood up, his bright green eyes awaiting my concerns.

“Now, I know I used to have this thing about taking your time, but I have like twenty minutes of free time. Don’t take this as me rushing you, but just so you know, there’s nothing to prove. Fuck me good and make me come. There is no need for all the theatrics.”

He rolled his eyes to the side, his thick eyebrow cocked as he considered my suggestion. “See now, that’s where you’re wrong. This will be our first time in your research. I have everything to prove. I will not be sending you back to work in a rush, so here’s my counter offer. Either you’re late for the office or we save this for another time. Your call,” he challenged with his hands up in protest.

Ugh, why did he have to make everything so difficult?

“Damn it. Okay, fine! I’ll be late from lunch but only if you do me one favor. Take my phone away from me and cover up the clock on the nightstand. If I see the time, all I’ll do is worry about how late I am.”

He nodded, taking my phone and placing it in the bathroom. As for the alarm clock, he tossed his suit vest and his button-up over it to ensure that nothing peeked through. “Better?”

“Better,” I confirmed, reminding him that I had condoms in my handbag in case he wasn’t packing.

“Thank you for your preparedness, and the variety is a definite plus. Let’s go with Magnum Bareskin,” he suggested as he returned to the bed.

My eagerness got the better of me as I grabbed him by the belt buckle and pulled him back on top of me. Kissing Evan the boy differed greatly from kissing Evan the man. His lips were hungry and persistent, gentleness mixed with roughness from the texture of his trimmed beard.

“Mmm…can I eat your pussy?”

His mouth sent my stomach in knots by the way he trailed kisses from my sensitive neck.

“If I’m going to be late, you had better eat my pussy,” I replied with an air of confidence that came out more of a moan.

“Can I slap your ass?” he asked with kisses along my bare shoulders as he pulled my top down and commented about how he forgot how amazing my tits were. He took one of my nipples into his mouth, and I melted and damn near disintegrated when he took the second one between his teeth, giving it different attention.

“Oh god, thank you for asking first. Ass-slapping is permitted.” He continued playing with my breasts. Teasing and licking. Licking and sucking. If I hadn’t been so desperate to feel him inside of me, I could have climaxed off the breast play alone.

“Can I pull your hair?” His breath was ragged in my ear as he made his way up to my throat. He had this earthy scent that drove my feminine instincts wild, but even so, I did have to put a damper on his last request.

“See, if I didn’t have to go straight back to work after this, I’d say yes, but I’m already gonna be looking a mess. Let’s save the hair-pulling for another time.” I countered and was met with an answer that made me wish we could be having that wild-ass, lost-in-the-woods sex.

“It’s easy to get swept up in the moment when you don’t set boundaries—which is why I wanted to ask.”

His green eyes vibrantly gleamed when he was in this stage of fooling around. That was how I had remembered them, playful and lust-filled but vulnerable when we shared a connection, which was practically every time. “Let’s get you out of this,” he huffed in regards to my remaining clothes. His trim nails grazed lightly along the length of my stomach, his mouth reacquainting with lands he’d conquered before.

In our past, all I ever wanted was to be under Evan’s lips. The way he kissed me was magical, sending tiny sparks of fireworks against my skin and setting off explosives inside my body. This adult Evan was more meticulous; patient with fine-tuned skills from years of practice. How else could I explain the mix of sensations struggling to tell my body what to feel?

In a sharp instance, he’d pulled my naked body to the edge of the mattress, causing me to shriek in surprise as he got comfortable on his knees. “Good, you’re already screaming and I haven’t even started yet. That’s a good sign,” he joked, adding humor to the moment.

“Boy, if you don’t get down there,” I commanded, giving him a healthy push in the right direction as I draped my legs along his broad shoulders.

“You know, you were always bossy when you were horny. I see some things haven’t changed.”

He lowered down to relax his full lips, overwhelming my brown thighs in kisses. I wished I could say watching him do it was a waste of time, but I was a trembling mess at seeing him cherish all those neglected spaces. My navel, my thighs, my mound, my knees; by the time he had made it to my pussy and spread my lips with his tongue, I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to orgasm, especially when he looked up at me with that hawk-like gaze.

“Mmm…” he groaned into me, providing a toe-curling vibration to my clit that caught me off guard. Soaking my already wet folds, the steady stroke of his proficient tongue lapped at me hungrily. The sensual rhythm caused me to gently grind onto his face, the prickly texture of his beard providing a new kind of sensation. “Fuck, Evan. That feels so fucking good!” I threw my head back in ecstasy, knowing that if I didn’t look away at some point, I was going to come faster than I intended. I didn’t want to come. I wanted to savor the moment. Have you ever had your pussy eaten so good that you didn’t want it to end? Fuck! That was how I felt right now.

“I love eating your pussy,” he mumbled as he licked and sucked at an orgasm-inducing pace, circling my swollen clit and gripping my thighs tightly so that I stayed right where he wanted me. The sudden insertion of his fingers was my final undoing, adding that extra fullness I so desperately craved as he massaged my g-spot with an expert touch that made me want to declare his reign. Erupting on the length of his fingers, my clit was still caught between the gates of Evan’s full lips and my orgasm rocketed through me and cleared my mind of any unnecessary thoughts.

