Worth the Wait

This erotic story excerpt by Jae from Worth the Wait was originally published by Ylva Publishing and is the Winner in the Good Sex Awards Best Use of Sex Toys Category.

Worth the Wait

Jill shook her head, spraying Crash with droplets of water. “Nope. I sent her a text, telling her we’ll be by tomorrow. For now, I want a much more…intimate celebration.”

Surprise flashed across Crash’s face and was quickly replaced with a sexy grin. “Ooh. If that’s the case, let’s see if I can find all your spots instead.” She took some shower gel, ran her fingers slowly down Jill’s breastbone, and traced the curve of one rib just beneath her breasts.

Languorous heat spread through Jill’s body. She leaned in to Crash’s touch but then covered the hand caressing her side with her own. “No.”

Crash arched her eyebrows. “No? You don’t want me to wash you?”

“I know cleanliness is next to godliness, but there’s something else I want you to do to me.”

Crash gave her a questioning look. “Anything. You know that. If you’re exhausted from the audition and would rather have a massage—”

Jill interrupted her with a kiss. “I don’t want a massage,” she whispered against Crash’s lips. “Remember what we talked about when you helped me with my injections for the first time? That’s what I want.”

For a moment, Crash’s face was blank, then the bottle of shower gel slid from her grasp and dropped to the shower floor. “You want me to…?” She cleared her throat.

“Use the strap-on.” Jill knew Crash had one; she’d seen the harness in one of the boxes when Crash had moved in. Ever since then, she had wanted to try it out. They had even gone out to buy a new dildo together—one that appealed to Jill in shape and size. But while getting used to living with each other, preparing for the audition, and dealing with fatigue, the timing had never been right, so they hadn’t used it yet. But now… She searched Crash’s face. “Unless you’re not in the mood.”

Instead of a verbal reply, Crash dipped her beneath the spray to rinse off the suds, then quickly shut off the shower and shoved open the glass door.

Jill chuckled and stepped into the towel Crash held open for her.

They toweled each other off, and Crash chased down all remaining droplets of water with her lips, kissing them away.

By the time Crash took her hand and led her to the bedroom, Jill’s legs already felt like gelatin. She’d never been so glad that they had moved the bedroom they shared downstairs into her former office.

Crash moved with purpose, striding to the dresser and opening the bottom drawer.

As she bent and rummaged through the drawer, Jill’s gaze was drawn to her taut ass. A sudden vision of digging her fingers into those firm buttocks as Crash thrust into her flared through her mind. A little gasp escaped her, and she squeezed her thighs together.

Crash turned. She looked at the black leather harness in her hand, then raised her gaze to search Jill’s face. “Are you sure this is what you want? It can get pretty…energetic.”

Jill flashed a grin. “Energetic sounds great. Don’t get me wrong. I love it when we make love slow and sweet. But every once in a while, I just want you to take me.”

A groan tore from Crash’s throat. “Jesus, Jill. I want that too. But if it becomes too much and you want to stop at any point…”

Jill took a step forward, right into Crash’s personal space. She closed her fingers over Crash’s that white-knuckled the harness. “I love how gentle and considerate you are.” She whispered a soft kiss onto Crash’s full lips. “But please don’t treat me like I’m fragile. I get enough of that at work when directors don’t trust me to do even the easiest stunts myself. I don’t want you to think of me like that. I want to be desired.”

“You are,” Crash said immediately, her voice husky and her gaze intense. “I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you.”

The raw desire in her eyes made Jill’s head swim. She kissed Crash, this time more firmly. “Then put that thing on and show me.”

“Why don’t you put it on me?” Crash said, her usual confidence back in her voice.

God, that was hot. Jill took the harness from her, glad she was having a good day with no numbness or tingling in her hands. It took a few seconds for her to sort out where each strap was supposed to go. Once she had figured it out, she knelt and held out the harness for Crash to step into.

Jill then pulled the leather straps up her muscular legs, sliding her palms over her warm skin as she went. She traced a line along the straps that looped underneath Crash’s butt cheeks and stroked her index finger along the crease where Crash’s thigh met her pelvis.

Crash shuddered.

“Remember when we first met and you helped me remove the stunt harness?” Jill asked. “That’s what you did to me. Just one touch and I wanted you, even back then.”

