Power and Chance

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Power and Chance

“And I want— want you to call me a good girl— want to be your good little girl,” she finished, quietly.

Seraphine went on to tell her that she hadn’t been kidding about tying herself up or liking it when women were mean, either, that she had a fuck ton of baggage from her last domme who thought safe words were a vague suggestion, that she still liked hands on her wrists and around her throat and slapping her anywhere within reach, that yellow meant slow down and red meant stop, and if you pulled too hard on her hair it would earn you an elbow to the face.

“That’s rude,” Evelynn said, teasing.

“You know what’s really rude? Pulling my hair the wrong kind of hard.”

“What’s the right kind of hard, then? Show me.”

Seraphine showed her, dragging Evelynn’s hands where she needed them and squeezing them together until she moaned. Her hips bucked up into Evelynn’s, another throaty noise swallowed up in a kiss.

“Put on a show for me too, Evelynn,” she muttered.

Sitting back, Evelynn took her hands and put them to her breasts, leading them to the fastens on her halter top. Seraphine undid them slowly, giving her room to reprimand her if this was too much. When her breasts swung free, Seraphine’s eyes went wide and frozen, glitching out.

Then she dropped her face right between them, going, “Mmmmmmmph.”

Evelynn threw her head back and laughed, the sound biting off into a gasp when Seraphine pulled one nipple between her teeth and tugged, not gently.

“You weren’t wearing anything under this?!” Seraphine fairly wailed, pulling on her undone top. It doubled as a bra, it had enough support, but Evelynn didn’t really feel like getting into the details when it meant Seraphine’s mouth wasn’t on her anymore. “I can’t believe you’re this pretty, your breasts are so perfect. You’re so hot it drives me literally insane. You’re so sexy you make me wanna strangle an ox with my bare hands—”

A demanding grasp on the back of her head pulled her back to Evelynn’s chest, and she got the hint, kissing and groping up her breasts and neck.

Brushing her nose against her soft, freshly-curled hair, Evelynn inhaled slowly. She let it wrap around her like cashmere, luxuriating in pure, true Madagascan vanilla. A base of warm brown sugar, tempered with whiskey and amber and jasmine so rich she could lick it off. “You smell good, baby. Do you taste as good as you smell?”

She wanted to find out. Rasping her tongue up Seraphine’s neck, nibbling gently, she let the taste flood her mouth until Seraphine’s leg started twitching, her hips jerking up repeatedly to find relief.

“I want you to do it—” she begged, shivering when Evelynn’s nails raked up her exposed collarbone, shoving aside her loose sweater. Seraphine tugged it off and tossed it aside, desperately seeking more skin against skin. Her nipples were hard and hot, stiff even through the fabric of her thin bra. “I want you to do it, I want you to do it, please, I want you to do it—”

“Do what?” Evelynn laughed. “For someone so chatty, you’re awfully vague. Or do you just get stupid when you’re this hard up for it?”

Evelynn retreated again, taking in every detail of the body in front of her. The dimple on her chin. How her narrow chest heaved, her round shoulders hunching in. How her skin glittered from body lotion applied this morning. Lowering her head more, Evelynn breathed again, down her neck, and Seraphine’s pink lips parted. A restrained noise escaped her, choked back, fought against, but it wrestled free regardless.

“Good little girls are honest, Sera,” Evelynn said, nipping at the shell of her ear.

Seraphine trembled so hard Evelynn wondered if she was coming in her pants, right then and there.

“Can you touch me please? …Hard?”

“Of course.”

Evelynn stood so that Seraphine could shuck off the rest of her clothing. She palmed over her breasts, toyed with her small, dark nipples before slapping them the way Seraphine had asked her to. Seraphine gasped in shock and delight, arching. Her long legs wrapped around Evelynn’s waist and pulled her down onto the couch with her. Seraphine was surprisingly strong. She looked so slight and fey and slender, but Evelynn could feel a solid core of muscle under her satiny skin. Evelynn’s lipstick smudged the next time they kissed, leaving a violent red stroke on Seraphine’s mouth and down her neck.

