Her Night With Santa

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Her Night With Santa


“I want you to use the spreader bar on me and fuck me with that dildo you’ve been eyeing all day.” Kris’s hips buck into me like I just tased her and I can’t help the dirty laugh that escapes my lips.

“Yes, hell yes.” She sits up and I raise my gaze to admire her. She’s in a simple white tank top and some red cotton boyshorts, because Santa’s brand really is red and white everything.

“So, you’re down for that plan?” I ask.

“I’m one hundred fucking percent down for that plan,” she says, and she really sounds super psyched.

“God, we’re two horny bitches.” I laugh, and she smiles back at me.

“Yup,” she agrees and points to a spot inside the bedroom. “You stay here. I’m going to get the stuff from your bag cleaned up. I’ll bring us some water too because I’m planning to squeeze every drop of fluid out of your body. And stay on the futon, I want to fuck you here, surrounded by the stars.” That’s the filthiest and most romantic thing I’ve ever heard, and I’m absolutely gone for this woman. My hand snakes down to my crotch. I’m already so turned on that I’m seeing double, but she slaps it away.

“No touching. That pussy’s mine tonight. I’m going to wreck it so good. I’ll be tasting you for weeks.”

“Fuuuuuck, Kris stop. Go get the stuff,” I beg, tugging on my crop top, hurrying to get naked.

I feel so fucking happy right now. This afternoon has been a fantasy come true and I don’t want it to end. From the invitation Kristina has extended, it seems like she doesn’t want it to end either. The thoughtis almost too much to process, so I concentrate on the anticipation of what we’re about to do. I already know how good Kris can make me feel. How amazing we are together. The way I want her right now is frantic, like a fever, and the best part is that I know she’ll take care of me. I want her hands on me, her mouth. To surrender to everything she can make me feel.

Kris comes back after a few minutes with a stack of blankets and towels, and right on top I see the bar, the dildo, anal beads, lube and what looks like a harness. Every muscle in my body clenches as I look at the toys. This is going to be epic.

“You going to strap that on and fuck me hard?” I ask, kneeling on the futon.

She nods wickedly, as she places the stuff on the huge futon. “I sure am.” she says happily, like we’re talking about making crafts. Her finger makes a circular motion. “Turn around on all fours, and bring that delicious ass closer.” I’m already shaking with need and move faster than I ever have in my life. Within seconds my head is resting on my arms, and I have my butt in the air.

“Perfect heart-shape,” she crows as she slides her hands down my back until she’s gripping my cheeks with both hands. She massages them for a moment and then without warning, slaps my ass.

“Fuck yeah,” I moan, pressing into her touch. She does it again and it feels so incredibly naughty to have my bottom in the air for Santa’s pleasure. “More,” I tell her and she obliges. She gives me a few quick swats, until my skin feels hot and tingly, and then she starts playing with me. Her chin presses into my cunt, and then her mouth is on me. She wraps her lips around my clit, giving me a sweet and gentle suckling, and my legs want to give out. After a couple of seconds she pulls back.

“You’re already dripping into the futon.” She sounds so smug and I’m into it. “This pussy’s going to be the end of me.” I feel her warmth leave me, but shortly after I hear a clanging sound.

The bar.

I prop myself up on my arms and turn to look at her work. She’s naked too. Her perky tits and her blonde bush make my mouth water. I want to ask her to come to me, and let me lick her, but then she holds up the bar.

“This is pretty sweet.” She says and she sounds impressed.

“Yep.” I say proudly. It is a great spreader bar. The cuffs are made with flexible material that molds to the shape of the leg. It’s soft and doesn’t cut into the skin. And I put grips on the metal so that the person holding it can get some traction. I cannot wait for Kris to pound into me while holding on to it.

“I’m going to put it on you,” Kris informs me and gets to work. She runs her soft hands down my legs and widens them so she can fit the bar. The position makes me feel much more exposed and I have to rock back and forth to ease the sizzle under my skin.

“That’s beautiful,” Kris whispers, admiring her work. “I think I might use the beads on you. Fill your ass and then get this pussy ready for me to fuck it.”

“I need your hands on me.” My voice is garbled as I push into her hands. I hear the sucking sound as she pumps lube out of the bottle and soon, her slick fingers are on my asshole.

“Mm…open me up, babe.” I want it bad and she gives me exactly what I need. First just the tip of her finger. I relax into it. I love this, the stretch the burn.

“You’re so greedy, look how you swallow my finger. Fuck, you’re drenched,” she says and soon her tongue is lapping at my pussy, with her fingers still playing with my ass. She does it again and again. Massaging my hole while she sucks and tongues my clit.  Out of nowhere, I’m climaxing so intensely I almost blackout.

“Kris, shit. Ah,” I cry as she soothes me. I’m a mess and she hasn’t even put on the harness yet. I can feel sweat gathering at my spine as I come down from the orgasm.

“I love the sounds you make when you’re coming,” she tells me as she palms my ass. “Now that I have you nice and loose, I want to see you take these beads.”

“Do it,” I say and she doesn’t hesitate, she pushes them in one by one, until I’m full and stretched out. It burns so good when I move.

“Your ass is a miracle,” Kris declares, before bending down to take a bite out of it.

“Fuck me, please.” I’ve never been proud when it comes to sex, and Kristina really has me in a bad way.