Crash pulled her up and kissed her, sliding her tongue along Jill’s.

When the kiss ended, Jill was dazed with pleasure. “Where’s…?”

Crash pressed the dildo into her hand before she could finish the question. “Do you still think this is okay? Size-wise, I mean.”

Jill slid her fingers over the smooth, blue-and-white-marbled silicone, making Crash groan as if she could feel her touch as it glided over the toy. The dildo they had chosen wasn’t too thick or too long, but it wasn’t too small either. Jill’s entire body was already tingling with the anticipation of having it inside her. “It’s perfect,” she whispered against Crash’s lips. “And so are you.”

Their lips came together with just the right mix of tenderness and urgency.

Gasping, Jill broke away, trailed the toy down Crash’s taut belly, and slid it through the O-ring. With slightly unsteady fingers, she fastened the buckles on Crash’s trim hips, then tightened the leg straps.

The dildo rode low on Crash’s pelvis, jutting out at a slight upward curve.

Jill had expected it to look strange, maybe even a little silly, but on Crash, who stood with a confident stance, it looked hot. She reached out and smoothed her hand along the dildo, pushing it against Crash in the process.

Crash moaned and clamped her teeth onto her bottom lip as if she struggled for control.

Jill looked into her eyes. “Can you feel that?”

“Yeah.” Crash’s voice was husky and her pupils so wide that only a thin ring of her dazzling, ice-blue irises remained. “The flared base rubs against my clit if you do that.”

“This?” Jill closed her fist around the toy and pumped once.

Crash surged against her. “God, yes.”

“Good. I want this to be good for you too.”

A helpless chuckle escaped Crash. “Oh, you definitely don’t have to worry about that.” She grasped Jill’s hips with both hands, kissed her with an intensity that made Jill lightheaded, and walked her backward until they reached the bed, never breaking the kiss as she eased her down on it.

The sheets were cool against Jill’s back, and she shivered in the air-conditioned bedroom, but her body instantly warmed as Crash followed her down, covering her with her familiar, solid weight.

The toy pressed against Jill’s belly, trapped between their bodies. For a moment, Jill expected the unfamiliar feeling to throw her off, but instead, it ratcheted up her desire. It wasn’t the strap-on itself that turned her on; it was that Crash wore it.

But Crash didn’t seem in any hurry to use it. She took her sweet time, trailing kisses across Jill’s cheek, along her jawline, and down the column of her neck.

Jill wove her finger into Crash’s short, black hair as those talented lips moved lower.

Crash cupped one breast in her palm and gazed at it as if it were a piece of art. “You’re so beautiful.” Before Jill could answer, Crash lowered her head and painted circles around her taut areola with her tongue.

Ripples of delight shot across Jill’s skin. She clutched at Crash’s head, drawing her closer.

Crash licked the nipple—once, twice—then sucked it into her mouth.

A hot jolt surged through Jill, straight to her core. She cried out. Her hips arched off the bed, making her keenly aware of the dildo sandwiched between them. She writhed against Crash, who used her lips, her tongue, and her teeth to tease her nipple into a hardened point.

“Crash.” She ran her hands down Crash’s muscular back, then tugged on her hips, desperate for some friction.

“Not yet,” Crash whispered against the damp skin of Jill’s breast, making her shudder. “Relax. Enjoy.” She moved to the other breast and lavished the same attention on it until Jill felt as if she were melting from the inside out.

“God, Crash. Please.”

Leaning up on one hand, Crash reached between them with the other and rubbed the toy against Jill’s wetness.

Every nerve ending in Jill’s body seemed to come alive. She ground herself against the length of the dildo.

Crash covered Jill’s mouth with hers, swallowing her moan, and kissed her, first tender, then long and hard. Finally, she broke the kiss, her breathing already ragged. “Now?”

Jill’s entire body throbbed with need. “Yes.”

With a trembling hand, Crash reached into the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a small bottle.

Jill laughed shakily. “I don’t think we need that.”

“You can never have too much lube.” Crash grinned. “I want this to feel good.”

“It already does.” She watched, transfixed, as Crash squeezed out a generous amount of lube and stroked her hand down the dildo. “God, that’s hot.”

