Forbidden Desire

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Forbidden Desire

Scene Introduction:

Forbidden Desire is a sci-fi alien erotic romance that takes place on a sex planet. The heroine, Niva, is an alien sex goddess with a magical healing vagina with three clitorises and sex powers. The hero, Graven, is a bioengineered super soldier who lost his virginity to Niva the night before this scene. Niva is his sex instructor for their three-day sex retreat.



I sit forward in my chair and lean my elbows on the kitchen table. “Your father thinks I’m brainwashing you?”

“Yes.” She smirks, her rich emerald eyes almost distracting me from her nakedness.

I balk and break into sarcastic laughter. “Niva, if anyone’s doing any brainwashing, it’s you. I’m completely obsessed with you. I’m gonna be following you around like a puppy till you tell me to go away.”

“Puppy?” she asks.

“Oh, it’s a pet, a baby animal that needs endless attention.”

She laughs now. “Well, you are not a baby.” She peeks into my lap and eyes my cock lying against my thigh, then she licks her lips. “And there’s only one kind of attention you want from me.” She wags her eyebrows suggestively.

This I have to correct. “Niva, I would watch you cut your fingernails with rapture. You could pat me on the head, and I would feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Oh, human, I’ll do so much more than that.” She gets out of her chair and crawls into my lap, sliding her hot pussy across my cock.

“Fuck damn…” I sigh and hold her against me, unable to keep from touching her. “I have no idea why you’ve wanted me for even a moment.”

“Shall I make a list?” She rocks her hips forward onto my swelling cock where I still haven’t gotten used to having sensation. I don’t know how many orgasms she gave me last night, but, gods, I shudder just from the warmth of her pressed against me.

I’m not even inside her, and already I’m gritting my teeth against the pleasure of it.

“Your enormous cock, for one,” she starts, murmuring in my ear. “Then there are your glorious muscles.” I see her sink her fingers into my arms and slide over to my chest. “Plus, you’re so fucking huge.” She rears up and puts her tits in my face.

I nuzzle and kiss them, glorying in them. She lifts them and frames my face with their fleshiness. I inhale against her skin and burrow my face between her breasts. “I would happily suffocate and die here,” I murmur, muffled against her, and twist my head to kiss her soft flesh.

She chuckles. “Also, there’s your super adorable genuine worship of my tits and my pussy. Those are definite tops on the list of things to love about Graven. Oh, and the way you’re so into making me come first.”

I suck one of her nipples into my mouth, the full flesh of her large breasts cushioning around my cheeks. “Can I make you come from sucking your tits again?”

She rocks her hips across my now fully hard cock. “Suck my nipples, rub the head of your cock on my three clitorises…” I love that idea and do it as she says it. “Oh yes, Graven, just

like that,” she moans, and I make her come with my hips and my mouth.

She cries my name, and her hips pump against me in carnal instinct. “Or you just brainwash me with orgasms,” she breathes. “Perhaps that’s your technique.”

“Honestly, Niva,” I ask, breathless against the feel of her come sliding out of her pussy, slickening my cock. “You’ve had so many orgasms from so many people, what could possibly make mine any different?”

She stills and a heavy seriousness fills her eyes. “Honestly, I don’t know.” She traces a finger across my lips. “With other people, I come on command, when they’re ready, when they

want it. But with you…” She takes a deep breath. “It’s funny, I want to make you work for them. But it’s like I want to give up my orgasms to you, for what you do to me.”

I cup her face, the most beautiful face in all the worlds. “Niva…” I kiss her, and the moment becomes strange, something different. Something not sexual but stronger.

What it is, I don’t know. I’ve never experienced it before.

She rests her forehead on mine and whispers, “What have you done to me, Graven?”

I have one more day. I want to remember every tiny detail of her, enough for all the lonely days for the rest of my life. My heart thuds faster, and for a moment, I hear hers, too. The air is heavy and thick, and I don’t know what to say or how to name all these feelings circling between us.

She sits back and has trouble meeting my eyes. These emotions are strange to her, too.