“In a minute.” When I look over my shoulder, I catch her putting on the harness. My belly flips and flops like I’m on a roller coaster. I love that dildo. It’s a silicone giant with a curved head that drills my spot like a jackhammer, and my cunt spasms just from seeing it on Kris. “You want this big blue cock, sweetheart?”

“I need it.” And I’m not exaggerating. I feel like I’m going to fly apart from lust. My skin is practically crackling. I am on fire for her, but Kris is playing the long game. She walks around the futon until she’s right in front of my face. With me on all fours my mouth is level with the harness, but my eyes are fixed on her bush. I press in to smell her sex and my mouth waters.

“Let me lick you, baby,” I plead, lifting a hand to bring her closer.

She shakes her head and fists my hair until I’m looking up at her face. So. Fucking. Hot.

“You can have my pussy after you suck this cock. Show me how bad you want it. How you’re going use your tongue on me.”

Instantly I grip the head and go to town on the silicone dick. I flick it with the tip of my tongue, then give it a long lazy lick from base to tip. I suck on it, moaning like it’s the most delicious thing I’ve had in my mouth. I’m looking at her the whole time and can see how turned she is watching me work this cock. Just because I can, I swirl my tongue around the head like it’s my favorite lollipop. And that seems to be as much as she can take. In a second she’s moving the dildo out of the way and pressing her pussy to my face.

“Mm…yeah, this is what I wanted,” I coo, as she spreads her lips. I do her hard and fast. Widening my tongue to lap her up with  rough licks.

“You’re always starving for this cunt, aren’t you?”

I hum and nod as I eat her out. I press my nose to her heat, wanting to drown in her. One of her lusty moans flies into the dark night as she bucks into me. Within seconds she’s coming on my tongue. I lick her slowly, our gazes locked on each other. I want so much more of this woman. My heart and my body feel like they already belong to her.

Kris lets out a shaky breath and without a word bends down to kiss me. I taste her and me in that kiss and it’s so raw and perfect, I want to weep. Her hands are on my face and I feel enveloped in her. Neither of us talk, as if we know what’s happening is fragile and sacred and we don’t want to shatter it with words.

She gives me one last kiss and moves to stand behind me. Her hands on me are warm, and I smile as she caresses me. She presses her chest to my back and cups my breasts. Her hot fingers worry my sensitive nipples, making me moan. Next, she palms the base of my throat as she brings a hand to my pussy, and plunges two fingers in.

“Ah.” I grind into her hand, fucking myself on it.

“I’m going to flip you now. I want to see your face,” she whispers into my ear. I miss the warmth of her skin as soon it’s gone, but Kris doesn’t give me much time to dwell on it.

“On your stomach, babe,” she says as she softly presses a hand to my back. Once I’m flat on the futon, she grips the bar and flips me on my back.

A whoosh of breath comes out of my mouth as I land on my butt. I can’t help the grin on my face when I look up at her. “That was so hot.”

She licks her lips like the embodiment of my every butch fantasy and moves to kneel on the bed. The dildo flops around as she moves to grip the bar again. She pushes my legs back, and with the bar holding my legs apart I feel obscenely exposed. The cool night air kisses my wet pussy and the crack of my ass. I’m pretty much living my best sapphic porno life.

“Yeah baby, drill me with that fat cock,” I growl as she palms the lubed dildo and slaps my pussy with the tip making me see stars.

“Hold on, sweetheart.” she warns me before pushing into me to the hilt. All the air comes out of my lungs as she fills me up and starts fucking me in earnest.

My teeth chatter from the force of her thrusts, and I’m almost certain I’m sliding off the futon. I don’t care. This is worth the potential concussion.

“Kris.” I moan as she presses on the bar, tilting me back so the dildo is so deep I can feel it in my throat. “That’s it. That’s the spot babe,” I cry and she’s turned into a full-on sex goddess. She plows me hard with a few short thrusts, pulling almost completely out and then slamming into me again. My entire body feels like it’s one big nerve ending, pleasure pulsing in me like a ball of fire.

“Play with your clit,” she orders, and I sloppily suck on my fingers before bringing them down to my pussy. I circle my clit a few times and within seconds I’m on the brink again.

“I’m coming,” I groan through clenched teeth.

“Look at me, Farnaz. I want to see your face when you’re coming.” And that’s all it takes. The orgasm is so intense I swear my soul leaves my body. It crashes over me in waves, and in the recesses of my mind I realize the ragged screams I hear must be coming from me. Finally, I close my eyes and feel Kris undoing the bar. My legs fall to the side and I lift them so Kris can come closer.

“Come, baby,” I tell her. Within seconds we’re locked together and her hot cunt is grinding into mine. Impossibly, I’m coming again. I don’t have words left. Only hoarse moans escape my lips as mind melting pleasure envelops me. I hear Kris’s short breaths as she rocks into me. I don’t know where she ends and I begin.

“You’re perfect,” she gasps, her mouth pressed to my calf. And I can only nod, as another orgasm takes me.

We really are perfect together, and as soon as my hearing comes back and I can make my mouth work, I plan to tell Kris she’s the best thing that’s happened to me in a very long time.

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USA Today bestselling author Adriana Herrera was born and raised in the Caribbean. She loves writing stories about people who look and sound like her people getting unapologetic happy endings. She lives in New York City.

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