Jellybean Futurium

This erotic story excerpt by Victoria Brooks from Jellybean Futurium was originally published by Lickerish Library and is the Runner Up in the Good Sex Awards Best LGBTQI Category.

Jellybean Futurium

Suddenly, the lights burst on and her eyes are flooded with the colours of the jelly coloured sugar tinted room of her dreams. Multicoloured neon balloons were sticking to the ceiling; it was a jellybean candy interior with bean bags and squishy surfaces, and bowls of sweets. It was a cosy space and all this colour magic was filling the mechanical blackened oily garage space that was there before. Asha liked it like this – it was warm, and there was a faint sweetness to the air.

A disembodied voice began to speak softly, “Welcome, Asha, to the Futurium. It is so wonderful that the communication of our language found your sight and you now find yourself here in this orgasmic space.” It was a soft, slow, somewhat pixelated robotic voice. Asha found it calming.

“Take a seat, while I get ready to come and meet with your body.”

Asha did as she was told and sat on the edge of a bed in the far right hand corner of the room, which sunk divinely as her bottom hit the soft duvet. It pulled her in – like she was sitting upon a generous cloud.

Asha imagined that she ought to feel nervous now, but she didn’t. The situation had an unexpected safety to it – as if part of her body was slightly ahead of the rest of her and was able to assure her that the future was fine.

Five minutes of earth time later, Jellybean was able to grace Asha with their presence. They stood before Asha, who looked them up and down, with wide eyes and the biggest most joyful smile. She shook her head, as if she had never allowed herself to believe that such a wonder could be there, just for her. She thought she might even cry.

“You are extraordinary. I never thought there could be anyone like you. Where are you from? Who are you?

“I stand here as a painting of your imagination, Asha. Yes, I am from another time; but my form is co-created with you. It is at least 3,000 years in the future time. My name is Jellybean – you named me.”

“I never named you!”

“Yes, Asha, you did. Your love of colours, your wonder, your sweet tooth, your planet-sized imagination – what other name could I have been given? It makes perfect sense.”

“But your body, Jellybean, how is it so… perfect? It’s like a glorious jelly fucktoy.”

“There are many who would not find it perfect, dearest Asha friend. But it is perfect for you, and as it turns out, it perfectly reflects the form, or should I say forms, that human-beings become, far in the future. My body does not stay as it is, but in special moments can change, because I am what is called a mistress and in the future mistresses are the most treasured partners. Would you like to see what happens?”

Asha did not know what to say, other than to hungrily appraise the body before her. The body was a translucent turquoise, like it was cast in tropical waters. The texture looked like a firm, smooth jelly. Jellybean had big breasts, which made Asha’s palms tingle with a need to feel their weight.  Asha allowed herself to stare at them, and then moved her eyes down to Jellybean’s vulva. Asha could see a large clitoris, perhaps it was slightly swollen, peeking out from Jellybean’s labia. Though the body was alien to Asha, the flesh was refreshing and wild. There was a distant familiarity though. She heard Jellybean’s breath deepen and quicken, as if they could feel the tracks of her gaze.

“Can I touch you, Jellybean? I want to know how it – I mean, how your flesh – feels. Can I come close to you?”

“Come.” Jellybean’s voice sounded breathless, and they gestured for Asha to come, with an exquisite hand, held out for Asha to take.

Asha rose from her cloud, and slowly walked towards the hand. Asha took the hand and it was warm, which she did not expect. It was flesh for sure. Asha caressed the arm intrepidly but gently, feeling its contours which somehow reflected her fantasy of Theo the mechanic’s strong arm – it was as though the arm were a perfect sculp of her imagination. She lifted the arm to her face and stroked it with her cheek. It was the most erotic arm – she wanted it nearer to her, and its fingers to touch her swelling clitoris.

“Come closer” a breathless pixelated whisper asked, gently grasping Asha’s face and pulling her in.

Asha stepped forward and looked into Jellybean’s eyes. She had never seen anything like these whirlpools – where all of Asha’s sexuality, all of her orgasms, and all the best bits of her past and present lovers swirled. They all swirled like cotton candy, around a deep black point of joy. They brought a smile to Asha’s face, like she was looking into the eyes of the kindliest spirit.

Asha placed her hand where she assumed Jellybean’s heart would be, and indeed she felt it. The beat quickened as she drew in closer still. She inhaled the mist of honey pheromones, and let her body swim in this sexy safety. She let her sexuality flow as it needed to.

As she gently traced her hand down, she let herself grasp those breasts. They were soft and heavy, and made Asha’s clitoris pulse. Her mouth started to salivate, with a need to lick, or suck something. Jellybean knew it, and commanded that Asha get on her knees and lick the tip of his desperately hard dick, “the tip is all slippery now, and it is so hard it needs some tender care.”