She abruptly jumps off my lap and stretches, drawing my gaze over the rounded parts of her lush, voluptuous body, not just her full, weighty breasts, but her ample hips and the steep curve of her enormous ass— Gods, I wonder how many times she’ll let me pound it today? A dozen? More?

Will that be enough?

I stand and run my hands over her. “Well, if we have to go back tomorrow or your father could show up anytime, we have some serious fucking to do.”

She broadcasts a wide toothy smile. “Plus there’s so much more I have to teach you.” She runs her hands over my chest and abs.

“Instruct me, oh sex goddess.” I have to build as many memories with her as I can before I lose her.



I run away from him, and he follows, more slowly. His cock is way too hard to run. Point for me.

I race into the arena full of sex furniture and flop onto the sex chaise with the raised side and the curve in the middle. “This one’s my favorite,” I call back to him. I can’t wait to show him all my favorite poses on my favorite piece of furniture. So many options and not enough time.

I wait till he’s in view then I roll to my back, head supported on the raised chaise’s side, legs spread wide with knees supported by the middle curve. “Option number one.” I run my finger down my soaked pussy just to tease him and see his eyes widen.

I grab onto the raised side and twist to put my ass in the air over the curved middle. “Option two.” I wiggle my ass for his benefit until my flesh jiggles.

“Fuck, Niva!”

“Shh, calm, human. You can have them all if you want.” I turn on my side with my head reposed on my arms resting on the side. I pull one knee forward over the chaise’s middle curve, then trace a nipple with one finger. “You can watch my tits and my ass in this one.”

“I noticed,” he seethes through his teeth.

“Which one do you want to start with?” I ask, peering at him over my shoulder.

“You pick. We’re going to do them all.”

Oh, how I enjoy this human. With glee, I flip to my back, spreading my legs wide, resting back against the end, knees supported by the curving cushion. I’m growing hot all over just anticipating. “We can see my pussy best from this one.”


“We.” I smirk. I’m such a voyeur. I even like to watch myself.

He crawls up the end of the chaise and buries his face between my thighs.

“Ah, gods…” I enjoy his tongue for a delectable moment then, “Later, hungry man,” and pull his shoulders up until his cock brushes my pussy. “Cock first.”

I’m too fixated on it, him swirling the head in the wetness dripping from me, I can’t even bring myself to look at his face. I peel back the lips of my sex and order him, “Slow so I can watch.”

This is by far my favorite sex pose. I envy people with penises sometimes. They can watch themselves fuck in almost any position. I love mirrors, but this is the only one, leaning against the chaise, the side holding me up, my legs spread wide, where I can watch his cock disappear inside me.

And what a beautiful cock it is. I could sing odes to it. The bulbous head penetrates me, and he seethes through his teeth.

“Slow…” I croon to him, and like a good human, he does as I say, sinking inside me an inch at a time.

It’s a wonder of nature, watching him disappear, seeing my body take all of him, watching him fuck me. It makes me hot, makes me wet, and I could so easily come just seeing it, but I don’t want to yet.

“Now pull all the way out again,” I order, wanting to teach him a technique which I will enjoy as much as he will.

“Niva…” he gasps, his brow sweating and dripping onto my chest. “I can’t…”

“Sure, you can. Put your hands on the back of the chaise. You can grab it as hard as you want. You can’t break it. I dare you to try.”

He sighs with relief and lifts his hands from my hips to rest them on either side of my head. He grips the chaise, and the veins in his arms stand out from his muscles.

Sexy forearms, too. Damn.

I grab his cock, forcing him to pull all the way out, dripping with the sticky come still in my pussy from my orgasm in the kitchen.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” he sighs.

“Oh yeah.”

We watch the head of his cock sink inside me again, but I wrap my hand around him so he can’t go in too far.

He shudders against me, and his hips buck. “You’re trying to kill me.”

“You’re doing so well,” I encourage him like a good teacher and bite his nipple. I reward him with a voracious kiss then murmur against his mouth, “I want you to fuck me with the head of your cock, just the tip. Then I want to watch you come on my pussy.”

A deep growl resonates from the bottom of his chest, and it sends shivers up my spine.

I sink my teeth into his lip, and he tries to bite me back, but I pull away, teasing him. His eyes dilate and go as dark as I’ve ever seen them.

