The Companion

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The Companion

“I am not churning out books for the sake of churning out books,” Victor said over the top of Audrey’s last comment. “I can’t believe that you would side with my editor—”

“I am not siding with anyone!”

“No! You always—”

There was a bang as if a book had been put down very sharply.

Madeline dropped the basket onto the kitchen table and strode down the hall, fully intending to break up whatever was currently happening in the study.

She pulled the door open in time to see Victor against the far wall of the study and Audrey pinning him there with her body, her fingers clenched around his jaw, kissing him for all he was worth.

Not that Victor wasn’t kissing her back just as hard, pressing against her like he would win the argument with the force of his lips and body alone.

His hands pulled savagely at her jacket, and her free hand raked up his body.

Madeline felt like all the air had been pulled from her lungs; her entire body was enflamed to at the sight of them.

She made a noise, and they wrenched themselves apart.

“I’m not taking your editor’s side,” Audrey hissed, her gaze and hands still on Victor. “I’m on your side, you stubborn asshole, and only yours.”

Victor drew in a hard breath, then seemed to deflate somewhat. “You’re right . . . I was being overly sensitive.”

“Ah, you admit it.” Audrey’s lips curled into a grin, and Victor glared at her right before she kissed him again.

Victor’s gaze finally went to Madeline when they pulled apart the second time.

“Enjoying the show?” he asked.

Audrey turned slightly to look at Madeline as well.

“Very much.” She sat on the couch across from them, smoothed her skirts out, and folded her hands in her lap. “If you want to, then by all means, carry on.”

Victor guided Audrey’s face back around to his and kissed her lightly this time, gently even. “What do you think?” he asked when their lips parted. “Do we want to?”

“I don’t know, Victor; how good do you plan on being for me?” Her fingers tangled in his dark hair and tucked his head back and to the side, baring his throat.

“Not even a little bit.” He hissed out a breath when her mouth pressed against his throat, her teeth biting down until Madeline could see the mark there when Audrey dragged her mouth to the dip in his collar where his shirt was already unbuttoned.

She wanted to press her fingers against the mark of Audrey’s teeth on Victor’s skin, watch his squirm from the pleasure and the pain.

Her fingers clenched in her skirts, arousal gathering sweet and sticky between her thighs.

One of Victor’s legs hitched up, his hips rocking forward shamelessly against Audrey’s.

“Audrey.” His voice was low, trembling with lust.

She leaned back from his throat enough for her tweed suit jacket to drop from her shoulders to the ground.

Victor’s waistcoat went after some struggle, since he’d been undoing the tiny buttons to Audrey’s blouse.

The silken fabric pooled to the floor on top of her jacket, and his shirt gaped open all the way down to the waistband of his trousers.

Victor’s head lowered to Audrey’s breasts, his tongue moving across the fragile skin, kissing and sucking while her hand fisted tightly in his hair.

Their gasps and panting breaths mingled together, and Madeline finally gave into temptation and pushed up her own skirts. She rubbed herself through her underwear until she was too aroused and sensitive to bear it and had to push the cloth aside, palming herself as she watched their bodies move together.

Victor was on his knees, undoing Audrey’s well-tailored slacks while she watched him with half-lidded eyes. Her cheeks were flushed, hair falling in dark red waves over her shoulders and down her back.

She looked disheveled and beautiful and powerful standing there.

Victor’s dark lashes were prettily fanned across his cheeks as he bent forward and took her in his mouth.

Madeline spread her legs further, her fingers moving more desperately across herself as she imagined being on her knees in front of Audrey or having Victor’s mouth on her.

Audrey’s hips moved, and Victor growled low in his throat, causing Audrey’s head to fall back as she gasped.

Madeline bit her own lip on a whimper at the look on Victor’s face, the wet stretch of his mouth, the long, elegant line of Audrey’s bare throat . . .

Audrey pushed him back finally, and their gazes locked.

He stood and kissed her slowly and deeply before leaning forward and murmuring something into her ear too low for Madeline to her.

Whatever it was made Audrey’s breath catch, and the flush across her face deepened. His teeth scraped across the lobe of her ear, and Madeline saw her shiver.

He turned his back to both of them, then and very purposefully put his hands flat against the wall.