“You look so fuckin sexy right now,” he said, bringing me back in the moment as he stood to his full height and lowered his pants and boxer briefs to the floor. Through my incoherent, blurry vision, I found myself gawking at the gorgeous, sheer perfection that was his body. Acute awareness of his tall, athletic physique and the act of him sheathing his fully erect cock with a condom had me lucid once again. It was as perfect as cocks could be—big, thick, and deliciously vein-y but best of all, for the time being was all mine.

He teased my folds, covering himself in my wetness and emitting a heavy sigh as he pushed his heavy erection past my opening. “Damn, you feel so good,” he whispered, carrying me to the center of the bed. It was then that he got comfortable with his rhythm. His thrusts were slow and deep, just what my body craved as he stretched me wider than I ever thought possible. With his lips on mine, we stole each other’s breaths each time that he drove into me, rendering one another mute.

Reaching for my hands, he interlocked our fingers, his eyes appraising me with a level of vulnerability I had nearly forgotten. Most people found it intimidating to look into their partner’s eyes, especially during an act so humbling, but there was something inexplicably intimate about measuring your lover’s reaction to being connected carnally. To be that honest, with someone took a deep connection that until today I tried hard to deny that I shared with Evan.

“Fuck,” he groaned, flipping onto his back and straddling me on top of him. It wasn’t that I preferred missionary, but I loved being selfish and just letting someone fuck me. “I’m getting too close. Thought we could switch it up.”

His hair was beginning to stick to his forehead from the sweat he had worked up. He’d made the biggest mistake of telling me he was close because now all I wanted to do was exploit it and be the cause of his undoing. Mouth-to-mouth, body-to-body, we moved in passionate synchrony as his hips rose to meet mine. With an animalistic fierceness, I pinned his hands to the mattress, riding him like one of those mechanical bulls at a honky tonk. His moans were now thick with desire as his strength overpowered mine to wrap his arms around my hips to prolong the inevitable.

“Fuck, Luz, you’re gonna make me come.” His face was straining, fighting hard to hold back his release. He looked so cute that I almost felt bad for coaxing him to come.

“Don’t you think that’s what I want? For you to let that cock come inside of me?” I teased, riding and grinding, his hardness so deep inside me that I could feel myself on the verge too.

“Fucking Christ!” He grimaced. “You don’t play fair!” he gritted out and took a firmer grip on my hips and surrendered to my velvet prison. He filled me with desperate obsession, his hips a driving force as he hammered into me. Faster and faster, we fought to join our bodies together until a mutual euphoria spread between us. His gaze never left mine as he relaxed underneath me, letting out a deep breath followed by a gradual smile.

“So…are you in love yet?”

There he went, ruining the moment. “Clown,” I groused with a slap to his chest as he pulled me for a deep, longing kiss. I could’ve stayed like this forever if I didn’t have anywhere to be.


“Oh my god!” I rolled my eyes, unmounting him and heading toward the bathroom. Turning on my phone, I almost dropped it at seeing how much time had gone by squeezing in this lunchtime liaison. A few of my co-workers called, asking if everything was alright; my boss even texting me if I had a family emergency. I wouldn’t have called getting my back broken a family emergency, but just to save my hide, I texted her how something had come up and that I needed to make a quick run to my apartment. Luckily, I had an understanding boss, and I couldn’t go back to the office smelling like sex. A shower was in order.

Out of nowhere, Evan materialized behind me, enclosing me in his massive arms. Our clammy bodies were covered in sweat but even so, I felt at home in his embrace. “You never answered my question.” He pressed a kiss against my check, giving the mirror the impression that we’d always been this close. I liked the way he looked next to me, even if to him I wasn’t prepared to say it out loud.

“Listen, Cattaneo, it’s going to take more than one fuck to get me to fall in love with someone. You still have two more times to impress me.”

“Well, how about we get a head start on that second?”

He nuzzled against my ear as he followed my steps to the shower. As much as I wanted to, perhaps, twice in one afternoon was moving too fast. It wasn’t as if we weren’t going out this weekend. That was plenty of time to let things cool off and regroup with a clear head. From my silence, it was evident that he knew what my answer to that was going to be. Happy to know that there’re still some men out there that read body language and signs instead of coercing you to do anything against your will.

“Or…we can wait. I think I’m just being greedy because I get one look at your ass and tits and suddenly, I’m hard again. I’m the one who said we should be taking things slow, so it looks like I need to follow my own advice.”

Like a gentleman, he turned on the shower for me and even helped me in before heading back toward the bedroom. “I didn’t say you couldn’t take a shower with me.” And just then, I’d never seen a naked man move so fast. A quick shower was just what I needed to imprint the image of his body for my home solo sessions. Tonight, I was pulling out my favorite vibrator, praying that thirty minutes of familiar sensation came close to just a minute of how it felt to make love to my Italian Stallion.


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