Asha got to her knees somehow not surprised that the delicious clit she observed from the bed had become a large, stiff prick. Asha was delighted – as she would have been had there been a clitoris to suck. This cock tasted sweet and salty, like popcorn. She licked it hungrily and it grew stiffer, sticking out further, straining, seeking her desperately in that adorable way that cocks do.

“It’s the fantasy you were having about Theo, Asha – it has caused these changes since it is still floating about your mind, waiting to be satisfied – shall we go with it and see?”

“Oh yes please! Though I hope your vulva comes back – I want to rub it against my own, it has always been a fantasy of mine…”

“Shhhhh Asha, stop changing fantasies! Slow down, we can do them all, don’t worry – but the more you lean into another, the more likely my body will change…  I want to feel this fantasy, your first one at the Futurium, before going to the next. Your mind is so alive with sex!”

“Sorry – I’m just so excited!”

Asha ran to the bed and lifted her skirt. She lay on her back spreading her legs, eager to feel herself stretch around this warm cock.

“Please, hurry, my cunt is wet and naughty, it needs filling, please.”

Jellybean didn’t move and stood there staring at Asha, as if for just this moment, she was all his.

“Look at you there, with your legs apart like that. I wonder if you should wait a little longer. But ok, I’ll come over and inspect your pussy and if you’re good, I might fuck it.”

Jellybean approached Asha and lowered his face to her vulva, breathing in its warmth and intensely peppery scent. He could see how glistening with excitement she was.

“Please, I can’t take it, put it in me!”

“Shhhh, Asha. I still haven’t decided if you’re ready.”

Jellybean felt playfully sadistic, and brought his cock toward her vulva, so that Asha would be able to feel its presence and warmth, but not feel its touch.

Asha whimpered and begged, spreading her legs even further apart. All she could do was breathe and moan, thrusting herself hopefully towards him.

Jellybean smiled and gradually brought his shining glans to the mouth of her vagina, and just let it rest against this desperate opening.

“Tell me how dirty you are and I might push it in.”

“I’m dirty and want to be full of cock. I wish there were lots of other people here to watch me with my legs spread getting fucked, to see how dirty I am.”

“That’s right Asha. That’s what you need.”

Electricity pulsed through Asha’s body as Jellybean plunged inside her. She cried out and it felt just as she wanted it to – she was prone and full, at his mercy, and she felt this feeling of being watched, a naughty sense of being witnessed being bad, even though she was sure they were alone. She grew wetter and wetter, as Jellybean’s prick made her feel fuller than she had ever felt.

Jellybean suddenly stopped, “I think you want to do something else. I sense it. You don’t want an orgasm yet – your body is so excited and you are feeling so naughty you want to keep this delicious sense and try something new. It’s that power you feel from submission, I think you want to fuck me, now.”

Asha never thought of herself as a “switch” before, but perhaps it was so. Jellybean handed Asha the most exquisite of strap-on dildos. It had the most comfortable harness, which was so light and so fitted, it felt barely-there.

The best bit though, was how the perfect, jelly orange cock extended out from exactly where Asha’s clitoris was. Her clit was swollen anyway; but now it felt as though it has swollen out even further, and become one with this glorious silicone prick.

Jellybean had got up and was exploring the Futurium for a suitable surface against which Asha could comfortably take him. He settled upon a large pink bean bag and let himself fall face-first onto it, spread his legs and pushed out his bottom ready for her.

Asha had never done it to a man before, though she had definitely fucked a few vulvas; rejoicing in filling them up just as Jellybean did to her just a few moments ago.

She squeezed some lube onto her jelly fuckstick and wanked it like it were her own – it thrilled her to do it while looking at Jellybean’s plump round bottom, which was now thrusting back and forth as he ground his naughty prick against the bean bag. Asha crawled toward Jellybean, her cock twanging and shiny between her legs.

Jellybean’s hands clenched fistfuls of the beanbag and Asha caught sight of rainbow nails, painted in similar shades to her own.

Asha enjoyed how her fantasies were being reflected in Jellybean – there was this perfect rhythm, like she was sure of the future and so felt safe to be herself, and to follow her clitoris’ intuitions. She loved how both of their genders and sexualities became fluid and danced with one another – the Futurium was sweet.