Madeline admired the sight of him, the strong lines of his back, the muscles in his arms, the tangle of his dark curls, the curved line of his neck.

She thought Audrey enjoyed the sight as well. She certainly took a moment before pressing herself against him, pushing him forward just a little bit.

Her arm encircled his waist and there was the soft clink and whisper as she undid his belt and pulled it free.

Audrey kissed the back of his neck, then pushed his head to the side to kiss the bite mark she’d left there.

His trousers dropped to the floor, and from where she sat, Madeline could see the swell of his ass, the shape of his thighs.

All three of them drew in a shaky breath.

Audrey said something low to him, her hand caressing the curve of one ass cheek.

“I . . .” His voice was breathless and just loud enough for Madeline to hear. “I don’t know. The top desk drawer, I think.”

Audrey chuckled, then said, “Madeline, be a dear and get a condom out of the top drawer of Victor’s desk.”

Madeline stood on legs that shook slightly and went to the desk, fumbling through the drawers until she found what she was looking for.

She moved across the room to them, close enough to hear Victor’s ragged breathing, see the bright blush across his cheeks, admire the sight of his bare ass with Audrey’s fingers possessively gripping it.

She held it out to Audrey, who raised her eyebrows.

“Well?” she said. “I can’t fuck him until you put it on me.”

Madeline dropped to her knees at once, fingers shaking far more than they ever had when she’d been the one getting fucked.

She touched Audrey’s warm silken skin and felt her shiver, heard the hiss of her breath.

She found that she wanted to taste her more than just about anything and leaned forward, her breath ghosting against Audrey’s flesh for a moment before she took her into her mouth.

Audrey moaned when she sucked, her forehead pressed against Victor’s shoulder, trapping Madeline between the two of them.

Not that she minded all three of their scents filling her up even as her mouth worked across Audrey’s skin.

She wasn’t there for too long before Audrey was pulling away, her hand coming down to pet across her hair and cup the back of her neck.

“Enough,” Audrey said almost gently. “Put the condom on.”

Madeline wiped the back of her hand across her mouth before doing as she was told.

She scooted back once she was done and sat on her heels to watch Audrey’s hips move back against Victor’s. She watched Audrey rub herself up between Victor’s thighs. He gasped and moaned against one clenched fist, his entire body trembling as Audrey pushed into him.

All three of them were quiet for a second, catching their breaths, feeling the weight of desire pressing down on all of them in the room.

Then Audrey started to thrust, and Victor made a long low keening noise, his hips moving up against her.

Madeline pushed her skirts up her thighs, frantic to touch herself again, to stroke herself in time to each of Audrey’s thrusts. She could practically feel them inside her own body, taste Victor against her lips.

“Fuck yes,” Victor was saying. “Harder!”

Audrey’s fingers closed around the back of his neck, held him in place as she drove into him punishingly hard. Victor squirmed, moaned, and pushed back into her thrusts, egging her on.

Madeline’s own pleasure took her by surprise, and she cried out, doubling forward and catching herself on one arm with the force of it.

Her cry was echoed by a bitten-off curse from Victor, his movements frantic against Audrey as she pushed him flat against the wall.

Madeline watched through the satisfaction-soaked haze of her own release as their bodies shuddered and trembled together, then stilled.

For long minutes, there was only the sound of all three’s ragged breaths.

Then Victor reached around and found Audrey’s hand, clasping it in his.

Audrey brushed a kiss against the back of his neck and drew away.

Madeline watched Audrey straighten her clothes out before offering Madeline a hand to rise.

Madeline took it, shaking her own skirts out as she rose, entranced by the sunlight spilling across Audrey’s skin, gilding the sharp shape of her shoulders and the soft, subtle curve of her breasts.

Audrey pulled her close and kissed her, her mouth tasting like Victor, like pleasure, like sin, and Madeline went weak at the knees all over again.

She was breathless when they parted, and she was sure her cheeks were red.

“Stay?” she said to Audrey. “I was just about to make lunch.”

Audrey hummed a contented noise close to a purr, her hand still cupping Madeline’s cheek.


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EE Ottoman is a romance author specializing is trans and queer historical romance. He is one of the earliest known out trans authors of trans romance. Ottoman is also a disabled, queer, trans man. Mostly though he is a person who is passionate about history, stories and the spaces between the two. Pronouns: he/him/his

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