“You want it, don’t you?” I moan, finding his reaction as hot as the image.

“Yesss,” he hisses, then looks down at his cock again, his breath coming fast, his pulse beating furiously in his throat. “But I’m not sure…if I can.”

“I’ll help you.”

He starts, protesting against my hand stopping him from sinking too far in. He grunts and his arms shake, but he pulls back out and sinks the head back in.

“That’s it…,” I breathe. “Faster.”

On the next one, he goes too far, so I sit forward, putting both my hands on his cock to keep him from plunging into me.

“Godsdamn it, Niva!” he swears at me, thrusting in, butting up against my hands that keep him from penetrating me thoroughly.

“Watch my tits for a bit, baby; maybe it’ll be easier.” They’re pushed together by my arms, the nipples perked and hard. They bounce every time he thrusts.

“Oh fuck, that’s not easier.” He closes his eyes.

“Nuh-uh, eyes open.”

He groans a sound of protest but flexes all his muscles and watches the head of him dive into me again. His short pumps drive me wild, the round head of his cock jutting in and out of me in quick bursts.

I squeeze his cock, its girth so wide it takes two hands for my fingers to meet around him. He pumps faster, his rhythm quickening, his muscles tensing, until his body is covered in sweat that drips on my breasts and rolls down my skin.

I pant, my jaw slack and eyes glued to the sight of him moving in and out of me, pumping into me at a faster rate, shaking my whole body.

“Niva…Niva…” he begs. “Please let me come.”

“Just a little…longer…”

He thrusts harder, and the pleasure grows unbearable, the overstimulation of the fast rubbing of his cock head inside me over and over. But I keep myself from coming. I don’t want to lock him down inside me with my pussy’s inner claws. I want to see him come on me.

“I can’t…” He pants. “Nivaaaa…”

I take pity on him and fill my hands with my sex power; it lights up his cock, and he roars, starting to come. I flood him with all the power I have.

I let him pump into me, once more. “Pull out!”

His whole body goes rigid, the only part of him moving is his cock, jerking as his come jets onto my swollen tender flesh. It lasts for longer than I thought a human could.

He spurts at least a half dozen times, and I can barely wait for him to finish before I can resist, dipping my fingers into it as it coats my pussy. With one hand, I take my fingers up to my mouth, dripping his come on my tits, and taste.

“Mmmmm,” I moan but can’t stop my other hand’s fingers swirling over my soaked clitorises.

“You didn’t…come,” he pants heavily.

I stop sucking my fingers for a moment. “Now fuck me while I play with myself.”

“Oh, thank gods.” He drives his still-hard cock into me all the way to the hilt, and a primal sound lets loose in him.

I’m afraid he’s come again, but he starts thrusting, deep and fully embedded in me now.

After so much of only his tip, to have his whole huge cock feels like he’s never been so deep inside me before. I watch my fingers pressing and circling, pleasuring myself, while he fucks me.

“Ah-ah!” I cry, desperate and overwhelmed with the ecstatic sensations and the erotic sight.

Graven watches my face, not my hands. He traces my lips, and I latch onto his fingers with my mouth. “Suck my fingers,” he growls. “And pretend it’s my cock fucking your mouth and your pussy at the same time.”

I moan long and low in gratitude, feeling like he knew what I wanted before I thought to ask. I suck his fingers to the back of my mouth, swirling the tips with my tongue, pretending it’s his hard cock buried in the back of my throat.

He arches over me and lets me lean forward, still able to watch his cock thrusting into me, his balls slapping against my ass while I play with myself.

It’s too much. I can’t hold back anymore.

I climax, the ecstasy ricocheting inside my body like a bomb. I keep my eyes open and watch my whole body light up and his cock and balls along with me. He comes again, too, my inner pussy’s claws clinging to him like a ring, milking him for every last drop of come he has left.

We collapse on the chaise in a puddle of sweat and come, harsh breathing and beating hearts.

“That was by far the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” his breath rushes in my ear.

I stroke his face. “Me too.” Which considering my sex goddess history is saying a lot.

He smiles like I’ve handed him all the stars in the universe.


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