Crash looked up, her gaze smoldering. She braced herself with one hand next to Jill’s shoulder.

Both reached between their bodies at the same time. Their fingers brushed on the toy, and their gazes locked.

God. Jill hadn’t known this could be so intimate.

Together, they positioned the tip of the dildo at her opening.

Crash’s whole body was taut against hers. Jill felt Crash’s pulse hammering as hard as her own.

Need spiraled through Jill. “Put it inside me.” She groaned. “I need to feel you.”

Crash echoed her groan. She watched Jill’s face as she carefully eased the lube-covered dildo inside her an inch.

Jill’s breathing hitched.

Crash stilled immediately. “You okay?”

“Very okay.” She clutched Crash’s back with both hands. “Keep going.”

Crash tilted her hips forward and sank deeper inside with agonizing slowness, making Jill feel every inch of the dildo, until their hips were flush together.

Jill’s mouth dropped open in a silent gasp. God. So good.

“Jill,” Crash whispered, a note of awe and barely controlled hunger in her voice. She dropped her forehead against Jill’s but otherwise held very still, giving Jill time to adjust to the fullness inside of her. “Too much?”

“No. Perfect.” She loved feeling Crash against her…in her like this, loved seeing in Crash’s eyes how much this turned her on too.

Crash dipped her head and kissed Jill’s neck without moving her hips.

Jill gasped as Crash’s teeth raked the sensitive spot beneath her ear. She pushed up against her with her hips and moaned as the dildo pressed even deeper.

Keeping their gazes locked, Crash placed her hands on either side of Jill and started to move inside of her in little back-and-forth strokes. She kept her pace gentle and steady. “God, I love this. I love you.”

A shudder of arousal went through Jill. “Me too,” she managed to groan out. Her ability to form a halfway coherent sentence was slipping away quickly.

Still moving against her in a leisurely rhythm, Crash caressed one breast and flicked her tongue over the other.

The added stimulation and Crash’s achingly slow pace drove Jill crazy. She rocked against her, searching for more of the delicious pressure.

Crash withdrew partway, then filled her just as slowly, ratcheting up both Jill’s pleasure and frustration.

Jill thrust forward to prolong the contact.

A strangled moan told her that she’d pushed the dildo against Crash. The steady rhythm faltered for a moment, and heat flared in Crash’s eyes. A sheen of perspiration glistened on her handsome face. The muscles beneath Jill’s hands quivered with the effort to hold back.

But Jill didn’t want her to rein herself in. She rasped her fingernails down Crash’s strong back, wrapped her legs around Crash’s hips, and pulled her deeper. “Please, Crash. Don’t hold back. Fuck me hard.”

With a low noise that sounded almost like a growl, Crash dropped onto her forearms and began to thrust harder and faster.

Each long, deep stroke sent waves of pleasure through Jill. Watching Crash lose all control excited her even more. “God, yes. So good.” She arched up against her, matching her stroke for stroke and losing herself in the rhythm they created together.

Crash’s muscles flexed as she worked hard to please her. They were both panting.

Their mouths connected in a wild kiss, tongues sliding against each other in the same urgent rhythm.

After a few heartbeats, Crash pulled away so she could watch her as she withdrew until she was barely inside, then pressed in again.

Jill surged against her with a sharp cry. She raked her nails down Crash’s back and grabbed her thighs, her ass, desperately pulling her harder into her wet center.

An almost feral noise escaped Crash. She rotated her hips, angling the dildo up just right, hitting a spot that instantly reduced Jill to an incoherent mess.

“Oh my fucking God!” Jill’s vision blurred. She knew she wouldn’t last. Breathless gasps escaped her. Close. So close. She strained against Crash and tightened her legs around Crash’s hips.

The next thrust made her eyes roll back in her head. Her movements lost all coordination, and all she could do was cling to Crash. She flung her head back into the pillow. Her eyes fluttered closed, her entire being focused on the amazing feeling gathering deep inside of her.

Crash let out a low groan and nipped Jill’s exposed throat. “Jill. Look at me, Jill.”

Jill dragged open her heavy lids. Their gazes connected.

Crash slipped one hand between them and stroked Jill’s swollen clit.