Asha’s power rose in her chest – she felt like nothing could stop her and that it was safe to surrender to the beauty of that feeling of lovingly penetrating another being. Her clitoris swelled against the silicone as she lined up her new cock with Jellybean’s hole. Asha enjoyed how curvaceous his buttocks were and grabbed a soft cushiony handful as she ensured there was lots of lovely tingly slippery lube coating her cock. She rubbed the tip against him, gently pushing and teasing, then slipping inside. She loved the feeling of thrusting herself against him, which produced a delightful pressure on her clitoris, that could easily bring her to one of those slippery over-taking orgasms. It felt as though her jellycock was part of her and that Jellybean was gripping the whole of her body.

Jellybean was writhing in pleasure and Asha’s arms began to shake and her palms gripped handfuls of beanbag – she was feeling an orgasm rising within her – but Jellybean didn’t want her to come yet – he wanted her to have her biggest ever orgasm.

“Shhh. Stop now” Jellybean breathed, “I want to try one more thing.”

Asha was on the edge or her orgasm – she had that feeling that she was so swollen that she could not be any more aroused, and yet she thought she would like to try.

Jellybean slowly turned over and grabbed Asha’s cock, bringing her towards him for a deep, warm kiss. Asha had not felt a kiss like it in her life – it was perfect, enveloping and gentle enough not to consume her.

Now Jellybean was back on the bed and his legs were spread. He called her over, telling her to take off her cock and bring her dirty clit over there so she could fuck him with it.

Asha saw that Jellybean’s cock had morphed to become vulva again, which was not a surprise since this was necessary for the fantasy she had said she wanted next. She climbed on top of the bed to get closer, and she saw that Jellybean’s vulva was as swollen as her own, glistening and begging for her. Asha has dreamed for a long time of scissoring with body that has a vulva – what could be more glorious than the feeling of soft, almost liquid skin slipping and sliding against her own – another clitoris to rub against. She wanted to do it so badly, and she wanted to do it now to Jellybean.

Asha hungrily climbed on top of Jellybean, positioning her vulva above Jellybean’s which involved some careful intertwining. She was now kneeling astride Jellybeans open pussy, angled slightly to the right. She felt steady, stable and comfortable. As she thought about what she was about to do, she felt a surge in her clit and let out a small whimper of excitement.

She looked down at her vulva and saw how swollen it was –  a beautiful little strand of stretchy juice was about to drop from her labia. She lowered herself deliberately slowly, edging towards the delectable surface below. She anticipated the sensation and could not delay any longer. She gave in to herself, and sat upon Jellybean’s vulva. The feeling was so incredible – it was cool from being wet and exposed to the air; soft and slidy, Asha sat deeply and pulled Jellybeans thigh toward her. She started thrusting and grinding around, feeling their clitorises meet and a delightful mess of labia and wetness. Jellybean started thrusting too, “come on Asha, lets come together, tickle your nipples with your fingers, lightly, while you slip and slide that dirty fuck hole of yours against mine.”

“Oh it feels dirty. So dirty and naughty to do this… It feels so good and my clit is so stiff, I have to come now, I have to.”

Asha started thrusting her hips quicker and harder and she felt the whole of her vulva swelling and that glorious sting of an orgasm rising and this time, she let it claim her. It was huge. It was one of those orgasms that contracted so hard that it seemed to cause a big gush of fluid. The reverberations continued to pulsate for a long time after she came.

Asha smiled, and then she laughed. She moved and dived into Jellybean’s arms – the pair of them lay there – present skin upon future skin.

Jellybean pulled her in tight, speaking gently in that pixelated tone, “the Futurium is always here, and here for you, even when it isn’t. Even when it is not here-here, in Theo’s Automobile Hospital, it is within you; in your fuckdreams and as an inner sense of safety and power. It is your gift, from us in the future, where gender and desire are accepted as the fluid things they are. We can be what we want to be, now us human being peoples have stopped fearing.”

Jellybean then offered her a neon yellow drink and a bowl full of jellybeans – the colours were so deep they looked like precious jewels. She picked one that was a deep dark red and put it in her mouth. She chewed and now her orgasmic glow was tinged by the perfectly fragrant taste of pomegranate and rose. She breathed in, filling her lungs with the promise that this future held, as she ran her hands delicately softly across Jellybean’s sweetly smelling turquoise skin.

Asha decided there and then that she would write about the Futurium in her next book. She wanted to tell this tale, so that others could dream and taste the sweet promise of Jellybean.


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Victoria Brooks is a researcher and writer interested in sex, ethics, bisexuality and trauma recovery, while also being a graduate student on the MA Novel Writing program at Middlesex University, London. She writes queer fiction (sometimes erotica) and her writing has been published in Litro, Stone of Madness Press and Lickerish Library. Victoria’s second creative non-fiction book called Mistress Ethics: On the Virtues of Sexual Kindness is out later this year for Bloomsbury. She is also working on her first queer sci-fi novel.
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