“Fuck, I’m wet,” Seraphine gasped, head thrown back. Lying on top of her, Evelynn kissed down her pale throat, biting it lightly to leave another mark. Gently, she stroked between her legs, sinking into molten heat, and had to fight back a groan.

“You are wet,” she agreed, lowly. “Is all that because of me?”

Twisting underneath her, Seraphine’s energy changed. She could see it in her eyes, and the way she stretched out like a cat, arching and sensuous and ready to be admired.

Seraphine said, “Maybe.”

“Hmm.” Evelynn kissed her again, briefly, then crawled down her body, holding her knees open to get a better look. A thatch of black curls soaked with slick greeted her eyes. Her mouth watered at the sight, arousal pitching inside her, a roaring storm of desire. She let it happen, collecting her spit just to let it droop between her pursed lips in an obscene, lengthy stretch right onto Seraphine’s pussy.

“What about now?” she purred, fingertips stroking between her lips, rubbing her, massaging it in. “Is this pussy wet because of me?”

“Oh, fuck.” Seraphine went vulnerable again, her challenge met. “I— I dunno.”

“You don’t know?”

Her voice pitched, affronted. Getting off her stomach, she hefted Seraphine up by the hips, one arm braced under her lower back. Her palm hit wet flesh with a loud snap, though not as loud as Seraphine’s keening yell. She gripped the couch, white-knuckled as she trembled and spread her knees wider.

“I asked you for loyalty—” She spanked her again, meant more to be loud than to cause too much pain, but Seraphine bloomed under her regardless. “And monogamy—” She spanked her again. She’d missed this part of dominating someone. “And you’re telling me you don’t know who this pussy gets wet for?”

“That’s not what I meant!” Seraphine, on the verge of crying, broke off into another jagged yell when Evelynn spanked her again.

Pausing, Evelynn dropped her only to brace herself over Seraphine, panting like she ran a mile. “Are you going to come just from me hitting you?”

She blinked hard, eyes still shimmering with unshed tears. “If you’ll let me.”

Evelynn decided she wanted to see her come more than she wanted to see her tormented and denied.

She worked her up from nothing, one hand on her shoulder to keep her pressed flat and the other spanking her pussy again, ramping up in intensity from light rubs to hard, full-handed slaps. When Seraphine came, her whole body went rigid, tense as a steel wire. Her chest arched up despite Evelynn’s weight on her, bliss making her quiet as a mouse. Evelynn kept her palm to Seraphine’s poor abused cunt, feeling it pulse, arousal seeping between her fingers and coating her whole hand. It was a beautiful sight.

Seraphine came down slowly, exhausted. Kissing her, Evelynn kept her close, pleased by her reactions to every little touch.

When the last flutters of pleasure faded away, Evelynn slipped a finger inside her, then two when Seraphine whined for more.

Seraphine let out a confused groan. “It’s so much.”

Then Seraphine laughed, once. It turned into helpless giggles, though she did her best to stifle them.

“What?” Evelynn said, sounding a little dazzled despite herself. She was dazzled, grinning at how nice it was to hear her laugh.

“I can’t believe this morning I thought you hated me,” Seraphine said.

While Evelynn tried to find a good answer for that, a heavy weight dropped next to them. She glanced to the side, seeing only a curious pink nose and two big eyes and a mass of white fluff.

“Oh, hey Bao.” Seraphine giggled some more as her cat gave her a headbutt and sniffed curiously, purring up a storm. She wiggled underneath Evelynn. “Shoo, I fed you breakfast already. I’m busy.”

“What a little pervert,” Evelynn said. “I bet he was watching the whole time.”

Bao went, “YAAAUUGHHH,” right in her ear, and Evelynn flinched away. Taking advantage of her distraction, Seraphine flipped Evelynn off of her and scooped the cat into her arms.



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Xekstrin believes romance and horror are two sides of the same coin, though she doesn’t explore it as often as she’d like. They live in Arizona with their partner and one cat.

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