White-hot pleasure seared through Jill. She tried to hold off, to prolong this incredible feeling, but as Crash snapped her hips forward again, it became a losing battle. Her inner muscles contracted around the dildo as her orgasm ripped through her. A guttural scream wrenched from her throat. She arched up one last time, then collapsed back onto the bed.

Crash slowed her thrusts but kept moving gently, drawing out Jill’s climax.

As the last ripples of ecstasy faded away, Crash stilled and buried her face against Jill’s throat. Her ragged breathing fanned over Jill’s damp skin. “God, Jill,” she whispered into the crook of her neck.

Every muscle in Jill’s body was still languid with pleasure. Weakly, she lifted her hand and combed her fingers through Crash’s short hair, which was damp from their shower and sweat.

Crash shuddered against her. After a while, she carefully withdrew.

Another flutter of sensation quivered through Jill, making her moan again.

Crash kissed her gently, then rolled off to lie beside her and held her close, with the dildo nestled between them, digging into Jill’s side. Her skin was flushed and glistened with sweat. Her heartbeat thundered against Jill’s chest.

“You didn’t come, did you?” Jill asked when her brain started working again.

“Almost.” Passion lit up Crash’s blue eyes, making them seem to glow. “God, just watching your face while I moved inside you almost drove me over the edge at one point.”

“Mmm, let’s see if we can do something about that almost.” Jill rolled her eager partner onto her back, settled at her side, and leaned over her.

The dildo jutted up between them, quivering with each of Crash’s unsteady breaths.

“Let me take this off.” Crash fumbled with the buckles of the harness.

Jill covered her hand with her own. “Wait. Let me.”

Crash dropped her hands to the mattress and lay still, open to Jill’s touch.

The way she gave up control was just as hot as watching her take it earlier had been.

Jill slid her hand down Crash’s belly. The sweat-dampened skin felt as smooth as silk beneath her fingertips. She lowered her head to taste the perspiration glistening between Crash’s breasts, then let her lips and her tongue follow the path of her hand down.

Crash’s six-pack contracted under her touch, and her breathing sped up.

The scent of Crash’s arousal filled her nostrils as she kissed a trail down her belly.

“Jesus, Jill.” Crash dug her hands into Jill’s hair. “What are you…?”

Her words ended in a drawn-out groan when Jill slid her hand lower and ran it over the glistening silicone, grinding the base of the dildo against Crash. “Loving you.” Jill pumped her hand again.

Crash arched up against her. “Careful. I’m not going to last if you…God…keep that up.”

As sexy as the thought of getting Crash off like this was, Jill wanted more. She wanted to touch her. She trailed her fingers lower and slipped them beneath the warm leather of the harness, immediately encountering Crash’s wetness.

Crash sucked in a sharp breath. She reached up to grip the headboard, her athletic body tightening beneath Jill.

Renewed need swirled through Jill, and she wanted the strap-on gone so she could get her mouth on Crash. Her hands flew to the buckles. Her fingers were a little unsteady now, so she fumbled for a moment before she managed to unfasten the buckles and eased the harness down Crash’s quivering legs.

As it dropped to the floor, she trailed kisses along the curve of Crash’s hips, where the buckles had left light marks on her skin, and then ran the tip of her tongue down one powerful thigh.

Crash let go of the headboard and parted her legs in silent invitation. Her hands roamed Jill’s shoulders, up the back of her neck, into her hair. She dug her heels into the mattress, pushing herself upward toward her mouth. “Please.”

Jill took hold of her hips and dipped her head down. She nuzzled into Crash’s damp curls and breathed in her musky scent. Then, not wanting to make Crash wait any longer—unable to wait any longer herself—she slid her tongue through her wetness.

“Fuck!” Crash arched up against her.

Jill felt how close Crash was. She swirled her tongue through her folds and flicked it along one side of her clit. Crash’s gasps and groans urged her on. Jill gripped her bucking hips more tightly and drew her closer, unable to get enough.

Crash’s fingers tightened in her hair, and she breathed out her name like a plea or a prayer.

Jill closed her lips over her clit and sucked once, hard.

With a raw shout, Crash surged up against Jill’s mouth one last time. Her legs clamped around Jill’s head, then went limp. Crash dropped back onto the bed, her fingers still in Jill’s hair.


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